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Spark GraphX in Action: creating interactive, immersive data visualizations


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Spark GraphX in Action teaches you how to configure GraphX and how to use it interactively. Additionally, you'll collect practical techniques for enhancing applications and applying machine learning algorithms to graph data.

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Spark GraphX in Action: creating interactive, immersive data visualizations

  1. 1. How can I use Graphs to better interpret data? With Spark GraphX in Action by Micheal S. Malak and Robin East Save 42% with code sssparkgx.
  2. 2. I have a lot of data which I want to graph, and I need an efficient way to do it. I’ve heard that Spark GraphX is an effective solution, but I need help getting started.
  3. 3. GraphX is a powerful graph processing API for the Apache Spark analytics engine. It gives you the speed, capacity, and power to run multiple massive machine learning algorithms in parallel – so you can graph a lot of data expediently.
  4. 4. Spark GraphX in Action will teach you how to take advantage of this amazingly fast and efficient graph processing technology. You will learn tons of graphing-related knowledge – from the main uses for graphs to applying algorithms and machine learning to big data graphing.
  5. 5. OK, I’m intrigued. So how is GraphX able to crunch so much data so fast?
  6. 6. GraphX uses Resilient Distributed Datasets and performs most of its operations in RAM – not on the hard disk. This means that it can run multiple algorithms on the same graph at the same time. This makes it very suitable to interactive querying and iterative processing – not to mention being much faster.
  7. 7. Not convinced yet? Spark GraphX in Action is the comprehensive guide to complex graph processing. You will learn how to configure and use GraphX interactively via numerous excellent graphs and examples.
  8. 8. Learn to exploit the connections between data with Spark GraphX in Action. We collect more and more data all the time, but it is the connections between data that give it its fullness and meaning. Graphs are a great way to represent and understand these connections.
  9. 9. Get your handbook for Graphing data today. Get 42% Spark GraphX in Action off with code sssparkgx. New from