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CSS in Depth: mastering CSS


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CSS in Depth takes web developers from beginner to advanced CSS users, getting rid of their blind spots along the way. In this book, you'll revisit concepts you are likely familiar with but have not completely mastered. You'll also encounter advanced subjects, like transitions and animations, as well as brand new ideas, like flexbox and grid layout.

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CSS in Depth: mastering CSS

  1. 1. Really get to know CSS With CSS in Depth by Keith J. Grant Save 42% with code ssgrant.
  2. 2. I know enough CSS to get by, but I really want to understand it. I can’t find any literature that isn’t too basic or too advanced. HELP!
  3. 3. You’re not alone! Many web developers only know enough CSS to get by, and there just aren’t any intermediate books out there – the best books are either outdated or expect you to have already mastered the language. CSS in Depth is the missing link.
  4. 4. CSS in Depth lets you reach the next level. A lack of knowledge regarding the basic fundamentals of the language holds many developers back. The aim of this book is to strengthen your CSS skillset, so you can use CSS with confidence - and without problems.
  5. 5. So far, this sounds like just the thing for me. Tell me more about what I’m going to learn if I buy this book.
  6. 6. You will learn the constituent parts and fundamentals of CSS, and how your browser understands them, so you can really get to know the language. Your journey will be guided using informative examples, great diagrams, and mind-opening exercises. You’ll quickly come to see that even though CSS has a reputation for being difficult, it doesn’t have to be! See how in CSS in Depth!
  7. 7. Don’t learn the hard way, learn from an expert! You will be introduced to new, more-advanced concepts like flexbox, grid layout, and CSS variables (among others), and taken on a ride down memory lane to revisit concepts that you might already be familiar with, but never mastered. CSS in Depth will help you avoid obstacles, which might have tripped you up in the past, to help make using CSS fun rather than frustrating.
  8. 8. If you’re a developer who knows CSS, but doesn’t really know CSS, then CSS in Depth is the book for you! Since CSS is ultimately about declaring rules, which the browser takes, applies, and uses to render the webpage, learning all of its intricacies lets you write down rules predictably – which saves you headaches down the line.
  9. 9. Your guide to the inner workings of CSS has arrived. Save 50% off CSS in Depth with code ssgrant. New from