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e commerce problems in India by Manpreet singh digital


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The slide discuss about the challenges faced by e commerce companies in india and their probbable solutions by Manpreet singh digital

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e commerce problems in India by Manpreet singh digital

  1. 1. Do u Shop Online?
  2. 2. Retailers built a fortress against Online Onslaught Manpreet Singh MBA3/1329 Sanket Bhawarkar/1360 Ajay Puranik/1305 Shiveen/1364 Heena/1325
  3. 3. Present Scenario  $500 billion (Rs. 30 lac crore) is the size of India’s retail sector  $3.1 Bn (Rs. 18600 Cr) is the size of Indian E-Commerce industry, Expected to be $16Bn by 2016 (88% Growth rate)  Flipkart- $1bn sales, Myntra & Snapdeal are expecting by 2015  Funding Received : Flipkart $560Mn Snapdeal $134Mn, Ebay is one of the major investor, 20% Myntra $125Mn
  4. 4. Synopsis -Amazon vs Radioshack - Reason: Price & Varieties, Both are good online 0 20 40 60 80 2003 2013 Amazon RS Revenue Growth (in Bn$)
  5. 5. - Picture is not Rosy for Online too - Lenovo’s Statement about warranty authorization Keeping Prices Fair -Decreasing Footfalls in malls, Trail room - Mall’s Demands to Brands - Nike, Adidas, TommyH, UCB concern - Online Market Place Process - MRP, Floor Price, CCI
  6. 6. ProblemStatement - How to build Trust related to Warranty, Authorization? - Carryon PriceWar, uptill when? - How to provide a Physical experience? - Payment Related fear in India, How to deal? - Develop a strategy to stand against future threats. Walmart Online, Future
  7. 7. Recommended Solutions - Seller ratings & Reviews. - Exclusive Launches like Moto G - Price War: “We Believe in a level playing Field” – M.Bansal ceo Myntra “We have gone through it”, but it has now settled down. There’s hardly any price undercutting on travel portals now. Booking flights or hotels through travel portals is a matter of convenience and choice, rather than about pricing” Deep Kalra MMT
  8. 8. - Range of items while Delivery - Educate people about Online Payment, Secure payment systems, Reduce refund time What lies in the future? Omni Channel Retailing is changing the face of the retailing n the future.
  9. 9. Thank You