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  1. 1. A leading Non ProfitOrganization servingin education sectorrequires dedicatedprofessionals withexperience in the fieldof education projectmanagement to fill thefollowing roles. Allpositions are based inKarachi.
  2. 2. Chief Program Manager: This is a Head of Function role to lead theimplementation of the Project in all aspects and deliver on the projecttargets. Experience in successfully leading a large scale education project inthe NGO sector and effectively managing a team of 30 to 40 managers andfield members is a core requirement of this role. Salary package: 200k to250k. The role reports to the CEOHead of Program design: This is a Head of Function role to lead the strategicpart of the project including design, monitoring, evaluation andcommunication with the donors. Experience in successfully leading a largescale education project in the NGO sector and knowledge and use of KPIs,ratios, monitoring and evaluation techniques and reporting is a corerequirement of this role. Salary package 200k to 230k. The role reports to theCEO
  3. 3. Program Specialists Education Voucher Scheme (2 vacancies): Reporting tothe Program Manager, EVS (Education Voucher Scheme), The ProgramSpecialists will work on all the field aspects of the implementation of theproject managing a portfolio of Schools and Community for activation andsustainability and deliver on the targets. Salary Package: 65k to 80kProgram Manager: This role reports to the Chief Program Manager, this roleis responsible for managing the portfolio of intermediaries (e.g schools) as achannel to reach the targets of the Education Fund Program. The processdesign of the programs, relationship development and management ofdeliverables is the requirement of this role. Salary 100k to 120k.
  4. 4. IT Manager: Reporting to the CFO, this role manages the IT function for EFSwith a scope to manage IT infrastructure and data center. Salary Package Rs.100k to 135k.Asst Manager Financial Reporting and Budgeting: Reporting to CFO, this rolemanages the full spectrum of budgeting, monitoring, reporting and analysisof all the financial aspects of the project. Salary Package: Rs. 60k to 65k•Systems Analyst:•IT Administrator:•Asst Manager HR:Security Manager: Reporting to the Head of HR&A, this role is responsible for themanagement of safety and security of a team of 80 people based in Karachi, includingfield teams present in all parts of Karachi, working in impoverished areas. Developingpolicies and procedures, implementing policies and procedures, increasing safety andsecurity related awareness among EFS team members, assessing security risks andpro-actively taking decisions and giving advice, dealing with civil defense, rangers,police, CPLC and all other government and non-government agencies, includingsecurity agencies to manage the security of the EFS team members. Salary package:Rs. 100k to 120k
  5. 5. Corporate Communications Manager: Reporting to the Head of HR&A, thisrole manages all aspects of internal and external communication to build theEFS brand and increase awareness about its activities at community level awell as mass media level. Experience of working with a Public Relations andMedia company or in the English print media is very important. SalaryPackage: Rs. 100k to 120kAsst Manager Procurement: Reporting to the Head of HR&A, this role isresponsible for managing all the procurement requirements of the Companyin line with policies and procedures. Experience of Procurement role in amultinational environment is important. Salary Rs. 50k to 65kSend your CV along with cover letter andrecent photograph before May 10,2013.• Mark the position in subject area.• Only shortlisted candidates will becalled for interview.