KlikEyeDoc Product Overview


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KlikEyeDoc Product Overview

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KlikEyeDoc Product Overview

  1. 1. EDUCATION ENGAGEMENT PRACTICE MANAGEMENT KlikEyeDoc For the Optometry CommunityKlikEyeDoc: Education and EngagementPortal for the Optometry CommunityPRODUCT VISION AND USER GUIDEOrbees Medical presents KlikEyeDoc, a collaboration tool broughtto you by your alma mater. www.orbeesmedical.com
  2. 2. About KlikEyeDocTMKlikEyeDocTM is a education and engagement tool that aims to bring optometrists acrossthe country onto a single platform. In creating this platform, we hope to promotenetworking, knowledge sharing, practice management, and patient education. KlikEyeDocis a collective initiative by Optometry schools in the U.S. The core components of the platform provide the following benefits: Coming soon for iOS devices Solving the knowledge needs of the Optometry Community KlikEyeDoc for Patients/Public Engaging the Optometry Community Facilitating alumni relations Benefits of KlikEyeDoc Improving the business prospects of optometrists Facilitating timely patient education KlikEyeDoc is a one-stop shop for credible Improving product visibility for Optometry companies and comprehensible information about eye conditions, available treatment, and general eye care. KlikEyeDoc isKlikEyeDoc is a free initiative brought to all the Optometry graduates from continuously updated with the latestSouthern California College of Optometry. research, patient education material, andSCCO’s Alumni Board has been using the KlikEyeDoc tool for the past few months. articles from practicing optometrists from across the U.S. Solving the knowledge needs of the Optometry Community. Ask an OptometristThe Optometry Community includes optometrists, students, faculty, researchers, andindustry professionals. KlikEyeDoc intends to serve the knowledge needs of the community If a patient has an eye condition and wantby: to survey the opinions of practicing optometrists, he or she can pose a Providing the latest optometry information collected from journal articles, academic question on KlikEyeDoc. Optometrists on research, news articles, industry information, and more. KlikEyeDoc will be notified of the newly Enabling Optometrists to post their questions, opinions, and insights for the benefit posted question. of the community.For Optometrists, KlikEyeDoc will also serve as a blogging platform since the posts made by Find an Optometristthem can be made visible on their public profile.To safeguard the accuracy and relevance of the information, use of the portal is Patients can search the KlikEyeDocexclusive to optometrists, and faculty. KlikEyeDoc’s team of certified clinicians will database for optometrists in and aroundcurate the information and insights from only the best sources. their location. Patients can view professional profile of optometrists to get an understanding of their treatment focus, Engaging the Optometry Community practice location, and, more importantly, their patient education material or questions answered on the site. PatientsKnowledge Stream can compare their options and make anKlikEyeDoc’s core engagement feature, called the knowledge stream, provides users with a informed decision.single and comprehensive view of clinical and networking-related activities.Networking OffersOptometrists are initially connected with their classmates, and then are able to network withany practicing optometrist who is active on the portal. Schools can share relevantinformation with optometrists on a timely basis. Offers are discounts and savings options created directly by a particularGroups optometrist’s office. Offers from nearbyOptometrists can also form interest-based and regional groups in order to streamline their optometrists will be advertised ononline communication and share insights on common topics of interest or upcoming events. KlikEyeDoc so that they can avail these opportunities. and make an informed
  3. 3. Facilitating alumni relations KlikEyeDoc JobsKlikEyeDoc at its core is an alumni relations product that facilitates continuous dialogue KlikEyeDoc Jobs is a comprehensive andbetween the schools and practicing optometrists. detail oriented job portal, created for the Optometry community.Alumni DatabaseIn addition to functioning as a comprehensive alumni database, KlikEyeDoc will forgerelationships with alumni and provide additional services. For instance, patients and Posting Jobsstudents can look up optometrists based on their alma mater. Individuals/organizations can post jobStudent Mentoring advertisements for the followingCurrent students and prospective students can interact with optometrists who are willing to categories:guide and mentor them. Optometrists Opthalmologists Improving the business prospects of optometrists Optical staffKlikEyeDoc intends to increase the visibility of independent eye care professionals, and thus Billing staffimprove their business prospects through online exposure. ReceptionistOnline Presence and Better Patient Outreach Practice For SaleKlikEyeDoc will generate a highly visible profile for optometrists and equip them with highquality patient offerings including patient education materials etc. Search for Optometry JobsPatients can research the optometrist’s practice, his or her philosophy, services offered and Individuals can apply for jobs online viaread articles and discussions posted by the individual on the KlikEyeDoc portal. KlikEyeDoc. Individuals can subscribe forOptometrists can offer discounts to patients on treatment services and products. job updates so that KilkEyeDoc can notify them when a new job that suits theirAppointment Scheduling interests is posted on the portal.In the future, patients will be able to directly schedule appointments with optometrists usingKlikEyeDoc. KlikEyeDoc verifies the job posts prior to publishing them to general public. Facilitating timely patient educationNon-clinical content generated by optometrists and schools can also be made available tothe general public on the KlikEyeDoc website.Patient EducationFor instance, Optometrists can create posts that might help patients understand theirdisease and help them undergo timely treatment.Answering Patient QuestionsOptometrists can answer eye care related questions posted by patients. KlikEyeDoc allowsoptometrists to answer questions anonymously. KlikEyeDoc for Optometry Schools Contact UsOptometry schools sponsor KlikEyeDoc, and each institution has their own brandedportal. The alumni from these participating schools will be able to join and network with KlikEyeDoc is a product of Orbees Inc,the entire KlikEyeDoc community. Here is the list of schools currently leveraging Fremont, CA.KlikEyeDoc to enhance their alumni engagement and patient education programs: Orbees Inc 44250 Old Warm Springs, Suite 10 Southern California Fremont, CA - 94538 College of Optometry Phone: 1-510-623-0400 Cell: 925-368-4777 Fax: 1-510-578-7645 Email: rameshs@orbees.com Join Us http://www.orbeesmedical.comHelp us build a vibrant and engaged Optometry Community. Browse our website, and For all queries and feedback related tocontact us for a comprehensive demo at support@klikeyedoc.com. KlikEyeDoc, please email us at support@klikeyedoc.com.Visit KlikEyeDoc here.