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Talent, The New "It"


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ManpowerGroup was the first to indicate that the world has entered The Human Age, where Talentism is the new Capitalism. Presented by ManpowerGroup Greece Country Manager, Dr Venetia Koussia, at the February 2011 Open House event.

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Talent, The New "It"

  1. 1. Talent – The New “It”Monday, 14 February 2011
  2. 2. Manpower Inc. Proprietary InformationDo You Know…?We place over 500,000 people on assignments every dayWe have over 4,000 offices across 82 countries around the worldWe train over 9 million peopleWe have over 30,000 employees and over 400,000 clientsWe are the global leader in Recruitment Process OutsourcingWe have the world’s largest IT professional placement firmWe have the world’s largest outplacement firmWe are U.S. based with over 90% of revenues generated outside theU.S.In 2009 alone, we… Interviewed 12 million people Placed 3 million people in jobs Transitioned 225,000 people into new careers
  3. 3. Manpower Inc. Proprietary InformationWe Power the World of Work• We have a holistic view of the world of work – Engage in dialogue with Fortune 2000 executives from around the world – Interview over 10 million individuals from all levels – factory work to CEO• We have an unmatched global footprint with local expertise and understanding of each local market that we’re in• We have unique insight and perspective to provide innovative workforce solutions to help the organizations and individuals we work with WIN
  4. 4. Manpower Inc. Proprietary Information 4Macro-Economic Forces Changing the World
  5. 5. Manpower Inc. Proprietary Information 5Structural changes are causing a fundamentalshift requiring • The redesign of business models • The redefinition of value propositions • The reinvention of social systems
  6. 6. Manpower Inc. Proprietary Information 6World Economic Forum Survey Results-2010 Questions that >80% surveyed consider relevant / very relevant How can large How can we ensure the organizations develop successful leveraging of innovators and human potential?* entrepreneurs from within? How will demographic How can companies and macro-economic and countries attract imbalances change the the best and future of globalization? brightest minds? * Tied for highest overall relevance in entire survey * Tied for highest overall relevance in entire survey Talent – Access, Attraction, Development - Tops Mindshare of WEF Participants
  7. 7. Manpower Inc. Proprietary InformationWe’ve been leading a global talent conversation… Paris New York Ho Chi Minh City
  8. 8. Manpower Inc. Proprietary Information – Under Embargo until Davos 2011 8Capitalism Talentism The implication is that talent - as capital once was - is becoming the scarce resource in the economic world and a nation or corporation’s means of attracting, mobilizing and liberating talent will be a key competitive differentiator. Human potential will be the major agent of economic growth, and how to unleash then leverage that potential will be the key question organizations will need to answer Talent is emerging as the new “IT”
  9. 9. Manpower Inc. Proprietary Information 9The Dawn of the HUMAN AGE Throughout history, the world occasionally experiences a change so transformational and all encompassing it redefines the epoch; we have experienced the Iron Age, the Industrial Age, the Information Age and now, we are entering a new age, the HUMAN AGE, where the true power of human potential will be fully realized. This is creating complexity and opportunity in the marketplace
  10. 10. Manpower Inc. Proprietary Information 10Manpower Inc. World of Work Trends:Indicators of the Human Age Source: Manpower Inc.
  11. 11. Manpower Inc. Proprietary Information 11 Demographics and the talent mismatch are increasing the pressure to find the right skills in the right place at the right time as working age populations decline, economies rebound, emerging markets rise, and the nature of work shifts.
  12. 12. Manpower Inc. Proprietary Information 12 Manpower’s 2010 Talent Shortage Survey The top 10 jobs employers are having difficulty filling (ranked in order):Global Greece 1. Manual Trades 1. Sales Skilled Representatives 2. Sales Skilled Representatives 2. Technicians 3. Technicians 3. Secretaries/Pas/Assistants/Office 4. Engineers Support 5. Accounting / Finance 4. Accounting /Finance 6. Production Operators 5. Management/Executives 7. Secretaries/PAs/Assistants/Office 6. IT Staff Support 7. Laborers 8. Management/Executives 8. Mechanics 9. Drivers 9. Skilled Trades 10. Laborers 10. Customer Service Representatives & Customer Support
  13. 13. Manpower Inc. Proprietary Information 13The Talent Mismatch Illustrated Lack of resources creates tensionDemand for skill on the high demand skills market Oversupply of low or wrongly skilledSupply of skill resources generates under- employment and unemployment Source: Confronting the Talent Crunch: A Manpower White Paper
  14. 14. 14The Global Working Age Population Source: Deloitte Research/UN Population Division ( It’s 2008: Do You Know Where Your Talent Is? Why Acquisition and Retention Strategies Don’t Work, p.6
  15. 15. Manpower Inc. Proprietary Information 7The Global DemographicsWorld Map According to Population Distribution by 2050 nGenera & Don Tapscott
  16. 16. Manpower Inc. Proprietary Information 16Individual Choice is eliminating the one size fits allapproach and elevating the need for one size fits one.
  17. 17. 17One Size Does Not Fit All Traditionalist Boomer Generation X Generation YBorn 1928-1945 Born 1946-1964 Born 1965-1979 Born 1980-1995Hierarchical Idealistic Pragmatic ImmediacyEach generation approaches work differently, shapedby the economic, social and political forces of theirtime. Tammy Erickson, Photo Credits; Alfred Eisenstaedt, Getty Images, People Magazine, Padre Steve
  18. 18. Manpower Inc. Proprietary Information 18Customers have more access to information,experts and lower cost channels which increasesvisibility and subsequent pressure on companiesto deliver value. Employers have become moresophisticated in assessing their workforce andare looking for specific skills that enable theircompanies to do more with less to meet ever-rising consumer needs
  19. 19. Manpower Inc. Proprietary Information 19In a global inter-connected world your customersknow more and expect more.
  20. 20. Manpower Inc. Proprietary Information 20Rapidly changing technology and greaterglobal arbitrage increases individuals’ andorganizations’ choice of where, when andhow work is performed, and with whom.
  21. 21. 21Technology has long transformed the way we work Talent can be virtually accessed anywhere Competition is everywhere
  22. 22. Manpower Inc. Proprietary Information 22So, what…?Winning in thechangingworld of workrequires aNew Way ofthinking about andapproaching yourworkforce.
  23. 23. Manpower Inc. Proprietary Information 23This means you need to re-examine yourassumptions about: Work Models People Practices Talent Sources
  24. 24. Manpower Inc. Proprietary Information 24How Will You Unleash Your Workforce’sPotential? • How do we manage the talent ecosystem to drive productivity? Work Models • How do we manage a diverse and virtual workforce? • How do we inject flexibility into our workforce mix? • Today’s practices were created with out-dated assumptions – so why are will still using them?People Practices • What new practices will we need in order to attract, develop and retain the talent? • How will you improve your talent supply? Talent Sources • What talent strategies do I need to reach undertapped and untapped talent pools?
  25. 25. 25We can help you…