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Penetrating Enterprise Networks: the guide


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Penetration testing, also called pentesting, is about more than just getting through a perimeter firewall. The biggest security threats are inside the network, where attackers can rampage through sensitive data by exploiting weak access controls and poorly patched software. Designed for up-and-coming security professionals, Penetrating Enterprise Networks teaches you how to take over an enterprise network from the inside. It lays out every stage of an internal security assessment step-by-step, showing you how to identify weaknesses before a malicious invader can do real damage.

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Penetrating Enterprise Networks: the guide

  1. 1. Testing Your Network’s Security With Penetrating Enterprise Networks. Take 42% off by entering sldavis4 into the discount code box at checkout at
  2. 2. Finding weaknesses in the armor Business computer systems are attractive targets for cyber criminals because they are full of valuable information—and often insufficiently secured! As a penetration tester, your job is to attack an organization’s IT applications and infrastructure to find the vulnerabilities a real intruder would exploit.
  3. 3. Become a master penetration tester Penetrating Enterprise Networks is a hands-on guide to running your own penetration test on an enterprise network. You’ll learn various methods identify valuable targets and test networks for weaknesses, and how to record your findings in a clear and actionable report.
  4. 4. The greatest security dangers lie behind the firewall.. By learning to take over a network from within, you can help improve its security--Penetrating Enterprise Networks gives you the skills to do just that. If you’re an up-and-coming security professional or administrator (or would like to be) this book is for you!
  5. 5. Attackers are only becoming more sophisticated and the amount of attacks is increasing. By obtaining and applying the skills to identify internal security flaws that would allow a bad actor to compromise file systems, email, databases, and other core components of a modern connected enterprise, you’ll give your employer an edge and make yourself an indispensable employee in the process.
  6. 6. What people are saying about the book: One of the greatest things about this book is that it has a practical approach rather than explaining everything in endless details running through hundreds of pages. Users can follow the approach on their own pace getting more used to the associated concepts. -Sithum Nissanka … it is accessible to those either starting out in penetration or just want to understand what an attacker might use -Daniel C. Daugherty
  7. 7. Take 42% off Penetrating Enterprise Networks by entering sldavis4 into the discount code box at checkout at You can also check out the book in our browser-based liveBook reader here.