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CoreOS in Action: the guide to container Linux


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CoreOS in Action begins by introducing you to core components, how services run in CoreOS, and the big picture of how the parts fits together. You’ll learn to take advantage of CoreOS's high availability and fault tolerance as well as how to plan your application architecture.

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CoreOS in Action: the guide to container Linux

  1. 1. How can you solve system infrastructure and architecture problems? Save 42% off CoreOS in Action with code ssbailey at
  2. 2. My company needs a scalable, container-based service platform. CoreOS fits the bill, but I don’t know where to start.
  3. 3. CoreOS in Action is the solution! Learn all there is to know about deploying this lightweight, fault tolerant OS. Make your life easier by making your system architecture more reliable. CoreOS Container Linux is a bare-bones distro with only the essential bits needed to run containers like Docker. It’s all about efficiency.
  4. 4. Just what is CoreOS? CoreOS is an operating system designed from the ground up to facilitate container use at any scale. Designed specifically to solve scale, availability, and deployment workflow problems. It’s ideal for microservices and is easy to maintain. Say goodbye to patch scheduling; when Container Linux needs an update, you just hot-swap the whole OS.
  5. 5. What makes CoreOS so reliable? Its immutable operating system philosophy. As opposed to traditional operating systems, the state of the CoreOS operating system is created upon booting, is unalterable, and is lost on shut down. This forces your system architecture to behave reliably – no surprises!
  6. 6. CoreOS primary cluster This is an example of how a CoreOS cluster might be set up
  7. 7. The guide to learning CoreOS awaits. Stop wasting time on endless system updates, maintenance windows, and other drudgery. Learn how to solve common system infrastructure problems using expert examples and exercises. In CoreOS in Action, you'll follow along with examples that teach you to set up CoreOS on both private and cloud systems, and to practice common sense monitoring and upgrade techniques with real code.
  8. 8. Save valuable time and effort. So you can put to better use elsewhere. With CoreOS, you won’t have to micro manage everything – the OS does it for you. You'll also explore important container-aware application designs, including microservices, web, and Big Data examples with real-world use cases to put your learning into perspective.
  9. 9. Who is CoreOS in Action for? If you're an operations professional, site reliability engineer, systems architect, or anyone who wants to learn to deploy CoreOS – this book will get you started! See for yourself – you can download two free chapters of the book here.
  10. 10. Get the latest in modern standards of scalability and high availability! Also see: Save 42% off CoreOS in Action with code ssbailey at