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Suggestions for improvements for the challenges faced by hrm


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Suggestions for improvements for the challenges faced by hrm

  2. 2. FLOW OF PRESENTATION Introduction Definitionof HRM Challenges as a result of globalization Challenges faced by the HR manager Suggestions Examples vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 2
  3. 3. Introduction to HRM The management of man is very important and the most challenging job. It is important because it is not the job ofmanaging men but of administering thesocial system. The management of men is a challengingtask because of the dynamic nature of thepeople. vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 3
  4. 4.  Good human resource management (HRM) is essential to retaining staff and maintaining a high overall level of performance within a health organization. Effective HRM is one of the key building blocks of a comprehensive HRM strategy. A responsive human resource management system can help ensure that staff know what they are supposed to do, get timely feedback, feel valued and respected, and have opportunities to learn and grow on the job. Fragmented, politicized human resource management systems and lack of human resource managers are two common barriers to vaghela_manisha13@yahoo effective HRM. .com 4
  5. 5. Definition of HRM According to Flippo, “human resource management is the planning , organizing , directing and controlling of the procurement, development, compensati on, integration, maintenance, and separation of human resource to the end that individual, organizational and vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 5
  6. 6.  HRM is concerned with the people who work in the organization to achieve the objective of the organization. It concerns with acquisition of appropriate human resources, developing their skills and competencies, motivating them for best performance and ensuring their continued commit organizational objectives. vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 6
  7. 7.  HRM refers to activities and functions designed and implemented to maximize organizational as well as employees effectiveness. vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 7
  8. 8. Functions of HR manager Planning Organizing Staffing Directing Controlling vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 8
  9. 9. Challenges faced by Hr managersas a result of globalization As the area of human resource management becomes more strategic and more global it is becoming more important and critical to the organization. While not all companies are recognizing this yet, those that are most effective and most admired, seem to be the ones that are. For example the small traders may not face the need for a HR manager whereas a multinational or a large scale company may vaghela_manisha13@yahoo recognize its importance. .com 9
  10. 10. As a consequence they are doing many things that make their human resource management effective. In doing so, several things are being observed: The roles that the HR department and its HR professionals have traditionally played are changing substantially; The competencies required of the HR professionals to play these new roles are also changing rapidly with dramatic implications for the current HR staff and leaders;Example: sit in village cannot apply in citiesNow a days sit in india apply in foreign. vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 10
  11. 11.  The HR professionals are working more closely, in partnership, with line managers, employees, suppliers and representatives of labor unions, strategic partners and members of community organizations in order to be more effective in managing the firm’s human resources. Nowadays placement agencies The structure of the HR department and the HR function are being reshaped in order to better serve the various stakeholders of HR in order to make the management of people and the organization more effective. vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 11
  12. 12. • The structure of HR activities facilitates their success. Each plant is essentially self- sufficient, with at least one dedicated HR generalist located on-site. In addition to serving as a member of the leadership team, the HR generalist, development, staff allocation, and conflict resolution. Theyre the ones who create an environment people want to work in, which is critical to getting business results. vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 12
  13. 13. Challenges faced by HR manager ATTRITION Attrition is the gradual reduction of a workforceby employees leaving and not being replaced.Reducing attrition rate has been a challenge for HRManagers since many years. Hence this challenge may be reduced to a greatextent by giving proper training to the workers. Alsoby providing better payment or by bonusschemes, by appraisals, best performers of theyear, gifts on festivals, pension policies for oldemployees, health benefits, rewards and incentivesetc. Now, HR Managers are working hard to reducethis increasing attrition rate. .com vaghela_manisha13@yahoo 13
  14. 14. RECRUITMENT AND TRAINING vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 14
  15. 15. As the employees are leaving theorganization due to increased Workpressures, it has become mandatory for the HRManager to recruit new employees. And in thisliquidity crunch they are spending on therecruitment and training of the new recruits. This challenge can be overcome by providingeffective training and proper motivation to theemployees. The company must also ensure thatthe person is satisfied by the job to ensurereduction in workforce. vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 15
  16. 16. RETENTION Retention is a process of continuedpossession. Retaining an employee withoutgiving any fringe benefits is although moredifficult. In the current scenario when each andevery organization is suffering from liquiditycrunch it is very difficult for an organization togive tangible or intangible benefits. Henceretention of the employees is a great challengethat the company and therefore the HRmanagers are facing today. vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 16
  17. 17. This challenge can be overcome by propermotivation and also proper relationship with itscolleagues, managers, etc. Hence the employeemust have job satisfaction. The company must take steps for giving propersatisfaction to its employees whether by givingmonetary or non monetary incentives. vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 17
  18. 18. COMMUNICATION Effective communication is a greatchallenge in the sense that wrongcommunication or misrepresentation may spoilthe company image or it can also lead to hugeproblems in the future. Use of business jargonsmay not be understood by the workers whomay not be educated. vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 18
  19. 19. COMPENSATION Compensation is to provide all individualswith remuneration and benefits based ontheir contribution and value to the organization ina fair and transparent manner. Competitivenessof the compensation offered in comparison withthe prevailing markets reality is the driving force. vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 19
  20. 20. Career Development To ensure that individuals are provided opportunities to develop their competencies that enable them to achieve professional and personal career objectives within the organization’s goals. vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 20
  21. 21. SABOTAGE Sabotage is the threat against damages. It can be prevented by some of the following ways: Make it clear in organizational policy statements that acts of sabotage will not be tolerated and the expense of any damage to organizational property due to an employee’s negligence or fault will be the responsibility of the employee. Offer employees training in conflict management and ways to appropriately vent anger. Consider offering a third-party hotline for employees to report incidents of workplace sabotage. vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 21
  22. 22.  Hire the best people for the jobs and treat them well. Sabotage is more likely to occur when a worker is frustrated and feels unfairly treated. Making sure that there is a good fit between the person and the job and that organizational treatment is fair can prevent sabotage. vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 22
  23. 23. Competitive challenges  GOING GLOBAL In order to grow and prosper, many companies are seeking business opportunities in global markets. Competition and cooperation with foreign companies has become an important focal point for business. This is an important challenge that can be overcome by having huge investment and hence investing in foreign market. vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 23
  24. 24.  EMBRACING NEW TECHNOLOGY Advancement in information technology have enabled organizations to take advantage of the information explosion. With computers networks, unlimited amounts of data can be stored, retrieved, and used in a wide variety of ways, from simple record keeping to controlling complex equipment. vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 24
  25. 25. The effect is so dramatic that at a broaderlevel, organizations are changing the way theydo business. use of the internet to transactbusiness has become so pervasive for both largeand small companies that e-commerce israpidly, becoming the Organizational challengesof the new millennium. vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 25
  26. 26. Suggestions The HR managers must be familiar with the new trends and techniques so as to do their job in a better way. In case the company or the HR manager recruits people on the basis of caste or any religion then this policy must be abolished . Steps must hence be taken for abolishing them. vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 26
  27. 27.  The HR manager must have a better understanding in the sense that the workers must feel free to tell or ask him in case of any problem. Attrition is the gradual reduction in workforce by employees and not being replaced. This challenge may be reduced by giving proper training to the workers. vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 27
  28. 28.  Increased workload is a great challenge and it must be reduced to a great extent. Hence work pressure must be minimized. Increased work load has lead to recruitment of new employees. Hence recruitment costs must be minimized. To avoid recruitment of new people proper motivation and training must be provided so as to increase productivity. vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 28
  29. 29.  The HR manager must take steps so as to avoid employees leaving their jobs. Job satisfaction plays an important role here. The HR manager must avoid or reduce using business jargons with workers Eg. excel Nirma workers Sabotage is the threat against damages. It can be reduced by taking an insurance policy. Insurance policy helps to compensate the losses or otherwise minimize them. vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 29
  30. 30.  New technologies are coming into effect day by day. Hence they must be adopted as and when required. Microsoft windows, computers to laptops Cds to pen drives vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 30
  31. 31. Examples Workplace smoking being banned in Japan:• Japanese companies are taking steps to reduce smoking in the workplace. It is now common for Japanese companies to separate smokers from nonsmokers to protect nonsmokers from secondhand smoke. Japanese companies are taking other steps to reduce or eliminate smoking. For example: vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 31
  32. 32.  K.K. Ashisuto, a Tokyo-based software company requires potential hires to be or become nonsmokers. Sato Corporation, a Tokyo-based manufacturer, provides a $15 monthly bonus to each nonsmoking employee. Taisho pharmaceutical company banned smoking in all officers and factories nationwide in 1999 after an employee died of lung cancer. In 1999 the Japan highway public corporation banned smoking in 688 public restrooms on Japan’s expressways. vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 32
  33. 33. GODFREY PHILLIPS ANDTHEIR HRM PROBLEMS vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 33
  34. 34.  Challenges in Modern Human Resource Management Godfrey Phillips is today the second largest player in the Indian cigarette industry with an annual turnover of over US$ 265 million. The company was incorporated in India in 1936, the Company established its own manufacturing facilities in 1944. The Company today is the proud owner of some of the most popular cigarette brands in the country like Red and White, Four Square, Jaisalmer, Cavanders, Tipper and Prince. Its products are distributed through an extensive India wide network comprising 484 exclusive distributors and over 800,000 retail outlets. vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 34
  35. 35.  The govt. has made some amendments in the INDIAN TOBACCO ACT 1975 with special reference to advertising, smoking in public places, selling to and by minors and 10 Challenges in Modern Human Resource Management to 15% decrease in land allotted for cultivating tobacco. With this coming into effect, there has been a considerable downfall in sales of cigarettes and related products. To overcome this challenge, the company has to switch to other alternative fields like consumer goods, and with these developments, the employee workforce has to be recruited and thoroughly trained in their specific departments. Also, the company has changed the working platforms of its employees who are working in production department; hence a major challenge is to vaghela_manisha13@yahoo plan the management of the .com workforce. 35
  36. 36. Conclusion• The management of men is a challenging task because of the dynamic nature of the people.• To overcome the challenges, the HR managers must be familiar with the new trends and techniques.• Managers must have to ready to adopt any challenges because any time anything can be done. vaghela_manisha13@yahoo .com 36
  37. 37.  Actions can be taken: Designate a senior manager to be in charge of HRM Provide training to HRM staff Develop on-the-job, skill-based training for health care staff Streamline the planning, recruitment and hiring process Strengthen supervision Consider redefining scopes of practice for health care staff Track employee data such as attrition, staff turnover, absenteeism Introduce HIV Workplace Prevention programs Develop and enforce HIV antidiscrimination policies Address inequities in staff workload, salaries, allowances Extend benefits vaghela_manisha13@yahoo program .com 37
  38. 38. ∆ why managers must be ready ?∆ Which one is the competitive challenge ?∆ Is it effective communication important for the organizations ? Yes or no? vaghela_manisha13@yahoo. com 38
  39. 39. 39