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Learn F# is a practical guide for experienced C# and .NET developers that teaches the F# language, tools, techniques, and practices that can be applied in common scenarios. See how F# can expand your .NET developer arsenal today!

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Learn F#

  1. 1. How can I incorporate F# into my repertoire? With Learn F# by Isaac Abraham New from manning.com
  2. 2. I’m interested in learning more about F#, to see how I can fit functional programming into my C# and Visual Basic .NET skill set – I just need to find a good guide…
  3. 3. We have just the book – Learn F# In it, you’ll learn all about the fabulous F# programming language, its potential uses, and how you can fit it into your existing toolbox. This book is the perfect F# introduction for C# and VB .NET developers.
  4. 4. Find out what makes F# tic! Learn F# not only teaches you the language, but takes the time to give an overview of F#, why you might want to use it, and how it fits into the .NET family. You will learn practical ways to use F# without going into exhaustive detail about functional programming. You will quickly come to see how F# is a perfect companion to C#.
  5. 5. F# isn’t just for math and science. It has a wide range of applications and benefits: • Data processing • Fewer bugs • Rapid development cycles • Business applications • And much more! Learn F# shows you the possibilities.
  6. 6. Without delving deeply into functional programming theory, you will learn the core subset of F# and how it can be applied in common scenarios, so you can start incorporating it into your work quickly. Through practical examples, tips, and quick-check and more in-depth exercises, you will become familiar with core F# techniques and tools.
  7. 7. All in the name of better software development! Learn F# will open up the world of F#, which adds a whole new aspect of software development for .NET developers – one that will make your work more productive and enjoyable!
  8. 8. Learn F# from an expert. The author of Learn F# is a .NET MVP, so you know that you’re getting knowledge from a reliable source! -Find out what F# brings to the table today!
  9. 9. Enhance your .NET skill set with Learn F# today! Save 42% off Learn F# with code ssabraham. New from manning.com