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Illustrating Revitalization Potential with Adobe Photoshop


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A selection of Photoshop renderings showing current conditions and future potential, are illustrated by Manisha Bewtra.

Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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Illustrating Revitalization Potential with Adobe Photoshop

  1. 1. Illustrating revitalization potentialwith Adobe PhotoshopRenderings by Manisha Gadia Bewtra, AICP
  2. 2. This Philadelphia building was chosen to illustrate infill redevelopment and façade improvementpotential as part of a Wharton Real Estate Entrepreneurship course while I was in graduate school.
  3. 3. Recommendations in the Aronimink Station Area Plan included creating attractivegateways at both ends of the district. Recommendations included landscaping,improving pavement conditions, re-painting crosswalks, defining a district name anddemarcating the district with welcome signs and banners, and reducing sign clutter.
  4. 4. This end of the district experienced heavier automobile traffic and did not maintain the village-likefeel of the heart of the Aronimink Station Area. Traffic calming by widening sidewalks, improvingpedestrian access by re-painting crosswalks, increasing the visibility of street name signs, and paintinga mural on the blank warehouse wall were among the recommendations for potential district gateway.
  5. 5. tThe following six images illustrateincremental changes to transform thisovergrown community gardensurrounded by broken sidewalks into awell-maintained neighborhood asset.This was used during a communitygarden visioning session at People’sHomesteading Group in Baltimore.