Nime 2011 Travel Report


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This slide set contains Matti Luhtala's travel report of the NIME 2011 - 11th International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression.

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Nime 2011 Travel Report

  1. 1. NIME2011 - 11th International Conference New Interfaces for Musical Expression 27 May - 1 June 2011, Oslo, Norway Travel Report July 11, 2011 Matti Luhtala VTT Technical Research Centre
  2. 2. 07/11/11 2 NIME 2011 Place: University of Oslo International Conference on New Interfaces forMusical Expression. The NIME conference started out as a workshop atthe Conference on Human Factors in ComputingSystems (CHI) in 2001.
  3. 3. 07/11/11 3 Pre-NIME Workshop - urMus urMus is specifically designed for mobile devices (iPhone and Android). Real time patching environment. Designed for Malleability. Easy to enter, deep to master. Visual interface programming via LUA language, similar to Processing. See more at
  4. 4. 07/11/11 4 Pre-NIME Workshop - Auditory Augmentation of Everyday Objects with Near Real-time Data Auditory augmentation is a design and development paradigm for the creationof unobtrusive data representation layers that enhance the sonic characteristic ofarbitrary physical objects. Unobtrusive, partly because of activity-driven feedback, Pleasing, non-permanent sound scape. See more at
  5. 5. 07/11/11 5 Pre-NIME Workshop - Auditory Augmentation of Everyday Objects with Near Real-time DataPossible usage situations With typewriter. Measuring mood of the persontyping. (E.g) body temperatureand other physiological states. In offices and museums. Other real time data drivers:time of the day, urgency etc. Challenge: how to measureartist’s cultural impact in real time(is it near then at all ?)
  6. 6. 07/11/11 6 NIME Conference Highlights Keynote by David Rokeby - Adventures in Phy-gital SpaceSome of the discussed themes Control system or spaceengagement. Demonstration or Performance. Is it enough if an interactivesystem takes a performer to aplace they would not otherwisego? Hopefully video of the keynotewill be available soon. See also a blog writing ofRokeby’s keynote speech writingby Charles Céleste Hutchins:
  7. 7. 07/11/11 7 NIME Conference HighlightsMindBox Media Slot MachineMindBox was presented at SonicInteraction Design exhibition.According the creators, theinstallation attracts visitors sensesoffering a joyful gambling- gamearound musical, choreographicaland cinematographical elements asdance & beat-boxing.The latter expression describes aform of vocal percussion from whichthe installation derives its title. See video of the MindBox at
  8. 8. 07/11/11 8 NIME Conference HighligtsPoster session - Designing a Music Performance Space for Persons with Intellectual Learning Disabilities* *Luhtala, M., Kymäläinen,T & Plomp, J. (0). Designing Music Performance Space for Persons with Intellectual Learning Disabilities. NIME 0, Oslo, Norway: ACM.
  9. 9. 07/11/11 9Thank You for Your Time