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MTV final


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MTV final

Published in: Data & Analytics
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MTV final

  1. 1. Micky Zerolo Lázaro Claudia Vaiani Katarina Monteiro Manuela Gesslbauer Sunny Byun
  2. 2. Table of Content 1. Co-link graphics 1. Google Trends 1. Website Analysis 1. Youtube Analysis 4.1 MTV NOW + 4.2 Koen Kardashian 5. Instagram Analysis 6. Facebook Analysis
  3. 3. Co-link Graphic: MTV NOW - Global
  4. 4. Co-link Graphic: MTV NOW - NL
  5. 5. Interactor Graphic: MTV NL
  6. 6. Why not Twitter? - Shows how slowly Twitter’s been growing compared to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat - Has a collection of fake accounts (bots, spam) - Intagram’s growth speeds up, hits 700 million users
  7. 7. - Link with relevant websites is important to build SEO, an important strategy to increase traffic to the MTV NL website. - One of SEO techniques is to create links from your site to high authority sites in the same niche, on the theory that the resulting association between your site and the high authority sites will improve your site's standing with Google's ranking algorithm.
  8. 8. Google Trends “MTV” the Google Trends result shows these cities are the most popular for MTV in terms of numbers of time “searched” on Google in the last 12 months.
  10. 10. Website Analysis - Pagespeed is very low. - A big part of the users are coming direct or via search of “”
  11. 11. Importance: - Shows if the Koen Kardashian reaches the right audience (NL) - Shows what kinds of websites are referring “Koen Kardashian” on their page Methodology: 1.Set search result to top 100 of Google 2. Scrap the landing links of search result of “Koen Kardashian” 3. Check whether the retrieved links are actually related to Koen Kardashian and MTV Now Google Scraper Clouds Analysis
  12. 12. Findings - Google Scraper Clouds - MTV Belgium (578) - MTV NL (567) - Koen Kardashian is active on niche social media platforms (Ink361, Imgrum, thepicta with +1,000 likes) - Most of the landing pages directed to his music video - A lot of articles about Koen Kardashian as an individual, NOT as the ambassador of MTV NOW - A lot of articles of his shows in another channel (npo3)
  14. 14. Youtube data analysis MTV NOW +
  15. 15. Koen Kardashian Neither MTV or MTV NOW related content (videos or hashtag mentions) was found in Koen’s channel, which has not been active since the last video in April. Average likes 319 Average dislikes 42 Average comments 43 Average views 21.997 Playlist ID Followers Videos Views no playlist 8,408 16 627,094 There has been a constant evolution of likes, dislikes, comments and views over time, since the first video was posted.
  16. 16. Koen Kardashian
  18. 18. Instagram data analysis Average Engagement rate over time: 1,864
  19. 19. Koen Kardashian - #INSTAFAMOUS @mtvnl @mtvbelgium #mtvnow #instafamous #koenkardashian
  20. 20. Findings No significant difference between the engagement (likes + comments) generated by posts relating mtv now content and not-related posts. #mtvnow, #instafamous and #koenkardashian are not among the most engagement-generator hashtags.
  21. 21. Findings - hashtag analysis #koenkardashian Positive: strong relation with #mtvnow and #instafamous. Negative: main users are @mtvnl and @koenkardashian; users are not creating content yet. #instafamous Positive: it generates more visibility and a wide audience reach. Negative: much noise is produced and data analysis work is hindered.
  22. 22. Findings - hashtag analysis #koenkardashian #mtvnow
  24. 24. Facebook Analysis Collection of Posts from June 1st until July 11th Real: no Bullshit-Authentic Unpredictable: Pioneering - Original Young: Fun - Irrelevant
  25. 25. Subcategories found: SUBCATEGORIES DEFINITION Brand Awareness Posts about MTV Now/ Ambassadors Fun/ Entertainment Humor Videos Tutorials DIY( do it yourself) Videos TV Shows Videos about MTV Shows (e.g. Ex on The Bitch; Just Tattoo of Us...) Music Posts about MTV music concerts, singers... News Posts about celebrities
  26. 26. Suggestions: SUBCATEGORIES DEFINITION EXAMPLES Brand Awareness Posts that contain the use of ambassador or event sponsorship which mentions brand’s name (MTV Now) to build company presence in a virtual environment. create a regulary format (e.g. events of the week with the #mtvnow) Polls Posts that request information or prompts answers from the consumer through multiple- choice questions involve the community. Post a picture of a hot-spot and the community should post their favorite places in city “xy” as well. Social Responsibility Posts that showcase support for social questions (e.g. gay rights, womans' empowerment, genders' issues...) Community Posts that encourage consumers to follow one of the brand’s other social media platforms (e.g.Twitter, YouTube) motivate the community to post their mtv now moment on instagram and they should # the picture with #mtvnow Questions Posts that request information or prompts answers from the consumer through fill-in-the- blank or open-ended questions Which do you like most? The original or the remix?
  27. 27. SUBCATEGORIES DEFINITION EXAMPLES Directional Post that direct a consumer to click/do something, except for Liking - Call to actions/Link Building Create survey, contest, promotion in order to be more attractive Seasonal Posts that remind and inform consumers of seasonal and annual events and related products by the brand Events, holidays... Suggestions:
  28. 28. Subcategory Analysis
  29. 29. Results Performance Marketing vs. Brand Marketing. Engagement Posts (young / fun) are the leading posts but these doesn’t fit the brand formula. They are focused on the performance marketing and not in brand marketing because the posts with the higher engagement rate(in June and July) are the ones related to the “fun content”. * Engagement rate = Interaction/Number of followers