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Testing Vue.js Applications: test-driven development with Vue.js


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Testing Vue.js Applications is a comprehensive guide to testing Vue components, methods, events, and output. To test applications built with Vue, you need to master a new set of tools and techniques designed to work with Vue's unique reactive design and the flexible collection of components that make up the Vue stack.

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Testing Vue.js Applications: test-driven development with Vue.js

  1. 1. The Guide to Testing in Vue.js Testing Vue.js Applications Save 42% with code slyerburgh at
  2. 2. If you’re reading this, you are probably already building apps with Vue.js (or maybe interested in doing just that). Testing is a bit of an issue with Vue because there is a glaring lack of comprehensive learning material and documentation for testing. Vue.js testing demystified
  3. 3. Testing Vue.js Applications aims to fill the void in the documentation and teach you all you need to know to set up, run, and automate unit and end-to-end tests in Vue, using vue-test-utils and the Jest framework. You will be efficiently and effectively testing your Vue apps in no time! A comprehensive guide
  4. 4. Testing Vue should be as simple as using it! Testing Vue.js Applications teaches you all about testing your Vue.js apps via the most tried and true method in guided learning—by doing! You will create a Hacker News App clone to learn learn which kinds of tests to write, and how to write said tests well.
  5. 5. Testing Vue.js Applications is an ideal starting point for those looking to learn how to test Vue.js applications. All you need to have are some established skills in web development, with experience in HTML5 and basic knowledge about CSS and the DOM. You’ll also need experience with JavaScript, and ES2015 syntax. Learn the best practices
  6. 6. Save 42% with code slyerburgh at If you want to learn more about unit and end-to-end testing in Vue.js, check out the free first chapter of Testing Vue.js Applications here.