business model generation patterns by manpreet singh digital


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A business model has 5 parts

this presentation is about the canvas part of the business model generation By manpreet singh digital

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business model generation patterns by manpreet singh digital

  1. 1. Part 2 Written by : Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur Presented by : Manpreet
  2. 2. Idea Archetypal Architectural design ideas Reusable description
  3. 3. Meaning - Similarities in business models • Characteristics • Arrangement of Business model blocks • Behavior Objective – • Understand business model dynamics • Serve as a source of inspiration Language of Business model canvas Literature concepts Comparable Easy to understand Applicable
  4. 4. Concepts driving Patterns Long Tail Multi sided Platforms Open Business Models
  5. 5. Different Imperatives • Economic • Competitive • Cultural
  6. 6. Private banking Three businesses in one.. Face Trade offs Eg. Zurich Based Pvt. Bank Maerki baumann Unbundling Telco Traditionally competed on network quality Now network sharing deals with Competitors or Equipment Manufacturers Content Providers Realize key asset
  7. 7. Unbundled Patterns Acquired from 3rd Parties Customer base & trust acq. overtime Customer Acquisition & retention
  8. 8. Long Tail Business Model Selling less of more # of sales •Focus on relatively Infrequent products •Require Low inventory & Strong platforms focus # of products
  9. 9. Transformation of book publishing industry • Old Model • New model by
  10. 10. LEGO’s New Long tail • Starwars, batman, Indiana jones • Lego factory using Lego digital designer
  11. 11. Multi-sided platforms bring together two or more distinct but interdependent groups of Customers •They are of value to one group only if the other groups are also present • Creates value by facilitating interactions • They grows in value by network effect Google's Business Model • Extremely targeted text advertising globally • Adwords • Google search, Gmail, Picassa • Adsense
  12. 12. As a multi-sided platform Google has a very distinct revenue model. It makes money from one Customer Segment, advertisers, while subsidizing free offers to two other segments: Web surfers and content owners Wii versus PSP/Xbox Same Pattern, Different Focus • More players- more Developers • more Games – more hardware sale Wii focus • Fun gamers • inexpensive machines • Remote & physical gestures
  13. 13. Apple’s evolution into a Platform Operator Standalone iPod + iTunes iPhone + Appstore
  14. 14. Multi sided Platform Pattern
  15. 15. •At least one substantial Customer Segment is able to continuously benefit from a free-of-charge offer. • One segment Finance both Subdivided into three different patterns • Advertising Based…………… Metro • Freemium………………………..Flickr, Linked in, Slideshare, Skype Key metrics to watch 1. Avg cost of serving a free user 2. Rate at which free user convert to Premium Upsidedown Freemium……REGA • Bait & Hook(loss leader)……………………..Gilette
  16. 16. Open Business Models • Creates value by systematic collaborations • May use “Outside IN” or “Inside OUT” P&G: Connect & Develop • C.E.O A.G.Lafley •Increase ‘Innovation from outside’ from 15% to 50% • R&D productivity had soared 85% GlaxoSmithKline’s Patent Pools 3 Bridges of P&G •Technology Entreprenuers •Internet Platforms •Retirees The Connector : Innocentive Link between “seekers” & “solvers”, Provided cash prizes ranging $5K to $1mn
  17. 17. OBM Pattern
  18. 18. Thank You 