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ASP.NET Core in Action: web development for C# developers


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ASP.NET Core is a re-imagining of the .NET Framework that frees developers from Visual Studio and Windows. You can now build and run cross-platform .NET applications on any OS, with any IDE, and using the tools that you choose.
ASP.NET Core in Action is for C# developers, without any web development experience, who want to get started and become productive using ASP.NET Core to build web applications.

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ASP.NET Core in Action: web development for C# developers

  1. 1. Learning to use ASP.NET Core With ASP.NET Core in Action– get it for 42% off with code aspdotnetcore at
  2. 2. I’m a C# developer and I’m interested in learning more about ASP.NET Core. I would like to find a guidebook to help me get up to speed.
  3. 3. ASP.NET Core in Action, at your service. If you’re looking for a guide that will help you become productive with ASP.NET Core quickly and effectively, you’re looking in the right place! If you’re a C# developer, with a moderate level of experience, who is interested in learning how to use this exciting, open- source framework, this book is for you. For more on the C# language itself see:
  4. 4. Wait a moment! I don’t have any foreknowledge regarding ASP.NET Core – is this book written for me too?
  5. 5. Don’t worry! ASP.NET Core in Action has been written with those not yet familiar with ASP.NET Core in mind, and gives you all the information you need to decide whether it is right for you and your project. You will get a thorough overview of the framework and its features before diving in and writing your own web apps. You’ll learn its pros and cons, features, and how to prepare your development environment.
  6. 6. I like what I’m hearing so far. Can you give me more specific information about how the subject material will be conveyed?
  7. 7. Learn by applying your new knowledge. In ASP.NET Core in Action you will work through the basics of a typical ASP.NET Core application, focusing on how to create basic web pages and APIs using MVC controllers and the Razor templating engine. You will also learn more advanced aspects, like adding features to your app, securing your app, and handling configuration and dependency injection – just to mention a few.
  8. 8. As always, the best learning is done hands-on. ASP.NET Core in Action teaches you in the most practical manner – by having you put what you are learning to use, right away. Every step of the learning process is supported by clear diagrams and images, enlightening explanations and examples, and exercises to solidify it all.
  9. 9. Learn from a .NET guru. The author graduated with an Engineering degree from Cambridge University, specializing in Software Engineering, and went on to obtain a PhD in Digital Image Processing. He has been developing professionally with .NET for the last 7 years. His focus is currently on the new ASP.NET Core framework. He also currently has a very active blog at dedicated to ASP.NET Core.
  10. 10. With ASP.NET Core in Action– get it for 42% off with code aspdotnetcore at If you want to learn more, read the first chapter of ASP.NET Core in Action for free here.