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17 Uniform Exam Questions and Answer Key(Kerala PSC)


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Uniform Question Papers:
1. Woman Police Constable (179/2015)
2. Fireman 2015 (192/2015)
3. Women Police Constable 2015 (224/2015)
4. Beat Forest Officer 2016 (57/2016)
5. Women Police Constable 2016 (70/2016)
6. Police Constable 2016 (85/2016)
7. Lab Asst 2016 (89/2016)
8. Civil Excise 2017(34/2017)
9. Women Police Constable 2017 (52/2017)
10. Beat Forest Officer 2017 sc /st (86/2017)
11. Fireman 2017 (110/2017)
12. Care Taker Male(16/2018)
13. Women Excise (32/2018)
14. Women Police Constable 2018 (41/2018)
15. Beat Forest Officer 2018 (46/2018)
16. Police Constable 2018 (63/2018)
17. Civil Excise 2019(04/2019)

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17 Uniform Exam Questions and Answer Key(Kerala PSC)

  1. 1. PSC Thriller 17 UNIFORM EXAM QUESTIONS PSC THRILLER Mansoorali Kappungal
  2. 2. r7sl20r5-M Mannuoi 100 n!rk. Tide: l lior dd l5 minut€g 1. ',m@66@2s illoml aodr.ioddq.m @@d : (A) ddoaioJc@antooeiqft' (B) a{pdq4l|orxtr.i (c) oi.<I. €dtlird.d (D) dt6{.daod8o*t &mrF6 2. 1936-oa po0da'rd o@@ osm tu6o : (A) 6Jr.otdomn+o6 (B) o!016 (c) 66qBo (D) €ds@.og s. .0.6d,"e.i"€ldtt4.@mdl4di€oll6sdtm-ooorMbdloln}? (A) &*t6.dti!ldo@o4tu G) a{Ba-o@d$ (c) doaoocoi-6'loJtuom" rJG (D) dar+[_o(cco1t 1. qseditloo d6cc6' .Oon.toodqm @oo : (A) dLqow@ (B) aqp (c) al,ldota (D) .rclrqo 6, illtr@6dl o d6d6t ru.!6nr : (A) 6196.@66 (B) dso @dr8illle (C) .llal!46c (D) p ooo ooil' oo4otdrg€- 6.'d*tl@.r!dr.lldg6ol6t oom<t@odqo@qFoiddldtuoA!@t: (A) (B) dx,&*aiB.a (C) @gsJq (D) 6mdgdltdtuFdtA.a ?, dostld@d'obma$.iq6sa6@hj: (A) .O. @looooodad (D) do. dl €<rd mc@n.6 (c) dDaocd M.oOo. d6ta66 (D) peod{eoqclDd.nEC 8. 6i.qtol6roq.t6o o@a qlqlo .9dai : (A) qd@.Joo.n 5n{S (O €g6@e@ddccl (B) dg@@ddn6]{do@-od tP.f.o.l Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  3. 3. PSC Thriller e. @.ofdo-ooilo{o qqod ddd ooidq|md.6&: (A) enoola(s (B) a6*n($ (c) tuoaaaa u@o6&o' (D) @.f,itq(6 r0. p6Jdl6a c{@on0Jd.oofrUoroJl@tuodgldaqd?? (A) 6gad (D ffi(a (c) .oqB,.!qdo.n (D) o€6E(i rl. lllrurmm 4oirN6s6i(a qogmotaba, dodjLne.d4 !oqd@t.D 2016 ddrd@ts crtdr,i$d @dcd'to!6 | (A) dlelroj (B) dB@nda@lt (c) 9Li6eird (D) "+bro.c 12. NoIA (dr@o@€) dEdle@tod&oJ@r oi r8. d{Sdi4igret5@rgC .b€lo.4a j].'sft o'6at D6lla,J@dlr {|lb(llloo @qd4aeo oqB"6nnlo{ddilgr.JMi : (c) p..ot (D) (dtrsro (B) 9Ee!j 14, o4s o!4@C ad6.d@oJl llojo1lljJ @ir.l (A) d&&D" (B) '€J(C (C) nOffi (D) .Oatug 16, 6Db'd'emrcgg.6mi66t6a! rosrooalsscoaodaJdo; (A) ag(6c@s" (B) &.atu.noocso (c) @Jlo"do6r.rdkoai (D) aJdp@J re. .r$lo.rnrdoddldtdUF&bagdtalo.qF: (A) tudd.e (B) @J (c) p@J (D) 6'do r79/20r6-M Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  4. 4. u. dfjr dsjordhn or@ {ooo orrdl4Bdr ao6j @!s". (A) iEbJ (D) edxs r8. @dok {r!l elcre@ arddo,i9gfboon.E? (A) 6drr@rg G) d!!. (c) a.ooatgo (D) (6nrdditu (B) (D) ,0. 21. (c) 28. Pojro dadd$ 0116.ol: (A) ai.d|l. o"@cFollat (C) ds6.d. dd,iogdro odgl qRodo5@l|d 0€t ld4.4m dwEa.tu: (B) d4lieP (D) q4..6'd (D) dD6€ca o{gdrd€it (B) radtddftderrd@ 21. moodn e@ olooo 4(6dadti oom.t(o qmd'6@d? r?9/2015-M lP,T.Ol r0. n dd€ olo{0$dJ 6rr6Nte ooe. di$ad..Bo MeoJ ,ndt@ ddarxg€ .ds @a..Fi 'cid$ doUdnt .6firrt@od5.lm Q.o@ : (q cro6r'r& p@ldr.'E drr€Jom dn-6r6i, ffi: (ci odsag?,ia Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  5. 5. PSC Thriller 26. qnJ6abo.qe.nbd{6dlDffit4}6bmldt bad!6dr.66$5d? (A) atordi{dloid.Ooai G) a:Jd5n+dro! q6!c(b" (c) 6{drd+ql(a @Gltoqi a*, (D) @erc<U.r.6 oltdCl 26, @3sd'tdfd (t tus Mr[.I) o{ym.dtg(ruiooll65odi' (,4) o'6d G) alooB?+6mtdr (c) 6soodr.J (D) @o.j 2?. .(d)n9ode6Jo[6o @4b6'.Od'"rqErymdrDo) (a) !D666@g$ll (B) d4Jsitu"6ol&dl . (c) o}d@ol, @) aqMirdel 28. p6toil6o.66rego od.Jho dtg : (A) Erll}6- (B) 6.on!(Dfu" {c) dlnltrqp (D) oer-t 29. 'lq{rcnodd "1o g@66nr,!i r!d6i@9dm cCa&o;so: (A) @rph@€4.e,6 (B) 6or€pM44od (c) pdg6@d O) 6{6FdG.& 10. @q.i@ .Omdo6d6adD oj(nfuoJd4itu : (A) o€leo G) edolqg4" (c) r@nq1 (D) aotddg lr. p6J.do4od!i'.@8.4o at?dd (^s6gee paoli dsr,: (A) dctsi6coddootu (B) msj6cddpmJ (c) p6J.d6cd&iritt@csd O) 6s)dd6"6cidgmJ i2. due &ooo@eiid oolmot@6jj4ut qftcd: (A) @lrcA!'d €) pqq . (c) tu.llo" (D) @.@€l 88. pmldlosJlrd duoqijct.r*gd.OoJl6s? (A) e{ui@O (B) @d@,sso" (c) @ffi@rj (D) @mm t1gl20r5-jet 6 Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  6. 6. sa. drllsddanl (Bftw!@l) u4[ondd": (A) alobood (D) .-1d (c) cD(m6od O) 6DJrgd]ri t6. oertrlm dr${odlordllh.{o.d, e'.o[@ qd@ ddro: lA) edrc$dut (B) medt{lct dr4dlnDl (c) @6tan.@roorddmel (D) oi8@eld{ ddrid 86. pmJdd 6ebdp.A.!fx6a'l aodtu 64.xr:! (A) 1969 G) 1386 (c) 1956 aD) r9?9 8?. tuFd(fuJ clrJcdi 668!dlelldl.oim6i oooi.6? {A) dugeFo tdlln (B) a.elloiro .!ss!t {c) pao|Jo cod (D) @se}5 38. 6{c mEJt @d.!dd @(Go odldldqmoolos? (A) d3m (B) a€4!t (C) .6brrt.$ud (D) .{@ oo. d@r6€!o o€X6 tu@md*!e{6s ddr{dc6}drg? (A) 6 G)? (c) 6 @)8 .0. eores!86 s.$ 6,!oJ!!d E*n6daodlddlnt@ .d.{d o6l.t+o 4goeJ_ oEgdi mHn adr.[m cN : (A) odtlltu (B) Aoae (c) 6edlf,t (D) dtu4o't ar. 44.de6..!.ddglo{S6!tlo adldoi'q}iJadgldit rA) 2OO3 rB' 2006 (o 2oo? (D) too4 r2. dn4i4tdb.r.&j.{ooau0looqJd@oqld'.o6t? (A) o.ldoqt" (c) adlod (B) ocF66f,€-o$" (D) .&sd o6s 1?9/2015-M tF.T,Ol Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  7. 7. PSC Thriller 13. pl$(ncertit6sdgldld..un.odb: (A) oad&Jo (D eftdl@ (c) drd (D) ,oooJr@ .{. rM@so!6s.o(d4MrD M}a@6d6t€xrd@rs@a dlturr4|ldd{dmJ! et 22 (B) l3 (c) l? (D 24 46, otr4dJod@oro mo..!o!r6ton 6E6Jod!) 6oa@3 @d@cdJ: LA) oriEAcaS {B) qoo.n lJaga (c) dn{dlptu4s ri5{dtu (D) 6njd o&dtrrsnt 46, @$6.lldoroJ4!'(^ adde6.0 dD€J6@ 6!o{.dC@dr6 I (A) oo..O.6.dtoad G) d.socs@- (c) .ieidunlr o) .!eJ"o6r@ro4!8 a?. r$dg6serotu$l nrat t 9?9 djfrda rs di,oo{)aJ6Jt gtur @od6d4t ehso)dr {a) (ql@codredl)o (D odl6. Ld dl.noJo (O LqIl oJla@o dloloqD.idld.d (D) ((q'olj@! !8. 2014 6ai lnohFo.dlii.d@d4dni.ofto63todr: (A) @sJ6.od@ar!$6i(6 (B) @onalria (c) om@ O) 4(Gq@r6 {o i+a.dle Grr4@ o{E4 a!@r'4 ED.'J .ll).ruso (A) dodlod@rdi (B) aego (c) @Jtda@" @) ocllft 50. eildld orolfum6 alMo rs6.dl4 ina.!4o@o (a) @rttufr.laoc@cd (B) .O.dr.o69Jaa,@ (c) a$l6c!6.2eoo.ce (D) 6cetdn-tu6q6ec@ 61. 6Ed*@,.rmdld oFrd €frn"+Teddaaa@d": (A) 4l@'icoxll (B) 66oj<rJo6drddr.i (c) d6(Goor., (D) @6mc6om udl201rM Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  8. 8. 52, oes 6D@r6@6 .dn6(od2ot 4 dcm66o'G, (4 dcdn G) on3Et (c) oJtudort (D) @qlor,!6 6S. aodA{ q}s.rdl@d.ed'dlifudD.dddtmoJ-t (A) p6rdrdc6od G) e,']olm (c) o1eoc@" (D) 6l)@a.g 6d *r.g.Sna*, (A) mt3 G) m16 ' (c) 2014 (D) 2016 55, qg6*dl@.!n oid@@ddqt .tanil4 ol]3oCo oddt 4@Je(6: (4) .Atdu.6r.Oddaftd (D) !!{rrdM.d.a6j.@" (c)egl8D".€q:"6.,rncGo{ (D)serdd@a.qdruoaC{ t6. drft6qf m6"6adpoJ nj.soendli Gr.otarnr+ aooino 6o€4r,n l (A) 20o4d4o&!3!Cd (ts) 2006 ctqdo4Bgo (c) 2oo1.riryii4ggol (Dr 2oos dq}nn{led 6?. @mc6q€ d4da6!€c0 @(6d6roo,o?.ogl@ 6aal p6J0r otu: (A) o.rua|)6n'ojtsit@ (B) *oO."O" otpaxa (c) tuArt(6o.o(d (D) a@"!nJ 5&' a&dad@oz8epmldt6ocn6J6@dse!.,tda6.isod. (A) or, ori. €66r (B) .rjl orj di@.6 (c) or, orr. @d@ (D) n!|tur. dtdl 59, p@Jafioo lo6j ao..m rdd.Ooll6s? (A) 6'6."41 @) oJ@d.rr (c) . G,) q6@ 60. 2ol5 @ 6dfr'O4c4id.d@dio@ 6r4Jo: (A) Lmr{d cr) 64(n (q oq) (D) 6a!rm(^d6 179/2015-!d IP-T.Ol Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  9. 9. PSC Thriller 61, Altonlo of Cluly': (C) Cfrdtul (D) Bnght (C) resinoni 68, Get tte phore foi ne, (A) sill 'ou 6,1. TIE feEinine send{ of'hach€loi: (A) rDimt r (c) balon€$ 66. The pasi partiopls ol'freere' : 66- The Deaning ol PM|lim : (A) Ffusing td obey (C) announe $nethiDg 67, A regional variety of a latrguac€ : (A) linguisl (C) bilin8u,l 59. Sachin ir a geat play€r l79/10rFM th€ solld cricLet pl,j€B. (D) in they rived in was dss!rcy€d by th€ fl@ds. l0 Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  10. 10. ?1, Sho did not tnos how to (A) plt on (q 3et @. ?r. Th€ @rrcctly .pdt rda : (A) @nn€ne (c) enne.s ?,1. Th. fon of rebul,a, , ' (A) neburad (C) neburai t6. Study ot population : (A) .lenoFaphy (C) ent nolo6r t6, Tle pdsiE 6m of'8.i6. rou h,ndC : (A) Ilatulr .!is€d by rbu (c) l^r ni*d your hdds (B) ljt you ldils b. Ei..d @) Lt hiD raie hi! haDd 77. Call ibo *itne$'said fhe jndce. CLlnr€ iaro itrdjeci : (q) The judg€ odftd tbe4 io @U ihe wittu* (B) The juds€ ordered theb ro €lt€.t rhe wirrcss (c) The wft.e$ was catted by ihe judse (D) The judss ord€red to p!€senr rhe wiiness ?8, Pick out u ab.t &t noun : (C) EnslMd ?9. !d ciiie. tu the wld ,e (B) btresr (D) best edly adt so fd a watk. 1?9/201!-M tP.r,o,l ll Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  11. 11. PSC Thriller 81. 160-?t+5x6= (A) 15 (B) 76 (c) 5 (D) 8o s2. o.s (l!@J@los 1046, 20 doordl tudJ@ot . lA) n (B) 2ooo (c) 2oo (D) 1oO 8t. 15.06+ 22.015+ 326.150 = (A) 363.215 (c) 363.1?0 (B) 363-015 (D) 360.75 84. 2r + 2r +2r +23 .tqelomo@61 (A) '" 1!.) 2'" (c) 2r (D) 2* a5. 5OO(roq.@elatdd{@.dloodle€Pm.(@tu4O@Dst? (A) ro: r (B) r :20 (C) l: t0 (D) 2: r0 s6. o.Dlo{U^gs(@dd 20dadLp6!d 60}(&€ljJ e4o6rd$r(i @{'!'dl23 6t9 eqd .61@ ddJ@or" (A) 4 (B) s2 (c) roo (Q) 3 s?. eq|'tl6€dqoddld.O alldmgqo 24 ir' o166 @dioq d@iaa po+{td odJlotmo €[@@rdr dl..No? (4) 24 d.dl (B) 064dl (c) 48!.dil (D) 12ddl 48. 2.t, r, a2 oorn doqlt@moo{Addol6.6o4€O4@od@e.@.d too@l (A) 90 (B) 23 (c) 18 o) 33 r?9/2016-M Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  12. 12. "t *yT"iay"*-dr@r.d rj4oqd p6!d@-o6dc,r!nrar.eall-gc.d{, ddb p€@cn. ddnt6adoo(|@.drdta.lo? (B) 50% @) 20% 90. 120 n cngol$ 6ag 6"E or).i o6e dr$t" 6s.@d 6 ldnd ooqdql.6r6id orEd.nltrA d.u@ (B) 36 (D) 20 9r. trjudlno 5 a1d]. o6b.n dsrffio.o.drc6qed.6D!?]d(Gr;6ccgdln0 b d,.dt. o6doJalrea@d' oo8il.d oldi6.6 €6rdbo@ft1 (A) 60 !e/br (C) 2o}E/br 91. pa o@dd@t6d 66Bc@ @6o/d6oaot ,1, 9, t6, 20, 36, ,r9 (c) e a) 3% (c) 120" s3. 6F@6.A@ 1do@dl6 3.O5mo doBoodd&dEdo@: @drd ods.@rroool (A) ollq'la6mo (A); (q* 96, 12.20 do6oit6o ollian6.6ipEdl@ 6sn oO@ oJlpJt@6nt (B) l5o' tD) 11?1' (B)l 0r) + 1?9/2016-y lP.l_O,l Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  13. 13. PSC Thriller 95. 14 oilBJJ66dde md@S Q)!!rd[ oJotu(/.molid os.dlr]om]. 2 odo A6@ 6r0t ci)..@d)|o 2 N@odldolt{dd. dca.!@3!Ada m'&f'@g '#e'd 'O@ @@ (E) I (D) 8 97. ?2 oaxq€8 cq| arlt Pd nll.rtd r2'@@ do€drt ootid o$trtd dLrtootdr'oso (A) 1r (o r0 (A) 60 &) 6r (B) 69 (D) g.ffinlqg (B) 0.3 (D) 300 08. @f/ai odowra 24 da,qBffi". 66rd tua&o Aoqadan odd0 oioq$o'0 p65lodit oi/dl d@o$dl.d od109!€.96@ (or@ oot6' (c) 2r 99. 6q .dsolcod4l AWAXE (A) EQHMDE (C) UQHDMD (B) 25 (D) 22 m ZUZJD oo6.trrlo&. d@ c4flrt{ood4i FRIEND o (B) EQEDMC O) UQDEEI' . .na4o - oo-ar '+ oro{o +.omd + oo@do @},llr0o, +' ix' olla@Jo x .om6i tl+g.d 5r? +,t -9+10 .o@? (o s0 r7u20l6-M Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  14. 14. FINAL ANSWER KEY Question Paper Code: 179/2015 Medium of Question: Malayalam/Tamil/Kannada Date of Test: 26.09.2015 Q No. Q No. A B C D A B C D 1 A A C A 51 B D A A 2 B C A A 52 C C B C 3 B A C X 53 D B B A 4 D C D B 54 B D D C 5 A D B C 55 A C A D 6 A C A B 56 D A A C 7 C A A C 57 C B C A 8 A C X A 58 B B A C 9 C D B D 59 D D C D 10 D B C C 60 C A D B 11 C A B D 61 C C C B 12 A A C B 62 D B A A 13 C X A D 63 D C C D 14 D B D D 64 A A D C 15 B C C B 65 B D A A 16 A B D D 66 C C B C 17 A C B B 67 B A A D 18 X A D D 68 C C D D 19 B D D A 69 A D C A 20 C C B C 70 D A A B 21 B D D C 71 C B C C 22 C B B A 72 A A D B 23 A D D B 73 C D D C 24 D D A C 74 D C A A 25 C B C A 75 A A B D 26 D D C D 76 B C C C 27 B B A D 77 A D B A 28 D D B C 78 D D C C 29 D A C D 79 C A A D 30 B C A B 80 A B D A 31 D C D C 81 B D D A 32 B A D C 82 C B B C 33 D B C B 83 A D B D 34 A C D C 84 A C D X 35 C A B D 85 C B A X 36 C D C B 86 D D A B 37 A D C C 87 B B C C 38 B C B D 88 D B D A 39 C D C B 89 C D X A 40 A B D A 90 B A X C 41 D C B D 91 D A B D 42 D C C C 92 B C C B 43 C B D B 93 B D A D 44 D C B D 94 D X A C 45 B D A C 95 A X C B 46 C B D A 96 A B D D 47 C C C B 97 C C B B 48 B D B B 98 D A D B 49 C B D D 99 X A C D 50 D A C A 100 X C B A X-Denotes DELETION Police Constable (Armed Police Battalion)/Woman Police Constable (Armed Police Battalion) - Police ALPHACODE ALPHACODE Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  15. 15. PSC Thriller r92/ 2075 E n issilrtrhrl in the.l.ertof: ((:) ^trrrkinF (r )) K,il,'r],'ri 2, 5. 0,) (D) lIhl.h !i.i.r! n'f.i1nor is known is (c) sN rrrrafln cliu {D sepr€mbs l.r {C) I{arh 2i (ol s.Ftsbcr 16 llno ic con!fiprpd is dF tarher of lndiin Phnnjng Conmirrion ? i^) Lc Nl.hrr.rnobis (B) lll v6{Qshanvrl (c) JrsiDrlil Nehru (D) K(: Panrh 9. whi.h ol th. folio{ ing 's known as rollirg pldn.t or ljinS ? (^) lupirrr {B) LTth l(:) ur.nn' (f)) 'hrs lP.T Ol Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  16. 16. 10. Ih. k! 'n'C+neb.( wir IidN used !v l (A) Crj8crlue.d.l (B) lhlsun cr.l 11. O! Sl R:r REVOT,LTION is a (A) I)r. Notuatr Bonos (C) Sjr Albrrt Hownrd 12. 'l.condo'isan imAindl place in nmc ol ftar novet ? (,^) Lou. in rhe timc of Chot6: (c) Fifth Nlounlnin 13. Chcnthuruni wildlift $n.ruary is 0l) Ii{azaobyrukuLloka (D) t.S. sw.lnlliathan n ^ovd rn&n w cnDri"l cd.ia varqu.z r,rhd * drc (ll) One lrun<ired Y€a6 .l solit!'jc (D) El€ven Minutca situad in lhe district ot: (lJ) ThiDwaianthapurah (D) Palhananthittd 14- $ho wi. lhe foundtr (A) sikkntuid Lod, ls. ETNA !ol..nosrruarcd in (A) Rone (R) crRe (A) Saithosh lichlklqn,m (C) nbikasr$ Nl.nAid 15 'Emrt ie' is tlp gPnr wort relat€d sith EnJ6nlran !'cums aothor.f rhis bek ? in Kasra8 c. lvho is the 0J) 1D) (c) 192/ 2015 Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  17. 17. PSC Thriller (:hrli(koJ4n'/hn, (mrhiPu?hi, 21. Tit &l nr@ oI Dr tulPu, (r) Rana.hindrin (R) frtkLl Crdi.rl or lnJh'n luJcsh 's: irr llrJerilul {Bi rn,N'nim (D) Chrl.!l,.lipPrzhn (B) rtha H.?r!lh (C) (R) iD) :2. lnd las i[e nlhd.r !.d PUli]khcr i.) lumnJiels.l'illai ((, SrhoJaran.Yv.PP,n ?1. 1h! rhe. Bhilrni ir origin:rcll n'ld (A) Rrikrt I'lnltiu {( ) At+NJi l'ldtenr ol rhc n.wsp:ler'ssadcsh.bhimif i' ? (B) l'.ndir K;mttn (D) Votlom AbdulldEdar Youltu noNs ton whi.h plrieiu ol turali ? (B) I'.lakkad Pl.rPru (D) I)$.an Pl.t€a! 2t. TIF l'te Cluirnun ol ir) llar ^n*1n is the fir( r'.nu P,e.idnLt ol !tlo (Won! Hd.ith Olgdnisation) p) I'hah Illi Kim I'hu. {D) Eu b€lla Pem.n 'eltru Rcl'.lt' ol Ir23 k 1lt5t 0l) 9'h iun. 11i.7 {P.r.0.1 Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  18. 18. 23. lh. 'r C]ranLcLLor otThln.hnil lzl,urhrhan M rlaltrn U'nft*ir! it {r) kha&r lds:d lB) u. rbJul hhnl (c) l'K Ridhrbrhna. (l) K. hyakumai 29. ln Blich )6r Sil€nt j.Iet ddlaFd as i ational lart ? (A) 2001 (rJ) 1934 (C) 1973 (D) 2002 30. Th€ p@n 'llarcdhnnan' i5 t*itth bI : {A) 'allathol Nararana M.non (B) uuur'S. Paraneswara Ayyar (c) Kunaran Alan (D) O.N.V. Kuiup 31. r$t.h of rhe followinS d,s* is not .a!*d bl iEt€r pollrtion ? (A) lyphoid (B) Dysnrery (c) hundi.e (D) Mahria 32. The $.ir of Kali.Sa is assciattd s ilh I (A) lsoka (B) Al€xander (c) A(bd (D) sanudra copta 33. Iic fnst cou.lry in the $orld ro el'ninite Motherio-Child transmission of HIV and (B) U9 A ,a, Wo d Enwironmdnr Day lds oberu€d on (A) July 5 {B) JL'ncs (c) se|tenbd 5 (D) D{.nb€r 1 35. A p.hon *ho sFflds laigo rm.unls of lcisure rinre b oppratirg a c.mpul.r l (A) MouF roruto (B) Mouedept (C) Mous. Pohro (D) (:onrpukrologst 36. I]1. {iicollndi! {here thr lildhon ldcititv Grd wrs Inilv issrJ l (,) ll.ryana (B) (i,iirtt (c) Kcrh (D) Jhir*hind 37 Th. ninr of ro$rp :nd rlirl oltnti.n h .|.al L.t rhe Corp, nur oi l! r in rhe altdhrlh oa rh. 2015 N€fal [!duk. {r) (heratn'n viFy (R) opdilion bnrl ic) ()perift'n R.kshil (r)) clpdation snkli Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  19. 19. PSC Thriller 33. 1l,p tdlfqrirtob dl occ (oil afn NitLtril(:rs corPotation) n siiualed al i (A) Nfunnxi 1B) D€lhr (Cl) vadodhaF (D) Dehradun (,) Intlian FiDftiil slabn Cod€ (B) InrofulioDl Financial se'utrv code (C) lnltiin linanrial Stst n Conrtol (D) I nn Finan'ial 56diry Cod€ 40. lthich ol thc tollo$ing t!!6 or cmPanice/orFnialions i$' uLlP (t"nid Link l@nc€ (^) sl{k Bokeis (!) Bank (c) R.sene Bank ol lndia (D) lnsunnce 'onlanv 41. Hoh oanl ldElagPs are tecogni4d bt th€ coNtitltion oI India ? (^) 22 18) 23 (c) 24 (D) 2s 42- $'ho toundcJ the S thu lad PanpJina SanShan (sJPS) ? (A) sN arar_e Cun (B) Ch'ttadPi Seamikal {C) Poikait YohanDn {D) A}'van!'li 13, Jdllll .l. Btgh sasede tool< Pla'e in tht ''ty : (^) NI.*ut (B) Amtuths (c) I-ahore (D) Asra 44, Thp Right ro t ormatio. Act (RTl) dpPlied to all stal'd and Union T€ftirories ol tndia (1) Nctv Delhi (B) LaknadweP (r ) JrnFtr an,l Kislnn (D) Andamin Nicobr 45- lt. llu4rR of cholQ in the bbc liShr js : (A) th n6(Ne lht eldlriciry (81 lo inceie the dehtrnY (( ) l. d$.aF. th. loliag€ moneniarilv (l)) lo nrfre.n lhc YoliiSe monenra lv 192/2n15 lP,l,O.l Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  20. 20. 46, lne Giha oI F<onodice ir ( ) AlaFd M.6h.ll (CJ lionelRobins 47. Ihe word l$mmi' denv€d Irem tlp bngugr of: (A) Japri4 (B) chine* (c) tusian 48. lVIo is tmM ae rh€ Ircn bdy of Manipur I (A) sarcjhi Naidu (B) Ntbh.ya (c) lrcm shlmiL {D) tlNi Rri rl9, Thc Pr€sid€nt of V€@eia b: (^) shav€z (B) Ni.olas Madurc (c) Luh Diatva srl Th€ pdti6 regarding ftrB.B .E .dop€d froh : {A) U.K CGdnrdon (B) USSR Conrrnlnd (c) Gtu CGriludon (D) CoNlituiid 5r, In whi.h y€r lhe iauaN cohp.ni6 nationalized In ln<tia ? ( ) re57 (B) 1958 {C) 1956 (B) Madhy. Pr.derh (r)) Dihar o ir rhe 6at witM of ,Enpjlh w.rd ? G. Sant r.roruPP (B) A3haPum Dsi UhlshanLr,orhi tD) Anruthr Pr h.m {D) spanBh (D) 1959 (D) Bh.tidrhi 52- In whi:h Rivd Tehri D.n (A) Mrh.Edi (B) Bhibi slnl Phnl ir lcEd (^) (c) 55. r/vhich ol lhe tollowin8 is @n.idcEd (C) Fud.lMt l Ri8hc '92/AE .. rh€ sl of trdian Conslitutiff {B) oietiv. PriEiple lD) Funda@ al Dutt6 I Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  21. 21. PSC Thriller 57, libm *ni.h .ounk! t)t.lhi l1errc h.t reivd ns tu{ drn erlc$ lr.irr ? ( ) Japan (n) soulh Kdd (C) Rusrn ll)) Chnu 58, fhe seat of l|e Asi$ li.hooL ol cyber Laws : (A) Nei Delhi (B) Hlderabad (q (:henni (I)) Pune 59. ltlD is dFChanmn of ^_ntioDl lluman FjUIh Cofrmisston l (A) J.R K6hi (D CYni( JNFI (C) K.G Balirrirhntr (D) rll Daru 60. $h,ch artide of Indiaf ronslituLion Pnrhibit! rh. disnni'rahoi on lhu ground oJ €l'Aoa ciste ser o. pl{e o{ bir$ ? (A) Ani.l€ 15 (B) Ani.le 1,1 (c) Ani.k 16 {Di rrti.le r7 56, tl,r odesoilit.findy in Indr sii, (^) Ilil(ntr, rerr Kolbtr (C),.qt Bar , 61. On€ don8 rhe sr.!s 63, l.n nur a .qr{1, - (Bl , (3) .lonl I {C) iknr| (r)) rnI ihe torlures !f her hsbanLl (() Futout 1l )) FuttPwftn 65. Arlhe.limrt of the liln,lheP $d i - bctren tr* lrqo 1lthcvilla'n (A) dlJl (B) dsell (c) .lucl (r)) dlNtl r92/2015 l!_T,o.l Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  22. 22. eLa rnJ I {!h lh h.l. (c) r4l Pt& .ut tlc coret word or *niefte rren rhe oprioN- 67, (A) Drkjrah i5 a film ackd bv Mol,anlal, who is a fd'nous ador (B),2m is a film r.t d bv Moh.nlat, lhat G a ramous a*or (C)€h is a tlln dcred bv MotEnlal, rvhi.h is a Lhous acror (o) Ddrlm ir a film rted by ltohrnl'I, he h a lanous rdo. 68. (A) do$ long have y@ Iived heft ? (B) How long you have lived h2re ? (g HoN long lDvc you trm liv'n8 nde r (D) How long hav€ be€n you livjrS hcE ? 69. (A) civmnent immediare took a.iion ati6 rh€ !ne! pecicd hagedy. (B) cdmnmt tooi a.1ion afie. rhe unclp€bd hg.dt inmedi.bly. (c) IdEEdiatelv rh€ Govh@nr rool adim afi€r rno un.xF!.red h,8edr. (D) Cov€hndr t@k adion imn.diately lfter lhe rn€xp&ied |ngedJ,. 70- (A) Ir you srudy wcll, you lonld Fss th€ €ximinano. (B) x yoD <u.iy wcll, you Bill pass rhd €rahinaiio', (c) Ir you studtd w€rl, you will Fass Lhe Nani.ation (l)) 'fyou hav€ sludsd welL you wo! pass ihe dhn,fanon z. {A) I have Nn h.r ilJ rtil n.ur.lDbr (R) I hale kn hcr.hird. slpis3d,lcbaby. (c) I hnve sem her.lrild rleisa olc bdby. (D) I have sdm her child Ihar is a curo baby. 7?. ( ) I!EbeFnntt|tnrtrn (rl rxrs t! lnnl.d r.marcr (C) | et th€ natl.r bf |)tinled. (l)) tlrsthc ililfr br tri cd r92/ 2015 10 Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  23. 23. PSC Thriller () (c) n lht 75. (,J (B) (c) (D) f.nhd' Nkrl rlrelh. l g. (Bl (r) (B) Allthe lug8agei acahiit d. (D) Alllhe lu8g!8€ hale shirted Measur$ bcen hlo ra wi(1. ihe rodd. M€asu6 has Lren t.rkd b Lcnt the @d v€asure! hrrp ben trLen lo lto rh. @d Mearues hdve becn taken lo {idening lhe toad. 76. lvhich onc among lhe foUobing is er<lly sprll ? (B) %uquct (c) Bdlqlhi nea.inS Gon th. oPtions77, ReFlice tfu unddnined $dtd ith anoiher ftord oppostt. m John is dsinus oi haviq a berbrlire. 79. Substrruk the lndcrlimJ *3id r(ili dnir of thP folloq jng rvihour .hrnging lN meanjng oI $hi|cqua'd[n€*'ithlhcb!s.Jnd0.tor.,th9Pd$e]al!n'alls (A) inddeit (B' n'.srt.tiv. ((:J disloYll (l)) .orlsn+nous 1A) 'nddturs (B) il.r$ircus (c) disd€,ituus 73. lthich orc tmmg lhp oplions is lier{h in orign ? (A) ca{le 0r) cow lc) ox 30. ltlur dG rhctolloninS ionr 'frtn ? " A l'tr tu' tht rha^ ( ) Itoncth lt vlidr is foncr (i(l lrt (B) 5'turg in,l lan (C) An unce.rel lhinS hi!'FrnNl ln) Drr6.ult ihiirgs bsonlP $.m! a l:l (D) Burl Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  24. 24. 31. WhatE.h€ value ol rtii - gt% (A) ? J7,41,51, (A) 3r 61. 1 (D) ;(q;(B) (B) 43. (A) s"5 (c) 51 {D) 6l (c)(B) ?18 2vG(D) (B) 5 (c) 45, (D) 2 Find dE v.lue or: (2-r 3-r)6. (a) 6 (B) -6 (c) 1 -l 86. A tlah of lergrh 200 n is mving with a sp&d of 72 *m/h, How ft$ a brid8€ of ld8rh ,100 n ? (A) 25 sf (B) 28 ffi (c) 20 $c 37, Th€ tine jn . .tdk h 11.30. rMDt will betime shosn in the hiror inage ? (A) 11.40 (B) 12,10 (C) 12.40 (D) 11.50 88. TIE av6a8c ol kvm M*ulive odd nunbeB is 33. nE smaltlst nlhb€r atung lh€e l) 2e @) 27 (c) 33 (D) 31 19212015 t2 (D) Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  25. 25. PSC Thriller 89. I lorv nu.h is 20 llie or t 20 ? {A) f i tBl 11 (c) 2'( p) r0'; 90, Whar -i[ he dE sum of tunb€6 le6 201 io 3@ ? (/) 20s50 (B) 25050 (c) 25500 {D) 20055 91, Ch@* t!€ odd one. {A) squre (B) Hcx.Eon (c) P.nrasd (D) cDb€ 92. Jop rravels 7 kilometes to rhe No h, Th€nhetuhst!ihenShtandwalk3tm6 nm o6ain he turu ro his riEht and mov* 7 lms lofrard How many *iloneiqs away h he frbh th. (A) 3kn (B) 10kn (c) 13*n (D) atn c3, Chaor lhe melng lerteF (A) (B) .ba. (c) bcaa (r,) abb. 94. ll 12x13- 6; 15r22=20 ihen 16x23=-L {A) 13 (B) 24 (c) 39 (D) 36 95. Find dP n*t t€lm : 140, 142" 705, 114, 117, - L {A) 126 (B) 130 lc) r27 {D) r35 96. Il'DELII'is cod€d as 73i,11 ,nd'CALCUTTA tS c6ded as 82589662 th€n how c.n 'CAUCUI' b. .odod ? A) 5279437 (B) 5978213 (C) 8251896 0)) 35869r 97. Bed: Cub:: lldsc: _L 192/20rt lP.r,o,l (c) calr Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  26. 26. 93. Ll ,R=r,| ..i! r:l, ll'lRl.rrli. ) I t)l r{ 99. lr lt)l6l.n:rr'r ? F Inday dr. $h.n lhy F.n lLrlr! | ? rr I,n r t') IusJ i irJil 100. ]nll,cs.nollrrCEthe!.nofl)r,i Jricdbl:l Alr.i).n,Sl,(r llow LCrcl,n(lrl trrr rhrr trr Ln (' ' I r rL. ll Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  27. 27. PSC Thriller A B C D A B C D 1 C D B C 51 C A C A 2 A A B D 52 D D B C 3 X A A C 53 A B D D 4 B D C D 54 A X D A 5 A X D A 55 A D C C 6 B C C B 56 B D B B 7 D D D C 57 B A A D 8 B D A D 58 X C C A 9 C A C B 59 B B D D 10 D D A C 60 A C B C 11 B C C D 61 C C A X 12 B A D A 62 B D C C 13 A X C C 63 D A D A 14 C B D B 64 D A A B 15 D A A C 65 C A C C 16 C B B A 66 B B B D 17 D D C B 67 A B D X 18 A B D D 68 C X A B 19 C C B A 69 D B D A 20 A D C D 70 B A C B 21 C B D A 71 A C X D 22 D B A D 72 C B C A 23 C A C B 73 D D A A 24 D C B X 74 A D B D 25 A D C D 75 C C C X 26 B C A D 76 B B D C 27 C D B A 77 D A X D 28 D A D C 78 A C B D 29 B C A B 79 D D A A 30 C A D C 80 C B B D 31 D C A C 81 X A D C 32 A D D D 82 C C A A 33 C C B A 83 A D A X 34 B D X A 84 B A D B 35 C A D A 85 C C X A 36 A B D B 86 D B C B 37 B C A B 87 X D D D 38 D D C X 88 B A D B 39 A B B B 89 A D A C 40 D C C A 90 B C D D 41 A D C C 91 D X C B 42 D A D B 92 A C A B 43 B C A D 93 A A X A 44 X B A D 94 D B B C 45 D C A C 95 X C A D 46 D A B B 96 C D B C 47 A B B A 97 D X D D 48 C D X C 98 D B B A 49 B A B D 99 A A C C 50 C D A B 100 D B D A X' DENOTES DELETION FINAL ANSWER KEY Q No. Question Paper Code: 192/2015 Fireman (Trainee) - Fire & Rescue Services Date of Test: 10.10.2015 QUESTION BOOKLET Q No. QUESTION BOOKLET Medium of Question: English Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  28. 28. 224t20r5 tne : r hou! dd 15 dinui€s 1. Nane the diehict wh€E most numbe. of Railqly .iiij.n ln Kcml'? (A) Drnrlul.E (B) Paralad (c) rarisu , (D) I'hiwanstlapurd l. In ynich dnEict i. Pomud.r dsD'.iiuted? (a) Alapu'ha (B) Iduui (C) Plth.DEthiit (D) Ko[u 8. v{hid noad i6 th€ d6t Rubbe.ised @d i! (€ (A) Kottayad-I(lmili (B) (ottayan_Erunelly (c) ThnuvdrurhspuFE-Kanyakunan @) EdaDpinv_Pal.ll.d l. lLe 6Ft lloatils ATM i! Itrilia is etqllbberi by SBT .t : (A) (dhi (B) Ar'puzh! (C) Quilon (D) TbinvalA*.PlEn !. whicb P.in6 iDueqated SiLri VdI€/ Nstidsl Prl? (lD Btj.€vcandhi (B) Idna catunn (c) v.P. singh (D) JaMIflaINebu 6. Ilow Esly Tite &n.t tF in hdia? (B) leo ?. nltich ;@! belw i. m[ rclated to nE!'N6Ery? (A) AndE Clnss (B) T€Iugu Cusa (c) Dhsshini Oansa (D) The G,4a 3. (A) Nolth-Ea.t Mot|!@ (c) Dct-W€.! Monioon oEEonb loown a3'ociober he.t , (B) Mot@n IP,T,O,l Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  29. 29. PSC Thriller 0. Th€ Red colourof€d sil due t tbepr4an@of: (A) Pot4siua Pernarsuat (B) Ircn oxido (c) lron surphid€ (D) Maclesiun Sulph,i. 10. Corbot N,tion,l P,.t i! situabd in whi.l' .bb : (A) Madlra$h (B) OriM (c) unaralrrdd (D) JrE&raDil lr, Th€ Bodt Th. PrEr t!.rolIndrpendence $aernlten by : (A) Mansal Pandey (B) V.D. Samk€r {C) S.N. Sen (D) Nnud C Cndddri 12. who $ krovn as Father of lndidn Emnony and Indian PoLitics? GD CoDala lcishna Gokhale G) Dada B,i Nlva&ji (q lal Lajapalh Rai (D) SFaniviwkddda 19. JtLliu Vahbacl Mssa@ ws t@[ Dla@ oo ; 14 E€ad Quorte6 oa Natid,r InwsilD€rt on Ayog (NIA) : (A) r{ehi (B) Degalore (c) Munbai (D) NewDetLi 1r. ltE noito of aPC (Sbecidl Protection greup) : (A) BEvery D.di@tion S.@rity (B) lturh rils (C) Sathrd Mevrjayathe @) strutr at atway. 16. Cov6r Pase of Indrtr Cotuh' ution ,.. d€ligled by : (A) Ravindi! NdttTagoE (B) Nddalal Boe (c) Nard,l cho1! @) B. Bso r?. Tte 6Et DeEGacy in tle rmld : (B) r3d May 1913 o) $6 May 191,1 221U2016 Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  30. 30. 19. Th€ FiEt acting PEiileni of Itrdir : (A) v,V.Gin G) B.P,Jetq (c) Dr. S Radhakridhnan (D) K.R Narayansn 18. wlo 6 Lnosn a6 ModernBudha? (A) S,r&rKM Puilar (O Dr B,R. Ambedkar (A) Ii$t (c) Thril (, Bldn (B) Sard.r vallabhai Pdtt€l (D) SreeSskTachorja 20. Univ€Fiw CraDd CooDiasion (tCC) sla.ted du ng 2r, nE 6nr cnaidd of Narional Euar Risht Comm,on : (A) Jusiice It,C, Balalr;hnen (B) Ju.ticd Ronnaih Mishra ((' .,utieJ.K Ludhi (D) Ju6ti.e Kuriu Jft€lI t2, vfhict country p,*d rha rthas nj info@alion Act tusi? (!) switrellud (B) clina (C) Sweile! (D) Indi. 28. Inte;,iional wobaD s day is on : (D) M8y3 (D) India I'1. Dowry prchibited &t w* passed hy the Partiabont m ; (A) 1961 (B) 1965 (c) !962 (D) l95l 25. The 6rct Visillnd CoEnisio.e! of India : (A) N- Sririru R o (B) B' SriniYas lYYd (c) R.N. Preld (D) Jtllier Muhsnheil Sadi! Ali ,6. 201,1 CoEnon wetlrh sabe Lelil in i 221./2076 lP.T.ol Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  31. 31. PSC Thriller 2?. Falhr! otMalayalam Filn : (A) Adlor Gopala l{rhhMn (C) M.T. '.s!deq. Nair 28, Who t Lnowr of' S@tx ? (C) C. s. ara Kuup (!) rc. Daniel 29, Who aaid Knoul€d:e is Po*.r snd Icno!.re i6 Dcad'".t (A) Frsncn Ba@tr (B) ssui vivellEndd (c) Budn! (D) Aristoire l0- who rht6 the FaEoB Dek The t! powa? 00 Dr. An^ie B€saDr (D) Msrs.llrhat n€r (C) IDdira Candli (D) Ben,zir Bhurio 8r. l.ns WalL to rEdon i6ilEA obiosuphyof: (A) Mahatnacandhi (D) Nehon Maldela (C) Mani. LudE. tirs @) AilouH ler 3r. Boz i5 Ths Pel Naho of: (A) chdle6 Diclerc (B) Ce4e B€mal Shaw rcl srlakoFe (D) Jasrha, r,r Neho 88. 'Zulq'. are Tribal pepl€ Uves in : !) IDdia G) South Aeerica (C) sourh4lrica 6r) A!sk,ri. 3.r. oneirLs/ i3 tle Study of: 86. which .mona tbe lollosins id mi m Istop€ d Ey.Llgen? (A) P4tium (B) Deur€rtun (c) Tliti{n (D) cuir6 22/U2Ol6 Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  32. 32. 3?, Nub€r of cFupr ir lhe nod.m periodic trbL : (A) rE (B) 16 (c) ? @) t8 Mo.t Abudali M€tel i! th€ lud t ily : 38. Y€Uow colou of tundic i. du. to : (A) C.ret s - (q ChroFebtn 3e. 'I!€ ch€niq.l Mm ofvit.6i! E : (A) T6ph.ol (c) o.bitrol @.) n drol (B) (D) ,n. Tl. .trbst@ rlid @ wd ld udnaiil ainins : (A) Silv€! Bronido (B) (D) 41. Anibil hsi.a g.avb.t IiE ht ligltat IBE!: a,. Nodd Bb.d ChoL.tslol L'tl of E@ ho{y : (A) Ebphrnt (C) Pi8 C 80.120ns{md ' (C) 1OOr80 dg/1()00 el (B) (D) ,l!. I! f,hich pc! od tll. b|rmr body n Rid.i Elftct ? (B) 16G260 D3400 El (D) 150.160 Dc/r00 dr (B) Bd. F.t[.. oa lfilio f.ib.y i. : (A) Ldn D.rLrui! (c) In!dw6[6sby 22!UmA rP.r.ol Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  33. 33. PSC Thriller 45. Ad n.squilo b 10 Rigelcr coc!.oach is 10 l (A) Maggol (O yDph ,16. Nano .h€ Bn4 *lich can fly laclwards : !7. Fatber ofGreen Revoluiiotr: (!) Dr M.6, S*dj.athan 48. Unnnhhed DEan t a b@lwitt€n by: (A) M.s.Sw.hinath,n (B) Va4herc KuiaD (C) Salin Ari @) SdchinTendr&u 49. taadi!3 P&du@rs of nilk in Inilia is : (A) K€nla (B) Bajasrhs. (C) .Aniln Pradmh (D) cqiddr t0. Ftu1 Malayal& Wmrn r. ap!€a. iD hrli.n FdtrsE St{np I (4) P.T. Usha (B) Alphon..nDa (C) Anni€ B€6€nt (D) Dr. Arunrtrrfhi R y 6L World T.lummudetron &y D ohyred o.: (A) Ocrobe.g (B) May l? (C) May ? (D) Jun€6 62. Wnich pan of thc lndhn condiitntion b caued bag!ac6!t! of India or Ley 6ione of rhe @nsiitution? 6) Psnrrr (B) Prcabhle (ct Articre r9 (D) turicl.2,r 63. Fathe. oflndian planningtu: (A) M.N. R.y (B) NdsyadlAgaBal (C) ADdthyr S.n (D) M. Vi.waswanlaa 221t20t6 Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  34. 34. 54. IlyT€m€lFpia n€ans : (A) sno.tsbht!€a. (B) Lons Sishflesa (O ArtigEaiisD (D) l,'isht Blindne* 55. The (3nlite sho* Bnth day and Deat! anniEB,ry ft celebEted a6 holiday by KeEla Gownnenr: (A) S.i Narayana CUN (B) Sri l(ri.hna (C) SEe S.daE! @) Alradrli 66, WIo wa6 $e toundd of N6i! S6dc. (IISS)1 (A) v€lutpily Nel€saD (B) Sd. Nalaylm Glm (C) MMrth Pddo.tuhha! (D) K.nre Nsi! 5?. WLo w& the Fiftt C€neal S*et{ry of SNDP? (4) sri. Nar$ea O@ (B) KlDdadsn (CJ v'T. Bhtttrtlinppad (D) I<. itelappln 6& A.K.C. St.rE i€ .iturld .t : QD r@w G) TltrNvssnrhapulaD (C) Na Delli @) PirT@lt 69. MaLbd E@louic Union w& foud€d by : (A) or.Pdpl G) Icdrd (c) c.v R.D.n Piuli (D) Panikta! Ga. Fither of'clorils' : (A) Ian WitEutt (B) Cise! Mendel (C) w en (D) Ild G@i!d Eborana 61. In a d€nda.y €v€ry one (c) i6 ob€y th€ law6 of ths dundy. 6!- Mr. Gupt o@pmied by htu tro sD, (B) wiu t24not6 IP.T.O,l Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  35. 35. PSC Thriller 53. luldturc dd€il for yN lhi6 moniag. 54, Wful is Dapsr nade? (o on 66. WlEn I left rhe ho@, I 30. Ile said "I shNll @m€" - tlie can b, rewril€ irio indirect d!€och as : (A) lle.od thrrhc EL.ll6be (B) tle.dd abat be might on€ (C) qo daidtlrtlp would @ne (D) qe.aid tl'i he sbould @E€ 0?. Ari4! int Dr.!d snbr@ : sn old n.r! .tF, I, lssilg th€ tad LA) Atr olil &an c!@ins ih€ Md, I mw (B) I sw m old brn, roins th€ @d (C) I c@sinc th€ &ail, .aw d old Ean (D) An old u! .tw, r fteing th€ rad G8. Hom.ty F a viltu" lr i! D ":4dr8l' *i* poli.y : (A) b (B) a* (C) bui (D) 49. He left the ma !!ea, lh. urderli@ word IEF n : (r0 !n adjective (B) atradveft (c) arou @) r vdb ?0, rI had a nilljor pound!, : (A) I n.d boushr e 6t9re (C) I @!ld buy a! edbt€ (B) I ein bwderab (D) I $od.l haE boushr an @tate 221t2016 l0 Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  36. 36. 7t. An *mrani persoA aopeciaUy ore preiending ?s. l to have knowledse is unlled 75. Th€ t y w@ rerj attdctire, bui lohody lrew its n.d..aoeraiion, 'e 3ubstiute fo rhe (c) pldead 7!t. lle antonyh of'disni. i.: (A) di&ha.ce (C) &odus olenndi 75, The ps*ngq hail an silh th€ ricket.xaDiner for 10 ninut€s. (B) altcm@ (D) alreRaiior (A) alt€.mtivc (C) .ltemtio! ?7. The plual ol .Iind@ is : CA) lbi!@ru.6 (c) lhin@rooi. ?8. Picl out the @tet sp6Uins: (A) MemonDilcd (B) MonorendeD (c) Menorandun (D) M6morendan 79. My srddl,lhe. cu.lU h$ fuqriok lnet lurch the urderluEd so!& a€an : (B) (D) 224t20t6 lPr.o.l 11 Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  37. 37. PSC Thriller 80, Tbe-wold ?radulrc' b.u.: (A) cds€eitim (B) CIlte (C) Corrctim (D) cdi{ption Er. :+:+ -= r, ral9 c)l G)? rol3a -- (O$'+(0.6P roly - (0.3) + (0.6). (a) ol (a) r.r (c) 0.8 (D 06r 88. A!6cld e boqlt fo! tu, ,100 and sold !d 8!, 660. Fird th! proit peeDt!96? (.) a6 (B) 60 (c) ao (D) 66 84. Tt rL&M€ b.iw@ .ioDL i!@4 ed coEpomd inbst otr Bt. 2r!oo for 2 .t 6% (A) B^t (E) r!. t0 {O R!. !,609 @) Ils.191 S!. ifa:S-?:9.!d ,:C=g:6 ild ^: A:C i.: (n) ?:9.6 (B) 4. 45. !5 tC) ?:9:16 (D, ?:9:16 86. A 6.i! 16{t o Ln8 na,lira.t !.ped of 60 LD/houtat .lO !@.1. to csd a brids!. W!.r ! tL lelstb d tb hnds* CA) 200 6 . ' (B) 600E ' (c) 8.!L! @) 3!0q l3t,lor6 u , Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  38. 38. a?. Aq!do.ldGodrutllsday.,ndBiD rtdryrltah.r@ttoa.ate.i!hqurydry!. (B) 6 -, (D) 10 d!y. , riu they 6nid rL. tu*? (A) adwr O) 12 dry! 66. ft€ oed of 60 v.lE. t! 16, Whai *iI h. i!. !!F D€d if each ialu. i. nultil[i.d by 2? ct, Asie i! tL. nD.f !drb of r{ilis 8l co, i! ol6rd be iD th€ tuD qr..qur!.. L, i! t L"" * ?, cb. .id. ortr..q|l@ & o) i.: (B) s0 (D) r0o €) 1r0 ' I (D) N* oftte.. (A) 16 (c) 60 (A) 88 (c) 182 qI ft.ldudlal':r$./ -- ?6 . . (cl -16 @) 25 01. Filil ibe !.xt NEb.r h tih. gedes : s, 4 s. r?, Bg, -. () 66 0|) 66 (c) a6 (I) 6s tt P.pc i! to F.! & arrto i. to : (A) .p..b (D hm ((, sm!. , GD health t!. It+ @d.r,-eu. +, x @@-, o.t + b.s+, tL!9+8 +8-{rtBj (A) '8 (Et r7 (o 66 (D rr A rr 22U2at!6 tP.T-Ot Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  39. 39. PSC Thriller 04, whrh ofrhe 6uo"'ns s,ll.ohe nartt BHL, DJN, FL?, (-{) HNR (o ros 05, Iildth€oddoneour I (B) EOS (D) TNB (B) Flule (D) Sit* S6. r TDACH ie coded as XIDOL, S'fLrDY will b€ cod€d as : (A) WXYXC (B) WXZID (c) {xYt (x,) wrlll{c 97. Pointirs to a na4 , vman sdid, "Ei; nothd n lhe only d.wht6 of ny adted , llor i! tlE sooan rclat?d ro rhe man? (A) Daqliar (B) Moth€r (c) sister (D) ordddorle! 93. MrN {d}s 5 rn tesldr, tlEn turu to his bn ed {rl|r! 4 iE. gs !3lb t|ms left. ud w.lh 61 5 Lm. At rhi. poinr he tud. to hi6 left aftl wilt! for 5 lm. E@ ealy lb i. Li fton tho aiarting poin!? (A) 5in (B) 2LE (c) srn (D) rrD 99. Wblt ir th. cotdr iibe w!6n ih€ ni@. iE.!e of$€ €lo.[ Fa& 7.15? (ni 9.20 (B) 2.36 (c) 4,,16 (D) 9.26 100. Ild 6s, as ,E an€E in the folding *q!e@ qhi.h re pEdsd by 6 but mr in@dilr.t foilqed by S? 53375363861584?65t8358?68285 (a) 3 (B) 5 (c) 7 @)a 224!:ZOt6 t4 Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  40. 40. A B C D A B C D 1 D A B B 51 B C D A 2 B D B B 52 A B B D 3 A A A C 53 D A A A 4 A B A A 54 B A A B 5 A C A A 55 A A A C 6 A B B B 56 C D A B 7 D B B C 57 B B D B 8 A A C A 58 A A A A 9 B A A A 59 A A B A 10 C A A A 60 A A C A 11 B B B A 61 D C B D 12 B B C B 62 C B B A 13 A C A A 63 D A A C 14 A A A A 64 A A D B 15 A A A B 65 B C C D 16 B B A B 66 C B D D 17 B C B A 67 B B A C 18 C A A C 68 A A C D 19 A A A C 69 A D B A 20 A A B D 70 C C D B 21 B A B A 71 B D D C 22 C B A B 72 B A C B 23 A A C B 73 A C D A 24 A A C A 74 D B A A 25 A B D B 75 C D B C 26 A B A C 76 D D C B 27 B A B B 77 A C B B 28 A C B B 78 C D A A 29 A C A B 79 B A A D 30 B D B C 80 D B C C 31 B A C D 81 B D D A 32 A B B A 82 B A A B 33 C B B B 83 C B C D 34 C A B D 84 A C A C 35 D B C B 85 C D B D 36 A C D B 86 D D A B 37 B B A A 87 A A B B 38 B B B D 88 B C D C 39 A B D B 89 C A C A 40 B C B A 90 D B D C 41 C D B C 91 D A B D 42 B A A B 92 A B B A 43 B B D A 93 C D C B 44 B D B A 94 A C A C 45 C B A A 95 B D C D 46 D B C D 96 A B D D 47 A A B B 97 B B A A 48 B D A A 98 D C B C 49 D B A A 99 C A C A 50 B A A A 100 D C D B Medium of Question: English Date of Test: 05.12.2015 QUESTION BOOKLET Q No. QUESTION BOOKLET FINAL ANSWER KEY Q No. Question Paper Code: 224/2015 Women Police Constable/Police Constable (APB) (NCA) - Police Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  41. 41. PSC Thriller 0572016 1- The lirst royal order issued by Rani cowri Lakshmibairo abotish stave lrade in A) 50Dec.1812 B) 5'h Nov. 1812 C) 251h Dec.1812 D) 25'hNov.1812 2- In lhe Census ol 201 1 the female literacy rate in Kerata 4 47.72 B) 94.01 C) 96.11 D) 92.07 3. Alhula's Mushakavamsalavya is a semi teg€nctary accounts ot lhe ruters of A) Ays B) Kolarhunadu C) Ezhtmata D) Perumats 4. Tharisapally Copperplare isconsider€d as ths llrst daled inscriplions in Kerata epiglaphy.ll was bsued by Ayyanadikal Thnuvadikat in A) 10o0A.D B) 849A.D. C) tzzsA.D. D) Noneoflhese 5. The Danish lort"Dansborg"constructed an 1620ar A) Serampur B) Tanquebar C) l4ahe DJ Darmn 6. Which organizalion raised slogan "Land to lhs Tillels" ? A) Socialisr Party 8) Boodhan Mo!€rnenr C) Abhinav Bharath D) All India Kisan Sabha 7. Thenorlhern most riverin Kerala is A) Manjeswarampuzha 8) K€njirapuzha C) Kunlhipuzha O) Bharathapuzha 8. 'A heart shaped lake" is one ot the major tourist allractive ptace in Kerata. I situaled in A) Itenmala B) lravikulam C) N4eppady D) Waganrann 9. The helpdesk andshort slay homes projeciofKudumbasree Mission launched in 2013liiled as A) Snehilha B) Nilbhaya C) Snehasparsam D) ftalolam Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  42. 42. 057/2016 10. Who inauguraled lhe First Mega Food Park in Jharkhand on 1srb Feb. 2016 ? A) H.Ananthakurnar 8) Harsimral KaurBadal C) Anandceethe D) Narendra Sn€h Thornar 1 1 . Who is tho Chancellor ot lhe Nalionel Unive6ity ol Advanced Legal Siuct€s ol Kerala(NUALS)? A) Govenor B) Education Mlnist€f C) ChietMinisler D) ChiefJuslice of High Coun 12. Lord t,layo, the E tish Viceroy ol India was assassinaied by Shere Aliin 1872 al A) Bombay B) Lahore C) Po(Bbn D) Calcutta 13. Who crilicized lhe Catherine Mayo'6 wok Moth€r India as'?eport of a drain inspector senl out with the one purpose ol opening and examining lh€ d6ins ot the country lo be reporledupon"? A) MolilalNehru B) Gandhiii C) JawahadalNehru D) Balagangadhara Tilak 14 The follow hg arethe Presid€nts ol Indian National Congross €xcept A) Nelliesencupta B) SaroiiniNaidu C) Annie Besant Di Nonoolthese 1 5. The Nalional fruit ot Pakistan is A) Mango B) Pineapple C) Banana D) Appl€ 16- Jean Oreze, lhe Belgian Economist is associaled with lhe programmeol A) Indira Awas Yojana B) Jawahadal RosgEr Yojana C) IMahatma Gandhi National BLrral Employmenl Guarantee Schem€ D) Pime Minislers Fosgar Yoiana 1 7. The Oueen s Stepw€ll, a fionud|ent in medbval lndia conslrucl€d by t clayarnalhi forlhe memory ol her husband Blmdev. tl discovsrsd by Archoological Survey ol lndiain A) 1966 B) 1980 C) 2000 D) 2016 Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  43. 43. PSC Thriller 671m16 18- Which among lhe lndian slate lomed on 1 sr i,'lay 1 960 ? A) i,4aharashlra B) Haryana C) rwnataka o) l,ladhyaPEdesh 19. Bernama is lhe National News Agency ol A) SoulhKorea B) Inn C) SriLanka O) N4alaysia 20. Hugo Divnespublished lhe Muiation Theory in A) 1935 B) 1848 C) 1901 21 . 'Li{e itself, its origin and nature' is a scienl lic book writen by A) Robertoock B) Al€xander C) Francis Kik D) Karlwotn Frish 22. Columbidae Colombilormes is a scientific narne ol A) Owl B) Piqeon c) Eagle o) Duck 23. Who was called lh€ father oflaxonomy? A) PaulEh ich a) JosePh Lisler C) lvarcello l4alpiji D) Ca.lLinius 24. Allapicha Mollakka is a character ol the Malayalam Novelol A)Khasakkintetlhihasam B)[,larubhumikalundaklrnnathu C) Daivathintevikdlhikal D) lrudinteAlhmavu 25. Hagupil, ihe rnost dangetous tropical cyclone aflecled the co! nlry n 2014 A) U.S.A. a) Auslralla c) sordh Korsa D) Philppines 26 ln which state Amul launches counlry's lirsl r.ilk ATM an 24ta Jati 2014? A) Kerala B) Tam I Nad'r C) Gujarath D) Haryana Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  44. 44. (57/Z!t5 27. Who among lhe following arc not lhe Chaieelson of Nalional Hurnan Righls Commission ol lndia ? A) FanganalhMisa B) M.N. Venkita Chelliah C) J.S-Vama D) Noneollhese 28. Righl lo Infomation Act passed by lhe Parliament in 2005. lt cafi|e Inlo lorce on A) lssJuno2oo5 B) 12b od.2oo5 C) z^dJune2oos o) 15rh Nov. 2OO5 29. wodds laeest concentrated solar power plant oponed on 46 Feb,2016 in A) ilorocco B) Brazil c) France D) Japan 3lo. In which state in India the lribat lestivat 'Medaram Jatara" is cetoblated ? A) oissa 8) Gujararh C) TelengBm O) TamilNadu 31 . The World Radio Day is observed on A) August 20 C) Apil 26 32. Whlch counlry willhost lhe FINA World Aquatics Championship 2017 ? A) Japan B) Hungary C) Dofla D) Spah 33. Which slat€ in India celob€te the "Raja Rani l,lusical F€stivar ? A) JammuandKashmir B) Orissa C) Mizoram D) Nagaland 34. Which is lhe frst tully Solar Powered Educational Institute in lndia ? A) sir Aurcbindo Inlemalional Cenlre for Educ€rion B) Indian Inslilule ol Spac€ Science and Technology C) All hclia Inslilule ol MedicalScience D) None ollhese B) Februafy 12 D) Februaryl3 Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  45. 45. PSC Thriller 05-f2016 35. Who scores 1009 runs an HT Banduri Cup lnter School Cricket Tournament conducled by Mumbai Cricket Association ? 36. 37. which isthe larg€slwomen Empowering Prcject in Kerala ? A) Mahib Samdddhi Yojana B) Kudumbasree C) Ashraya D) Noneotthese 34. Which isthe Headquaners ol lhe Central Inslitute of Agricultu.€ Engineering ? A) Ahn'€dabad B) Bhwaneshwar c) Bhopal D) Simla 39, The lirsl planetlo be discovered wilh a lelescopo was A) Uranus B) Plulo C) Neptune D) Mars The tilsl Bank in lndia got ISO cedificale A) State Bankol India B) BankolBarcda c) CanaraBank D) Axis Bank l() "Navodhanalhinle Suryathetus" is he b'ographv ol A) Kurumban Daimthan B) Pandn Karuppan C) Thycaud Ayya D) Noneotthess A) Bhutran C) Soulh Korea C) Calculla- Dhakka B) SadarazKhan D) Pranav Dhanawade B) Vietnam D) Malaysia B) Jaipur-Ka€chi D) None ollhese 41. Thelamous Merdekka Stadiumorlndependence Sladium situaled in 42- The lrain Mlhti Exprcss or lvloitree Express tuns between Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  46. 46. a 067tm16 ,13. US Military operalion agansl the lslamic Slate of haql and Levant (lSlL) is known as A) Operation kaqi Freedom B) Operalion Inherent Resolve C) Operalion Air Bom Dragon D) Operaton Soda lt4ountain zl4. Who did patronize and prolect Sanchi Slupa ? A) Shajahan Begum B) HHColl C) Feeusan D) Ashoka 45. Uniled Nations Inlernalional Female Peaceleep€r Award winner of 2014 A) Nadia B) SaKhiDevi C) Kjran Bedi D) None olthese 46. Who islhe Presenl Lok Sabha Depuly Speakerot India ? A) KaiaMunda B) Sumilra Mahajan C) M. Thanbidurai D) P. lvl. Sayeed 47. Which ConslilrJtion Amondments pfovides for the iormalaon ol National Judicial Appointment Commission in 2013 ? A)94 B) 98 C) 96 D) e ,18. Hgadquarlers oi Medicins Saos Frontieres (MSF), an Intematonal Humanitarian Aid Non Govemmental Organizalion A) New Yod( B) Paris c) London D) Geneva 49. Thelamous painting "FeliefofLuckow" painled by A) Thomas Johnes Berker B) Joseph Noyal C) Panon D) Misswheeler 50. The name ol24 hour classical music - both Carnalic and Hinduslaniaudio chanml launcned byAll India Badio recently A) Ganam B) ftalam C) Raagarn D) None otlhese Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  47. 47. PSC Thriller 52. They rarely speak English, A) didn'lthey ? C) dothey ? I would have bought a Ferran (}EiInD15 D) none ot lhese B) didlhey ? o) don'tthey ? A) Il lhad enough noney B) lf I had had enough money C) ll lwould have enough money D) lf I would had enough money 53. Does her name begin Wlh --- B) to 56. Find out lhe wrongly spelt word. A) Carnouflage B) Guillotine remembering people's names. C) lo. D) on C) have done 55. None oflhe sludenls B) does do Mybrolherlives in EurcPe So I The underlined Phrase means c) not at all B) rhe c) afl C) Jewelry D) Eiqueie see hifi orce in once in a blue moon- 57. The opPosite oi 'declit6 is B) ASree C) Accepl D) Syncline 58. Yasin on hrstoumeyla$ Friday. A) Set oul B) Seltn c) ser up O) Set down 59. Ape6on who worrs lorlhegood ololhers: A) Ego|st B) Allruist c) Antagonlsl B) everyday D) very €rely 60. Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  48. 48. 06:1x16 61.24-6x3-18+6 A) 3 B) 6 oe. sl *r-1-s] A) 330 B) 2a c)2 D)1 ", -3O q3) 63. 56% of 9 + ,14% ol 4 = xo,6 of 34, then value ot x is A) lm B) 20 C) 10 D) so 64 A loss of 20ol. was suitered by seling a warch tor Rs. 560. I it was sotd for Rs 805 what was lhe protit perc€nt ? A) 20 B) 10 C)s D) 15 65. 5 : 8 = x : 24, then vatue of x is ^) 12 a) 15 C) 10 D) 16 66. A car is running at a sp€€d of 45 km/hr tor 3 houls. Then ir runs at a speed ot 55 km/hr tor 6 hou|s. whal is the average spe€d of car ? a) 51: R! 5t-' 9 D) s1; 6Z 5 men ancl S women can tinish a job in 10 days. White 3 men and 7 womon can tinish il in 12 days. !n how many days can t1 ll€n finish it ? Al 30 B) 10 c) 20 D) 12 68. Average age oJ 7 grns is 12, When age ot a boy ls Indudect the average becomes '13 years Find ths age of boy. A) 1s B) 18 C) 16 D) 20 69. (0.01)':is equatto A) 0.m01 B) 0.010 c) o.o1o1 D) O.OO1 70. Pedmeter o, a r€clangte is 90 cm_ One side is 20 cm. What js iis area in A) 400 B) 600 C) 5@ D) mo ,10 I Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  49. 49. PSC Thriller 6712016 71. ll'CHAIR iscoded as 381918 howwjllyou code'TABLE'? A) 2011125 B) 2112115 c) 20121 D) 2112115 72. ll + means +, + m€ans -, - m€ans x and x rpans +. then 38x 16 +4 +6-2 as A)28 B) s6 C) 14 D) S 73 ll'SISTER'is related to'QGORCP'in ihe sam€ way as 'BBOTHER' is rclaled lo A) ZPNRFCP c) ZPMRFCP B) ASPUFFS A) circle B) Pdnl c) Sqlsre D) une 75. It CAT' is coded as 48, 'DOG is coded as 52, then code lor'COW is A) 82 B) 60 C) 41 D) 56 76, Pointing to a man Geetha sald, 'he is the son ol nry grandlalher's only son'. How is Geelha relaied lo lhal man ? A) Brother B) Aunt C) Mother D) Sisler z. A man travels 4 kmlo the Nonh andtums Easl and lravels 7 km. Then helums North and lravels 1 km and again lurns lo East and lravels 5 km. How far is he lrom rhe starling pcinl ? A) 17 B) 10 C) 13 D) 12 78. What is the angle sublended by minute hand ofa clock al ils cenlre when ittuns lrom 10.10 a.m.lo 10.30 a.m. ? A) 6CP B) 1Zl C) 90" D) 20" 79. How rnany days are lhercbetueen21-2-2012 and 8'3'2012 ? A) 16 B) 15 Cl 12 D) 14 80. In a class A ranks sevenlh. Rank ot B is sinh trom the last. ll C is lourth alisr A andjust in middle ol A and B, how many sludenls are lhere in class ? A) 20 B) 24 C)18 D)2 Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  50. 50. tF/20t6 81. The popuhlion ol lhe cdtically endangered Great Indian Busl,ard has been dedinir€ due to A) Habilatloss B) Fr€quent poaching C) Construction ol windm'lls O) All th€ attov€ 82. In €cology. lhe tarm carryingcapacity ol a species msans A) Resourc€s that it consumes B) The highest amoun! ol strcss it can withstand C) lls populalion siz€ that the environment car suslain Indelinllely D) Non€ofth€abov6 43. which ol lhe lottowing rggions in tndia b a biodiversity hotspot ? A) Wostem Ghars B) Eastefi Ghars C) Sa$ura Mounlair6 D) None oflhe abovo 84. As per Wildlite Protection Act, 1 972 lolowing is not a protected ar€a cartegory A) National Parks B) Wldlite Sanctuaries C) Biospher€ Reselo D) Tiger Reserves 85, The term Ecolone is defined as A) Th€ most €xtensive ecosystom unit which is convenienl lo designate B) Transition area betwe€n two biomes C) The vegeration community devetoped al the tast stage oJ biolc succsssion D) None ol tho abo,€ 86. The bacleria foond in the root nodules ot l€guminous planls are A) Closlri{rium B) Azotobacter C) Nilrobacler D) Rhizobium Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  51. 51. PSC Thriller 05i2016 87. Nallonal Animal ot India is d€signated by the scienlilic namsol A) Captalalconeri B) Antelop caMcapta C) Panterabns D) None ol these 88. 'Lac is oblained fromllresecrcnon or C) Animals C) Parasitism 90. Mycorrhizal association is prese rn C) Boots 91. A symbiolic association belween C) lvlulualisrn C) l4esophyies a) Insecls D) Noneolthese B) Comrnensallsm D) Noneol these a) Leaves D) Trunk alungus and an a 9a rs B) l4ycorrhiza D) None oi these B) Hydrophy'es D) l,4angrcves 89. A symbioiic association where bolh the partners beneftted and neither can suMV€ withoul lhe olher is called 92. s. The term Edaphic lactor refets lo A) lvan B) Soil C) Tempeialure D) Hedlvores The adaplalion sunken slomata are folmd in B) lv,lesophyles C) Hydrophy'es D) Halophlres 94. The plantcommunitythat grow in a marshy saline habilal a.e callsd Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  52. 52. |57zJ16 95. The €coloolcally odd one anrng t|e plants listed A) Eripho|bia B) rtoo C) A.ala D) BlizQtrora 96. Th€ abbreviation MAB slan(|s lor A) Mammals and Eliospherc Programme B) lran and Bio6ph€E PrograrnE C) IMen and Bidogy Programme D) Mammsb and Elidogy Prog|arrrne 9/, Endodc phnts arg d€fined as lhe danls growing in A) Tissu€ ol other planls B) Shadydaces C) Fresh water lakes D) Geogfaphically llmiled ar€a6 98. Bhinos ar€ €xploiled for its A) Tusks B) Bones C) Hom D) sldn 99. Fallot a Spanow is lhe aubbiogmphy of A) Satim Atl B) Romulus Whilaler C) Manekacandl D) $ndedal Batuguna 1m. The Nalional Pa* cledar€d ior me prol€dlon of Nilgin TaLhr A) Sll€nl Velley Natjonal Park B) Eravikulam Nadonal Part C) Parbadum Shda tlatt]r|al Paft O) Anamudl Shola National Park Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  53. 53. PSC Thriller A B C D A B C D 1 A C C C 51 C A C B 2 D D X B 52 B D A D 3 C B D D 53 C C A C 4 B A A A 54 A B D A 5 B C C D 55 A B C C 6 D A D C 56 D D A B 7 A D C X 57 C C B A 8 C C B D 58 A A D D 9 A B A A 59 B C C C 10 B B B C 60 D A B A 11 D D C C 61 A A C C 12 C B B B 62 C C X B 13 B B C A 63 B C A B 14 D A A D 64 D D X A 15 A D A C 65 B A A C 16 C D D D 66 D C C X 17 B A B C 67 A B C A 18 A C B B 68 D D D X 19 D A A A 69 A C B A 20 C B D B 70 C B D C 21 C C C D 71 C B A B 22 B B D C 72 D A D D 23 D C B B 73 C B C A 24 A A A D 74 X D B C 25 D A C A 75 A A B C 26 C D C C 76 X D A D 27 D C B B 77 C C A B 28 B B D C 78 B X C D 29 A D A A 79 B A B A 30 C A D A 80 A X D D 31 D D C D 81 D A X D 32 B C B A 82 C C D X 33 B B A C 83 A A D A 34 A A D A 84 C B B B 35 D B C B 85 B D A X 36 C C D D 86 D C C D 37 B B C B 87 C A A D 38 C A B B 88 B C B B 39 A D D A 89 A D B D 40 A C A D 90 C X D C 41 D C D A 91 A A C A 42 C X A D 92 B B B C 43 B D C C 93 X B D A 44 A A A B 94 D D X C 45 B C B B 95 D C A A 46 C C A C 96 B B B B 47 X B D D 97 D X D B 48 D D C B 98 X D C D 49 A A B A 99 A D A C 50 C D B C 100 B B C B X' denotes deletion FINAL ANSWER KEY Q No. Question Paper Code: 57/2016 Beat Forest Officer - Forest Date of Test: 23.04.2016 QUESTION BOOKLET Q No. QUESTION BOOKLET Medium of Question: English Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  54. 54. 0?0i2016-M M.rinun: 100 n$L8 Timo : r hou! and 15 Einutee r. o66raN@dad6!dt€do.jldledlatdddl4ldl4Unnot, (A) 4'{odl (a) d'6@o (C) {5nre.+d,) @) o@dl 2- qtu d@.rl6M d6!ollbdbf diilo oo!t? (A) r94 G) 194t) (c) r95o (D) r95l r. .a.eldlrMlid.olY!r.r@3n'oflrvF@'.€Fddr@odqmol (A) 6jlds dldeidt (B) @toclcse (c) FlrodDt(,!@in (D) oA.J$Jsa6{Bdn L .edoFldtip@Jdd oqe.d amddldt..66 d{dlarg (A) d$td6d (B) aigti6j (c) dffxi (D) d"nt 6. 6or@.!aM.l,oi.@.lee@Jdldcdleedooll$idadBrr*'ilno'6! (A) (B) dld& (c) ddcdre.6 (D) *'lEdl 6. g@Jcrxr6i6df odt{rgf,.d6if,{dls4gJdss8loo6NodEdqm'ddrdl orga'go @o ' ddd'yrr*nodlao.42gdaDdlooidddldmdrlodqdw C4) r'io€6dr.d (B) @(41@&"'r9@d (c) oilDa @) oFb d'llo ?. dro@tddi A|.tild .6*Fd.clo o[!lr!*trr .Odl poJd s.'@sa'jdkp (A) trr66ldtd24 (B) tD'id..t626 (O dnd€lddca 14 (D) .o6S.doi 16 8, 6e4ta om$ om!6 €Prdo6tcDd (A) rolosilo6$ (B) oi€iJo@@.i (c) m@dsq (D) m46@odr0 lP,T,O,I Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  55. 55. PSC Thriller e. 4glag6d@4erri.Madl..dmdcdDdl 6Ebedl.MJc6odloEalrag.l!@moed? (A) drbrd(6@4rtucaEdo€.i (B) daB"dl (q st6 (D) dD.'hld{.u6 r0. c.eft.ioo oolc&ura..dnoo3rdo o()o@ dFord'.6.@'rn qc qdrorn! (A) d!.o!r(Bo1ro@ (B) @at.q!a!@ (C) o.Jl@ 6a.el4i (D) odq@tondfdq dddl 1r. 6AoidsdftiL?loiaAo@odBjraqord,4Fo€oa€Fsr: (A) q}.ioCkrt dlrlt r'dl (B) ce. !2a{ .& {c) d.6/tdud (D @6<, d4 12. .'.O,ooirdltoo,a p.d6s Ad..d@€dld atLn0o .:Jb.d^ll-?,1 pd(,@ IRNSS r-D ous ra) pmJd .ruJd.s tr$ll@dd nDoa.Edd$mF (B) p.rojd d€o€d&llcN($ @86 "ad$p (c) !26Jra dilqDd {hlh!E.6 aD.BdEddg! (D) poJd.t@€ra$dj..!q]6dcdrnr$l. r8. 2016 6p EmJln dfdord dadrod (aJ.fu p@Jdd aiJNen@UdU p€A .{€l&{i ({) ot(ora (B) do(H$ (c) 6.r@iA (D) e6it)ahrao0t 1.. 20l5.deg]o{o cH lel+lrdlr.ldn8ge4o6ool36dtsalg &Fgo{odill@o : (A) tAa{I (B) anuutd$ (c) din0d @) dl pdlahld oo4db 16. .malot NABARD) da docuocoororullduggm o5m ogon (A) 6e41 (B) odd, (O qo6E! (D) ocq0p 16. (Bd€rtp(l')jot )6.oold ooo@ olAtdooi{l t{) mB@lttdq (B) d$ao pcF.t (c) d|Il@oi(altn)od (D) 6$do*{xiofdd 0?0/l0reM Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  56. 56. 1?. dr&4dt..qlG6dBdo oo%oto6r.enl (A) r 00!(u.6 (c) drddlroi !{SF6cd (c) gcDJ (A) 6qtl@o1)@o6dd.6 (A) oooioml.arihd (c) 6. @oddrni (@a (c) r23 (B) do{i. do$r.i reror (D) o€)3.o{yD: o6@!dl (B) @d 13, 2016rqddlold8oiaeeocatlbsorNedd6rurdUddladl4loO.|m6M6kJ56reFoo@n 1r. qobdrd.e8o4o a,tstod ddlt O6$ ocq.F : (D) odJ t0, t5 qod 50 dm to@q€€da.<l.xdod (!ld oJbJo.J.fu drddio.l@dl pm, @6df 2013 o.A+|ld dr$od.?! dalro 0061 ,r. @6all i2.tFsm €a! dmlt"peAro 4ddldrid? 22, dloarl.d d.r4o 6NaJ6t eoldcdl*ldoJm p@J@too @oeJom do6l oooiG@cnt araolld 2S. qmJdl@o@ddodDdlo,wrbFd e{dt@.lN. o&url'n@@"!dl(8tu.6alk!.odldl.q 2,.. ,rsdul oldla€aG rd@qds qldl 066'? (A) dld&.4oJd@& (c) qdccutde ototirdrb 2s. caa9..6!cdl { mo6J l:L4r6o rdtddrd io(d ros@gdla4og(j'li'd ri!.'j !6J' (B) 16 (D) 32 01v$rsu P.l.o:l Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  57. 57. PSC Thriller 26. r386q6d r905orf,.p.'oJr6(fucod@.d6ro(Sd0moeoddr"d9qy""r, (A) ol(!.!rt*4 _ (B) ,n@cdad (C) 6Mohr@i.nt 2?. .er@ @et@6m addo!60 lgonno6l@co1 !r@(eccd Mc@o.s 1960id qtanmg o4 a@ @.t@6d{.r.'6; ,8. ooddlo@dll oetJdlddDBJocdl o..ip..)o'!xe4.6t .t1@6fl (A) 6e.+|lai reri 6od; r$8 G) 6a!1i0.! dea d!*l 1936 (c) 6.+j(i aN,6@e", 1933 @) .W4ll$de,aao€:lss0 2s. adddl o@ff){od!r&o0$.dCFq.m ptuJ$ qDd]'lofu: 30. dl@o.l!@.?dg.oe{ordd d!6trF, trD{4F" al6i2C did" €d' 8L omaool@ha a6slrlldq.6d6doolq poJ6 d6DndM dolct oecn (c) s (A) .{m0 (c) 6V0.6 3t. t8. "o() gl..ll.d.dlgfl e*d dmd(6 40e|ld lmf' dom ao6l!!@ql qtpl ooeldl@ oo.idlbdctlrir .eoro.$6dD oJnoll,oed? $1. ffit oMc@sdll otoold dm dtu'so o€d? (A) 194? (B) 1966 (c) 1950 @) 1962 (a) 190? (c) 1910 (B) 1908 (D) 1913 (E) 2 (D) 4 4gdeNf dsioft JdS dc(M'b @dl'd6d9tdnd? (BJ 6t aacE (D) dLqdatb.46 0?u2016-M Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  58. 58. S6. oodioc4)odrl do€J@arl pdJ(6 M@rAd-tu@oooddojkD (Bionefic tisa) (trloJlole osRld dolddl06.? (A) (d..btu- (C) a6@dt 36. dl(d @l6t't@*nr 20la dodd ot6ffi5!66d9 (A) 4dldgl@Jldrt (c) o{.d&u dnt6€. (c) @ooorl 38. oednoq!@dtl BRICS 61q@gc &rFoffi (A) Badlm .&do (c) @odls (B) 9"{06it (D) g€eil (B) oolcito ddnri o$Jop4.6.diid1J.&Jo Mreldt? (D) PaDJ 07. p.on6omdbi emr@dceld dxi.@dodJd6m' adedlelo"lJ6gdlqd! t9. p@J] @o{68{d!d@ CLcN-dl "{a{Blrdo : {A) .SmdgrrcdJtoJ.fu"cD4r466cd$4*nt (B) sffd potodjJdol6..d@ffit!)dldidndu6'6rnr (C) o!0@.a 9dt@Jilolctu'dD6rudl6-od,6aaad1't (D) t0{xd pard$|oreard cDd'"41d mdda4oht 2ol6-6d 'aEP&.e ob6A sbrmr od4 goJn : pojdld olk!@.u.s at@oo (.lsel6rdl'n do ddd': (A) 2OO3 (B) 2oor (c) 2oo5 (D) 2006 !d. -96.d@ drEi.dL.oq63 {ddlrdbr@rdl r91r_.d .€id dJkoo d'6@cm o'd@C .odD"dlo6ma6od? 070/1016-!I IP-T.O,l 40. ,ll, 12. 1 Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  59. 59. PSC Thriller !3. g@JoE ion€5@16€ (olodi+@"addldldtdt @o@aec6iq.|l,, o.lJdor 6D.d, (A) c(,e€oFdldbqa G) 66.0.. qI6dt (C) oo.aoan.rqt (D) o@auodbrel 44. odtr|]|o deddilr! poJ(i a.arrd@61? (A) odeE.@hlrorro" (B) r@s6,Fs;ao..d (c) oM6 drrl6D ($d (D) 66c-9J-M[a{q@al qhld a5- .Ei'm6.{Aat}oJ@(ri o€o{dDdaEd e6l. @m.g.oojdl6dl4 dr@.!B(. o€d? (A) knF!6 ml.6 !a|ll', 1995 (B) pdio0.odd6E4ilrDEdta6;2ooo (O .dN)d6x{aoa :2000 (D) Edd!6.od.6 osr&dbpCt csql ts95 .16, 6cdloJo.(r'Jl@.d@o4,idd6ce2016odl4poJa0eot666: (A) @Grsqddi (B) .tajcdlatuoilrt (C) ffi6nd.lrd (D) .srr@dt&D t?. 2016# mtuo"ogdJ6.rrdo.ntG4IrfldqDoll6? (.4)u{d$.ddaoqg8.o<r6 @)@c.!dos.d.r6o.Sdtafu6 (c) qd@dd6D 0'odtqgtuol' O) ot!odd!,looi6@o4o 13. 4c!€d o{tu on.rflll6.A oxnraqm @!@ .@o" pmJd tlll']ls*ro€n dudldodq! (A) pdlA!'xdd G) ojordirt (c) 6mouq6 (D) "do.!d rddd re. gmjdldtGsaff $G .Mo,*ltdqS (do€@ l (A) eooio'$ (B) ob0]i (c) drql6 (D) rd{A 60. {laml'(|.6doQqidd@@tuaed? (A) otr!@$I G) @a@d6t (c) dlr@oco (D) s@@mx'd. 6r. 2or6-dor@rd.dddlo€drdoryrd(oaoeoid@6E(,cr@ro,6d6ed! (A) odletunlcFdoD6ord (B) 6olbqgoro)oJ.oF(o6d (c) oo€dlE r@@d.r!e@Grd (D) d6to4l r@d6o}]odd [2. ce86!dl4i -p6Ji pois{fllEi 6rd dwidd oo@JadNai .Dd .r.dUI 4ISE$ d0 aud@ al']W o$d@qdb61llc? (A) lddlp G) oqol (c) oiqo @) e,e.q€" 07U20IGM E - Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  60. 60. 68. coc6i6m o€Ito{o r}d{toJ$ olda m} 6-b 6d6@}o olloo6msr@ anJ€6 o$Sp .eot (r{) dodono 2 (B) cff.i (c) m@e@ (D) 6rdid 6.r. pmJatft 67-.dd.td606- ilkD"ftdli6qldJJdLdlaqlc@'ld8.trB? (A) corJodafu.,ttra (B) oec+[o@@" (c) ooltdro@r 6.Beo (D) |dc(6a$d1' 6Jo@16.6 6t. Lr!.lDP nr;odnloddl@ dJdi (MeJtf6dd p&ud 2015 d p6l oor@ (lt!m@nt (a) 127 (B) 130 (o r32 (D) 134 6€, 2016-dt oe60o0.o ?6i000 oie'.a dtdl@r.d 6poq!.4l pdJols dooJ tuo46$ 5@.! olJorur@.dl orlMaaodds (lffi.4o! (A) *o.&* (B) oriorld ("ld6rd (c) &668c$ (D) mt461lo 6?, q66$o.oto .m6.6e pdG'r,rjjaddaontdqo @Ja6m.ats1 ollMgo ooo! (A) 6ejj(6 p.06@dsd do@6{dG&j (B) (rec6o.qo ruoa.Oo|adlad (c) pdid@md p.0&tudd.Oori.ox€ (D) otddl 9l06(iNddd ao@addca€' 68. 6@ .f,e{m de6" ddldiolG .@qnJl(Ueo6l' 6@@ke @!di6dd {dl. @4ri dsrtsddrm 2orb d 6t1Dffiq66d! (A) God.|)di#mdo6r (B) 65ro(|!d!dmdd!dl (c) od.@$Jm*!.dnd6!idl (D) @eg{'t)zrwo.4Doc 50. dd,dtud oeoi ooilo3nro!€dldaooddl (@.66oq) d)'.d dc$Jcdt@dr (A) 2016 (B) 2014 (q 2013 lD) vJL2 50. @tqtdltro jjddooEilaj:ilo.r Ehddua (CEo) dool 2016'd otloodftEr@ oJddl oodr. (A) a.6@xntmtello (B) diB.Bii.ls4 (c) 6Jor oodD" (D) MJ 070/201GM IP-T.O.l Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  61. 61. PSC Thriller 6r. Find aut the &ntlne in '!.t pclGct t!@ : (A) wrn I anived nlju hasjustl€ft (B) when I mived naju€& (C) wleb I.rivea Aqju wsjraibft (D) wh.b I eiv.d R.ju ws ju.t ledina 6t. U* Que.tion Tas. 84. 'I shsll n@t you t Eorrcw'. in thi€ sent n@'toEo!rcli is: (C).ho]lll e8. Civ€ ths tuun hm of tbe adjective ".t@ious" : (A) Aiiicity (c) aiMiry (A) Adje{iE (O Prcpcition 66. which b a Prcnoun? 68. Clbplol€ the sont€n@ : (C) A Lr! i. hitt n br de @) Fill P (B) Eur (A) I win ny (C) l eould hav€ dy G?. Ue $Drcpriat DEp@iiid. (B) I {ould try (B) if (D) t 68. Ite pa.lire iolD ol'I ws writiDg a 1€tbr' is : (A) A l€t6r wad bd8 wrrFn by re (B) A l.!Br Mo been Mir en by de (D) A lett€r b bei!8 qittei by De hi iuru oD tle *heel of life. (B) taLes (D) f,iutgle ?0. T!€ iniliect fotu of: K.nlta sid "I e late" C4) rlb6r! !aidt!.t.h. iskt (B) t<ro.h eid that lhe 'iU Lae (C) tGrala s.idlL.t Ble Fould |lto (D) tltt ah. ia.lat6 0?ryt0lGM Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  62. 62. ?1, Cooplet tbe eDt€@: ?!. lind out the odd o!. : (B) (D) (B) (D) (B) (D) (B) (D) {B) (D) ?8. 74. ?6, WBi iB the fedili!€ g€nder of bachelor? Tle ntonF of t$D.i it I Use suitabl€ phra.el v.rb: 71, &lact the vdd f,hicL sPeli oftcily : (A) M€dd.ldu (c) MeddoabduE Find out 'e coec! sert€t@ : (A) Thh bmk b your'3 (O Thb b.o} ir your ts. tl,bich turd i. edilte sith the pl'rae 'p&bleh in lpeaiira cl€dly? ?0. Pic! oul tlF o@ wold ol .h*m or l,* tnd ordol : (A) Alarchy (O 80.€ ih€ prcvelb int Mal.vtran: 'St'U wai€.. run d*p (A) 6€q!l c4'ddol dDedlg (B) ditto a!Fao{@c{o a€o.{ooqo (c) @r€.alddd&?4g (D) 6.lo qa6.@qo dt,tb a{.d8o Arr 0?wmleM lP.r.ol Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  63. 63. PSC Thriller 8t. sr 1a2 + (2s x rs)+ r!!91='2,/ (A) 681 (cl ?8t 81. 3314t0,002 - !D 6.424 (c) caa8 {$ Lor,rol) (q Loo,rro . 6) 28 '(0 21 : !$ ?' (c) 7u |Inta[Gx t(b ({3)-' (A) 65 (q 106 860..0 oodbohdrD@drr42? (A) 12* (q la* (B) 671 (B) 64.2a (Ir) 64t8 (B) 63 (D) 316 (B) t3* (!D 15ra (B) 1,12,000 @) lrPoo (D 25 @) 20 (B) ?t (D) ?' 86. .oq ai.idlad ^,f,.d@ a.ilc.qm eq dott ot.nt loqoo qFr eo .OqOE dle'rr%..idl('.dn @4qdrg..Odd 1 .!6,s0rdto|a{o.s6@reoo!!,qcdrlit3Je.odn ? 23,26 lo,,t, f, 2r.O.d aoocd2laoaEqsotrss;rp? Att Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  64. 64. 88. aq !6[ooitod,48eo.t 82 ol8o]o, dteo 25 dl6qo 6ib@ed 6edto.S oJldl oO@? (A) 14 (B) t6 (c) 13 O) 12 E9. 4,24,12, ,............ oo.nto 6q 0(ar.@dd!6e oW69J@o 3 d6@€cmrdd$ eq@ 6dit (A) 1.r!,2a8 (B) 216,6,t8 (c) 43, 156 (D) 288,696 90. d$ dq@ddl.'tgo{o ddo4o 6: t.Om ddmrdDddrerrd dl9o 2.5 dfir*doodd (C) 0.2 dl€'! (a) 6 ohn @) 2 dOA tl. dqhr.oJA@!rn$!@ldi 3466, ROIEooaBo 16626,APPLEnOm{o6.idod$d1..!ml er$ldi 6r36.1 €)rdr6d'os"dt!3!.16lqldldqdnii? (A) IPFED (B) PAREO (C) IOEAR (D) ROPEA -- 39x63 I (A) %3 (B) 2?3 lc, 2457 (D) 236t tg. @ordr!do8d? (A) 3 (Ir) r25 (c) 512 (D) 3r 9a. BoaG6@@fA A on6oa$ B. ooddA o& B qio dddle{igO otu: (A) (B) A @qo B dqp ds@lo 6a!to (C) A oro B arp a!0@o66!8.0 (D) AotoB oI|o mdoJ. oaqo 070/201GM IPX,OJ It Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  65. 65. PSC Thriller 16. .dga!o.{qo6or.8d.dFd6.|El{!.dc.la8.r9.dDoauogd? (A) 35 (B) ?0 (o so o) ?6 9a, ?t x s! I urQ! qrrl(tuleEdcl.flo5 (@o.di! d.o eeoodtt G)r ' (a)6 (c) ? (D) e tt -d €.(lollgL {*Yr!p loo d6i d',r .€iF n} odqg"laA6c't€dd"dz{O E dtrl ;;!ocb @(i .d.dr .!ts er.rnog dd3td lcro D o'(rr+ 3'dr(i 'odt olld ooo.a eoq oi(.closrt (A) .lr.d @) .r4d!l!,od (c) oo.d 6o'd'r't!Dd lA.0.6a-0.@64= (A) 0.622 @t 06112 (o o.l,62t (D) o tTtl L. vxz: JLN :: OIK: G) I,!|O (B) DPa (c) oqs rou Ot-! PUL !odro..ocrrd4..!nr!da6deodoc66.l'Dqcdro{lqla (A) tu dAtD.d (B) J'v'dAtrD'd roUOMPatt 61MG..rP'tl Mrdt Eu-8? U!dh'Du_?8 (O JaEdAhD.d (D) J:EdAlD€il IGNON. PuL rGXGFdP"t rd.d!otu-?8 Uldlbru_t8 . o70l0lGx la Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  66. 66. A B C D A B C D 1 B B C A 51 D D B B 2 D C C B 52 C A D C 3 A D D A 53 A B A D 4 C A B C 54 D A C A 5 A A C D 55 B B A A 6 B C A X 56 D B B C 7 C C B A 57 A D C C 8 D D A B 58 B A D D 9 A B C C 59 A C A B 10 A C D D 60 B A A C 11 C A X B 61 B B B A 12 C B A C 62 A D C B 13 D A B A 63 C A D D 14 B C C X 64 D A B A 15 C D D D 65 C D C C 16 A X B A 66 B B A B 17 B A C A 67 D C B A 18 A B A C 68 A D D C 19 C C X B 69 A B A D 20 D D D A 70 D C C C 21 X B A D 71 B A B B 22 A C A C 72 C B A D 23 B A C B 73 D D C A 24 C X B C 74 B A D A 25 D D A A 75 C C C D 26 B A D C 76 A B B B 27 C A C A 77 B A D C 28 A C B D 78 D C A D 29 X B C B 79 A D A B 30 D A A B 80 C C D C 31 A D C D 81 C C B A 32 A C A C 82 A B B C 33 C B D D 83 B B D B 34 B C B A 84 A B A C 35 A A B B 85 B D D D 36 D C D D 86 C B A C 37 C A C C 87 B B C A 38 B D D A 88 B D B B 39 C B A D 89 B A C A 40 A B B B 90 D D D B 41 C D D D 91 B A C C 42 A C C A 92 B C A B 43 D D A B 93 D B B B 44 B A D A 94 A C A B 45 B B B B 95 D D B D 46 D D D B 96 A C C B 47 C C A D 97 C A B B 48 D A B A 98 B B B D 49 A D A C 99 C A B A 50 B B B A 100 D B D D X' denotes Deletion FINAL ANSWER KEY 70/2016 Medium of Question: Malayalam/Tamil/Kannada Date of Test: 21.05.2016 QUESTION BOOKLET Q No. Question Paper Code: Women Police Constable (Armed Police Battalion) - Police Q No. QUESTION BOOKLET Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  67. 67. PSC Thriller 086/20rGM l. Mainrn : rO0 D.rr8 ' Tine : I bou and 15 ninute. dl.rl dd oorm doDd @€dtdl@ .edodogdo4 oxru6$S6wtt (A) Ndlooi ,. brmto@lo o@otD.rxli*ttclda.€ 4g o€rdl (A) q0|6 (c) oEhJ.b (A) o$e'd (O droa{6 (D) "Jtel (B) 6jJi1s6daarla (D) ..{d46rdoedomo r, .c$emstoedasd@dro.rodd..0edmo]|!.don6dg'$dUEo&or!5otdt'S 7. a6.! @dft6o a4dadtre6 drJ3lidt2ord_d qFldd4J dD4, o.o@o d€Dd 'ed? c..Sc 6d){dda!64jpd$!6db.OniG? a. .lrEoirb&noryrwodridi dxllacindld a46rtt!!o!&t{41 oioJda'd : (C) Cl,l oi!! qed*oJp"d d:nt*dEpdd@€d|dd drdlDai o$r.ocf @d$efl'o{'? IP.LO.l Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  68. 68. 8. m@6 dla.ta-h*xndouG aoaJm tru(d€dt cool A (A) odrFEuielM.ri (c) d ij. @d'l.{Io illla 9. !3dUlordla8c tudr, @& oed! (A) 6dlddldl 10. @edtu'bfuodld$olld*,I.O.rrtoodsSnDdood? (B) dDq6.dr (B) @{drbird !d@dd (B) d41tu, oeel (D) d@s/r, @dn 1 ll. o{doqirqgrfttrJkE? 1S, o'ldklh.ed6lc.m@a.J06dld0@c!dEsd? (A) oqo (B) Ildmj (cl m{i6d (D) la. .€d 6c4nrdd0 rufsonooos@.d 6dqdd6o ctrld€ e6r4't di6om@o mell@oo @d! (A) 6.(s|@6.lnd (c) .rodi dloq ls, menlllddq.E dtgd.rrt eealbd.ed? (c) @6dd 16. pojot,6'w.iJomnkt6@@.+midlat.ed? (A) A.i€.mbd (c) !.ortFaMd (A) tui0orJl,dao (c) sftlF, dlo€' 066/mrGM 16. 186? - .o sdft. olrolnjtu@ oJht.o.6ir (dam6!si aod? Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  69. 69. PSC Thriller 17, qo,A j ir6 4o@d6s m3o6qqd& aorqcs6i-, 13, .€6-lwda6trlwrn nI€N!tc@t$'eqaod@qm oominJ.@rlldljJdii (A) edlq6 dJor d3otq6@ (c) di$J.l)dm(l!@ii{n<!elu1d (B) rtd]frc(istuo (B) agoo$ardld (D) ftd@6"adm6@1d 10. 0ri)(6 p6Jorl.d 6jditld'as6@ca o€dlacd6r@6ro€ldtaddld.t4dc65(damoM-? 2r, fad@ dldJoM addld(i deoid.rm d&!o I (A) r99o (B) lso2 (o 1993 (D) 1994 2r. ollddrras dt@e6alaqg (A) ootu16 oaaddldoi (c) ddid@-ocat oo@ 6ddld r0, tu6a6t@4J@4ddemdo66t (c) 2oo9 (B) (D) t8. or6i6o$t addldaiosdrlaomo{ocdldruod€codqsruJcmolo*ec€d? tr. oaoeddl@ dDGJffi oodDo!6 6-!el.V.FtdrA dleJ4got.OoiG? ,6. @.d"'re.-lllw olqb tr@eJtdd ddDdocFnt (B) 2006 (D) 2010 066/10l&ll lP,T.o.l Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  70. 70. 26. o€drd@doMdtudlas6drd coitkrl@d.'nomd$mBJpepi&nrd'! (A) 6fudd6i (B) qi.mbn@d (c) d€tu daDdl @) m@s d6!6{ t?. pd.ljdaft"dddord.d dnqds @o}ao adddd oe6'? {A) @!4tddEia4ddd (B) ad&@@addrd (C) edi$.d a4dd (D) ddw6 @dl aodd.6 t8. clmiqf d*t'6ftn"pmJo|.s.Em!tuo{r|llos? (A) qdd (E) ordirt (c) qoru.d (D) o+c.d6@ 20. d6o,rl@ oorre{oRJd€Mt (do!o6d6 €(o mrrd dlotr4,8 Oor4 odalmu (A) ?5 (B) s0 (c) !00 (D) !20 80. o@ n.ruXmotrde$&if etmld dsDdoed! (A) oi6J€Jtu (B) ddltrddrro6lBd (c) d6 @) dqpooda|d tr. pdqdrii ogtotto a{q6dn oiorndoodeFltge .lldllDfu o6d (A) d{s.}m- (B) .!d.rt (c) qed (D) dqEl6d 32. o.lla@ oldoqd q.{lg'@ii@ dEorl@ aaoeillltoe dD6J mad6i6 6!ed I (A) a6rrl{46!d' (l) oa.soo (c) 6tqdmmi4@ (D) 0|lq}6 s8. aa{cd!6@dn6'prGoxD}odd6lidl' o4dda@o@pcdldolx}35mdn? (A) fl.deosJ (B) (ddmm@ (c) a.onaddo (D).oe6d@ordr@ 84 ,r5d @dol(enrl 6d!6o ft!.6atcngo@d? (A) ni.ormJrnq (B) dwdoddo (c) od'8,,Ia!@i (D) 6ad&{e1F oE&loreM 6 Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  71. 71. PSC Thriller 3t. @dmd odEro doadioic! 6m-pmJojos do(|!omo oo.!l6st 30. 87. 80. 'pu,td o8o"6.dlaoiffi{dd oxruodg dn66nt: G) 2010 (D) 2015 ed4,t .fuod .N@c.t and€d iodn (Ir) ddno*16- @) Po..6 ddoaoado oqCoo.lood .o!d4d (q 2or1 2015-d @@o{dlqee mJ@ld ('!@6{n d@6t or!.J6'!ice@ {A) mCldr@ (B) oBa!$o (c) Mlo (D) qd'ldJ 8E. @qtd,6l6i 6ooil8d{i dldlloctrddetF @6lado didddlolos ddl@fl E€o Gd!t@ 40.'.Nmddloid36u6.(dn'.Add@.Jor.i6ok!6 e,dtd@d!66ktdt (A) ot6oo (c) doB 11. rldl@tc Aog @@ ooodlr4ldqmd: rr. odtnd@ddtr dd.rdd2 (A) ohedd (c) .rd 0E6/20leM Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  72. 72. 4t, @dr@rdddsr oom.rlMHqd 6.d.!$iB ; (A) adaircMdatorooiort (B) oodo(morJlol (c) p.6tuto@e66o0l {D) ddJ.m n!a!i@o {pf5{od 4a. 0.!..6 Etull4dq6[j'd8dltu @4do odaoc(4l4.f, 6) @nFrqlrdlld (s) aqd6(K a' (C) p.ibddMtd (D) dDdt@d a; {6. .dc''lbo".o*l(a oodnd@*ryD L@d:dl i (4) d@9.!rL6lnl (B) 6El'r!@hjt@od (C) .iRl€dr@mm (D) dj@rd @ardl !6. 6Fd oro@tm oM@d.d 6mdiJorene.6forii'ood? (A) 668oo.J (B) .lqutdl (C) dDitl(ie (D) p.n.t$tr6@ 4?. o.ft a€iiddsi (lb.d1.6!m dkle.ed (A) dld&D (D CheB (c) do&K (D) Ck!&c !a. d'rnJla,t.nxnleldtont{D'oodDdo0drdt@o(lpm@.t (A) dot'rdr (B) .64dlei (c) duot (D) odla 4t €.dim qdLa4le @cdn'p6itlr@.gCl? {A) @cffi6 (B) gd@ Chlsi (c) o@, (D) .{@t@ot 60. @6oltld0@.(c|l@(fuffidip (4) 6.mjo@6ft(s" (B) cud.!66dmr5d (c) 6-Dj.cuios8' (D) aimjoa.6d)eDd !r. G, d.&JD o06lo.4Ir{erdt dulbd4f,dgfrJ j{G@a - 2 olc@.llffirha!.qnnd? (A) @!odl@ (B) F btc (c) e6@dt (D) o,!., 0E6/1016-M 8 A Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  73. 73. PSC Thriller 52, dl64 c4qcDNo6q oltrrljlmost 2m5_d6s$6@q&x}J561 (B) 200? (D) zoro 61. dr&dE.dd1*lamd.noJ@,lorud&r6a6@o (O d@sf 6t. oNsnd std 6brs{od dm oado : (c) 200s 6!. gqpoNdiii 6Exm-do16aleoigrl8$ib.0 0rro oldloi6dglm (fu d@61 66. .d€drd.r|orl)@ooddum{ndddt@Jbl dljfutu (A) &a40p6a (B) @dl*D'd (O orr@d {D) 'D(nrF@qodt 6?. drea "a4dlana @ddNcdl Odcox,a.E.h d'd6oodi o@o! 6s. poJdld.eF4{. drla@d adaodl OAo'd".o @tuft: add@ odl@ addld(6 .ts.idi ddnidoont (c) 1993 a€d@ oetrir6*D dto(ms dkb oeot !0. (B) 6.tS (B) 1992 (D) 1995 (B) o.6eJ3 086/?,0tGM IP,T.o.l Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  74. 74. {c) z_ (A) 9 (c) 1r (B) (D) (B) -1! (D) 14 (B) r0 (D) 12 tlI 81. 6,4, 2,...pEd@d{@,I@d6tffio.4lodaoo@d' 88. 649 ('!@o4o 'lEtiaops odq]eQe$ t0 cd oioocf,t @6t60 dJ6otqd@g6s drbdgo-t (A) -26 (c) 26 8r. 4edal@ (@ddld osldd {ricaonl4 6.q, ql6 6dC d6do *sd 6060 aIq| ol&& d5sd'6665 .q@Jo nr@dld ddl@ dlodd.O@z (B) roir (D) roo ddoarJq oacdrt @6 ar.en @qB 6ia.rEl0 dqd+f .@ arceil dql dJl66c.6 .€)(6 .!lolr& (B) 12.6.iooo @) 6dkloo (B) S30 (D) ,731 8[. oo546lagc @!!r4 o@el la ladd d.!qF6 oeqJ-€ac oqA o{X6? (c) 169 80. @ri$ 6q dlaJdl @qt .dl6eood t0 16 ddah4o .Oq6old noi0d 6dFgo (A) 3 ddtu (C) 6.lldtu 6?. 240 d6 75% + 9o d8 331x = (A) 2r0 (c) r03+ 0E5/:t016-u Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  75. 75. PSC Thriller ee. i-i.f*0"n", (c) 0.91 89. &q aeld6ero.6 6 old$I 6 o66mo .Om @cdld Molo)coffi osri|6olo 6 qnrll 6 nog0o nom o6.otd .idaoi@3o oag& @@g€ etdo ool@ @@omdrl' (B) 3OX (D) r% oo. 66r at.dk3*n od0 a!..en (lwMtud.duddd dtttq(td 30 4c@rdFo @oJodl eFr .d.a{m6mad p6}rd dord dnUra9J €itrg6@i9A& 'OrDcri 4-'d odlllt6ldd 60 dl@cdlaa odooo,lacdt adoa{moot;ldl 96ldd dldtd cdo(m '€}mBo €6td! de'!t @oqrD..4!e qlb 0016? (a 4% (D) 40ln (B) trPE O) EQP (B) (D) (c) (c) 9r..{4Fnldl@on5@.O{6? 2,5,1,23,- (A) 4? G) 3. (c) 35 (D) 45 91.4€6iddtu3mot.6!d1 (A) ECD (c) Lar..r t!. A B, C, D, E poi dder6]gragdtr 4 B 6Msa pqb 'Nodoqo E @d"d Co@ a{<r@ qdFr C oeq.4o C@o a14@ d{gloFt D B o@oo(a ttgo f qF*-lo '9,-'' A 6@oto eo6 a{do646cflt oot6l6 .48o4o Co@ 4dom *{:! 6D6? B 0E6/201&u tPr'ol (B) E (D) D ls Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  76. 76. 94. @d 30 d€6 tus.d6€" cftdhu!(^e l0 dOA ddq@€ Gnq, cindd psdi'dl:dland 20 dl8a remoiaua@o oJldrF ps'orldl6lnrl' l0 dl€a a{gl Gant. nodld @coi c@oJo o4o od5 nl'lcod'ldlail ooro@a@@c6iDr (A) 90 0186 (B) t0 dled (c) 50 dFa (D) .r0 de6 94. .@ m€.|Jld aao !!tudrd.lm qm" ol]4(a @dd dt$g 6ardd 661 sd dlogltrr)t. a@dl'dednt &a L@6od4r{d'llA6o6rd sidli!(n.Oqdlm (nbe oO{@? (A) odrcodrt*$ (B) q.nro6nt qa (c) d6alo.rnb6!6 (D) oD.tdtdqa 06. d.q.**.t@ .re ! dtl 10 d.ri8: (l'60 a @d 30 dldld q6{ar!4gp datddDri.n €@nire4 ofidlcrfitlSdrea8o? (A) 20. (B) 0O' rc) 12e (D u0. 0?. 2007srBddl r d$g/td@Mdl2008*Dl.!dl 26.e6lill(W@rl? (A) dJ}& (B) d8d (C) qd (D) p.doo'rqE ,8. dleaoomd.d + illdxrl}o aSoga aodndl.d + illooo+o o{.itdrA.(yn 09t- ill.d1llo d!0r.!6.Orriddctx 4ft!rqpE!@.d4!cd (A) 3 (B) 14 lc) 7 (D) l0 99. 4=3,5-16,6=2r,?-36 0oaradS = (A) 43 (B) 66 (c) 16 (D) 48 100. EodLd de6@dl@ (!'!dodbgA:6.8=ec=? .OdD @airdoA auljjdla..6 @g 6*!qdro nbd{ ooddlm oaliilaol(rr|l 7, 6, 23, 24,9,22 (A) MAA1ER (B) MAGNEA (C) MAPPINC (D) ANOTEM 0E 2(11&l,l ll Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  77. 77. PSC Thriller A B C D A B C D 1 B B B D 51 D A B B 2 D C A D 52 A C D C 3 A A A C 53 D A A A 4 B C B B 54 B B B C 5 D C C A 55 D C D C 6 B B D C 56 A B B B 7 C A D C 57 C D C A 8 A A C A 58 A A A A 9 C B B D 59 B B C B 10 C C A B 60 C D C C 11 B D C D 61 B A B D 12 A D C B 62 C C C A 13 A C A A 63 B B D D 14 B B D C 64 C D B C 15 C A B D 65 A D A A 16 D C D A 66 A B D B 17 D C B B 67 C C A C 18 C A A A 68 B D D B 19 B D C B 69 D B C C 20 A B D C 70 D A A A 21 C D A D 71 B D B A 22 C B B D 72 C A C C 23 A A A C 73 D D B B 24 D C B B 74 B C C D 25 B D C A 75 A A A D 26 D A D C 76 D B A B 27 B B D B 77 A C C C 28 A A C D 78 D B B D 29 C B B A 79 C C D B 30 D C A B 80 A A D A 31 A D C A 81 C D A C 32 B D B C 82 B A X C 33 A C D D 83 A D B A 34 B B A C 84 B C C D 35 C A B D 85 B D D A 36 D C A D 86 D A C C 37 D B C A 87 A X C B 38 C D D D 88 D B A A 39 B A C B 89 C C D B 40 A B D D 90 D D A B 41 C A D A 91 A C C D 42 B C A C 92 X C B A 43 D D D A 93 B A A D 44 A C B B 94 C D B C 45 B D D C 95 D A B D 46 A D A B 96 C C D A 47 C A C D 97 C B A X 48 D D A A 98 A A D B 49 C B B B 99 D B C C 50 D D C D 100 A B D D x' denotes deletion FINAL ANSWER KEY Q No. Question Paper Code: 85/2016 Police Constable - Police (India Reserve Battalion Regular Wing) Date of Test: 02.07.2016 QUESTION BOOKLET Q No. QUESTION BOOKLET Medium of Question: Malayalam/Tamil/Kannada Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  78. 78. 089/20 r 6 Maximum : 100 nartrs na€ : I hou. and 16bidu&6 iime lhe niaBion ry o.sdGsriotr *hich csbbljlheit factones io prcviit€ enploynent ro reUgDuB onwr!€ : 2, Ural un8,l Lrh.ur Co.bacr Sdery *rs fored uder rle I d!i,!iw of . (A) Chirattal Misid. (c) LMS (c) swaDi Bruhnavruiha !! 1910 (c) 1916 (B) sbe Narqyana Ouu (D) SlLodann Ayysppar (B) E.M.S Nub.odiliDad (B) Eone D€parib.nt s. Wrlo aEong ihe following diaasreed wirh th. Prliy.n Saryrsrahd? 4. NrEo the roba! A€€don fishter who wa. foed to suffide. he. Ds4,rya@llbrE (T.D The Ma&as Tebple Entry A.t wrs rassed ir rh6 year I (A) 1936 (D 19a8 (c) rs41 (D) 1943 S{d.rhabhiiani K Rah.}ri.}$ Prllai we e$€ll€d ftob T}inwilhstu t}rcugL iho my.l p@la4dtion i.sued in the yed! : (A) Anna Chudi (o Arlamm cheilD (B) r9o? (D ler2 Mentio! ihe poftfolio€d by JNiie V.n. Ktilhn! Lr., phs. he ia. thc nioilter i! lhe (B) (D) 6. 6, IPr,O,l Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  79. 79. PSC Thriller 8. ttho wts the ashilect ofthc Ezhsv. Mennorial? (A) C.P Pillai (B) D. Pelpu (Cl C.v. Iirhan Pillai (D) Kunard Asn c- Who was tlt au.hor of ah€ so.L'Od.yil Nin.u' (Out of the Cutr€r)? 10. (A) Thoppil Bh$i (C) Po.!unn@ varly Wl'o aEons the foUowing was aswial4d qiih (A) E.M.S N@belhi.ipad (C) Patt n TharuPil,i (B) Thtlazhi Sivaaanhsa Pilai FoRud Bld lounded by N€tqji? (D) Mulmhsd ABul Edina U. V€luth!, AEnu, Rlhcl tle* cbd!.t€6 appee in tbe mrel 'ritten bv : (c) AH.aona cheril! r!. Cenire for DeGlopn€ni Studies wa. *tablilh€d bv ih€ (C) c. Achutnd M€nd (B) Mory Roy (B) (D) r3, The cnrinu of Westea Chrt3 E@1,5. E*D€ri Paml (WG'EP) qts : (A) L4thurimnga! (C) M€dhr Pltld 14. Ohne l.t€r depletion i6 acut in r!. Trle rElas€ teupent@ oaD.Ith i! : (A) r6.C (c) 27"C 16. Public Sple6 i! tne con@pt dev€loped by : (A) Voltlirc (c) tlaherm@ 060/2016 1 22.C 11.C (B) (D) (B) (D) Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  80. 80. t?. lndiaAgaihst Co.ruption' novooenl wd6 initiatcd by I (A) Manatma Cdndbi (B) Actrarya Vinoba Bhave (c) Medha Prtk* (D) Arna Itazare 18, The 36!h Naiional canes oflndi6 will b€ h€ld,r i 0t coa (B) chennai (c) D€lhi @) Ranchi r9. The ubd popllation of wo.ld will incEa* to arcund €6% of rh6 toial popul.tio, by: (A) 2rmAD (a) 2160 AI) (c) 2060AD (D) 2O7dAD 20. KathaLti €ad rcviEd hy: (A) Un@ S. Prtuelre Ayef G) Vdrhil|ol Nu.Jts Memn (c) Ku.mA.ln .D) M.T. vasud€van N,it 21. whicL pioperty ofliquidr n u*il i. rh€moo.rer to Eerd@ t Epsrar@! (A) vi@ity (B) ddirdon ' (c) e@ctior (D) orDaeioa o iquid ,2. Dbtrc ihEll€d hy I b.dy i! unit tiD€ n 6Ued: (A) ealo!.rid (B) Elo.ity (c) lped (D) boredrub 2t nad aies diM u.d in v6biclo. aF : 2{. r.ureDt I pads* thftush a r.i.t!@ R td r .@nd! whst is the heat prcdu6d,1 (A) IRt (B) I'Rt (c) rR (D) r'R A ! oE9/2016 IP.T,Ol Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  81. 81. PSC Thriller (B) @) The fote tLai Le€po the (c) nuclear rdrc plan€ts iD lleir orbils abund sun B : (B) masneti force (D) emviiationaL fo&e io meo.lro diltancd, direclion and sped of und€rwat€r SONAX doon. Wli.h of rl|. fouding io con€.t? A Devi@ that uses ult.a8otu {av€8 (A) RADAR (c) tAsER An 6iromui acs iom tle edrb t th€ (A) hj8 Er* (B) htu m35 deme. (c) bir reisht de@tss (D) m cb,4e iD hi! seiabr 29. Wh€tr ih. dnEr of a 30. The m,t nal usd i! 3a&ly fu* (A) tulcai€n (C) alor of tin qd le,d 6wi!c bus suddedy rpplid bnto, !'*nsBs fall forwad dw r. (B) islti! (D) noamtu (D) aUor ol cc'pper uil titr 3r. TL€ isto!€ of @bo! whicb i.lmwd by ihe n.E€ 6@^t oolL : (D) coal (B) lx (D) 2r (A) Oraphiie (C) rullerere 32. The rndb.r of bol4uleg (c) 2 089/2016 of H,O pFent in 963 of E O b : (s.ozz'ro") (o.oze , ro') Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  82. 82. 88, Which of thc followi ns ele nd n16 pGseg (A) Li 34. 9t, (B) cs (D) F (c) Tle enz}re Fhich @nrerts su@se into slum.e and fructose i6 : (A) zyoa* (B) Idwt@ (c) Dist@ (D) Maltt$ 90. Ths chemiels which ae uud to Edu@ ti€ borly t€np€nture s.o eu€d (A) AnripF€tic. (B) Analsesicd (C) Anrileptic. (D) Antibioric! Zn ainelsl ofstic.L ndd? (B) (D) 8?. Whb! oatLe 6llo$i!s i! s rhsm@LdnB rovEer? (A) Polyih.n. (c) Nylon 38, The NDber ofn€utlont (A) S (c) rr (B) PVC (D) B*dite pEsetrt i! th€ €leo€nt ,F ' is : (B) 10 (D) 19 t0. The n PAc ttm. of ih. meourd (cll.)C is: (A) Tetra nethyl nothde (D) Terla msrhyl.ih.n€ (C) 2-M€tlyl propln€ (D) 2,2-Din6tbylpropane ilo. It€ etaly3t usd ir d,tlct ptud$ i. (A) P@dsFd F. (B) uno, (D) Crc! 089/2010 IP.l.O.l Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  83. 83. PSC Thriller lequired lor |!e lornation ;f ihe pisnent fhodopsi. D G)A E (D) K(o ,13, Fehhnclo Solution ii u6ed !o det€ct the 12. An minal that l&&! sa]l bradder : (c) D.s .rs. Drbetas ieipidw i6 @@d du (A) AIIII (C) Glucason 0E9/20!6 (B) CdbaDiroha€doslobin (D) Carborahaohoglobin (B) (D) (B) (D) ,H. 20 25% olCi on dioxide b truBport€d freo (C) Digdolred h plasma 46, whi.h ofrhc lollowing oryans @nE 'n volunary muscl€' ,t6, 'lhe nit ocen ba@ pc*!i obly in RNA : (q cuanine ,t?. Ale TLeory ofNrlual Selection tu pmpdod by (A) (q Doilin ,13, The pll ofsaliv! iB ; iA) 5.3 (c) 7.3 to lL€, of tle !@o@ i (B) 6.1 (D) 6? E Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  84. 84. 51. Wlich phytohornone is klown ds,tui! ripe nsho.Eone,? 50. 4 bl@d srup lhat !o3ss both ,nriMje, ,a and U but ro ,ntigen i6 : (B) O @)B(c) A! 52. TIe Dildrl eloru i&olv€d i! tte op.nios &d clGilgofsion,b n: (A) Poraosim (c) Mansa,e* 53. lhoto€ynlh.Eis is Darihun ir : (A) Blu.rbni ia. Which eU orgeU€ is @DEotrb l@m;. ,p@er hoe orfte elr? (B) Red ligLt (D) Yeltow Ught (D) Winil (B) S.@d tNplli. leEl @) Fouth thlhic l€El (B) M-S. Sr@i!!th.n (D) &U. mirbrer (A) EndopleEic Ericulu (C) Mitdhor&ia 66. Polidrion in prddJ. n by : 66. h ths f@rl chaio, ploduer6 &ru rh€ (A) FiEt topldc l€reI (C) 'Itid rr.!!ic lercl 6?. Fsth.! ol sr.n Fvdutioa i! Iadi! E : 68, Wlich one of the foUmhg i! not a ee€n hou.e ga.? (A) CO? (c) cFq (B) CE (D) O' , 0692016 IP.T.OJ Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  85. 85. PSC Thriller 59. In planb, qster riia3 upqdils thtutgh : ( ) Crnbim (B) Pm@n (O) Xylon (D) 60. Steh cuitiry i6 ebployeain propagaiionofl (A) c@nut 61. Thekrinh-hne. (c) bv 62, They Nor't att.nd the m€eting: 63_ Tbo ilain - hefoE Fe€d ttE .t.tioD- (A) blv€ leo G) wc lefa (C) htd l6ft tD) wereleh 6a. Ee hc bFusbl (h. p€n - I a6ketl for. (A) which (B) whod (c) lvho (D) That C6. r 'tu invited her, sh€ - @n€ (B) -ill (D) did (D) werc witing 10 66. Sle i! mt qprble of- dE tdk 67. Ee 6did thar htu faiL.r - l€lter6. 04v2010 Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  86. 86. 68. IlE 1io! b _ Lilg of b€a.r., ' (C) at 69. Ther - d c@d ofp6opt€ itr t!. .ri.€i, 70. Ir - !!in tLi. *ni!a. (A) @uld o)n (B) .n (D) rh€ @) I'ad (8) Trolp @) s.rd @) aou@. (B) P.ldtr (D) Mufl lD) I.ho (D) Sculptd ofn h. (A) SLod (c) cds Alm rho a6!9. iaElr: 74. I'L. utoryD oftL rod l&e!.t 'i!: (A) cuD.r (C1) laDrild ?6. A.rndya 6! Mwibr!'i. I 70. S€bcttt @Ectly Epclt *o!d : (A) (C) Co6Dr@i3d (B) @) 069/201e ll Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  87. 87. PSC Thriller (A) went on t8. Escalade + elev*or neans : (A) 207026 (c) 119026 aplant rto! the be3tar'a cry. ?9. O!€ who tn@B ev€4thrng I (A) optimi3! (B) (c) onnipotenr (D) ?ehrant 40, 'To ew wild dt€ means. (A) Toindulse hyouiblul ii@Utia. (B) To do sDe !cr! of fr.lnes (C) TodoeboEi*hi.f @) To do e@ asicunusl 'or! 31.2? + 6 Or 1 I + rrD = 129. lvhict.ynbol dne. in ih. pltE of ? (A) + (B)- (c) ' @) r 8r. What is the le{.t po.ibl Eub.r of .t!L. in s [i8bt .uh that ifoE ao up iwo at a tiDe o' tbE rt a tiDe or foD ,t r tine or 6@ !t . tiEe, t!€rc i! dwatt m odd o@ .i the top? (A) t2r (B) 31 (c) 61 (D) 91 88. Ti6 fthonal fo!6 of 12.3333: . 12 t, 199,e9 ,c' !2 o) 11'99 84, 455 x,155 - 345 x 346 | (D) C.n lor (B) 88000 (D) 326060 0Ew2016 It Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  88. 88. 86, 8?, 30, Ifsclrimvels 660 kilohcterd in (c) ?70 ; = 6i6l Tle (,1!c of n B - t2 (c) 5o0 Find ihe sun ol aU ini€cers b€twesn 50 (q 1?696 12 hours, how faf dU it tnvel in 14IoaE: (B) ?50 (D) 740 (B) 4 (D) 0 tu. 600 at 6% p€. a.trub. How nuc! h€ will.€ium,fter (B) 600 (D) 575 (c) 88, tnd 500 whjcb M din&bl€ by ? : (B) 16000 (I') 17600 (B) 0.3 (D) 0.2 (A) (c) .r llJo oooo6i 90. The a@age age of ihr* children in a family io 12. It rheir fathe. ard Eother ft included, ihee will he an incea4 of 3 yem on the avehse. If norher,. lg€ i6 6 Fm l*. th.n &thels as€, wh,r i! ihs as€ ofit!€r? (B) 36 (D) 33 t strilo 4 O'clo.L l{ow nany s@nd. will it ta!€ ro drrilo (B) r0 (D) 16 (B) 76 (D) 64 0E9/2016 IP.T'o,I (c) 34 91, A .locl c*d5 6 .@nds (A) 12 (q 14 tt,32,10,44,52,56,_: (c) 30 l8 Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  89. 89. PSC Thriller 94. 94. 96. 08, 99. (c) 8ro MNZ, LOY, KPX, JQW (A) HSQ (c) IRV Ch@e the odd on€ oul : (.4) 1225 (c) 1326 (A) PEACD (C) TRACE ala -IST Elrv E) 3025 ot 2025 (B) PRIZD (D) 'IEASE (B) (D) (B) (D) t6, If Souih W$i is .aDed West, Sou$-Ea.t i. c.lled Sout!, NorthD!.t is caUed Dast and s on, iber *hat rs North c.U6d : t?, Thc snsle b.i$en hou hand and Einul. b..d of , clEt whetr tiEe n 8 20 (c) r30p 2a02A216a2a16286281452 In tho siven eri€3 (ol Oui of a sDw ot ,lO Ee., 15 !l!y c.icbt, 25 (c) I (B) 1oo' (D) rroP how nany As aF pscsd€d br 2 but troi (B) 4 (D) 3 play Imtbrll aDd 6 pl.y noe. Hd dtny plry (B) I (D) 10 100. lf PLUS = ?331, EXTIA = 56291, CASE = 3 r r5, Thsn co.I€ ?5135 .tuds tu : 089/20r6 t4 Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  90. 90. A B C D A B C D 1 B A A C 51 D B D B 2 A B C D 52 A C A D 3 C B B A 53 B D B C 4 D D D C 54 C A D B 5 C D A B 55 D B C D 6 A A C B 56 A D B A 7 B C D A 57 B C D B 8 B B A C 58 D B A C 9 D D C D 59 C D B D 10 D A B C 60 B A C A 11 A C B A 61 A B A A 12 C D A B 62 B C B B 13 B A C B 63 C D C C 14 D C D D 64 D A B B 15 A B C D 65 A C C A 16 C B A A 66 B A A A 17 D A B C 67 C B B B 18 A C B B 68 D C C C 19 C D D D 69 A B B D 20 B C D A 70 C C A A 21 D A D A 71 A A A B 22 C B B C 72 B B B C 23 A D A B 73 C C C D 24 B B C C 74 B B D A 25 D A B D 75 C A A C 26 B C C C 76 A A B A 27 A B D A 77 B B C B 28 C C C B 78 C C D C 29 B D A D 79 B D A B 30 C C B B 80 A A C C 31 C C B D 81 B C C B 32 D A A B 82 C B D C 33 C B D D 83 D C C B 34 A A B C 84 B D C A 35 B D D C 85 C A C A 36 A B C D 86 C C B B 37 D D C C 87 B D C C 38 B C D A 88 C C B D 39 D C C B 89 D C A B 40 C D A A 90 A C A C 41 B C D C 91 C B B C 42 D B A D 92 D C C B 43 C D C A 93 C B D C 44 B A D B 94 C A B D 45 D C A B 95 C A C A 46 A D B D 96 B B C C 47 C A B C 97 C C B D 48 D B D B 98 B D C C 49 A B C D 99 A B D C 50 B D B A 100 A C A C Medium of Question: English Date of Test: 20.07.2016 QUESTION BOOKLET Q No. QUESTION BOOKLET FINAL ANSWER KEY Q No. Question Paper Code: 89/2016 Laboratory Assistant (SR for ST only) - Kerala Higher Secondary Education (Tsr District) Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  91. 91. PSC Thriller Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  92. 92. Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  93. 93. PSC Thriller Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  94. 94. Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  95. 95. PSC Thriller Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  96. 96. Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  97. 97. PSC Thriller Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  98. 98. Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  99. 99. PSC Thriller Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  100. 100. Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  101. 101. PSC Thriller Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  102. 102. Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  103. 103. PSC Thriller A B C D A B C D 1 B C B X 51 B A B C 2 A D D C 52 B B A D 3 C D A D 53 D A C D 4 D D D C 54 C C D D 5 B D C A 55 A B B D 6 C B X B 56 A B C B 7 D D C C 57 B A D D 8 D A D D 58 A C D A 9 D D C C 59 C D D D 10 D C A A 60 B B D C 11 B X B B 61 C C A B 12 D C C A 62 A A D A 13 A D D B 63 B A C D 14 D C C D 64 B B B A 15 C A A A 65 D C D C 16 X B B C 66 C A B C 17 C C A B 67 A D A A 18 D D B D 68 A C D B 19 C C D A 69 B B A B 20 A A A D 70 C D C D 21 B B C C 71 A B C C 22 C A B A 72 D A A A 23 D B D B 73 C D B A 24 C D A X 74 B A B B 25 A A D D 75 D C D C 26 B C C B 76 B C C A 27 A B A A 77 A A A D 28 B D B A 78 D B A C 29 D A X B 79 A B B B 30 A D D C 80 C D C D 31 C C B C 81 C B B C 32 B A A A 82 A D C A 33 D B A D 83 D C D B 34 A X B B 84 B A A C 35 D D C C 85 A D B D 36 C B C B 86 B B C C 37 A A A B 87 D C A A 38 B A D D 88 C D B D 39 X B B C 89 A A C B 40 D C C A 90 D B D A 41 B C B A 91 B C C B 42 A A B B 92 C A A D 43 A D D A 93 D B D C 44 B B C C 94 A C B A 45 C C A B 95 B D A D 46 C B A B 96 C C B B 47 A B B A 97 A A D C 48 D D A C 98 B D C D 49 B C C D 99 C B A A 50 C A B B 100 D A D B X' denotes deletion FINAL ANSWER KEY Q No. Question Paper Code: 34/2017 Civil Excise Officer/Women Civil Excise Officer (NCA) - Excise Date of Test: 01.04.2017 QUESTION BOOKLET Q No. QUESTION BOOKLET Medium of Question: English Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  104. 104. *0522017M* 052/2017-M A -3- 1. SWqt¾]¤ ozLw]sL yÜLqW°¥ WRº¾]p Bj¨q JfV ^]Šp]sLeV ? A) fQwP¡ B) CaO¨] C) kLs¨LaV D) vpjLaV 2. fLRu krpOÐvq]¤ BqORa Ai|ƒfp]sLeV RWLˆ]qL^| Nk^Lo¼sU qPk}Wq]ˆfV ? A) v]. B¡. WQxVeRjuO¾±¢ B) kŸU fLeOk]ç C) w©¢ fÒOqL¢ D) v}q SWqtv¡o 3. ospLt¨qp]Rs KTxi yy|°Rt¨Or]ˆV fáLrL¨]p "SzL¡¾PyV osmLr]¨yV' Bh|oLp] Nky]È}Wq]ˆfV JfV nLxp]sLeV ? A) ^¡Ú¢ B) CU…}xV C) ospLtU D) sLã]¢ 4. nqeZajL j]¡ÚLe ynpORa DkShìLvLp] Nkv¡¾]ˆfV BqV ? A) m]. B¡. AUSmhVW¡ B) RW. IU. oO¢x] C) m]. I¢. rLvO D) c]. I¢. oLivrLvO 5. 6 vpô]jOU 14 vpô]jOo]ap]¤ NkLpoOç WOŸ]W¥¨V v]h|Ln|Ly¾]jOç AvyqRoLqO¨L¢ qƒ]fL¨Rt OofsRÕaO¾OÐ W¡¾v|U nqe Zajp]¤ D¥RÕaO¾]pfV INfLoR¾ nqeZajL SnhYf]p]sPRapLeV ? A) 86 B) 83 C) 73 D) 74 6. kL¡sRo£]¤ SLSh|L¾qSvt BqUn]¨OÐ yopU A) 12 oe] B) 11 oe] C) 9 oe] D) 10 oe] 7. RRjj]ãL¥ yOXvLy SWNÎU JfV yUòLj¾LeV ? A) D¾¡NkShwV B) D¾qLX¼V C) ^ÚOWLwÜ}¡ D) z]oL¤ NkShwV 8. 2016&¤ v}w]pa]ˆ "v¡i' Ous]¨Lã]jV B SkqV j¤W]p qL^|U JfV ? A) mU…LShwV B) CÍ| C) o|L¢oL¡ D) kL¨]òL¢ Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  105. 105. PSC Thriller 052/2017-M *0522017M* A -4- 9. RcLeL¥cV NaUkV ASoq]¨pORa INfLoR¾ Nky]c£LeV ? A) 45 B) 43 C) 44 D) 46 10. CÍ|p]Rs Bh|R¾ yÒP¡¹ c]^]㤠B£V WLxVRsyV SWLtj] A) W¨pU B) AŸÕLa] C) oO¾° D) RjaOËpU 11. "SaL¨¦ Wr¢y]' yNÒhLpU jaÕ]sL¨]p c¤z] yO¤¾L¢ A) l]SrLyV xL fO…¨V B) oOzÚhV mV¢ fO…¨V C) AsLvOÇ}¢ X¤^] D) Sx¡x 12. kOfOvÃqLSZLx°¥ j]SqLi]ˆ oOY¥ nqeLi]WLq] BqV ? A) AWVm¡ B) ^zLUY}¡ C) mLm¡ D) KTrUYSymV 13. RRzhqLmLhV CÍ|¢ pPe]pSjLaV WPŸ]Sˆ¡¾fV IÐV ? A) 1948jvUm¡23 B) 1949jvUm¡23 C) 1948KSûLm¡22 D) 1949jvUm¡22 14. v]s|U SzL¨]¢yV CÍ| yΡw]ˆSÕL¥ oOY¥ NWv¡¾] BqLp]qOÐO ? A) ^zLUY}¡ B) xL^zL¢ C) KTrUYSymV D) AWVm¡ 15. 1934&¤ SWL¦NYyV SyLx|s]ðV kL¡Ÿ]pORa qPk}Wqe¾]jV SjfQf~U RWLaO¾ y~LfNÍ| yoq SyjLj] BqV ? A) SoL¾]sL¤ RjzVrO B) AqOeL Byls] C) ^pNkWLwV jLqLp¦ D) sLsLs^VkfV rLpV 16. "j}¤ h¡Õ¦' IÐ mUYLt] jLaW¾]R£ qp]fLvV BqV ? A) yOSqNÎjLg mLj¡^] B) h]jmÌO o]Nf C) qv}NÎjLg aLSYL¡ D) ySf|NÎjLg aLSYL¡ 17. z]fWLq]e] yoL^U òLk]ˆ yLoPz| kq]xVW¡¾LvV A) v}Sqws]UYU B) S^Lf]mL lPRs C) C. v]. qLoy~Lo] jLà¡ D) BÄLrLU kL¼OqUYV Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  106. 106. *0522017M* 052/2017-M A -5- 18. 1857 Rs KÐLU y~LfNÍ|yoq¾]¤ sXVjTv]¤ SjfQf~U RWLaO¾fV BqLp]qOÐO ? A) mzhP¡x II B) oTsv] AzÚhOç C) m}YU zNyfV oz¤ D) _L¢y] rLe] 19. CÍ|¢ Shw}p NkòLj¾]R£ juVyr] IÐO v]Swx]Õ]¨OÐ òsU JfV ? A) sLSzL¡ B) mUYL¥ C) kµLmV D) c¤z] 20. SsLW¾V JãvOU WPaOf¤ NkSoz SqLY]WtOç qL^|U ? A) ASoq]¨ B) RRj C) Nm]Ÿ¢ D) CÍ| 21. fLRu krpOÐvp]¤ ShwyL¤WQf mLËV JfLeV ? A) Rlcr¤ mLËV B) BWVy]yV mLËV C) yT¾V CÍ|¢ mLËV D) v]^pL mLËV 22. CÍ|¢ mz]qLWLw YSvxe yUZaj qPk}Wq]ˆ v¡xU A) 1965 B) 1969 C) 1975 D) 1974 23. rP¡S¨sp]Rs z]ÎOòL¢ ð}¤ s]o]ãcV JfO qL^|¾]R£ yLSËf]W yzLpS¾LRapLeV òLk]ˆfV ? A) CU…ºV B) rx| C) ^¡Új] D) ASoq]¨ 24. v]ŠOvº] pLNf yoqU ja¾]p yLoPz| kq]xVW¡¾LvV ? A) AáËLt] B) ŸÒ] y~Lo]W¥ C) k¼]ãV WrOÕ¢ D) WOoLq YOqOShv¢ 25. ASoLZv¡xR£ "Wv]qL^ oL¡YU' JfO nLxp]¤ q]¨R՟ WQf]pLeV ? A) orL¾] B) RfsOËV C) mUYLt] D) WÐc Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  107. 107. PSC Thriller 052/2017-M *0522017M* A -6- 26. W¡¹LaWp]¤ qPkURWLº v}qRRwv NkòLj¾]R£ SjfLvV ? A) qLoLjO^U B) myv¹ C) o}qLnLp] D) yP¡hLyV 27. AWVmr]R£ nqeWLs¾V "qLyVjLo' IÐ Skq]¤ ozLnLqf Wg kP¡eoLp] ]Nf qPk¾]¤ fpLrL¨]pfV BqV ? A) o}¡ yá]hV As] B) m]x¢ hLyV C) hyVvÍV D) Ws|L¦hLyV 28. OvÐ Rvt]ˆ¾]¤ kˆj]r¾]sOç Cs JfO j]r¾]sLp]q]¨OU WLeRÕaOW ? A) WrOÕV B) OvÕV C) o´ D) kˆ 29. BiOj]W RaÐ}y]¤ (Nklxe¤ pOYU) JãvOU WPaOf¤ y]UY]¥yV W]q}aU Sja]p fLqU ? A) Rðl] NYLlV B) v}jyV v]s|UyV C) oL¡Ÿ}j jvVqfVsLv D) Ryr}j v]s|UyV 30. CÍ|p]¤ CsSNûLe]WV SvLŸ]‚V Rox}¢ DkSpLY]ˆV Bh|oLp] RfqR´aOÕV jaÐfV Iv]Ra ? A) j|Pc¤z] B) YO^rL¾V C) SWqtU D) mUYL¥ 31. RR¤cV RRs¢ òLk]foLp v¡xU ? A) 1997 B) 1996 C) 1998 D) 2000 32. CÍ|¢ Shw}p NkòLj q]Nf¾]Rs "RWLoYfoLqO' yUnvvOoLp] mÌR՟ v]†v NkòLjU JfV ? A) AjOw}s¢ yo]f] B) SlL¡Sv¡cV S‡L¨V C) Yh¡kL¡Ÿ] D) y~qL^V kL¡Ÿ] Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  108. 108. *0522017M* 052/2017-M A -7- 33. "CË~]sLmV y]ÎLmLhV ' IÐ oONhLvLW|¾]R£ Dk³LfLvV BqV ? A) NÎSwX¡ ByLhV B) yOnLxV NÎSmLyV C) nYfV y]UYV D) oOzÚhV CWVmL¤ 34. 1946 &¤ jaÐ jLv]W WsLkU BqUn]ˆfV JfO WÕs]Rs jLv]WqLp]qOÐO ? A) INS f¤vL¡ B) INS q^VkOfV C) INS q¦v}¡ D) INS v}¡ 35. jLp¡ y¡v}yV RyLRRyã] òLk]foLp v¡xU A) 1915 B) 1914 C) 1912 D) 1921 36. SWqt¾]¤ SyvjLvWLw j]poU NkLms|¾]¤ vÐRfÐV ? A) 2012jvUm¡ 1 B) 2013 KSûLm¡ 1 C) 2012KSûLm¡12 D) 2013jvUm¡12 37. CÍ|p]¤ JãvOU WPaOf¤ RjŠO¤kLh]Õ]¨OÐ yUòLjU JfV ? A) BNÌNkShwV B) kµLmV C) ké]omUYL¥ D) W¡¹LaWU 38. ^PŸV SWL¡kSrx¢ KLlV CÍ|pORa BòLjU Iv]Ra ? A) oOURRm B) RWL¤¨¾ C) sWVjT D) nPvSjw~¡ 39. Shw}SpLhVNYgj h]joLp] Bq]¨OÐfV IÐV ? A) KSûLm¡ 31 B) jvUm¡ 19 C) ^jOvq]30 D) BYðV 20 40. oOuOv¢ kL¡sRo£V AUY°tOU AvqORa o¼s¾]Rs KqO NYLoR¾ hR¾aO¾V oLfQWLNYLooLp] v]Wy]Õ]¨OÐf]jOç kÈf] ? A) y¢yhV Bh¡wV NYLo SpL^j B) qLNì}p y~Lñ| m}oL SpL^j C) NkiLjoNÍ] NYLo y]µpV SpL^j D) h}¢ hpL¤ DkLi|Lp NYLo S^|Lf] SpL^j Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  109. 109. PSC Thriller 052/2017-M *0522017M* A -8- 41. SWqtLUWOºV RvçˆLŸU JfO ^]Šp]sLeV ? A) osÕOrU B) CaO¨] C) SWLu]S¨LaV D) vpjLaV 42. CÍ|p]Rs Bh|R¾ yOYÌ v|Æj o|Py]pU Iv]Ra ? A) RRkjLvV B) WsVkã C) RWLˆ] D) oLjÍvLa] 43. SWqt¾]Rs JW RRNcvV C¢ m}ˆV A) káLÒsU B) WLÕLaV C) kç]¨q D) oOuOÕ]s°LaV 44. SWqtL yUòLj vj]fL WÚ}xR£ Bh|R¾ AÈ|ƒ BqV ? A) ^pÍ] kaVjLp]WV B) ^ð]yV è}Shv] C) SrLy¨OŸ] D) yOYfWOoLq] 45. wýR¾ RRvh|Of v|f]pLj°tL¨] oLãOÐ DkWqeU A) RRoSNWLSlL¦ B) BU†]lp¡ C) RRoSNWL]kVyV D) y×}¨¡ 46. c]lVf}q]p SqLY j]¡¹p¾]jOkSpLY]¨OÐ RaðV A) ScLŸV RaðV B) RRvc¤ RaðV C) x]WV RaðV D) Cx]zLq RaðV 47. yPq|Lñop¾]jV SwxvOU AÍq}ƒ¾]¤ PaV j]sj]¡¾OÐfV A) yUvzjU B) An]vzjU C) yTqv]W]qeU D) nTov]W]qeU 48. JãvOU nLqU WPa]p vLfWU JfV ? A) RRzNc^¢ B) KLyÜ]pU C) rLScL¦ D) KLWõ]^¢ Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  110. 110. *0522017M* 052/2017-M A -9- 49. NkWQf]p]¤ JãvOU hO¡snoLp] WLeOÐ zLRsL^¢ JfV ? A) AyãLã]¢ B) Apc]¢ C) z}s]pU D) y]SjL¦ 50. I¢ScLy¥lLj]¤ Aa°]p]q]¨OÐ NkiLj ZaWU JfV ? A) KL¡YLSjL y¥RRlcV B) KL¡YLSjL S„Lr]¢ C) KL¡YLSjL RRjSNaãV D) KL¡YLSjL SlLyVSlãV 51. YUYRp Shw}p jh]pLp] NkX|Lk]ˆfV IÐV ? A) 2006jvUm¡ 8 B) 2008jvUm¡ 8 C) 2008jvUm¡ 4 D) 2006jvUm¡ 4 52. kNͺLU kµvÃqkÈf] sƒ|U vˆ SoXs A) yOò]q v]WyjU B) hLq]Nh| j]¡ÚL¡^jU C) ojOx|v]nvSwx] v]WyjU D) v|vyLp v]WyjU 53. fLRu RWLaO¾vp]¤ kŸ]Wv¡Y SƒoWLq|°¥¨Lp] KqO NkSf|W oNÍ] j]¡mÌoLpOU DºLp]q]¨eRoÐV nqeZaj j]xVW¡x]¨OÐ yUòLjU JfV ? A) SWqtU B) D¾¡NkShwV C) oi|NkShwV D) zq]pLj 54. 2011 Rs Ry¢yyV NkWLqU CÍ|p]Rs ^jyUX|L vt¡ˆL j]q¨V A) 17.46% B) 21.54% C) 21. 45% D) 17.64% Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  111. 111. PSC Thriller 052/2017-M *0522017M* A -10- 55. qL^òLj]Rs oyVhP¡ W]yL¢ w©] yUZLfR£ Nkv¡¾j lsoLp] kLôL¨]p j]poU A) DkSnL©Q yUqƒe j]poU B) v]vqLvWLw j]poU C) v]tRRvv]i| W¡xWLvWLw yUqƒe j]poU D) Nñ}ij j]SqLij j]poU 56. Y]¡j jh] SkLxW jh]pLp]ŸOç Dkh~}k}p jh] JfV ? A) SYLhLvq] B) ozLjh] C) WLSvq] D) fLkÅ] 57. YL¡z]W k}cj¾]¤ j]ÐOU Nñ}W¥¨V yUqƒeU j¤WOÐ j]poU j]sv]¤ vÐRfÐV ? A) 2005KSûLm¡26 B) 2009jvUm¡26 C) 2006KSûLm¡26 D) 2004jvUm¡26 58. j}f] BSpLYV DkLi|ƒ¢ BqV ? A) Aqv]ÎV kjYLq]p B) Aqv]ÎV yONmùe|¢ C) A^]fV ShLv¤ D) Ao]fLnV WLÍV 59. r]SpL Kt]Ò]Wõ]¤ YOñ]p]¤ Roc¤ Sja]p CÍ|¢ fLqU ? A) h}k oLs]WV B) h}k W¡oLW¡ C) k]. v]. y]ÌO D) yLƒ] oLs]WV 60. "y~qL^V' IÐ kOñW¾]R£ qp]fLvV BqV ? A) nYfVy]UYV B) Aqv]ÎV SW^q]vL¥ C) mLsYUYLiq f]sWV D) ww] fqP¡ Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  112. 112. *0522017M* 052/2017-M A -11- 61. They had a chat ____________ a cup of tea. A) with B) over C) by D) to 62. If he had informed me about the price hike, A) I had bought some in advance B) I’ll buy some in advance C) I would have bought some in advance D) I bought some in advance 63. ‘Pilgrims come here, but few stay over night’ implies that A) All Pilgrims stay over night B) Some Pilgrims stay over night C) No Pilgrims come here D) No Pilgrims stay over night 64. I haven’t seen her ____________ the last thirty years. A) for B) since C) to D) on 65. The past form of the verb ‘stride’ is A) strided B) strode C) stridden D) stride 66. Let’s submit the projects on time, ____________ ? A) do we ? B) should we ? C) shouldn’t we ? D) shall we ? 67. The students ____________ some money for their future purposes. A) put aside B) put away C) put off D) put down 68. Alice prefers coffee ____________ tea. A) than B) by C) to D) of 69. Find out the sentence in which an inchoative verb is used A) The old woman is going to the town. B) The old woman is watching T.V. C) The old woman is searching for her spectacles. D) The old woman is getting weaker. 70. A person who hates woman is called a A) misogynist B) misogamist C) misanthropist D) migrant Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  113. 113. PSC Thriller 052/2017-M *0522017M* A -12- 71. Which is the singular word among the followings ? A) bacteria B) strata C) larva D) criteria 72. The word synonymous with ‘conceal’ is A) delirious B) deliquesce C) delineate D) delitescence 73. The youngone of a horse is called A) fawn B) foal C) calf D) squab 74. ____________ lion is the king of the forest. A) a B) an C) the D) none of these 75. The antonym of the word ‘oblivion’ is A) memory B) forgetfulness C) obligation D) omission 76. ‘Birds of the same feather flock together’ – means A) Birds of the same type fly together B) Birds of the same colour go together C) People of the same sort are found together D) None of these 77. The Prime-Minister _____________ tomorrow to inaugurate the function. A) arrives B) arrive C) arrived D) had arrived 78. ‘The wood cutter chopped down the tall tree’. Begin the sentence with ‘The tall tree.’ A) The tall tree had chopped down by the wood cutter B) The tall tree had been chopped down by the wood cutter C) The tall tree was chopped down by the wood cutter D) The tall tree chopped down the wood cutter 79. Which is the correctly spelt word ? A) Sunami B) Tsunami C) Zunami D) Zunamy 80. The idiomatic expression ‘head over heels’ means A) intelligent B) nonsense C) proud D) excited Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  114. 114. *0522017M* 052/2017-M A -13- 81. KqO yUX|Rp 17 RWLºO zq]¨OÐf]jO kWqU 11 RWLºO zq]ˆSÕL¥ zqelsU 15 DU w]ìU 5 DU W]Ÿ]. wq]pLp zqelsU INf ? A) 15 B) 11 C) 10 D) 17 82. KqL¥690 qPkàV qºO WSyqW¥ vL°]. KRq¹U10% jì¾]sOU oSãfV17% sLn¾]sOU v]ãO. qºO WSyqWtOU v]ãfV KSq v]sàLeV IË]¤ jì¾]¤ v]ã WSyqpORa vL°]p v]s INf ? A) 345 B) 400 C) 300 D) 390 83. KqO yUX|pORa 75% DU 45% DU fÚ]sOç v|f|LyU 2700 BReË]¤ yUX| JfV ? A) 5400 B) 9000 C) 10000 D) 8400 84. ?_______ 0.912 2.020.22 2 = × −+ A) 2 B) 1 C) 0 D) –1 85. vL¡x]WoLp]WPŸOks]w We¨L¨OÐ KqO mLË]¤ j]Sƒk]ˆ fOW3 v¡xU RWLºV CqŸ]ˆO. CT fOW 8 oa°LWL¢ INf v¡xU SveU ? A) 8 B) 9 C) 12 D) 6 86. qºO yUX|WtORa fOW 50 v|f|LyU 5 BpL¤ CT yUX|W¥ fÚ]sOç AUwmÌU IÍV ? A) 10 : 1 B) 11 : 9 C) 8 : 9 D) 6 : 4 87. KqO RNap]¢ A p]¤ j]ÐV 5.30 a.m. jV kOrR՟V 9.30 a.m. jV B p]¤ I¾]. oRãLqO RNap]¢ B p]¤ j]ÐV 7.30 a.m. jV kOrR՟O. 11.30 a.m jV A p]¤ I¾]. IË]¤ Cv qºOU ISÕLuLeV kqy×qU WaÐO SkLWOÐfV ? A) 8.30 a.m. B) 9.00 a.m. C) 8.45 a.m. D) 9.45 a.m. Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER
  115. 115. PSC Thriller 052/2017-M *0522017M* A -14- 88. KqL¥8 km W]uS¨LŸV yµq]ˆV, vsS¾LŸO f]q]´V12 kmyµq]ˆV, v}ºOU vsS¾LŸV f]q]´V 17 km yµq]ˆL¤ fOa¨¾]¤ j]ÐV ApL¥ INf km AWRspLeV ? A) 13 B) 15 C) 17 D) 19 89. mLmO KãàV KqO S^Ls] 25 h]vyU RWLºOU qL^¢ ASf S^Ls] 40 h]vyU RWLºOU RpÅO f}¡¨OU. mLmO KãàV B S^Ls] 10 h]vyU RpÅf]jOSwxU AvyLj]Õ]ˆO SkLp]. mL¨]pOç S^Ls] f}¡¨L¢ qL^jV INf h]vyU SveU ? A) 30 B) 15 C) 24 D) 26 90. KqO WOaOUm¾]Rs 7 o¨tORa wqLwq] vpôV 9. oLfLk]fL¨tORa NkLpU WPa] S¡¾SÕL¥ wqLwq] 29 Bp]. oLfLv]R£ vpô]R£ qºO oa°]Rj¨L¥ 6 WPaOfsLeV k]fLv]R£ vpôV. IË]¤ oLfLv]R£ vpôV INf ? A) 64 B) 63 C) 74 D) 68 91. 5x+1 – 5x = 2500 BpL¤ x INf ? A) 16 B) 3 C) 5 D) 4 92. DÐf]W¥ fOs|oLp qºO vQ¾ñPk]WWtORa Bq°tORa AUwmÌU 2:3 BpL¤ v|LkÅ°¥ fÚ]sOç AUwmÌU INf ? A) 4:9 B) 4:6 C) 4:3 D) 1:3 93. OvRa fÐ]ŸOç Sèe]p]¤ D¥RÕaL¾ yUX| JfV ? 4, 5, 12, 39, 160, 804, 4836 A) 39 B) 160 C) 804 D) 4836 94. 3, 6, 9, ....... IÐ yoLÍq Sèe]pORa Bh|R¾ 25 kh°tORa fOWRp ¨L¥ INf WPaOfsLeV 7, 10, 13, ...... IÐ yoLÍq Sèe]p]Rs Bh|R¾ 25 kh°tORa fOW ? A) 75 B) 195 C) 100 D) 125 Mansoorali Kappungal PSC THRILLER