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Report on mud and clay


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Published in: Design
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Report on mud and clay

  1. 1.  Mud can be defined as a mixture of water and same combination of soil, silt and clay.  During early years stone, mud and other materials were used as building materials.  Instead of concrete mud was used to fill the gaps between bricks and stone.  Construction was done using crude methods and techniques though it was not as strong as concrete constructions however it helped to keep house cool during summer.
  2. 2.  Mud and clay is very good option in buildings for warm places as it keeps the building cool even in scorching heat.  In construction industry mud is a fluid material used to coat or adhere together items that dries hard such as plaster, stone, concrete etc.  It is similar to hock and lacking significant qualities of humans and often containing higher proportions of sand.  Mud can provide a home for numerous types of animals including varieties of worms, frogs, snails, etc,  After all human have used mud and clay as a building material or a sealant material.