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Mastering Labour Policies & Employee Relations (IR) in Lahore


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Mastering Labour Policies & Employee Relations (IR) in Lahore

  1. 1. Presents A day long workshop on Labour Policies, Employee Relations, Issues & challenges for HR Managers with Enquiry ProceedingsThe fast changing global employments trends indicate a visible shift towards use of contingent workforce. Thesituation in Pakistan is no different as trend towards outsourcing and contractual labour is fast increasing in ourorganizations. The workshop is intended to focus on the legal framework of regular and contractual workforcein our changing employment system and a comparison of legal terms, condition and benefits to regular andcontract workers for their effective management. Learn The Secret From Mr TAFVEEZ AMIN March 27, 2013 • MBA in Marketing from TIU, Missouri – USA • MBA in HRM from PIMSAT in Lahore • Post Doctoral Degrees in OB & Marketing (University of Wales) • CIPD-UK Venue TBD • CMILT – UK • Six Sigma (Black Belt) 20 years of HR professional experience as Head of HR & Admin in Pakistan’s two largest Manufacturing Industries.HR & Admin at Engro Foods & Pfizer
  2. 2. The participants of the workshop will be exposed and sensitized to:• The background/ context/ need/ importance of contingent / contract labour in the wake of changing global employment trends.• The need for strategic approach to managing contract labour in industrial/commercial establishments.• The law and practice of contract labour systems prevalent in Pakistani organization• The Labour Law and benefits applicable to contract labour and its comparison benefits• applicable to permanent and temporary workers in establishments. The issues and challenges in managing permanent and contract workers. Investment:• Enquiry Proceeding as per the Standing Ordinance Rs.10,000-PP• Changing Global employment trends & shift towards contingent • Factories Act, 1934 workforce. • Provincial Employees Social Security Ordinance, 1965• Contract Defined & essentials of a valid Contract • Employees old-age Benefits Act, 1976• The Contract of employment & sources of Contracts Terms • Companies Profits (Workers Participation) act, 1968• Express & Implied Terms • W. P. Shops & Establishment Ordinance, 1969• The Implied Duties of employers and employee • Contract Labor System: Law, Management & Practices• Contingent workers and their Classifications • CONTRACT LABOR – CASE LAWS• Labor Laws Application to Contract Labor Legal Terms, Condition & Benefits applicable to permanent• The SIRA-2010 Contractor workers and its comparison with those of contract workers.• Sindh Industrial Relations act, 2010• W. P. Industrial & Commercial Employment (standing orders) Ordinance, 1968• S.O – 20 For Registration, please contact Mona Shah: Tel: 021-35450365, Cell: 0300-4609007, URL: