Erpal Platform - Preview of the Drupal business application framework


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ERPAL Platform (3rd version of ERPAL) will be a Drupal based application framework based on DrupalCcommerce and other feature rhich frameworks. In combination of these frameworks, we will provide a new full featured framework for Drupal based business applications. The video to this presentation can be found at
The development happens at and further information are available at

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  • Drupal based business application
    … for small and mid sized companies
    … for people that love to work in a well organized way.
    … Drupal distribution with a specific use-case.
  • Complex System
    Lots of functionality
    Many modules
    Heavy features to support business of service providing companies and software development shops
  • Want to show the power of Drupal even to non Drupal users.
    With ERPAL proof Drupal not ONLY a CMS
    A full featured application framework to build complex applications
  • For many users it is exactlywhat they where looking for!
    Even user that dont know drupal that just want to use it.
  • Because they have one solution to manage their business with.
  • As a drupal developer
    you might feel like you have been taken your tools away.
    You might feel faced with to much complexity
  • But you want to start with less and grow you own awesome business silution.
  • You want to use the tools that you know and rule the compleity with them and finally you ….
  • Feel able to rule the world.
    We know this. This is of course not the feedback from clients as they mostly dont even know drupal.
  • But you as a developer asked to reuse the existing modules and code because you know them and you know how to work with them.
  • As we now got a map with an overview over the complete use case of business applications, we want
    to separate the the modules and logic to reduce complexity.
  • So we understood what you as developers are telling and looking for.
    Use commerce
    CRM core
  • Contact
  • Entity
    Connect community, contentn, commerce
  • For all application layers already modules
    Business logic
  • Help to get contrib done for business use cases
    Extend the existing
    Develop „extending“ modules to
    … support offers in commerce (as order bundle)
    … support full featured invoices in commerce (as order bundle)
    … replace billables with a line item bundle (invoice line item)
  • Clear separation and remove most relationships and dependencies of modulesd
    … ERPAL Core modules
    … ERPAL Plattform
    … ERPAL Use cases (Features / Apps)
  • Provide basic functionality to plan and messure business goals
    … provide a budget and a output entity
    … Plan results and meassure output
    … make business progress reportable (unsing Drupal native functionality)
  • Provide basic functionality to plan and messure business goals
    … provide a budget and a output entity
    … Plan results and meassure output
    … make business progress reportable (unsing Drupal native functionality)
  • Erpal Platform - Preview of the Drupal business application framework

    1. 1. ERPAL 3 – A first preview What will happen next and why.
    2. 2. Let me introduce Manuel Pistner Founder and CEO Bright Solutions Drupal since 2007 Focusing on Business-Applications with Drupal and native mobile apps @manuelpistner (myself) @tweetsBS (Bright Solutions) @erpal_info (ERPAL) ManuelBS (
    3. 3. ERPAL ? • Who knows? • Who installed?
    4. 4. What is ERPAL today • Drupal based • Business app • Specific
    5. 5. What is ERPAL today • CRM • Project Management • Invoicing • Employees • Documents • Files • Calendar • Reporting • Automation
    6. 6. Where we focused • Drupal for complex web - applications
    7. 7. Where we focused • Business application as Drupal-Distribution • Drupal solution for real business needs
    8. 8. Where we focused • Service providing companies • Software companies • Service providers <
    9. 9. What YOU missed • Flexibility • Integration • Use as framework • Not for developers
    10. 10. Start with less • To build your own AWESOME Business Application
    11. 11. Get tool support • Flexibility • Integration • Use as framework
    12. 12. Build your own and succeed • Flexibility • Integration • Use as framework • Not for developers
    13. 13. Most critics • Flexibility • Integration • Use as framework • Not for developers
    14. 14. Main future goals Build a business application framework … keep it flexible … integrate with existing modules … separate framework from specific apps … enable users to build business applications by configuration
    15. 15. The focus
    16. 16. And how? • Drupal commerce • CRM Core • Drupal contrib
    17. 17. And how? Create new components … provide abstract functionality (framework) … based on other modules … extending contrib functionality • Drupal commerce • CRM Core • Drupal contrib
    18. 18. Reuse the awesome stuff • Drupal commerce • CRM Core • Drupal contrib
    19. 19. Why CRM core? Entity based CRM approach … contact entity … activity entity … relationship entity => Exactly the same that we have right now but better integrated with entities
    20. 20. Why Commerce? Entity based „commerce“ framework … providing basic core entities for „commerce stuff“ … easy to integrate with CRM core … easy extendible, flexible and integrates with drupal very well.
    21. 21. Why contrib? Building the application base … for data structure and data selection … for connecting data with business logic … for integration of data and applications … for layouting and UI customization
    22. 22. And what to do? • Help to make the existing better • Extend and reuse
    23. 23. And what to do? Extend contrib to … add some missing modules for dependend data operation (like dfv module) … create a reusable theme as base for business applications … Separate the ERPAL plattform from ERPAL use-cases
    24. 24. The components • Clear separation • Decouple relationships between modules
    25. 25. What is ERPAL Core • Budget entity for planning • Output entity for meassuring results
    26. 26. What is ERPAL Core • Aggregate data • From existing Drupal-Apps • From external Apps • Using Rules
    27. 27. What is ERPAL Core Let „others“ connect their data … use ERPAL core as a business-data-hub … using reporting functionality … reusing existing application … make data transparent
    28. 28. Whats the benfit User ERPAL in your existing Drupal applications Connect ERPAL with other external applications Customize ERPAL with „only“ standard Drupal knowledge
    29. 29. Whats the benefit And for Drupal? … continue to develop as application framework (not „only“ CMS) … give Drupal another use case to show its power … continue to spread open source in the business world … lots of contrib work
    30. 30. Whats the benefit And for Drupal again? … extend functionality of existing frameworks … connecting content, e-commerce, social and business functionality
    31. 31. When will it be available • Dev snapshot to contribute on 2 month • Release ???
    32. 32. Questions I would love to answer any of them ;-)