Mastering Labour Policies & Employee Relations (IR)


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Mastering Labour Policies & Employee Relations (IR)

  1. 1. THE FAST CHANGING GLOBAL EMPLOYMENTS TRENDS INDICATE A VISIBLESHIFT TOWARDS USE OF CONTINGENT WORKFORCE. THE SITUATION INPAKISTAN IS NO DIFFERENT AS TREND TOWARDS OUTSOURCING ANDCONTRACTUAL LABOUR IS FAST INCREASING IN OUR ORGANIZATIONS. THEWORKSHOP IS INTENDED TO FOCUS ON THE LEGAL FRAMEWORK OFREGULAR AND CONTRACTUAL WORKFORCE IN OUR CHANGINGEMPLOYMENT SYSTEM AND A COMPARISON OF LEGAL TERMS, CONDITIONAND BENEFITS TO REGULAR AND CONTRACT WORKERS FOR THEIREFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT.A day long workshop on Labour Policies,Employee Relations, Issues & challengesfor HR Managers with Enquiry ProceedingsPresentsLearn The Secret FromAadil Riaz, ER / IR Advisor, Shell Pakistan LimitedMr. Aadil Riaz is currently heading ER/IR in HumanResources Department of Shell Pakistan Limited. Hehas an MBA in Human Resources and has almost 15years of experience in Human Resource andConsulting.Mr. Riaz, started his career in 1997 with KPMG andhas also worked with PricewaterhouseCoopersConsulting as Senior HR Consultant. Prior toJoining Shell, Mr. Riaz worked as GM HR for PTCLand has also headed HR for Telecard Limited & BMACapital Management Limited.April 30,2013Hotel OneGulberg,Lahore
  2. 2. The participants of the workshop will be exposedand sensitized to:• The background/ context/ need/ importance of contingent /contract labour in the wake of changing global employmenttrends.• The need for strategic approach to managing contract labourin industrial/commercial establishments.• The law and practice of contract labour systems prevalent inPakistani organization• The Labour Law and benefits applicable to contract labourand its comparison benefits applicable to permanent andtemporary workers in establishments.• The issues and challenges in managing permanent andcontract workers.• Enquiry Proceeding as per the Standing Ordinance• Historical perspective of IR in Pakistan• ER / IR and its effect on business• Worker & Workman• Changing Global employment trends & shifttowards contingent workforce.• Contract Defined & essentials of a valid Contract• The Contract of employment & sources ofContracts Terms• Express & Implied Terms• The Implied Duties of employers and employee• Contingent workers and their Classifications• Labor Laws Application to Contract Labor• The SIRA-2010 Contractor• The Punjab Industrial Relations Act• W. P. Industrial & Commercial Employment(standing orders) Ordinance, 1968• S.O – 20• Laws related to Labor and its broadcategories• Disciplinary Proceedings• Trade Unions & CBA• Contract Labor• ILO Conventions and its implication onPakistan• Factories Act, 1934• Provincial Employees Social SecurityOrdinance, 1965• Employees old-age Benefits Act, 1976• Companies Profits (Workers Participation)act, 1968• W. P. Shops & Establishment Ordinance,1969• Contract Labor System: Law, Management& Practices• CONTRACT LABOR – CASE LAWSLegal Terms, Condition & Benefitsapplicable to permanent workers and itscomparison with those of contract workers.For Registration, please contactMona Shah: Tel: 021-35450365, Cell:, info@mcubepk.comURL: www.m-cube.weebly.comInvestment:Rs.9000-PPCourse Contents