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Ija guidelines 2011


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Ija guidelines 2011

  1. 1. THE ISRAELI JOURNAL OF AQUACULTURE - BAMIDGEH Guidelines to Authors (Updated December 2010)Manuscripts should be sent by e-mail to: Dan Mires, Editor, The Israeli Journal ofAquaculture Bamidgeh, at of articles is restricted to original unpublished articles not submittedelsewhere, except in preliminary form such as a conference presentation. Onlyaquaculture-related manuscripts that concur with the IJA aims, scope, and guidelineswill be considered and peer-reviewed by experts in the relevant discipline. Paperssubmitted must have clear relevance to improving aquaculture practices or potentialapplication. Manuscripts, tables, and illustrations should be submitted as virus-freeelectronic files, preferably saved in MS Word. Unless otherwise specified below, textshould be written in Verdana 10 with single line spacing. Margins should be 2 cm onthe top, 1.2 cm on the bottom, and 1.5 cm on the right and left. The second andfollowing paragraphs in each section should be indented 0.63 cm. The languageshould be set as English (US).Please check our style of headings, text, citations, tables, figures,references, etc., in recently published papers on our IJA open accesswebsite, or download our Guidelines_2011. Authorsare requested to adhere strictly to IJA guidelines. Articles not complying with the IJAformat will be returned and the authors requested to make necessary adaptationsbefore consideration. A brief summary of our style follows.File name: Please use the following sequence as a file name for your submittedarticle: [Name].[Keyword(s)].[PPR], for example, [Mires.TlapiaFeeds.PPR]. Oncereceived, the article will be given an Individual IJA Code (IIC) that will be used in allsubsequent correspondence with the editor and be annexed to titles of papersappearing on the IJA website.Title page: Should include the title of the paper in bold Verdana 12 with majorwords capitalized, author(s) name(s) in bold Verdana 10, and address(es) of theinstitution(s) at which the study was conducted in italicized Verdana 10. The name ofthe corresponding author should be followed by an asterisk. The asterisk will refer to
  2. 2. an asterisk in a footer showing the e-mail address of the corresponding author. An e-mail address must be provided for the corresponding author as communicationbetween the editor and authors will be conducted exclusively by e-mail. The titlepage should also include a short running title and suggested key words.Abstract: A concise but complete summary of the work, not longer than 5% of themanuscript. The abstract should be indented 1 cm from the right and left margins.Text: The text should be organized in the following sections: Introduction, Materialsand Methods, Results, and a separate Discussion.Authors are required to assure the following: (a) experiments must be reproducible;(b) quantitative results must derive from no fewer than three replicates; and (c)differences between replicates must not be due to random variation. The use ofabbreviations should be limited to those in common use and should be explained infull once, at their first mention. Results should be reported only once, in either thetext or a table or a figure.Acknowledgements: Individuals other than authors can be acknowledged by abrief statement immediately following the text. Acknowledgements of grant supportshould also be placed here.References: Except for review articles, references should number no more than 25(30 maximum). Only up-to-date references directly related to and serving asbackground for the experimental work at hand should be cited. Avoid the use ofsecond hand citations that report on work performed by third parties. Theses anddissertations may be cited only if they contain otherwise unpublished data. Westrongly request that authors review earlier issues of the IJA on our openaccess Internet site for relevant papers to cite.Within the text, citations should be listed in chronological order, giving the name(s)of the author(s) followed by the year of publication in parentheses. Work by morethan two authors should give the name of the first author followed by et al. Thereference list should be in alphabetical order. Names of journals should be italicizedand abbreviated according to the Bibliographic Guide for Editors and Authors.Examples:Journal article: Zohar G., Rappaport U. and S. Sarig, 1985. Intensive culture oftilapia in concrete tanks. Bamidgeh, 37(4):103-111.
  3. 3. Article in book: Sarig S., 1984. Trends in Israeli aquaculture. pp. 1-6. In: H.Rosenthal, S. Sarig (eds.). Research on Aquaculture. Spec. Publ. 8, Eur. MaricultureSoc., Bredene. 293 pp.Book: Hepher B. and Y. Pruginin, 1981. Commercial Fish Faming. John Wiley &Sons, New York. 261 pp.Tables: Should be numbered consecutively, according to the order in which theyappear in the text. All tables must be cited in the text. Tables should be preparedusing the simple table format in the Word program. Table titles should appearabove the table with legends and footnotes appearing below, both in Verdana 9.Column headings should be italicized. The font size within the tables should beVerdana 8 or 9. The tables should follow the reference section, in numerical order.Please check other details of table style by viewing papers on our website: and photographs: Figures should be numbered consecutively, according tothe order in which they appear in the text. All figures and photographs must bementioned in the text. Titles and explanatory details should appear beneath thefigure or photograph, in Verdana 9. Figures should preferably be submitted in MSWord or Excel format and follow the tables. Figures should be as compact as possibleand occupy no more space than the size of our page format (14 x 20 cm). As mostfigures will be reduced to a width of no more than 7 cm, make sure that symbols,letters, and numbers are of sufficient size to be clearly legible when reduced topublication size. Please check other details of figure style by viewing papers on ourwebsite: Figures not following our style will be returned tothe author for revision. Photographs should be submitted as high resolution (>300dpi) JPG files. Color photographs will be accepted free of charge.Reprints: No printed reprints will be supplied. Corresponding authors are invited toregister to the IJA Open Access project and receive free access to their article and allIJA other archived articles. PDF files of published articles may be provided tocolleagues requesting a reprint (See explanations on our home page at regarding registrations or submission of articles should be addressed by
  4. 4. mail to: Dan Mires, Kibbutz Ein Hamifratz, D.N. Ashrat 25210, Israel, or by e-mail