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iSnack2.0 Case study By Manpreet singh digital


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case presentation of on of h biggest marketing failure of all times by kraft foods for their vegemite brand in australia By Manpreet singh digital

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iSnack2.0 Case study By Manpreet singh digital

  1. 1. iSnack 2.0 – The new Vegemite
  2. 2. Case Synopsis How to revive sales? Mr. Talbod
  3. 3. 2nd most loved brand on the internet 80 % penetration, 22mn jars sold/ year, 1bn th jar produced, 70 years in Australia.
  4. 4. IBM CBA on Social media HDYLYV
  5. 5. Created huge buzz New name to be released during AFL at MCG 300,000 entries iSpread 2.0
  6. 6. Recommendations • Again Name me campaign on internet !! • depending on results, change the name. • Brand Salience was increased