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Manoj usha martin

  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS1. History of organization2. Company Profile3. Board of Directors4. Products and Services5. Competitors Analysis6. Manufacturing Process7. Organizational structure8. Marketing Analysis9. SWOT Analysis10. Future growth and prospectus11. Learning and experience12. Conclusion
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTI want to say thank to all those who have made this industrial visitsuccessful for me and my group and I would like to thank god for hisblessings and grace, without which my industrial visit would not haveseen the light of the day. I would also like to thank the HRD Manager, Mr.Arvind Kumar who provided me a golden chance for Industrial Visit. Iwould also extend my thanks to all faculties members of Central Universityof Jharkhand and my special thanks to Asst. Proff. Pragyan Puspanjali forher guidance and appreciative support in spite of busy schedule at UshaMartin Limited.
  4. 4. PREFACEIndustrial visit is essential to get the practical knowledge about thetheoretical things. This one day visit made us to understand the workingculture of the business organization. My topic is production process of Rope and Product Division in UshaMartin Ltd. Tatisilwey, Ranchi, Jharkhand.
  5. 5. HISTORY OF THE ORGANISATION:- Usha Martin Limited is engaged in specialty steel and value addedsteel products business. The Companys business include integrated captive ironore and coal mines in Jharkhand and integrated steel plant near Jamshedpurproducing a range of specialty steel wire rod and bar products, from fivemillimeters to 160 millimeters diameter. The Company is a part of the Usha MartinGroup, which was formed in India in the early 1960s with the establishment ofUsha Martin Industries Limited (UMIL), engaged in the manufacture of steelwires, wire ropes and other related products. The group was promoted by Mr. B. K.Jhawar, who is the Chairman of the Company. Its steel wire rope manufacturingplants are located at Ranchi and Hoshiarpur in India and in Thailand, Dubai andUnited Kingdom overseas. Usha Beltron Limited was incorporated on 21 May,1986 as a joint venture between Usha Martin Industries Limited, Bihar StateElectronics Development Corporation Limited, AEG Kabel and DEG, Germany, tomanufacture Jelly Filled Telephone Cables (JFTC). Pursuant to the Orders of theHonble High Court of Kolkata and Patna (Ranchi Bench). Usha Martin IndustriesLimited merged with Usha Beltron Limited with effect from 15th May, 1998.Thereafter the registered office was shifted from Tatisilwai, Ranchi, and Bihar toKolkata in the State of West Bengal in the year 2000. The name of Usha BeltronLimited was changed to Usha Martin Limited with effect from 1st May, 2003.COMPANY PROFILE:-Usha Martin Limited was started in 1961 in Ranchi (Jharkhand) as a wireRope manufacturing company. Today the Usha Martin Group is an Rs.3000 croreconglomerate with a global presence. The products are, wire rods, bright bars, steelwires, specialty wires, wire ropes, strand, conveyor cord, wire drawing and cablemachinery. Incorporated in 1960 Mr. B.K. Jhawar, the present chairman, pioneeredit. It was promoted to manufacture steel and wires ropes in collaboration withMartin Black of Scotland as a joint Indo-British venture. From 1st October 1997,this company has been merged with Usha Beltron Ltd which has been renamed aswire and wire ropes division, within which six companies are included.
  6. 6. In 1979, the company set up a steel plant with wire rod rolling mill at Jamshedpur,to benefit from business integration. This ensured a steady supply of steel for themanufacture of value added products. Today, the Jamshedpur unit has a trulyintegrated specialty steel manufacturing facility of 700,000 MT per annum. Out ofwhich, about 35% is consumed internally by its plant in Ranchi, Hoshiarpur &Bangkok, producing steel wire, steel strand, steel cords, bright bar and steel wireropes. All its manufacturing facilities are ISO 9000 certified and the steel plantwas India’s first to receive the TPM Excellence Award from JIPM, Japan.The MILESTONES of the Company’s development over the years:- 2003 The Company has disposed off its Rolling Mill Division at Agra for focussing on core business. The name of the Company was changed to Usha Martin Limited with effect from 1st May, 2003. Brunton Wolf Wire Ropes FZ Co Middle East Dubai commenced its commercial production with production capacity of 6,000 MT p.a. A joint venture between Usha Martin International Ltd and Gustav Wolf of West Germany. The Company successfully created new facilities by modifying the cable plant to manufacture value added products such as bright bars, special wires and conveyor cords.
  7. 7. 2004 The Company successfully commissioned DRI and WHRB power plant at its Steel Division in Jamshedpur. 2005 The Company signs an MOU with Joh. Pengg for manufacturing of the specialty oil tempered spring steel wire. Takeover of JCT Ltd.’s steel division completed and successfully integrated with Usha Martin. Commences Iron ore mining successfully. Railway Siding commenced. DRI power plant capacity augmented by further 5 mw by putting up 40 tph char boiler. Commissioning of 3rd Ladle Furnace at SMS to increase steel capacity to 3,60,000 mt p.a. The Company made its third GDR issue at a price of US$ 4.61 per GDR, for a total consideration of US$ 33.29 Million (1 GDR representing 1 equity share). Incorporation of Brunton Shaw America Inc as a new subsidiary of the company 2006 Pursuant to B.T.A the company acquired the business of Usha Construction Steel Ltd, Rolling Mill at Agra w.e.f 1st December,2006 as a part of its steel segment. 2007 .Successful commissioning of Wire Rope Plant at Houston, America. .The company subdivided its equity share from Rs 5/- each to Rs 1/- each. .Preferential allotment of 385,00,000 warrants to promoters @Rs 87/- perwarrants totaling Rs 335 Crores.
  8. 8. BOARD OF DIRECTORS:-Mr. Prashant jhawar (chairman)B K jhawar (chairman-Emeritus)Brij k jhawar (Director)N J jhawari (Director)A K choudhari (Director)Mr Ashok basu (Director)Mr Salil singhal (Director)Mrs Ramni nirula (Director)G n bajpai (Director)Mr Nripendra mishra (Director)Rajiv Jhawar (MD))P Bhattacharya (JT MD)Dr Vijay sharma (Ex Director & CE, steel business)P K Jain (Ex Director & CE, wire & Wire ropeVISION, MISSION, QUALITY, & ENVIRONMENT POLICY:-Vision:- the main vision of the company is- To build company a world class &acquire leadership in business world, in terms of quality, productivity, profitability& customer satisfaction.Mission:-To be a customer and shareholder observed factory.To expand its area of its operation & utilize the raw material efficiently.To develop highly motive team with a sense of full-satisfaction.To enhance the value of the shareholders of the company and services to all stakeholders.To enhance the value of the organization.
  9. 9. Quality policy:-  Providing high quality product & services that meet customer expectation.  Effectively utilize potential contribution of suppliers through fair practice & technical leadership.  Continues improvement of quality management system and process.  Involve employees through training, motivation & empowerment.  Fostering the professional development of our employee.  Provide resources and create a safe and healthy work environment.  Continues enrichment of the skills and knowledge of the employees through educational training and development programme.  Compliance to all applicable statutory and regulatory.  Company’s suppliers and customers are partner in progress.Environment policies:- - To create & maintain a healthy & enjoyable environment. - Environment legislation - Achieve set Target for continual improvement. - Minimize waste. - Reuse of resources.PRODUCT & SERVICE PROFILE:- Following are the main products ofUsha Martin ltd. which the company produces & export.WireWire RopeBright barConveyor cordTelecom cableFuture plans of Usha Martin ltd. are focused on its operation in Jharkhand – a staterich in mineral resources. Future priorities include product mix enrichment, costreduction and infrastructural development as well as improvements. the companyis planning to invest in its iron ore and coal mines, sinter plant, pellet plant, powerplants, while also enhancing its steel making and value added products capacitywith an investment of Rs 2,100 crore.
  10. 10. COMPETITORS:-Following are the main competitors of this company in this sector-  Tisco , Jamshedpur  Musco, Mumbai  Rinl, vizag  Siscol, salem  Facor, Nagpur  Sun flags, Nagpur  Elango industries ltd  Electro steel  Jindal stainles  OCL iron  Varun industries  Inducto steel ltd  Mukand ltd  Mahindra ugine steel company ltd  Shah Alloys ltd  Welcast steel ltd.INFRASTRUCTURAL FACILITIES:-Usha Martin is a huge conglomerate situated15km far from main city Ranchi. Ithas been providing different infrastructural facility like:-  Accommodation for employees at lower rates.  Officers association  Workers association  One guest house  Clubs for both executives & non executives  Medical facility  Transportation facility etc.
  13. 13. McKINSEY‘S 5’S FRAMEWORK MODEL:-‘Soft’ variables: Staff: demographics of personnel. Style: behavior of managers when interacting with others. Skills: core competencies of the firm. Shared Value: culture, which is actually the core element to it all.Set in order: - Company has to arrange the production process etc.Shine: - Company has to remove doubt and dust. Ready to use…Standardization: - Products quality should be high.Sustain: - Self disciplineORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE:-Human Resources Development (HRD) Head of P & A DGM HRD SENIOR MANAGER DGM DDDD(HRD)MMMMMMAMM MMMMMMMAMANAGER
  14. 14. HRD concentrates on developing employee through trading with changes inknowledge, skills and attitudes. As a results, changes in job performance andultimately changes in organizational effectiveness. It emphasizes on giving basedtraining with active guidance from the corporate office and MNTI, Ranchi.ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE:-
  15. 15. SPECIFIC AREASpecific areas of this company are:-  Safety  Environment  Cost control and deduction  QualityBUSINESS DRIVESBusiness drives of this company are:-  P- Productivity  Q-Quality  C-Cost (cost effective)  D- Delivery  S-Safety  M-Moral of the employeeTPM (TOTAL PRODUCTIVE MANAGEMENT)POLICY: - To adopt TPM with all employees’ participation to achieve zerofailure, zero defects, and zero accident and create a workplace that is clean andpleasant.OBJECTIVES:-  Zero accident- there is some root cause accident inside the plant. For that company follow the “why-why analysis”. In this analysis company findings the reasons of accident in the plant.  Zero defect- company always focuses on the zero defect product. They follow SOP analysis to measure the process. It is designed for knowing the reason of defect of products. For this company follows 4’M strategy.  Zero failure- whatever machines, equipment using for manufacturing the products, should be zero failure.MARKETING ANALYSIS:-Major customers  Defense units.  Railways.  Engineering industries.  ESCORTS.  BEML units.  Automobiles / Foreign industries.
  16. 16. Marketing StrategiesMarketing Strategies adopted to attract and retain Customers:-  Buyer market.  Quick delivery.  Better qualityMARKET SEGMENTATIONMarket segmentation means dividing the market into different segments or Sector.In Usha Martin Ltd., the market segmentation is on the basis of customer-wise andproduct-wise.By customer-wise  Defense sectors.  Railway sector.  Auto and Forging sector.  Engineering sector.  Trade sector.By product-wise  Alloy steel.  Spring steel  Scraps Slag.SWOT ANALYSIS:-SWOT is an acronym used to describe the particular strength, Weakness,Opportunities and Threats that are strategic factors for a specific company. Thiscomprehensive SWOT analysis of Usha Martin Ltd. provides us an in-depthstrategic analysis of the companys businesses and operations.Strengths:-It is the potency of the company, which makes the difference from others in theindustry, the important strengths of the company are:  UML ranked under no. 2 in world & in INDIA No. company in manufacturing of wire & wire rope  It has good brand image.  It produces quality products.  It has wide product range.  UML is the few produces in the world that produces specific wire and wire rope products.
  17. 17.  Location advantage with proximity to major markets (north, south, east, west).  It has good infrastructure.  Healthy financial positionWeakness:-  UML has overlooked small customers.  It has large overhead.  Its products are available at high prices. it lacks warehouse and distribution centers.  Non effective advertising image.  Lack of professionalism & work ethics in employees.  Out dated technology with regards to production.  Adverse age mix of workers and high average wage.  Surplus employees with an averages age over 40 years lack of young employees at work.  Demand of elevator ropes has increased due to global infrastructure developmentOpportunity:-  UML has increased its sales by reducing costs.  It can improve its global market share.  It can develop elevator rope with maximum breaking load.  UMI can increase its profit, if it gives more emphasis on getting the customer.  Now present condition reliance has found crude oil resources in Krishna Godavari basin in south, new opportunities present for UML to produce rope.  Growing in iron and steel market.  Competitors are not as strong as UML.  Mushrooming of apartment in India & Abroad Competitive environment calls for improvement and increase in productivity.  Cost advantage with the adoption of sophisticated technology.
  18. 18. Threats:-  Small rivals are emerging in different parts of the countries.  Low prices of the rival’s products are the great threats.  Changes in government policies regarding import duties, export subsidies do changes in regular basis thereby increasing the risk for UML.  Poor infrastructure of the state.  Fluctuation in exchange rate.  Resistances from the state and central government of India.  Frequently bands and strikes in Jharkhand which delays the delivery and hinder the availability of raw material.  Too many welfare activities lead to the increase in expectations of employees this could at some point of time become a reason for dispute.  Upgraded technology used by other manufacturer helps in supplying the rates which could eat the market share.FUTURE GROWTH AND PROSPECTUS:-The companies’ business strategy is to ensure profitable growth in the future willbe through:-Strengthening of exports with an emphasis on consolidating Usha Martinpresence in existing market while tapping new regions for export of value addedproducts.Higher asset utilization across plant location, particularly leveraging the benefitsof the upgraded rolling mills as taking steps to optimize use of ideal physicalinfrastructure asset enriched product makes for higher returns from existing needs.Cost control efforts including better logistics, higher operating efficiencies andimproved working capital management.Realization of synergy gain with Usha Martin to ensure better market position.
  19. 19. LEARNING EXPERIENCE:-It was a good experience for me in carrying out the industrial visit. The mainpurpose of the industrial visit was to get the practical knowledge about the overallfunctioning of the organization and its culture. It helped me to gain practicalknowledge and exposure. I knew about the production process, how the wires aremanufactured. I visited the plant of Usha Martin Ltd, where I gained practicalknowledge about the working process and functioning of the organization inaccordance with the present market trends. I saw the different division (unit) of thecompany. This visit has also provided an opportunity to study the human behaviorand analyze different situations, which normally would come across while on workin the office or factory environment. I got the clear picture about how theorganization work is carried on and the duties and responsibilities of the employeesin the organization.CONCLUSION:-Usha martin limited is the only leading company in India and the 2 largest ndcompany in the world which deals in wire and wire ropes. It was started in 1961 inRanchi (Jharkhand) as a wire Rope manufacturing company. Today the UshaMartin Group is an Rs.3000 crore conglomerate with a global presence. Thecompany is mainly focusing on producing of specialty steel and value added steelproduct, with key focus on wire ropes, cords, strands, wire and bright bars. Thesignificant strength of the company is integrated business of captive minerals,specialty steel and global wire ropes manufacturing, and marketing. Capitalexpenditure programme to increase capacity in mining, power generation, DRI,blast furnace route iron making, steel melting, stages of implementation and islikely to be commissioned in phased manner in current and next 6 financial year. ---------- THANKING YOU!