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Linux in Action: learning Linux through real-world projects


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The Linux operating system powers millions of web servers, data centers, and application platforms worldwide. Whether you're pushing applications to a cloud system like AWS, building a twitter bot on a Raspberry Pi, or rescuing files from a crashed laptop, Linux is required knowledge.

Linux in Action is a task-based tutorial that will give you the skills and deep understanding you'll need to administer a Linux-based system. This hands-on book guides you through real-world projects so you can practice as you learn.

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Linux in Action: learning Linux through real-world projects

  1. 1. A Fresh Approach to Learning Linux With Linux in Action. Use code slclinton3 at for 42% off!
  2. 2. Learning Linux - by doing There are tons of books on Linux already, so you might be asking: “what makes this one stand out?” Most online learning resources organize their content around skills, but Linux in Action uses real-world projects as its teaching tools. You'll learn skills by using them in the context of real projects.
  3. 3. Learning Linux – thoroughly You’ll learn a host of skills and critical techniques like virtualization, disaster recovery, infrastructure security, data backup, web servers, DevOps, and system troubleshooting. Plus, each chapter ends with a command-line review, list of security best practices, unfamiliar terms & definitions, and exercises to bring home the key takeaways!
  4. 4. Learning Linux – for anyone Whether you’re a relative newbie or an established sysadmin, this book will give you the skill and confidence to tackle complex projects and administrative tasks you might never have considered before. Basically, if you want to learn a lot more about Linux and how to manage it, Linux in Action is for you!
  5. 5. Learning Linux – for the future If you’ve been in IT for a while, you probably already know that you simply can’t afford to stop learning. Linux in Action teaches you the high-priority skills you need, without turning the experience into a major detour. Linux isn’t going anywhere, and it pays to know it inside and out.
  6. 6. For more information, download the free first chapter of Linux in Action here. Use code slclinton3 at for 42% off Linux in Action! Also see: