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Testing Java Microservices: the guide to writing microservice tests in Java


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With traditional software unit tests, there's never a guarantee that an application will actually function correctly in the production environment. And when you add microservices, remote resources that are accessible over a network, into the mix, testing is more tricky.
Testing Java Microservices teaches you how to write tests for microservices in Java. You'll learn test strategies that solve the most common issues you are likely to encounter.

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Testing Java Microservices: the guide to writing microservice tests in Java

  1. 1. The guide to testing microservices in Java Testing Java Microservices by Alex Soto Bueno, Jason Porter, and Andy Gumbrecht Save 42% with code javamicrotest.
  2. 2. We’re going to be embracing microservice architecture for our app, but we need to be able to write tests specifically designed for microservices. Then we need a guide for microservice testing…
  3. 3. There is a book with all the answers – about Java microservice testing anyway. Testing Java Microservices will teach you how to write tests for microservices in Java. Microservice architectures are a wonderful boon for app developers, but they have added a great deal of complexity to software testing. The interactions between various microservices demand more sophisticated tests to ensure their proper function.
  4. 4. Traditional tests don’t cut it. Microservice architectures are too complex for traditional software testing to accurately tell if an app will work or not. Testing Java Microservices teaches you the ins and outs of writing tests especially for microservice architectures, so you can create accurate tests. Along the way you’ll learn a lot about microservices themselves and many related technologies – like the Arquillian ecosystem, Java EE, Spring Boot, WildFly Swarm, and Docker.
  5. 5. All right! This sounds like what we’re after. Tell me more about the structure of the book and its contents.
  6. 6. Testing Java Microservices gives you the whole picture. You will be taken on a journey, starting with an introduction to microservices and ending with complex end-to-end testing – don’t worry, you’ll hit every important stop along the way! You’ll learn strategies to address common issues and how to write tests like unit, component, integration, container, contract, chaos, and more. Best of all, you’ll come to see how powerful a tool software testing can be for the development process.
  7. 7. Testing Java Microservices is hands-on. You’ll learn all this great testing knowledge, and how it fits into the Continuous Delivery pipeline, in the best way – by doing! The book is filled with great examples, illuminating images and diagrams, thoughtful explanations, and learning exercises. You’ll be testing like a champ in no time!
  8. 8. Learn from a team of experts. The main author is a software engineer who is passionate about Java development and the open-source software model. He leads the NoSQLUnit project and is a team member and evangelist of Arquillian. The second author works at Red Hat and has been involved with Arquillian since the early days. He created the first glassfish adapter and laid groundwork for the website. The third author is a Senior Software Engineer, senior Java developer, and lead developer on several successful local government and commercial industry projects.
  9. 9. Learn to write dependable tests for microservices today. Save 42% off Testing Java Microservices with code javamicrotest. New from Also see: