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Zero to AI: prosper in the AI era


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How can artificial intelligence transform your business? In Zero to AI, you’ll explore a variety of practical AI applications you can use to improve customer experiences, optimize marketing, help you cut costs, and more. In this engaging guide written for business leaders and technology pros alike, authors and AI experts Nicolò Valigi and Gianluca Mauro use fascinating projects, hands-on activities, and real-world explanations to make it clear how your business can benefit from AI.

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Zero to AI: prosper in the AI era

  1. 1. Your guide to prospering in the AI era. Take 42% off by entering slvaligi into the discount code box at checkout at Zero To AI
  2. 2. Zero to AI will teach what you can do with AI, and how to bring it into your organization. You’ll become an AI evangelist: a professional ready to make his career and your organization profit from the AI era. AI is ready. People are not. Domain Expertise
  3. 3. What people are saying An excellent book, which explains the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence concepts in a friendly, non-technical way. Vitosh Doynov The best book, currently, on realistic AI applications: factual, accurate and hype-free Alan Couniot This is the book to start reading now to ensure you can make the right decisions on how to apply AI in your business Sune Lomholt
  4. 4. WHAT’S IN THE BOOK? A one-stop guide to learning everything you need to thrive in the AI era: from the core concepts to implementation strategy. Part 1: Understanding AI The first part of the book will take you from the basics of modern AI to gradually building your knowledge on everything you can build with it: from marketing and sales applications to computer vision and natural language processing. Part 2: Building AI This is where you will take all your newfound knowledge and start putting it to use for your organization: from recognizing the best opportunities to developing a successful implementation strategy for your AI projects.
  6. 6. About the authors Gianluca Mauro Fulbright Scholar, Gianluca is an independent consultant who has shared his expertise on innovation and AI with companies ranging from idea-phase startups to multinational corporations. He has been a speaker at venues including universities, multinational corporations, and industry conferences. Nicolò Valigi Nicolò Valigi is a Software Engineer that enjoys making intelligent robots. He has worked on building the smarts for self-driving cars and drones. He has an MBA and also won a Fulbright scholarship for Entrepreneurship. He writes about technology and AI, and is a regular speaker at international conferences. On a mission to help companies identify opportunities for improvement with AI, Nicolò and Gianluca co-founded AI Academy, a company that advises on AI strategy and runs workshops teaching the concepts covered in this book.
  7. 7. If you want to learn more about the book, check it out on liveBook here. Take 42% off by entering the slvaligi into the discount code box at checkout at Zero To AI