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Get Programming with Haskell: learn Haskell, lesson by lesson


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If you're searching for an all-encompassing guide to learning the Haskell programming language, you've found it. Get Programming with Haskell teaches you the Haskell language and functional programming concepts so you can start programming with Haskell.

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Get Programming with Haskell: learn Haskell, lesson by lesson

  1. 1. A friendly approach to functional programming With Get Programming with Haskell by Will Kurt New from Save 42% with code sskurt.
  2. 2. I’ve always wanted to learn Haskell, but the programming language’s intimidating reputation for being difficult has put me off from trying.
  3. 3. Fear not! Get Programming with Haskell will take you, step- by-step, from setting up your development environment to practical, everyday usage of Haskell.
  4. 4. You will learn how to take advantage of the Haskell community’s vast wealth of experience, pre-made tool packages, and the powerful Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC). Obtaining the skills needed to explore the incredibly deep world of Haskell on your own!
  5. 5. What is functional programming? Functional programming is a programming paradigm which focuses on processes and mathematical abstractions, rather than inputs and outputs. By focusing on computing itself (rather than the computer) certain kinds of problems become easier to solve, and code is improved. Hint: Haskell is the ‘purest’ functional programming language out there.
  6. 6. What makes learning Haskell awesome? Unlike most programming languages Haskell has a mathematical foundation. This means that it is predictable, and can easily rid code of entire classes of bugs and errors. Additionally, Haskell is a safe programming language, which means that it forces programs to behave as expected – no irritating surprises!
  7. 7. If it’s so amazing, why isn’t Haskell the default language for all programming everywhere?
  8. 8. Simply put… The tradeoff for Haskell’s awesome functionality is a more difficult learning curve at the beginning - due to the abstract nature of ideas in functional programming. Certain concepts must be learned prior to building useful programs. This is where Get Programming with Haskell comes into the picture.
  9. 9. You will be guided into the world of Haskell and its incredible type system, with lots of clear illustrations and hands-on exercises to help reinforce the concepts. You will learn the fundamentals of functional programming, which are useful for all programming languages – not only Haskell. By the end of the book you will have the skills to navigate the world of Haskell on your own!
  10. 10. Getting started with functional programming has never been easier! Save 42% off Get Programming with Haskell with discount code sskurt. New from