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React in Motion: a video guide to React


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React.js is a game-changer. This powerful web framework reinvents the way you create web UI, making it possible to build responsive browser-based applications with flowing, flicker-free screens. The React in Motion liveVideo course gets you up and running with React just as smoothly.

Get it for 42% off with code slbraddy at:

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React in Motion: a video guide to React

  1. 1. Get going with React With React in Motion—get it for 42% off with code slbraddy at
  2. 2. React: starting with the basics If you’re interested in React, and looking for a video course that takes you from the fundamentals to a finished app, look no further! React in Motion is the perfect guide to established developers who want to incorporate React into their repertoire.
  3. 3. Learn to harness React React is a game-changer for web development and now is the perfect time to get on the train. React in Motion teaches you what you need to know to leverage React and build responsive browser- based applications with flowing, flicker-free screens
  4. 4. Learn React by using React Everyone knows that the best way to retain new concepts is use them, early and often. Throughout React in Motion, you will go from building an app to deploying it, while touching all of the important bases along the way—like build environment, testing, debugging, and more.
  5. 5. Learn from an expert The author of React in Motion—Zac Braddy—is an experienced full- stack developer and a popular React blogger. He’s a big fan of React and his experience is here for your benefit! What are you waiting for?
  6. 6. If you want to know more, check out the first clip of React in Motion here, for free! Get React in Motion for 42% off with code slbraddy at