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Entity Framework Core in Action: adding database functionality wherever you need it


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Entity Framework Core in Action teaches developers how to add database functionality to .NET applications with EF Core.
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Entity Framework Core in Action: adding database functionality wherever you need it

  1. 1. How can I make accessing databases simple and easy? With Entity Framework Core in Action by Jon P. Smith Save 42% with code efcoresmith.
  2. 2. Database access code is tedious and time-consuming to write. Is there a way to make it easier so I can focus on other aspects of my app?
  3. 3. Entity Framework Core in Action shows you the way. If you’re a developer who wants to learn how to add database functionality to .NET applications with EF Core, then this is the book for you. This book is for anyone who wants to know what EF Core is capable of. Both seasoned EF6.x developers and software developers who have never used Entity Framework will learn the ins and outs of EF Core.
  4. 4. Can you tell me more about how EF Core works? How will it help me add database functionality to my app?
  5. 5. EF Core links relational databases to software code. Entity Framework Core is a complex library designed to make database access simple and easy. In essence, it is an Object- Relational Mapper that works by mapping between two worlds: the relational database with its own API and the object-oriented software world of classes and software code. EF Core makes writing database access code as quick and painless as can be, but also offers you plenty of extra control when you need it.
  6. 6. It’s not just about accessing databases. You will also learn how to get EF Core to create a database for you, and how to tell EF Core about an existing database you want to access. Additionally, you will learn about the more advanced features of EF Core, used to control precisely how database data is exposed and accessed. All this and more awaits you inside Entity Framework Core in Action.
  7. 7. You’ll learn it all in the best way. Entity Framework Core in Action teaches you all you need to know through the time-tested system of “learning by doing.” The book is packed with clear explanations, great images and figures, and techniques to improve your data access code. Plus, there are additional learning materials, including a live site version of the example app you will make in the book and a GitHub code repo. What more could you ask for?
  8. 8. Below is a figure from Entity Framework Core in Action used to show the three parts of an EF Core query. For more on .NET check out some of our other great titles.
  9. 9. Learn from an EF Core expert. The author is a full-stack software developer and architect who focuses on Microsoft's ASP.NET web applications using Entity Framework (EF) ORM on the server-side, with various front-end JavaScript libraries. He is especially interested in defining patterns and building libraries that improve the speed of development of ASP.NET web/database applications. You’re in good hands!
  10. 10. Start writing database access code quickly and efficiently. Save 42% off Entity Framework Core in Action with code efcoresmith. New from