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Agile CRM and Marketing Automation for eCommerce


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Marketing automation and smart contact management can be put to use for eCommerce vertical. Cart abandonment, funnel reports, web analytics, exit intent and lot more.

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Agile CRM and Marketing Automation for eCommerce

  1. 1. Sell and Market like the Fortune 500
  2. 2. ACRM M arketing Autom ation W eb Analytics Social Suite Third-party plugins More.. What is Agile CRM?
  3. 3. Big plus for eCommerce with Agile CRM ● Marketing automation for user retention ○ Offers/promo emails to inactive users ○ Coupon emails on abandoning cart ● Web popups for better conversion ○ Show offers based on visitor interests ○ Complete App ● Metrics & reporting ○ Growth, Funnels & Conversion ○ Cohort analysis ● Automatic Contact Management ○ Dynamic profiling, product tagging, web stats
  4. 4. ● Drag-drop workflow designer ● Define conditional workflows ○ Contact profile based, life cycle based, behaviour based ● Multi-channel ○ Send emails, tweets, LN message, voice mail ● Nurture & Score leads automatically ● Trigger ○ Run campaigns based on actions ● Analytics Marketing Automation - Features
  5. 5. Use Cases - Marketing automation ● Address cart abandonment ● Bring back past users ● Upsell to existing customers … all with highly personalized and timely communication
  6. 6. How to do? ● Trigger the campaign on a user when they visit checkout page ● Campaign checks if the user visited the post purchase page (completed purchase) ● If no, send an email with discount coupon ● If yes, send an email with offers on related products Use-case 1: Cart Abandonment Detect cart abandonment and send automated emails with a coupon to make them complete the purchase
  7. 7. Use-case 2: User Retention How to do? ● Whenever users visit your website, use the JS API to update his last active date in Agile CRM ● The Campaign checks for the customer who hasn't logged in for a certain time using the condition function. ● Send the user an email with exciting offers based on his profile data (product/category tags) Example of user retention campaign
  8. 8. Use-case 3: Up-sell to past customers After a purchase, automatically send them offers on related products How to do? ● Whenever a purchase is done, add a product name/category as a Tag and put them into this campaign using the JS API ● In the campaign, check for the product/category tag and create the email to be sent Or, you can use the JSON IO option to recent purchase history and use that data in the campaign ● Check if they clicked on the offers link - if Yes, add a tag indicating they are interested in the category of products (for subsequent use), if No - maybe put them into a retention campaign.
  9. 9. Define rules in Agile to show intelligent popups on your website Visitor Engagement & Conversion ● Engage known and anonymous visitors ● Show popups ○ Sign-up forms ○ Information messages ○ Suggest pages to read ● Time them appropriately ○ After certain time, on reaching end of page, or when they are about to leave ● Do more actions ○ Run campaigns, add tags/score
  10. 10. Use Cases for Web Popup ● Show offers & discounts, based on user profile and current page ● Offer a discount coupon to users who abandon shopping cart when they visit later ● Bring back visitors who are about to leave, with timely popups ● Trigger relevant email campaigns when they checkout certain products/categories
  11. 11. Plugins & Integrations IntegrationsIn-app Plugins
  12. 12. Growth Graphs, Cohort analysis, Funnels Metrics & Reporting
  13. 13. ● JavaScript API ○ Simple and easy to use ○ Integrate with website and apps quickly ● Backend API ○ More advanced integration ○ Java, PHP, .Net, ... ● Documentation ○ All APIs available on GitHub ○ Documentation & Sample programs API
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