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London museums


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London museums

  1. 1. London museums Veille internet watch
  2. 2. PresentationMy subject is London museums.There are 2 types of museums-> Art museums : they shelter paintings, sculptures and other original creationsof artists (like acoustic installations)Most famous examples are the Royal academy of Arts and the National gallery-> Other kinds of museums : they are interested in science, history, design, etc.Subjects are numerous.Most famous examples are the Science museum and the Design museum The British museum is not the only one !
  3. 3. Why this subject?I choose this subject because Im very interested by culture.I know I have gaps about Art and I want to acquire new knowedge.I think its very enriching to discover different forms of art, old andnew artists, current exhibitions, etc. But subjects are multiple so theyconcern, they affect a lot of people and this work could teach me somethings about science, design, History, etc.I wanted to choose the subject " The British Museum " but it was toorestrictive. I thought to British museums but it was too large. So Ichose London museums because its a large theme but only in one city.
  4. 4. PublicI think this subject can interest a lot of people because it affectsa lot of themes :People interested by Art can consult information about newexhibitions.But people who love History, Design, Sciences will find somenews concerning these domains.This label can be enriching for many persons.
  5. 5. StudyAuthor : KyodoDate of publication : Wednesday, October 10 th, 2012Abstract : Deals with two rare prehistoric pots dug up in Nagaoka and displayedin the British museum for an exhibition on the Jomon period. Explains theirorigins, describes them and gives statements of Nagaoka mayor and exhibitionscurator.Index terms : Potteries / Niigata prefecture / Nagaoka / Iwanohara / Jomon Period/ Tamio Mori / Nicole RousmaniereSource : The Japan Times (online)URL : with : Google newsBy E.A
  6. 6. ToolsTo follow actualities about this subject, I use these tools :-> RSS Files :British museum : Academy of Arts : National Gallery :> Google news : The British museum, Science museumn, Natural History museum, Designmuseum, Royal Academy of Arts, Tate modern, National Portrait Gallery.Newsletters :→ Victoria & Albert museum :→ Science museum :> Google alerts: The same names as Google news