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WeatherXM at IoT Boussias Conference 2015


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Internet of weather things, on a grassroot LoRaWAN

Published in: Technology
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WeatherXM at IoT Boussias Conference 2015

  1. 1. Internet of (weather) Things on a Grassroot LoRaWAN Weather ex Machinaɛks ˈmɑːkiːnə Manolis Nikiforakis Boussias IoT conference 17-12-2015
  2. 2. My background
  3. 3. Enterprise IoT experience Building Management System (PlegmaOpenBMS) Operational on various buildings including Eurobank Building – Plaza, Marousi 20+ IoT hardware devices/sensors cross-vendor on 4 floors 300+ acquiring values/sec Advanced energy analytics Open Source (GitHub Plegma Labs)
  4. 4. Hyperlocal weather forecast ...or for weather
  5. 5. Big Data Architecture Actual Weather Conditions ???????? (not enough data!)
  6. 6. 6 IoT to the rescue
  7. 7. Wireless tech trade-offs Battery Range Cost
  8. 8. Wireless tech trade-offs
  9. 9. Wireless tech trade-offs
  10. 10. Long - Range wireless tech
  11. 11. LoRa Attributes
  12. 12. Getting closer to the Smart City
  13. 13. OPEN for Business NOW
  14. 14. Multi-Vendor ecosystem
  15. 15. Athens LoRaWAN Public Network ? ? free flow of data - the actual “internet” of things
  16. 16. ● Inertial sensors for wind ● Capacitive sensor for rain ● STM32 ARM Cortex-M3 ● Microchip RN2483 (9$) WxM solid state open weather station
  17. 17. LoRaWAN low-cost DIY gateways
  18. 18. LoRaWAN gateways CISCO IR910Calao Toti-LoRa-pico
  19. 19. TTN was kickstarted on NOV 20 €295,331 934 0
  20. 20. Athens as an Open Smart City
  21. 21. Advanced weather services We are... ● Weather Analytics B2C -> B2B ● Unique IoT weather hardware LoRaWAN... ● Enables large scale low-cost deployment of sensors ● Leading to advanced Weather Services ● Additional IoT use cases through open - shared infrastructure
  22. 22. in Greece AWMN (Athens Wireless Metropo EWN (Evia Wireless Network) IWMN (Imathia Wireless Metrop TRWN (TRipoli Wireless Networ WNA (Wireless Networks Associ TWMN (Thessaloniki's Wireless WiMAN (Wireless Metropolitan WirAN (Wireless Agrinio Netwo TRWN (Trikala Wireless Networ CWN (Corfu Wireless Network) HSWN (Heraklion Wireless Netw WNK (Wireless Network of Kori LWN (Larissa Wireless Network CYWN (Cyclades Wireless Netwo ASWN (Aegean Students Wireles LWMN (Lamia Wireless Metropol MessWN (Messinia Wireless Net PWMN (Patras Wireless Metropo DWN (Drama Wireless Network) KWN (Kos Wireless Network) ht KVWN (Kavala Wireless Network Sarantaporo Athens...….. OASA...…... AIA.…...…... …...…...…... …...…...…... …...…...…… …...…...…... …...…...…... Grassroot Together we can
  23. 23. Thank you! Manolis @ 23