Wisdom in Self- Awareness Workshop


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Wisdom in Self- Awareness Workshop

  1. 1. In association withManagement ByMotivationalMeasures PresentsBefore we start understanding people and our surroundings, we first need to understandourselves. It is the fundamental point from where the journey of awareness starts andeventually ends.It is hard to know ourselves, because our thoughts and perceptions are clouded with somany layers of confusion that our core purpose and believes are forgotten, which is whypeople today are lost and are trying to find meaning and their reason for existence.Take the step, register in ‘Wisdom in Self-Awareness’ and understand yourself as this maylead you to the answer you have been searching for throughout your life..
  2. 2.  Foundation of Learning  Life Through a Keyhole What is Self- Awareness?  Standards for Measuring Life 7 Levels of Consciousness  Understanding Predestine (Taqdeer) Purpose To Consequences  Exploring Personality Aspects Knowing Faculties of Personality  Comparing Yourself with Your Ideal Direction of Change and its Impact  Identifying Your Driving Force Building Pyramid of Purpose  Measuring Life’s Performance Aligning all Purposes  Assessing Your Relationships Participants will Understand the importance of Self- Awareness why our survival depends on it. Construct a mental “blue print” of their professional and personal life. Learn the power of positive personality and profound changes it can bring. Learn how to clear confusion and to stay focus on important activities. Learn how to realize true purpose and connects it with their current actions. Learn how to create balance and succeed in their important roles of life. Learn how to take strategic decisions and based on their intellectual power. Learn about hidden aspects of their personality and use these to bring productivity. Learn about the tool to measure their professional and personal performance.Wisdom in Self-Awareness’ is a full day workshop specially designed keeping in mind thebusiness executives and professionals people. These may include: Leaders and Sr. Managers of MNCs  Sales Team Executive Medium Level Business Executives  Entrepreneurs Executives of Social NGOs  Media Anchors Talented Individuals  HR Executives Trainers  ResearchersKhurram Khan is the Founder, CEO and Lead Trainer of Come To Wisdom. He promotes Wisdomthrough research based cost effective learning solutions. His extensive work on Personal Finance,Business Development and Life Management is assisting individuals, businessmen and corporateexecutives, in defining and achieving their goals. His clients include people from Financial,Healthcare, IT, Education and Real Estate sector.His MBA knowledge combined with Computer Science degree, along with several soft-skills & ITcertifications backing his understanding, experience and skill-set, he is an expert on subjects thathe delivers. Driven by the intense passion, he practices excellence, and believes that actionsguided by sound knowledge, can lead any business and individual towards achieving success andhappiness. He welcomes everyone and anyone to join his mission towards living a better andsuccessful life. For Registration, In-House arrangement and customized solutions, please contact Mona Shah: Tel: 021-35450365, Cell: 0300-4609007 mona@mcubepk.com, info@mcubepk.com URL: www.m-cube.weebly.com Fee is payable in advance, cheque should be made in favor of M.CUBE