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Myths Regarding Land Final


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Modi's Land Allocation

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Myths Regarding Land Final

  1. 1. Land Allocations by Modi Government 1 The TRUE STORY!
  2. 2. Mindless Attacks V/S Actual Facts V/S While the Supreme Court & High Court have lauded the process of Land Allocation in Gujarat during Modi regime, Congress Party & it's leaders in order to take attention off their large scale corruption are repeatedly attacking Gujarat on Land Allocation. So it is very important to examine the truth. 2 Clearly Congress’ Strategy is to divert public attention from its own large scale corrupt records.
  3. 3. The Truth 3
  4. 4. The Truth 4 BUT… They ALL happened during preceding Congress Government Regime
  5. 5. The True Story of Land Allocation Processes, Prices, Policies and Impact during Narendra Modi led Government! 5
  6. 6. Land Allocation : Congress Numbers How many times and at what price did the Congress government allocate land to industrial houses between 1985-95? 6 28 Land Allocations done at a Rate of Rs. 2 or less Some as less as 10 paisa
  7. 7. Who practiced the Toffee Model? • If anyone has ever practiced the Toffee Model as alleged by Rahul Gandhi, it has been Congress & Allied Governments. • Chimanbhai Patel of Congress gave land to Adani at 10 paise per sq metre & Shankersinh Vaghela government (who is now Leader of Opposition in Gujarat) allotted around 30 lakh square metres of land to Adani at Re. 1 per square metre. 7
  8. 8. Rs 1.08 per sq. mt Rs. 20 - 22.20 per sq. mt Upto 320 % Higher Rate Land Allocation Prices: Congress V/S BJP 8 Adani Essar At Hazira L&T 200 Acre in Hazira Reliance In Lalpur taluka 10 paise per Sq. Mt Upto 300% Higher Rate! 0.74 paise per sq. mt Upto 700% Higher Rate Upto 120% Higher Rate
  9. 9. More examples of Toffee Model ! 9 If at all anyone practiced the ‘Toffee’ Model, it has been the Congress
  10. 10. Land Allocation Process : Congress V/S BJP 10 Opaque Arbitrary Pricing No Defined Process Scientific Method and Technical Assessement 3-Stage Valuation Process Further 2 stage Re-check for valuations above Rs.50 Lakhs Consent of the Gramsabha / Grampanchayat 30% premium for sale of grazing land Modi Government (2001 onwards)Congress Government (till 1995)
  11. 11. • The policy for allocation of land to industrial houses is in effect since 1956 and most of the raised issues are of allocation of govt land. • In the case of necessity to procure farming land , the state govt has solved the issue without any pressure through mutual understanding between the farmers & industrial houses. • Thus, the land agreement cannot be reached till the farmers get adequate prices for his land & the question of meting out an injustice to the farmer does not arise at all. 11 Social Impact of Land Allocation Policies and Processes Farm land procurement for industrial development
  12. 12. Social Impact of Land Allocation Policies and Process Gauchar Land 12 Important for raising livestock. Without the land, farmers will become dependent for their cattle Percentage allocation of Gauchar land against total land allocation
  13. 13. Social Impact of Land Allocation Policies and Process 13
  14. 14. Recovery through 30% premium charged for the allocation of Gauchar land during 2001- 2012. The same was used for developmental works through district panchayats. No such premium charged for social development to balance land allocation 14 Rs.43.26 Crore Rs.0 Commercial Benefit of Land Allocation Policies
  15. 15. Observation by the Supreme Court •Commenting on the trend of forcible land acquisitions in the country, the Supreme Court in 2011 noted that process of Land Acquisitions & Allocations in Gujarat are sound & fair. •The Hon’ble Supreme Court noted that “But there is one state from where we do not receive any such complaints. Look at Ahmedabad which is developing but there are no complaints from that place. They have the same officers of the same cadre as in the rest of the country," the court said, adding officers from other states can train under their Gujarat counterparts.” 15
  16. 16. Land Allocation to Nano Rahul Gandhi attacked the land allocation process in relation to the Tata Nano plant. However.. 16 Gujarat High Court’s VERDICT! The processes followed in allocating land & incentives to Tata Nano are totally fair & there is no illegality or discrepancy involved
  17. 17. The True Story of Corporate Links and Land Allocation 17
  18. 18. The Adani Link • What is Gujarat’s share among Adani’s Business Investments in other states of India? • Adani group started, flourished & got land in Mundra much before Narendra Modi even came to power 18 ONLY 35%
  19. 19. The Corporate Link – Adani V/s Vadra Adani Investments 19 Himachal Pradesh Haryana, Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Maharashtra Goa Chhattisgarh Odisha West Bengal Andhra Pradesh Karnataka Assam Gujarat Vadra Investments Haryana Rajasthan Only CongressState Governments belonging to different Parties including opposition parties
  20. 20. Did Gujarat Govt Favour Adani : Case Study 2005 Adani applied for three tracts of land. State Pricing Committee determined following prices. 20 1500 acres in Mundra village Rs. 4.25 per sq. mt. 228 acres in Zarpara village Rs. 6 per sq. mt. 34 acres in Dhrab village Rs. 25 per sq. mt. FINAL SALE PRICE Highest amount of Rs. 25 per sq. mt. for all the three tracts was decided by State Govt headed by Mr Modi
  21. 21. Beyond Truth Lies Vision! Go Beyond… The Mindless Propaganda Rahul Gandhi & Congress. Realise the Dream… Of ridding the nation from Congress Party, that sold land at throw away prices and favoured Corporates in Land deals 21
  22. 22. 22 Thank You!