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Xamarin in Action: cross-platform native mobile apps with C#

Xamarin in Action teaches you to build cross-platform mobile apps using Xamarin and C#. You'll explore all the layers of a Xamarin app, from design to deployment. Xamarin expert Jim Bennett teaches you design practices that maximize code reuse and isolate device-specific code, making it a snap to incorporate the unique features of each OS.

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Xamarin in Action: cross-platform native mobile apps with C#

  1. 1. Build Cross-Platform Apps and Maximize Code Re-Use With Xamarin in Action. Take 42% off by entering ssbennett into the discount code box at checkout at
  2. 2. Xamarin makes your work easier Xamarin is a cross-platform app development framework, which allows you to write native mobile apps in C# and run them on iOS and Android devices. One of its biggest features is the ability to share large amounts of code across these two platforms, whilst still being able to access the native SDK- allowing it to take full advantage of certain platform-specific features.
  3. 3. It’s all about re-using as much code as possible Xamarin in Action tackles this issue head on. Re-using code saves you time, effort, and money, as well as allowing you to publish apps to multiple app stores simultaneously. That’s what cross-platform app development is all about!
  4. 4. Xamarin lets you build truly native apps Xamarin does this by wrapping native APIs in C# code, and providing a compiler for each platform which produces native code. This means that your app is truly native, and can access every device and OS feature that the native API can – they’re just as fast as a native app too. Xamarin in Action will teach you to use your C# skillset to take advantage of this powerful framework.
  5. 5. Xamarin is about to take off It was recently purchased by Microsoft, and is set to become a very important part of their “any developer, any platform” mantra. This means that Xamarin benefits from Microsoft’s vast developer community, support, and vast wealth of technical knowledge and experience. Xamarin in Action will have you writing apps with Xamarin in no time!
  6. 6. Whether you’re an indie developer or a part of a big team, Xamarin can help solve your cross-platform deployment problems. App users are a fickle bunch, so the ability to update/patch your app, as well as deploy it, on multiple app stores simultaneously is key for the success of your great idea.
  7. 7. Xamarin in Action brings you knowledge from a Xamarin MVP You will jump into using Xamarin by making an app, right away. You will learn the tools and abilities of this amazing platform through informative diagrams, illuminative examples, and crystal-clear explanations. So you can make your app once, and deploy it cross-platform for maximum reach and success!
  8. 8. Save 42% off Xamarin in Action with code ssbennett into the discount code box at checkout at You can see more of the books contents on our browser-based liveBook reader here.