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Deep Reinforcement Learning in Action: the first steps


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Humans learn best from feedback—we are encouraged to take actions that lead to positive results while deterred by decisions with negative consequences. This reinforcement process can be applied to computer programs allowing them to solve more complex problems that classical programming cannot. Deep Reinforcement Learning in Action teaches you the fundamental concepts and terminology of deep reinforcement learning, along with the practical skills and techniques you’ll need to implement it into your own projects.

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Deep Reinforcement Learning in Action: the first steps

  1. 1. First Steps into Deep Reinforcement Learning With Deep Reinforcement Learning in Action—get it for 42% off with code slzai at
  2. 2. An ideal introduction If you’re interested in deep reinforcement learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning in Action is your ideal starting point for learning the fundamental concepts and techniques so you can start implementing it in your projects.
  3. 3. What will you learn? You’ll learn to program agents that learn and improve based on direct feedback from their environment. Using PyTorch, you’ll learn to build networks and explore popular deep learning algorithms, and implement them in hands-on exercises and projects—and that’s just the beginning!
  4. 4. A practical resource In Deep Reinforcement Learning in Action, “learning by doing” is the primary teaching philosophy. Each new concept is driven home by a combination of explanation, example, and practical exercise. All your new knowledge will be put to use right away, to make sure that you really learn it!
  5. 5. Learn from experts Alexander Zai is a Machine Learning Engineer at Amazon AI working on MXNet that powers a suite of AWS machine learning products. Brandon Brown is a Machine Learning and Data Analysis blogger at committed to providing clear teaching on difficult topics for newcomers. You’re in good hands!
  6. 6. If you want to learn more, read the first chapter of Deep Reinforcement Learning in Action here. Get Deep Reinforcement Learning in Action for 42% off with code slzai at