Dominate your markets with Email Marketing


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Dominate your markets with Email Marketing

  1. 1. Copyright ©2011 Webtechserve . All rights reserved.These materials may not be reproduced, republished, redistributed, or resold inany form without written permission from the author.
  2. 2. “I dedicate this free book to my daughter Akshaya. At the time ofwriting this ebook she is 1 year and 1 months old. She has brought joyto my life. I hope this ebook brings joy and success to all of those whoread it.” - Saurabh Gupta
  3. 3. Dominate Your Markets with Email Marketing By Saurabh Gupta (Includes 2 free Software on Email Marketing)
  4. 4. About the Author: Saurabh Gupta is an IT Engineer from Lucknow (India). He has been working for the past 11 years in various IT organizations like DCM, VOLTAS, SAHARA INDIA. Finally in 2004 he decided to launch his own company WEBTECHSERVE. Webtechserve which was started as mainly a software company today deals with website development, software development, Web hosting, E-brochures, SEO etc. It is famous for developing the most unexpected solution for your business. He is a very creative and simple person. Making software for small and medium sized organizations which moves them towards profit is his passion. Usually you can find him sitting with his laptop and working late nights. I wish Him all the best. The Edior John Thompson Please Visit for Email Marketing tools, tips, Free software and Articles.
  5. 5. INDEX1. Introduction by the Author2. Why Email Marketing?3. Advantages of Email Marketing4. How Serious are you?5. Data is power so collect it6. Verified Data is the Best7. Sending Data Problems & Solutions8. How to compose your emails for Maximum Profits & Results9. Free Software10. It is Time to Dominate
  6. 6. Introduction by the Author-1If you have picked this free ebook then it means you arealready familiar or have experienced the power of emailmarketing.If you are just curious to know how email marketing can helpyou dominate your markets.If you are just looking for some free software and insights onemail marketing.I welcome All of you…..Real Case Study: I was sitting in my newly opened office. I wasthinking about how to market my newly launched product. Mybiggest problem was to get at least 4 -5 customers. Becausethen I know it would be easy for me to market my product. Atthat time I did not had much money as most of the money wasspent building the office.The Problem: How to get customers ?Then it struck me. I could get my starting customers withoutspending any money.
  7. 7. I started looking for one week old newspapers and began thetedious task of collecting emails of customers for my productsselected market.The Results: I collected around 50 emails of customers who hadadvertised and send them email explaining about what myproduct could do for their business. The next day I got 3customers and I sold my product to each of them. Later 2 moreof them replied.Conclusion: From that day I never looked back. I have beenusing email marketing in all my marketing efforts.This book is unlike any other you have read so far. I am nothere to show you how to become rich overnight. I am trying tohelp all the people who are struggling to give life to theirbusiness or to those who wants to expand it.By reading this book you have already taken the first steptowards success….
  8. 8. Why Email Marketing? -2Why Email Marketing? This question was asked by one of theleading real estate developer and this is the question whichpeople never go tired of asking when I talk to them about emailmarketing?(Today that Builder has sold more buildings then he thoughtpossible by using email marketing and has customers all overthe world.)The Answer: Simply Email Marketing is the process by whichyou market your products on the Internet. There are lot of waysto sell or market your products online.Email Marketing is the most powerful of them all and also mosteconomical. The Emails which you send make directcommunication with the buyer and most importantly interestedbuyers.The second thing people worry about is will email marketingruin their reputation as some people don’t want to receiveemails especially if they are not interested.I agree that sending emails to everyone will do you no good andnot all will be interested in your emails. This is why Emailmarketing is an art and this book shows you how to do EmailMarketing Intelligently.
  9. 9. Back to the Story: Remember the first chapter when I got myfirst customers through email marketing. Soon Email Marketinggot me lot of clients at that time there were no good tools foremail marketing. So I thought there would be many people likeme who are struggling to grow their business. Why not makeproducts for them?Today these products sell all over the world. These productshave helped people know the value of email marketing and alsoto earn huge profits.
  10. 10. Advantages of Email Marketing-3Advantage of Email Marketing: Let us look at some of theadvantage of marketing with emails over other ways.1. Email Marketing V/s Search Engine Marketing : There aremany ways to sell your goods or services via the internet SearchEngine Marketing Involves Optimization of your website so itappears on the top of the search engines (SEO). This is a lengthyprocess and accomplished after lot of hard work or you mayemploy a professional SEO Company. You might also post videoAds, Audio Ads or articles about your product and services.Email marketing begins with the simple process of sendingEmails by Email Marketing Tools directly to the peopleinterested in your product. You do not even need a website.Sending Emails (at Least Limited) is free.2. Email Marketing Tools Saves Time: There is one more way tomarket your products and that is through tele calling this too isa direct way to communicate to your clients but here too youare limited by the facts that it depends whether the client youare calling is ready to receive your call or is he in the right mood.Marketing by Email takes all these problems awayautomatically as the client or customer can read his or her mailat his or her own time and mood.
  11. 11. How Serious are you? – 4Email Marketing is a serious thing. Before we get down to thenut and bolts of it. You must pause and think again what is youraim and purpose. Before selling a product or service to yourclients think carefully if they will be interested in your productor services. It is no use selling socks to somebody who isinterested in buying a Hat.The important rule is look for your markets. Who your potentialclients are? How can they gain from your products or services?Your emails should have a purpose. Your success will dependupon how serious and sincere you are in your approachtowards email marketing.Ok you are serious and know your potential clients Now what?There are three parts of an EmailThe Initiation Email: Whenever you are making first contactwith the client. You must give the option to opt out(unsubscribe) so that the client has the freedom to walk awayfrom your offer. After all you cannot keep selling a product orservice to someone who has made up his mind not to buy fromyou.
  12. 12. 1. The Process Email: When a customer wishes to buy a product. You must be honest in your emails. Don’t always try to put prices first. Your emails should be short (People are busy these days) but should be able to explain everything about your product or service. If you feel the description is too long and it is needed to understand what you are selling a better way is to give a brief description and provide a website or web page link. So the interested client could go and know about your products and services in detail. (Note: The process Emails could be 1-3 or more depending upon how long it takes the client to be really convinced)2. Conclusive Email: The last email decides whether a client wants to buy your product or not. If the deal is closed do so politely. If a customer does not want to buy or product now it does not mean he cannot buy it some other day. Keep your connections open but do not irritate your clients. If the client has said “No” wait for some days (20- 30) before sending him another email (offer him some discount or special offer).
  13. 13. In the Next chapter we will once again focus on decidingyour markets and collecting valid data.
  14. 14. Data is power so collect it – 5If you reading continuously I suggest you take a break grabsome coffee or tea because from now on we will be dwellingonto the practical aspects of Email Marketing.Ok you have decided to do Email Marketing. The first thing youneed to do is discover your clients. For example if I am making asoftware for Builders I would Know that my real clients are thebuilders or real estate developers.If you are selling a product or service which is universal thenyou have to narrow down your clients by asking questions like 1. Who really will be interested in buying your product or services 2. Who will be most interested according to my products price. Features, In what city should I sell first etc.I think you got the idea….So you have decided your potential clients now how do you goabout collecting emails. One way is to search google now this isvery hard as there are lots of websites and visiting each site willtake up lots of time (and time is money).
  15. 15. Some Important Tools for Email Marketing:An easier way would be to look for a software which could dothis. There are lot of software out there to extract emails. Butthere is a problem. Google has banned all automated searchesto their website.The Solution: Email PickerThis is the most advanced and versatile of tools that easilygrabs or picks email ID’s from the greatest of all search engines:Google, itself. It is a powerful & efficient email extractor utility(email grabber or email collection software) to smartly extractemail addresses from web pages on the Internet.Google has since stopped all automated searches of itsdatabase. However, while other similar software packages areunable to go beyond the page 2-3 level, Wts Email Picker letsyou go much deeper, to unimaginable levels without violatingany of Google’s guidelines and rules.
  16. 16. For more details Visit: can also download a free demo of the product.This is my company’s website and this could really help youcollect valid data of your potential clients.
  17. 17. Verified Data is the Best -6Data is power but what if your data is not verified. You havecollected emails but many of those emails are wrong or thesedomains are no longer in use. Most mail servers are shut downnot because of the amount of mail they send but because ofthe failed emails they send.Email Verifier saves you time. For this you need to buy this littlesoftware. You can also buy it from us at Email Verifier 1.0Intelligent and intuitive, the Email Verifier goes far beyond theconventional standards of simple email verification. It removesduplicates and checks authenticity on the basis of correctsyntax. Once this is done, it moves on to do a DNS or DomainName Server query to confirm the existence of every emailaccount and ID.
  18. 18. The Wts Email Verifier interface comes with a set of 3 smartlyturned out screens that are simple and easy to understand,even for the most uninitiated geek of today.
  19. 19. Sending Data Problems & SolutionsWhile sending data there are 2 things to consider 1. How many emails do you wish to be sent: Your results depends upon how well written the emails is and how many emails you are sending out daily 2. The emails you are sending are in plain text, image or html formatIf you are planning to send emails through google, yahoo orhotmail you have to careful as they have mail sendingrestrictions.Google Gmail Email Send Rate Limit & Restrictions:Gmail emailsend limit - no more than 500 recipients per message for theGmail web interface, or max 100 recipients if you are using anemail client software.MSN Hotmail Email Send Rate Limit & Restrictions Hotmailemail send limit - no more than 100 recipients per day.Yahoo Mail - Email Send Rate Limits & Other Email Yahoo Mailemail send limit - no more than 100 emails or recipients perhourWts Mail front gives you a way to add many accounts of gmail,yahoo, msn, netscape, lycos, Google Apps etc and send mail
  20. 20. For details visit: More Emails Problems?In today’s world of speed and competition (when more peoplehave realized the value of email marketing) it is not enough tosend only limited emails.Solution: if you have a little money to spare then you can haveyour own mail server. We are providing this facility at a verycheap cost. So you can email me if you want any help. Email
  21. 21. How to compose your emails for Maximum Profits & Results:8Here are some tips you can use when composing emails whichwill give you maximum results. 1. Avoid using $$$ signs in email. Try to Avoid Words like sale, money, free 2. Do not mail on holidays 3. Create a clear call for action in your emails 4. Your subject should be short yet effective. For example for selling e-brochure one subject text that worked for me was. “Turn Prospects to clients by our e-brochures” 5. Focus on Your Brand: When you regularly send emails focus on a design that lets people identify your company 6. Always allow customers to opt out ( that is provide an unsubscribe link in your emails). Keep a list of all those emails which has been unsubscribed and never sent emails to these emails again. 7. Always provide a link to an Html file ie, keep a copy of email on the web. Some mail providers allow only text files so if a customer open an html email he has a way to just click the link and see your email on the web.
  22. 22. 8. Text emails are simple and can be read by all. It is better to send all other emails except the initiation email (see chapter 4 if you are wondering what is an initiation email) should be sent in plain text. Or a simple html format showing your company logo.9. Lastly you should keep track of your sent emails. Always experiment with subject and headings and see what makes a greater impact.
  23. 23. Free Software: 9When at first I decided to give 2 of my software for FREE. Mywhole IT team was against it as I could have easily sold thembut I believe that it will help some people. You can also help usby buying some of our software or just spreading good wordsabout us as Your support and help makes it possible to developQuality products like Wts Email Picker, Wts Email Verifier andWts Mail Front etc.The First Free SoftwareOk the first Free Software is WTS Filter. Our main aim is to helppeople who have lost faith in email marketing by providingsome good and valid tools.Wts Filter Cleans your email list of Emails you do not want tosend to. Although this software is FREE the same quality andsupport is maintained on it as we do for our commercialsoftware.
  24. 24. The second Free Software: The second free tool will certainlyblow you. So hold on to your seats real tight.Our Second Free Tool Wts Ultimate Email Collector has theability to collect emails from HTML, XLS, Txt, CSV, DOCX or anyother type of Files.If you have lot of email addresses among text in any formatexcept images. Use Wts Ultimate Email Collector and you willnever leave without being amazed at this great free Tool.
  25. 25. Both of these tools can be downloaded from
  26. 26. It is Time to Dominate: 10Well Friends if you have read this book its time to take action.Include Email Marketing in your marketing strategies and youwill be amazed at the results.These Email Marketing tools were developed by me after a lotof hard work and lot of support from people like you. Thesetools have given success to everyone who have used themincluding myself.Please share all your experiences, success, suggestions andproblems and I will try to answer or help you.Email Me at: safame20@gmail.comAt Present Start Dominating Your Markets withEmail Marketing