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Intuitive Mobile UX gives you practical advice and guidance on how to improve the UX of your mobile apps on any platform. You'll get the big picture of the six dimensions of a great app experience.

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Intuitive Mobile UX

  1. 1. Explore the six dimensions of mobile UX With Intuitive Mobile UX by Matt Lacey New from
  2. 2. I’ve got a great idea for an app, but these days that isn’t enough by itself. What can I do to make my app better than competing apps?
  3. 3. Create a better user experience. People expect a lot out of apps these days. They have to load fast, serve their advertised function well, and not be frustrating to use. A failure in any of these areas, for any reason, can jeopardize the long-term success of an app. Intuitive Mobile UX teaches you to design well-rounded apps, which deliver the UX customers demand.
  4. 4. There are three factors which determine an app’s success. -Value (what the user gets from your app) -Experience (how value is provided) -Luck Luck cannot be controlled, so Intuitive Mobile UX focuses on Value and Experience to give the best chances of success.
  5. 5. I like where you’re going, but could you be more specific? How will this book teach me these broad concepts?
  6. 6. The UX must be as intuitive as it can be. This is much easier said than done, and begs the question: What does intuitive (a word that is tossed around a lot these days) really mean in this context? Simply put, intuitive means that the app works as the person using it expects it to - of course, not everyone expects the same thing, so it’s tough to provide a universally intuitive UX. Luckily, Intuitive Mobile UX has a formula for success.
  7. 7. Say hello to the six dimensions of a great app experience! Super UX! Context input output responsiveness connectivity resources
  8. 8. Intuitive Mobile UX teaches you how to design amazing six-dimensional apps! Sadly, this presentation is too short to get into all the juicy details. Suffice it say, when you design your apps with this approach, you will be giving them the best chance of succeeding on the app store(s). (if you want to find out more you can go here: and download the first chapter for free)
  9. 9. Treating your app like any other product is key. Apps are products just like any other, and thus have to be tailored to the demands of the person buying them. The key to success is making your app stand out, and providing an outstanding UX is the way to do it! Let Intuitive Mobile UX be your guide to better app creation.
  10. 10. Build great UX into your apps - your customers will thank you! Save 42% off Intuitive Mobile UX with code sslacey. New from