Agile CRM - CRM and Marketing Automation for SaaS Companies


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SaaS companies need different CRM and Marketing Automation tools. Agile CRM helps SaaS companies to successfully on board via emails and smart personalized popups.

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Agile CRM - CRM and Marketing Automation for SaaS Companies

  1. 1. Sell like a Fortune 500 company
  2. 2. ACRM M arketing Autom ation W eb Analytics Social Suite Third-party plugins More.. What is Agile CRM?
  3. 3. Big plus for SaaS with Agile CRM ○ Marketing automation for onboarding ● Welcome Email ● Follow up (Account Rep) Emails ○ Web grabbers for live onboarding ● Guided Tours ● Complete App ○ Metrics & reporting ● Growth & Funnel ● Cohorts ● Conversions ○ Automatic Contact Management
  4. 4. Use Cases ○ Onboarding new signups ○ User retention ○ Trial/free user conversion ○ Sales process automation ○ Payments tracking & follow up actions ○ Drilldown SaaS metrics
  5. 5. Define rules in Agile to show intelligent popups on your website Visitor Engagement & Conversion ● Engage known and anonymous visitors ● Show popups ○ Sign-up forms ○ Information messages ○ Suggest pages to read ● Time them appropriately ○ After certain time, on reaching end of page, or when they are about to leave ● Do more actions ○ Run campaigns, add tags/score
  6. 6. ● Drag-drop workflow designer ● Define conditional workflows ○ Contact profile based, life cycle based, behaviour based ● Multi-channel ○ Send emails, tweets, LN message, voice mail ● Nurture & Score leads automatically ● Trigger ○ Run campaigns based on actions ● Analytics Marketing Automation - Features
  7. 7. How to do? ● Use the JS API to get the contact from your website into the CRM. ● Create a campaign to send a Welcome Mail to the new contacts added to the CRM. Use-case 1: Auto Signup Welcome
  8. 8. Use-case 2: Trial-to-Paid User Conversion How to do? ● When people enroll for Free/trial plan, add a Tag on the contact using our API, and every time they login or perform an action in your app, add a score ● Run the this campaign once in a while on the contacts ● Campaign first checks if the person is a Trial/Free tag and checks the lead score ● If the score is high, it is a good case for conversion, if not, he is transferred to a Retention campaign ● Now for all high score users, if they have visited the upgrade page, send an email with Upgrade offer to the customer.
  9. 9. Use-case 3: User Onboarding Campaign Example Scenario ● The campaigns stats as soon as you have a new signup ● It Checks if the user filled in some of his profile date in the application. ● If he did, move onto the next step else send him a reminder email to fill out his details and move onto the next step after 2 days. ● Check if the user visited the settings page of the app ● If he visited the page, move onto the next step else send him an email explaining all the features in settings page.
  10. 10. Use-case 4: User Retention How to do? ● Whenever users logs in to your app, use the JS API to update his login date in your Agile CRM ● The Campaign checks for the customer who hasn't logged in for a certain time using the condition function. ● Send the user an email with exciting features with a login link to the app. ● Wait for few days and check if he did login ● If he did come back, now put him in the onboarding campaign, if didn't try a different channel - send a tweet Example of user retention campaign
  11. 11. Use-case 5: Sales Automation Campaign How to do? ● The campaign checks if the lead score of a lead is greater than a set value and automates the sales process. ● If the lead score is greater than a set value, use ‘Set owner’ condition to assign the lead to a salesperson in the company. ● Create a new deal with all the necessary details like value, probability and expected deal closure date. ● Assign a task to the owner to follow-up. Example of sales automation campaign.
  12. 12. Use-case 6: Payment tracking/actions How to do? ● We integrate with a variety of SaaS payment portals like Stripe. Whenever there is a payment activity for a user, you can add a tag using webhooks provided by stripe to your app. ● The tags can be Payment successful and Payment failed. ● If the payment is successful, send a thank you mail to the user and if the payment failed, assign it to a salesperson to followup with the user to resolve any issues with the payment.. Example of Payment tracking and follow up emails..
  13. 13. ● Customer level tracking ○ Track email opens, clicks ○ Track website visits by contact ○ Get real time notifications ● Landing pages ○ Integration with Wufoo, Unbounce Web Analytics & Notifications HTML 5 Notification In-app Notification Use Cases ○ Follow-up leads when they are hot ○ Proactively engage with your site visitors ○ Test and optimize email messages
  14. 14. ● Contact management ○ Manage contacts, leads & accounts ○ 360o contact view with timeline ● Deals ○ Track opportunities ○ Revenue forecasting ● Cases ○ Address customer issues ● Calendar ○ Tasks and events ○ Sync calendar CRM Features
  15. 15. Plugins & Integrations IntegrationsIn-app Plugins
  16. 16. ● Growth Graphs, Cohort analysis, Funnels SaaS Metrics & Report
  17. 17. ● JavaScript API ○ Simple and easy to use ○ Integrate with website and apps quickly ● Backend API ○ More advanced integration ○ Java, PHP, .Net, ... ● Documentation ○ All APIs available on GitHub ○ Documentation & Sample programs API
  18. 18. 1-800-980-0729 Thank you