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Epsilon Presentation

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Epsilon Presentation

  1. 1. Experience the Epsilon Difference<br />
  2. 2. Epsilon Telecommunications<br />Epsilon is a international service provider of global network, co-location and technical services for Carrier customers. <br />We provide SDH, Ethernet and MPLS connectivity between and beyond our 50 global POP’s and our product portfolio includes co-location, system integration and commissioning, network management and first line maintenance services.<br />Global Presence<br /> Epsilon has offices and in London, Singapore and in Hong Kong.<br /> NOC’s are located in our London and Singapore Data Centers<br />
  3. 3. About Epsilon<br />Hola<br />你好 <br />Bonjour<br />Здравствуйте! <br />הלו <br />Helló<br />Epsilon has a multilingual team; <br />50 people from 27 Nationalities speaking 29 languages. <br />Hälsningar<br />Γειά σου <br />Hallo<br />Det<br />विवाद<br />Ciao<br />سلام <br />Powitanie<br />Main Shareholders<br />Kuok Group-a multi-billion dollar conglomerate with interests in hotels (Shangri La), property (Kerry Property Ltd.), media (South China Morning Post), beverages, foods and commodity trading across Asia. <br />Michael Stone - Chairman and private investor from the UK. Michael was previously the CEO and then Chairman of E.D & F. Man Ltd. a 220 year old commodity trading business which added fund management to its portfolio during the early 80’s.<br />
  4. 4. Epsilons Recent Achievements<br /><ul><li>Acknowledged in the Microsoft ‘Tech Track’ and Real Business ‘Hot 100’ as one of the fastest growing technology companies.
  5. 5. Awarded ‘Best Market Innovation’ by Capacity
  6. 6. ISO 9001 and 27001 certified</li></li></ul><li>Epsilon Points of Presence <br />The Epsilon Network extends to almost 50 Carrier neutral Data Centers across Western Europe, America and Asia. In these Points of Presence we currently service around 250 International Carriers and have access to well over 1000 operators.<br />
  7. 7. Epsilon Points of Presence<br />London  City<br />EGH, 69-77 Paul Street<br />City Lifeline, 80 Clifton Street<br />Equinix, Finsbury Pavement<br />IDT, 260 Goswell Road<br />Interxion UK, 11 Hanbury Street<br />QiComm, 42 Adler Street<br />Reach, 50-52 Paul Street <br />Telehouse Metro, 65 Clifton Street<br />Hong Kong<br />EGH, Mega-I Advantage 399 Chai Wan Road, 9th floor<br />HK COLO, Sino Favour Centre, 1 On Yip Street, 8th floor <br />Mega-l Advantage, 399 Chai Wan Road, 32nd floor <br />Singapore<br />EGH, New Tech Park, 151 Lorong Chuan<br />Equinix, 20 Ayer Rajah Crescent<br />Global Switch, 2 Tai Seng Ave <br />London  Docklands <br /><ul><li>Eircom, 183 Marsh Wall
  8. 8. Gamma Telecom, 6/7 Harbour Exchange
  9. 9. Global Switch 1, 240 East India Dock Road
  10. 10. Global Switch 2, 3 Nutmeg Lane
  11. 11. London Hosting Centre, 6 Greenwich View Place
  12. 12. PoPLar Business Park, 10 Prestons Road  
  13. 13. TelecityRedbus, 47 Millharbour
  14. 14. TelecityRedbus, 6-7 Harbour Exchange
  15. 15. TelecityRedbus, 8-9 Harbour Exchange
  16. 16. TelecityRedbus, Sovereign House, 227 Marsh Wall) 
  17. 17. Teleglobe, 2 Harbour Exchange
  18. 18. Telehouse East, Coriander Avenue, E14
  19. 19. Telehouse North, Coriander Avenue, E14
  20. 20. Telia, 1 Harbour Exchange Square </li></ul>Zurich<br /><ul><li>Equinix, Hardstrasse 235 </li></li></ul><li>Epsilon Points of Presence<br />Frankfurt <br /><ul><li>Ancotel, Kleyerstrasse 90
  21. 21. Itenos, Rebstöckerstrasse 25-31
  22. 22. Telia, Rebstöckerstrasse 55
  23. 23. Interxion, FRA 3 Weissmuellerstrasse 21-23
  24. 24. InterXion, FRA 4 Weismuellerstrasse 19 </li></ul>Marseille<br /><ul><li>SFR NetCenter, 40 avenue Roger Salengro, 13000  </li></ul>Paris<br /><ul><li>LDCom, 124 Bd de Verdun, Courbevoie
  25. 25. Telehouse 1, Rue des Jeuneurs
  26. 26. Telehouse 2, Boulevard Voltaire, 75011 Paris </li></ul>Madrid <br /><ul><li>Carrierhouse 1, Isabel Colbrand 6-8  </li></ul>Milan<br /><ul><li>NetscaliburTelehouse, Via Caldera Building E-Avalon MMR </li></ul>Brussels<br /><ul><li>Level-3, Chaussée de Louvain 2 </li></ul>Vienna<br /><ul><li>Interxion, Louis-Häfliger-gasse 10 </li></ul>New York<br /><ul><li>TelX, 9th Floor, 60 Hudson Street </li></ul>Miami<br /><ul><li>NAP of the Americas Miami, Metro, 50 NE 9th St, Miami </li></ul>Amsterdam <br /><ul><li>Telecity 1, Kruislaan, 411
  27. 27. Global Crossing, JoopGeesinkweg 403
  28. 28. Interxion, Cessnalaan 1-33 </li></ul>Los Angeles<br /><ul><li>CRG West, One Wilshire, 624 S. Grand Ste 110</li></li></ul><li>About Epsilon<br />Epsilon Lines of Business<br />
  29. 29. Epsilon Global Hubs<br />Your Gateway to the Carrier World<br />Epsilon welcomes you to Global Hubs, the ‘Gateway to the Carrier World’; a new solution for integrated co-location, bandwidth connectivity, system integration and maintenance support. <br />These are new co-location facilities for Carriers whom are already well established on the Epsilon Connect platform, or for new entrants requiring technical facilities to extend connectivity into Europe, Asia and beyond. <br />Co-location<br />Connectivity <br /><ul><li>System Integration
  30. 30. Maintenance</li></li></ul><li>Epsilon Global Hubs Locations<br />London<br />This brand new facility was built by Epsilon in 2008, The building is located in the central communications hub of London, allowing for an excellent entry point into all of Europe.<br /> Singapore<br />Epsilon Global Hubs Singapore is located in New Tech Park in Lorong Chuan, Singapore, is currently providing more than 700 square meters of data center space. <br /> Hong Kong<br />This facility is operating on the 9th floor of the state of the art Mega-I - Advantage complex; a purpose built data centre building that was opened in 2000.<br />Epsilon Global Hubs London - Telephone House<br />Epsilon Global Hubs Singapore - New Tech Park <br />
  31. 31. Epsilon Connect<br />The Global Carrier Meet-Me-Room<br />Epsilon Connect is the largest Global ‘Meet- Me-Room’ for SDH, Ethernet and MPLS Connectivity, linking the major regional Telecom Hubs around the World. Epsilon’s reach extends to almost 50 Global Telehouses, enabling access to approximately 1000 Operators and Service Providers, 250 of which are already pre-connected to the network.<br />Epsilon Connect links all enabled buildings (Epsilon Points of Presence) together via one unified platform, allowing pre-connected Carriers service activation times to be as short as 2-5 working days.<br />
  32. 32. Epsilon Connect<br />The Global Carrier Meet-Me-Room<br />Epsilon TDM Connect <br /> - Global SDH connectivity platform for TDM Carriers<br />Epsilon VoIP Connect<br /> - Global Ethernet and IP-VPN connectivity platform for VoIP Carriers<br />Epsilon Voice Connect<br />- Global Conversion and Switch partition services to bridge the TDM and IP Worlds<br /><ul><li>Epsilon Enterprise Connect</li></ul>- Global Enterprise SDH, Ethernet and MPLS connectivity services for Carriers<br />
  33. 33. Epsilon Connect<br />The Global Carrier Meet-Me-Room<br />
  34. 34. Epsilon Solutions<br />Competence in Engineering and Support Services<br />Epsilon Solutions offers design and consultancy services for network and Data Centre implementation along with reliable First Line Maintenance, Remote hands and other System Integration Services. These services deliver the guaranteed availability of your systems without the need of having a local engineering presence.<br />Network and Presence<br />Data Centre Design and Build<br />First Line Maintenance<br />Remote Hands<br />System Integration Services<br />
  35. 35. Epsilon Voice<br />Voice Ingress Service<br />Epsilon Voice provides Western European geographic and non-geographic voice access services such as 0800xxxx. Epsilon currently delivers more than ten million access minutes a month for its customer base from 15 European countries. <br /><ul><li>Voice Inbound Services
  36. 36. Non Geographic numbers
  37. 37. Geographic numbers
  38. 38. International and Universal numbers</li></li></ul><li>Epsilon Offices<br />EPSILON TELECOMMUNICATIONS Ltd.<br />Friendly House, 52-58 Tabernacle Street<br />London EC2A 4NJ – UK<br />Telephone: +44 207 096 9600 Fax: +44 207 096 9610<br />EPSILON TELECOMMUNICATIONS (SP) Pte. Ltd.New Tech Park #06-02, 151 Lorong Chuan<br />Singapore, 556741<br />Telephone: +65 6281 0470 Fax: +65 6491 5987<br />EPSILON TELECOMMUNICATIONS (HK) Ltd.<br />Suite 6801, 11/F, AXA Centre, <br />151 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong<br />Telephone: +852 3752 1840 Fax: +852 3752 1865 <br />