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HePIS is the only member of CEPIS (Council of European Professionals Informatics Societies) and IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing) in Greece, representing the country’s ICT professionals and promoting their interests at a Global level.

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Organization Profile HePIS

  1. 1. Organization
  2. 2. 2Vision Mission Values
  3. 3. 3Established in Greece, the Hellenic Professionals InformaticsSociety (HePIS) is a non-profit organization which aims atrepresenting professionals and academics in the field ofInformation & Communications Technologies (ICT) to promotewider social and economic progress through the advancement ofinformation technology science and practice.HePIS is the only body among the existing Informatics societiesin Greece to be offering ICT professionals and academics whoare professionally active, and irrespective of their educationalbackground, a platform for sharing challenges, opportunities andknow-how.Our VisionOur Vision is to ensure that all ICT professionals have theopportunity to be sufficiently equipped and able to functioneffectively and efficiently, and respond to the challenges ofsociety’s contemporary technological developments.Our MissionHePIS’ mission is to bring together academics, practitioners andgovernment to share knowledge, promote new thinking, informon latest market trends and shape public policy on ICT.ValuesOur Values are shaped by our mission and our desire to be theorganization that represents and effectively promotes, supportsand advocates the interests of Greek ICT professionals.
  4. 4. 4Memberships
  5. 5. 5The International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP)is an umbrella organization for national societies working in thefield of information technology. Established in 1960 under theauspices of UNESCO, IFIP is a non-governmental, non-profitorganization , representing IT societies with more than 500,000members from over 56 countries.The Council of European Professional Informatics Societies(CEPIS), established in 1988, is a non-profit organisation seekingto improve and promote a high standard among informaticsprofessionals in recognition of the impact that Informatics has onemployment, business and society. CEPIS represents 36 MemberSocieties in 33 countries across greater Europe with through ourmembers we represent over 350,000 IT Professionals. HePIS isthe only member of CEPIS in Greece.HePIS is the National Point of Contact of the European Centerfor Women & Technology (ECWT) in Greece. Its mission is torepresent the European Center for Women and Technology ongender related issues in Greece. HePIS supports the idea thatincreasing womens’ representation in ICT fields is not only agender equality issue but an economic necessity.HePIS is a member of the European Alliance for Innovation (EAI).EAI is a grassroots movement initiated through cooperationbetween public, private and governmental organizations, toaddress the global challenges of Europe’s future competitivenessthrough innovation. EAI focuses on societal issues and applicationareas of greatest potential for ICT- driven innovations.
  6. 6. 6Objectives
  7. 7. 7Our Objectives• To equip professionals in the ICT industry with the right know-how, helping them to advance their skills.• To promote a minimum standard of qualifications required forthose seeking a career in the ICT sector.• To organize educational seminars and conduct research thatresponds to the ICT market’s current needs.• To ensure equal access to ICT products and services foreveryone.• To shape and influence public policies that contribute to theGreek ICT industry’s growth.• To mobilize those involved in the ICT sector and actively promotesustainability and protection of the environment through theeffective use of new technologies.• To tackle the issue of gender gap and women’s underrepresen-tation in the ICT sector and ensure their increased participa-tion, involvement and career development.
  8. 8. 8Partners
  9. 9. 9TheBCSHellenicSectionaimstoserveastheonlinecommunicationmedia for information exchange between BCS members that arelocated or have interest in Greece.ECDL Hellas is the licensee of the ECDL Foundation in Greece.The ECDL Program is a global standard on IT certification and theECDL Foundation is the biggest IT certification body in the world.ECDL Hellas has certified in 10 years, more than 500.000 people,over a network of approximately 1.000 authorized test centres.The Information Society and Media Directorate General supportsthe development and use of Information and CommunicationTechnologies (ICTs) for the benefit of all citizens.The Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”), founded in 1975, is the world-wide leader in software, services and technology solutions world-wide. All Microsoft®products are designed to broaden their per-sonal and business opportunities.Microsoft Hellas is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. theUnited States and / or other countries.Militos Emerging Technologies & Services is a consultancy companywhich provides investment and funding solutions, by offeringtechnical and scientific guidance, strategic advice and assistancein project conceptualization and implementation. Moreover, itoffers a series of information, dissemination and publicity toolsand mechanisms to private and public bodies from various fields.PEOPLECERT Group offers independent, globally recognizedcertifications that evaluate competence, know-how and expertiseand are key to today’s competitive, performance-driven businessenvironment. Its portfolio includes internationally recognizedbrands such as ITIL®, IASSC Lean Six Sigma, City & Guilds anda wide range of PEOPLECERT certifications for managementsystems professionals.
  10. 10. 10Activities
  11. 11. 11Pan-European Green ICT SurveyHePIS seeks to participate in Greek and European research anddevelopment programmes or relevant programmes of othercountries or International Organizations through co-operationwith other natural persons or legal entities. The most recentactivity in this field is HePIS’ participation in the “Green ICTSurvey” undertaken by HePIS, CEPIS and 9 Computer Societiesthat constitute the CEPIS Task Force. The survey aims to examinethe level of awareness regarding energy consumption & energyefficiency of ICT equipment & policies within organisations acrossEurope. The survey’s final results will be compiled into a report,comprising a valuable European snapshot of how ICT managersin different countries implement energy efficient methods in theirorganisations.Participating Computer SocietiesAICAATICATIBCSCSMGIHePISICSNGI, VRISIVDE
  12. 12. 12Microsoft Unlimited PotentialHePIS participates in the EU initiative “e-inclusion: be part ofIT” which aims at reducing gaps in ICT usage and promotingthe use of ICT to overcome exclusion and improve economicperformance, employment opportunities, quality of life, socialparticipation and cohesion.In Greece, the project is called Microsoft Unlimited Potentialand is managed by HEPIS. It focuses on providing technologyskills to underserved individuals and aims to bridge the digitalgap. It involves the creation and efficient operation of eight(8) Unlimited Potential Centers (UPCs) at focal geographicallocations. Through this initiative, approximately 700 individualsfrom vulnerable social groups, including migrants, long-termunemployed, abused women and single parents, will be trained onand certified according to the ECDL standard within a timeframeof three years. The project was launched in July 2008 and hasbeen implemented by HEPIS, ECDL Hellas, Microsoft and thelocal authorities.The main objective of the project is to give an IT qualification tothe aforementioned groups of people and offer them the necessarytraining on digital skills. Certifying their skills will give them theadvantage to demonstrate their IT competencies, and in doingso increase their employment opportunities, thus improving theirquality of life.
  13. 13. 13Municipality of IgoumenitsaStarted: 18/07/2008Classes: 4Participants: 71Municipality of AthensStarted: 06/10/2008Classes: 9Participants: 94Municipality of TripoliStarted: 18/11/2009Classes: 9Participants: 108Municipality of OmiroupoliStarted: 25/02/2010Classes: 2Participants: 36Municipality of KozaniStarted: 19/05/2010Classes: 6Participants: 107Municipality of XanthiStarted: 16/09/2010Classes: 2Participants: 20Municipality of PolichniStarted: 30/04/2008Classes: 7Participants: 84
  14. 14. 14Code of Best Practices for Women in ICTHePIS has signed the European Code of Best Practices for Womenin ICT which reflects recent positive developments and seeksto support and promote the greater participation of women inthe sector. Representing the European Centre for Women andTechnology in Greece, HePIS acknowledges that attracting morewomen into ICT jobs will not just help to address an issue thatnegatively impacts the overall economy, but also contributes torealising equal opportunities, goals and women’s empowermentby enhancing their capacity to participate fully in the informationsociety and shape its development.
  15. 15. 15The annual forum of ICT ProfessionalsThe Hellenic Professionals Informatics Society (HePIS) organizesthe first Digital Trends forum to encourage dialogue on thecontribution of the ICT sector to the boost of the economy, thegrowth of production, the formation of a creative culture, theadoption of ‘Green’ and ‘Cloud’ practices and the strengtheningof the industry professionals’ overall role within the businesscommunity.The aim of the forumThe ICT sector is called to respond to two challenges: theeconomic recession and the ongoing conflict between the ICTand business units of an organization towards the efficient andcost effective business operation. The aim of the Digital Trendsconference is to help the ICT sector to form a comprehensivestrategy, incorporating best practices in Green ICT and CloudComputing, in order to maximize business profits.TheforumwillfocusonthebusinessdimensionofCloudComputingand Green ICT, through offering ICT and business professionalsa useful guide to the introduction of an organization to the newbusiness environment. The Forum will combine internationalspeakers, national and international case studies and Greek bestpractices, through interactive presentations of key suppliers.Green ICT + Cloud Computing
  16. 16. 16The forum’s topicsThe forum will focus on the following 3 topics:• “Green” practices, business benefits and migrationplans• The “business case” of Cloud Computing and itscorporate value• How do Cloud Computing and Green ICT change theway ICT departments operate?The forum’s audienceThe Digital Trends forum is targeted to professionals within boththe private and public sector and brings together all those involvedin the ICT industry in Greece, including suppliers, integrators andconsultants, as well as end users, such as CIOs, ICT OperationsDirectors and Financial Directors, ensuring the evaluation ofCloud Computing and Green ICT practice within all levels of thedecision-making process.International and Greek speakersThrough a combination of global insights and national bestpractices, the forum will bring together internationally acclaimedspeakers and Greek market leaders from the service industry in aone day session of presentations and panel discussions.
  17. 17. 1808:30-09:15 Registration and Coffee09:15-09:20Welcome RemarksA. Byron Nicolaides, Honorary Secretary,CEPIS / Vice-President, HePIS09:20-09:50CEPIS Address Vasile Baltac, President, CEPISHePIS Address Nikos Faldamis, President, HePIS09:50-10:05Keynote Address*Pantelis Tzortzakis, Deputy Minister for Administrative Reformand e-Government Greece10:05-10:25The Digital Agenda Perspective over the Cloud Computing and Green ICTNancy Pascall, Policy Officer, European Commission, DGINFSO10:25-11:15Cloud Computing’s Green PotentialsTom Raftery, Lead Analyst, Green Monk11:15-11:45 Coffee Break11:45-12:00CEPIS Green ICT Taskforce/Green ICT Pan-European Survey FindingsA. Byron Nicolaides, Honorary Secretary,CEPIS /Vice-President, HePIS12:00-12:20Why does Green ICT certification matter?Chris Wallace, Product Manager Green IT, BCS,The Chartered Institute for IT12:20-12:50Reducing the costs of your enterprise through Green ICTΝiklaus Meyer, President Green IT Special Interest Group,Swiss Informatics SocietyDr. Laura Georg, Team Head Information Security Management,Detecon12.50-13.00 Case studyThe annual forum of ICT ProfessionalsAGENDA
  18. 18. 1913:00-13:30Business factors for the adoption of Cloud ComputingJohn Rhoton, Cloud Computing Strategist & Author13:30-13:55Certification on Cloud Computing SkillsCloud Credential Council13:55-14:05The adoption of Cloud Computing by the public bodiesProf. Panayiotis Tsanakas, President, GRNET14:05-14:15Focus on Cloud Computing & Big DataAgathi Galani, Indirect District Manager, EMC, Greece,Cyprus and Malta14:15-15:00 Lunch Break15:00-15:20The new role of CIO within the business, as defined by ITSM and thepresence of CloudUlf Myrberg, Director of Qualifications, Certifications & Standards,itSMF International15:20-16:20Panel Discussion- How Green is Cloud Computing• Tom Raftery• John Rhoton• Dr. Laura Georg• Prof. Panayiotis TsanakasModerator: A. Byron Nicolaides16:20-16:40 Coffee Break16:40-17:00 Case study17:00-17:15 Case study17:15-17:30 Closing Remarks* Αναμένεται τελική επιβεβαίωσηMonday, 5 December 2011, Aegli ZappiouGreen ICT + Cloud Computing
  19. 19. 20Board ofDirectors
  20. 20. 21Mr. Nikolaos FaldamisPresidentnikos.faldamis@hepis.grMr. Anastasios-Byron NicolaidesVice Presidentbyron.nicolaides@hepis.grProf. Panagiotis GeorgiadisGeneral Secretarypanagiotis.georgiadis@hepis.grMr. Nikolaos KontekasCashiernikos.kontekas@hepis.grMr. Sotirios AthanasiouMembersotiris.athanasiou@hepis.grMrs Vassia
  21. 21. 22Mr. Filippos FrantzolasMemberfilippos.frantzolas@hepis.grMr. Giannis KanavasMembergiannis.kanavas@hepis.grMr. Constantinos KesentesMemberconstantinos.kesentes@hepis.grMr. Athanasios PapadimitriouMemberThanasis.Papadimitriou@hepis.grMr. Michael
  22. 22. 23
  23. 23. Hellenic Professionals Informatics Society | Member of CEPIS3, Korai st,105 64 Athens Greece. tel: +30 210 3729161, fax: +30 210 3729164e-mail:,