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Kotlin in Action: simpler, cleaner, interoperable Android app development


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Kotlin is a new programming language targeting the Java platform. It offers on expressiveness and safety without compromising simplicity, seamless interoperability with existing Java code, and great tooling support.
Kotlin in Action takes experienced Java developers from the language basics all the way through building applications to run on the JVM and Android devices.

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Kotlin in Action: simpler, cleaner, interoperable Android app development

  1. 1. Is there a more productive and concise alternative to Java? Kotlin in Action by Dmitry Jemerov and Svetlana Isakova Save 42% with code ssjemerovisakova.
  2. 2. You might be asking yourself… What is Kotlin, and why would I switch to it from Java? How steep is the learning curve? What will I gain for my effort?
  3. 3. Kotlin in Action shows you why it’s worth the switch. You can use Kotlin almost anywhere you can use Java. It has been designed to be a more pragmatic, safe, and concise alternative to Java, and to address many issues commonly encountered by developers with added features. Switching from Java to Kotlin does not involve a steep learning curve, due to its interoperability with Java and many helpful tools.
  4. 4. Kotlin in Action shows you how to leverage your time and skills. With Kotlin, you can implement your projects with less code, a higher level of abstraction, and fewer annoyances. *and* Because Kotlin works great together with all existing Java libraries and frameworks, you can jump into using it right away – you don’t have to spend days, or even weeks, learning before reaping the benefits!
  5. 5. Some of Kotlin’s major advantages that you’ll learn about in Kotlin in Action. • Kotlin is a practical language designed to solve real-world problems. • Its design is based on many years of industry experience. • Many of its features have been added to address issues commonly encountered by a large number of software developers. • It was designed to interoperate with Java, so you can use it with your existing libraries.
  6. 6. Kotlin does not force any one programming style or paradigm. It is a statically-typed language that supports both object-oriented and functional programming styles.
  7. 7. In short, it’s a rugged, tough, dependable language – which will help you become more productive. Kotlin in Action will teach you the ins and out of Kotlin, and show you how it can make your job easier. Oh, and we forgot to mention – it’s all free and open-source, with full support for the major IDEs and build systems!
  8. 8. The authors of Kotlin in Action have been part of the team working on Kotlin for the past five years! You can be confident that you're receiving authoritative information straight from the horse’s mouth. You will learn about the language, its associated tools and libraries, and how to immediately get up and running with Kotlin through hands-on examples and clear walkthroughs.
  9. 9. Seriously?! What are you waiting for? Kotlin in Action will show you the ropes of Kotlin – a language that focuses on using proven solutions for common tasks, preventing common errors such as NullPointerExceptions, supporting compact and easy-to-read code, and has unrestricted integration with Java. Expand your Java skill set in a new direction!
  10. 10. See what Kotlin can do for you! Save 42% off Kotlin in Action with code ssjemerovisakova. New from