Mansa Systems Company Profile


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Mansa Systems Company Profile

  1. 1. Mansa Systems Company Profile 297
  2. 2. Company Overview History: established 4 years ago providing IT consulting services Global Delivery Centers: Headquarters at Newark, CA & Offshore Centers in Beijing, China and New Delhi, India Practice Areas: consulting, development, Cloud Business Analytics for, Data Integration & Mobile Application Development Partners:, Informatica, Good Data, Xactly, Big Machines, Mimiran etc 297
  3. 3. & Services 297
  4. 4. Service Offerings Strategy Consulting Best Practices Implementation Customization Integration Support & Training 297
  5. 5. Service Offerings Custom Application Development AppExchange Application Development Mobile Application Development Sites Development 297
  6. 6. Customer Analytics Services 297
  7. 7. What We Do? Implementation, Customization, Development, Training & Support For for for for Business Users for Administrators & IT Sales Pipeline Analytics Build complex analytical reports Marketing Analytics Replace Visual force based reports Service & Support Analytics Build historical reports Customer Life Cycle Analytics 297
  8. 8. Integration Services 297
  9. 9. Informatica On Demand Services Data Loader Service Improve your ability to import and export Salesforce CRM data with Informatica On Demand Data Loader Service. From importing sales leads to supporting marketing reporting, Mansa Systems can integrate this easy-to-use web-based application to meet your specific sales and marketing needs. Data Synchronization Service Salesforce CRM data can be vital to the success of your organization. However, synchronizing this information with other databases and systems can be time-consuming and complex. With Informatica On Demand Data Synchronization Service, your data can be integrated utilizing the simple, web-based interface. 297
  10. 10. Informatica On Demand Services (Contd …) Data Replication Service Through the use of this intuitive web-based data replication service, Salesforce data can be directly imported into systems within your firewall. Ideal for transferring orders from Salesforce to other databases or for archiving Salesforce data for security purposes, Informatica On Demand Data Replication Service is the solution for replicating data within your existing business systems. Data Quality Assessment Service Informatica On Demand Data Quality Assessment Service gives you control of your data quality processes. We can implement this data quality program to provide your organization with comprehensive data analysis, cleansing, matching, and reporting and monitoring. With an intuitive dashboard and the ability to identify incomplete and inconsistent data, Informatica On Demand Data Quality Assessment Service can greatly improve the integrity of your CRM data. 297
  11. 11. Mobile Application Development Services 297
  12. 12. iPhone Application Development Services We offer development services for both iPhone native and web applications and can develop a wide variety of applications to help you better serve your customers while giving you the advantage over your competition. How we do it Comprehensive initial assessments and recommendations Expert level experience in Cocoa and the iPhone SDK Practical and predictable methodology from start to finish Designed in accordance with Apple iPhone guidelines and your specific requirements 297
  13. 13. Why Mansa? On Time, On Budget & Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! Certified Professionals Rich functional & technical talent Fixed Bid Projects Global Delivery Cost Effective, Reliable, Experienced 297
  14. 14. Methodology Product Specification Solution Design & Development Review Prototyping Unit/Integration User Acceptance Issues Resolution Testing Test Packaging & User Training Production support Deployment 297
  15. 15. Customers 297
  16. 16. Partners 297
  17. 17. Locations Head Quarters India Office 39675 Cedar Blvd, Suite 250 HIG 20, KPHB Colony Newark CA 94560 Kukatpally Hyderabad United States India UK Office China Office 9 Arnold Close Rm 1607, LC International Center Harrow HA39TN Tongzhou District London Beijing 101100 United Kingdom China 297
  18. 18. Contact Us +(1) 510-857-5700 297
  19. 19. 297