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blablabla tattoo blablabla

Published in: Design
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  1. 1. TATTOOManuel Romero Guerra2º Bach.BC
  2. 2. Index• History• Procedure• Styles• Famous Artists• Controversia• Conclusion• Questions Oliver Sykes
  3. 3. History• -Neolithic• Pre-christian, romanic, celtic• Polynesia• First proffessional artist
  4. 4. Procedure• Pigment• Tattoo machine• Wash hands• Sterelize• First electric tattoo needle• Thomas edison
  5. 5. Styles• Old School• New School• Irezumi Tattoo• Pin up
  6. 6. Famous artists• Kat Von D• Ami James• Megan Massacre
  7. 7. Controversia
  8. 8. Controversia• Stereotypes• Jobs• Racism• My opinion
  9. 9. Video
  10. 10. Conclusion• -Tattoos started in the neolithic• The pigment goes through the dermis• The equipment must be sterelized• There are many styles• Tattoos has so much controversy
  11. 11. QUESTIONSR.I.P. Mitchell Adam Lucker (1984 – 2012)
  12. 12. • Who invented the first tattoo machine?a) Iron Man (Tony Stark)b) O´reillyc) Sheldon Cooper• What is Old School style?a) Our grandparents school rulesb) How to ride a horsec) A type of tattoo designs
  13. 13. • Who is Kat Von D?a) A tattoo artistb) A rock starc) Leda monster bunny´s sister• Why is tattoo so controversial?a) Because people relationates tattoo with some stereotypesb) Because it can cause an alien attackc) Because the people with tattoos are zombies
  14. 14. Thanks for your attention!!