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Electron in Action: building native desktop apps with Electron


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Electron is a framework for building cross-platform desktop applications with web technologies. It combines Google Chrome's content module with Node.js, letting you use your web development skill set to build applications that run natively on all major platforms.
Electron in Action guides you, step-by-step, as you learn to build desktop applications that run on Windows, OSX, and Linux.

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Electron in Action: building native desktop apps with Electron

  1. 1. Building web applications that behave like native desktop applications. With Electron in Action by Steve Kinney Save 42% with code sskinney.
  2. 2. Why would you want to build web applications that act like desktop applications, when you could just build a desktop application?
  3. 3. Well… Building desktop applications takes a completely different skillset than building web applications. One which many people don’t have the time or energy to learn.
  4. 4. That’s where Electron comes in. With Electron, you can use your existing skills as a web developer to build applications that have many of the capabilities of a native desktop application. A new class of application. Electron Desktop app features Web app structure
  5. 5. Electron apps are very user-friendly and flexible. Unlike web apps (which only live in your browser) or native apps (which only live in the file system or task bar), Electron apps can live in either place and enjoy the benefits both worlds!
  6. 6. Electron in Action will teach you to use your existing knowledge to build apps possessing both web and native desktop capabilities. This will allow you to leverage your skillset and deploy your application to all of the major platforms (OS X, Windows, and Linux). Saving you the headache of learning multiple new languages and frameworks.
  7. 7. Who is using Electron? Companies of all sizes are using Electron to build dynamic applications. Electron is being used by a number of applications, both large and small - such as Atom, Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code, and Slack.
  8. 8. How does Electron work its magic? It combines the wildly popular application platforms Chromium and Node. This allows you to use Javascript to build an entirely new kind of application.
  9. 9. Why should you learn how to use Electron with Electron in Action? Electron is ideal for: • Individuals or small teams targeting more than one platform who don’t have the time to learn each and every language and framework. • Web developers who want to build apps with native desktop capabilities, using their existing skills.
  10. 10. Open up a whole new world of applications! Save 42% off Electron in Action today, with code sskinney. New from