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Poultry Planner July 2012

Poultry Planner is very popular in indian as well as internatio

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Poultry Planner July 2012

  1. 1. R.N.I. 71668/99 Vol. 1, Issue 4 | July 2012 ARTICLE Zinc complexes improve feed conversionBy Wiebe van der Sluis, Rooster45, Doetinchem, The Netherlands PRESS RELEASE “Quality Brands India 2012-14” & “Rashtriya Udyog Ratna Award” to Sushil Agrawala, Chairman Of Indian Herbs Big Dutchman No. 1 Worldwide Cover NEW APPOINTMENTS Story NFU Appoints New Director General Aviagens Claeys Appointed President of European Distribution News Protesters Cause Death of 700,000 Birds BUYERS GUIDE Poultry Incubator 10 “Quality Brands India 2012-14” & “Rashtriya Udyog Ratna Award” to Sushil Agrawala, Chairman Of Indian Herbs IAI Poultry & Meat Expo 2012 13-15 December IARI Ground, PUSA Road, New Delhi +91 9991705005, +91 9812082121
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  3. 3. From the Pen of Chief EditorEditorial CONTENTS Transgenic Chicken A New Horizon For 4 HOAVA OMEGA-3 EGG Anticancer Antiviral Drugs Now the chicken eggs, the multiutility Zinc complexes improve feed conversion highly nutritious edible articles are going 8 By Wiebe van der Sluis, Rooster45, Doetinchem, The Netherlands to explore a new horizon for the welfare of the mankind. The most wanted drugs to “Quality Brands India 2012-14” Award to 10 act against the cancer would be available in sufficient Indian Herbs, Saharanpur. quantity from the eggs of transgenic hens and the work is 12 Good Breeding & Good Manners Focus going on in full swing in the Institute of Roslin near at Arbor Acres Seminar Edinburgh, UK. Seminar Low Protein Diets for Layers by 12 A team at The Roslin Institute, near Edinburgh, UK - Evonik Degussa where, 10 years ago, Dolly appeared, the sheep that was the first ever cloned organism - has created genetically 14 Groundbreaking roofing solutions for heat insulation and water proofing modified chickens whose eggs contain cancer-fighting proteins in their white. The institute has produced five 16 Big Dutchman No. 1 Worldwide generations of transgenic birds, some 500 individuals. 18 Jab Performance Bolti hai To Duniya Sunti Hai The idea of producing the proteins involved in treatments in flocks of laying hens means they can produce in bulk, Skylark Hatcheries was Conducted 18 they can produce cheaply and indeed the raw material for Seminar in Yamunanagar this production system is quite literally chicken feed. 19 New Appointments Drugs obtained from chicken eggs would be cheaper and easier to make. One of the characteristics of lots of medical 26 Buyers Guide treatments these days is that theyre very expensive. The project is on the way for 15 years, and another five years of 28 Egg Rates trials and 10 years for developing drugs will follow. 20-24 News Office : Our Team Advertisement 923, Sector-9, Urban Estate, Karnal 132 001 (Haryana) Tel.: + 91 (184) 4033326/327, 2202174/75 Biomin India 15 Fax : + 91 (184) 2231050 Bhavana Gupta E-mail: | Website Chairman & Editor in Chief DSM 21 Editorial Policy is independent. Views expressed by Fowler Westrup (India) Pvt. Ltd. 7 authors are not necessarily those held by the editors. Registered as Newspaper by Registrar of Newspaper Vinod Kumar, General Manager IAI Expo 2012 32 for India : RNI No. 71668/99 Licensed to post at Karnal HPO under Postal Regn. No. IMV Technologies 25 PKL-91/2007-2009 Jawahar Khurana, Mkt. Manager Editorial & Advertisements may not be reproduced Indian Herbs Overseas 5 without the written consent of the publishers. Whilst every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the ISRMAX Asia 30 contents of Poultry Planner the publishers do not accept any responsibility or liability for the material Dr. S.S. Mondal, Technical Editor Microteknik 31 herein. M.V.Sc. & A.H., Ph.D. Publication of news, views and information is in the Natural Remedies 13 interest of positive poultry industrial development in India. It does not imply publisher’s endorsement. Novus 9 Unpublished material of industrial interest, not Prachi Arora, Co-editor submitted elsewhere, is invited. Poly Plastic 20 The submitted material will not be returned. Publisher, Printer - Mrs. Bhavana Gupta on behalf of Provimi 27 Pixie Publication India (P) Ltd. Karnal Manish Arora, Assistant Co-editor Printed at: Jaiswal Printing Press, Chaura Bazar, Toshniwal Systems 23 Karnal Published at: 821, Sector-13, Urban Estate Karnal 132001 (Haryana) Vamso Biotec Pvt. Ltd. 02 Ashwani Verma, Graphic Designer Editor-in-chief - Mrs. Bhavana Gupta Venky’s (India) Limited 10 All legal matters are subject to karnal jurisdiction.
  4. 4. Article HOAVA OMEGA-3 EGG Dr. M.L.KansalThe Idea of modification of diet with different fatty OMEGA-3 The HOAVA c o m p o n e n t o facid was carried out by Cruickshank in 1934. eggs are rich in arthrosclerosis.Dyerberg and Bang (1979) found positive effect of monounsaturated & Benefits of Vitamin E forOmega-3 fatty acids for Heart and Cardiovascular polyunsaturated fatty Healthdiseases. Later on in (1980) designer egg rich in n-3 acids. Omega-3 & Omega-6 (a) Antioxidant andfatty acids with anti oxidants was designed by fatty acids are essential non- antioxidant.:feeding flax seeds in layer diet and was called as because these are not Vitamin E is since longProfession Sims Designer egg. Farell (1988) synthesized by human recognized as the bodysdeveloped enriched egg with folic acid and iron. body. major lipid solubleLession (2004) in Canada produced lutein enriched When there is deficiency antioxidant and thus isegg. In India Narahari (2004) developed Herbal of Omega-3 fatty acids & DHA, the following fundamental in maintaining the integrity andenriched designer egg (HEDE). Professor S.K. symptoms are observed. functionality of the cellular membranes of all cellsTaneja (2008) at Punjab University also developed A. Excessive thirst, frequent urination, rough or of the human body. As an antioxidant, vitamin EOmega-3 eggs. DSM (2008) enriched yolk with dry bumpy skin, dry dull or lifeless hair, acts within cell membranes, protectingpigment and vitamins. dandruff, unsaturated fatty acid from oxidation. In doing so,Keeping in view the work carried out by different the vitamin gets oxidized and must be recycled and soft or brittle nails.Scientists HOAVA Omega-3 egg has been back to its active form, typically by vitamin C.developed by changing the diet of hens for Dr. B. Allergic conditions like, eczema, asthma, hay fever etc. Therefore the two vitamins are closely interlinkedKansals Herbal Odourless eggs. and often investigated jointly.HOAVA C. Visual symptoms such as poor night vision, sensitivity to bright light or visual Due to its role as an antioxidant, vitamin E has been H in HOAVA eggs stands for herbal, O for suggested for all conditions associated with disturbances.odorless & organic; A for free from antibiotics increased oxidative stress, such as cardiovascularresidues; V for rich in vitamins and A for free from D. There is poor concentration difficulties in disease, diabetes, disorders involving chronicaflatoxins residues. 100 ml liquid of HOAVA eggs working memory, and distractibility. inflammation, preeclampsia cancer neurologiccontents are also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids E. Emotional sensitivity, such as depression, disorders, endurance exercise increased exposure(400mg), DHA (100mg), CLA (400mg) Lutein excessive mood swings or undue anxiety. to oxidants and others.(125mg) and Vitamin E (15.78mg), which are F. Sleep problems especially difficulty in In addition to its antioxidant function, recentbeneficial for human health. The eggs are enriched sleeping at night and waking up in the research has demonstrated specific role of vitaminwith Omega-3, DHA, CLA, Lutein, Yolk Pigment morning. E in signal transduction, gene expression, andand very much rich in different vitamins, keeping Benefits of LUTEIN regulation of other cellular view the health of human beings. This egg is also Lutein is a carotenoid and its main role is in eye (b) Immune function: Immune functionsWorlds first egg in which all the parameters have health, specifically in reducing the risk of Age decline with age, which may related to increasedbeen combined together for best health related Macular Degeneration (AMD), which vulnerability of elderly people to infections andprogramme. occurs when the fragile center of the retina(the other diseases. Numerous studies suggest a role for HOAVA eggs are also free from pesticide residues macula) deteriorates from a lifetime of slow but vitamin E in maintaining optimal immune statusas well as free from Salmonella, E coli and other steady damage. The macula is a small area of the later in life.bacteria. Being odorless, egg drink can be prepared retina responsible for central vision, and highfrom these eggs. The layers are given vegetarian (c) Heart Health: Vitamin E has long been credited visual acuity. with a role in preventing atherosclerosis and heartfeed along with a mixture of 16 herbs. There are Poor macular health can cause oxidative stress diseases due to its beneficial effects on variousherbal residues in the egg which are having some within the retina, leading to a loss of central vision. mechanisms involved in atherosclerosisantibacterial properties. These eggs can be kept atroom temperature for more than 8 weeks without Secondly its plays a role for maintaining healthy development. Researchers at the University ofany bacterial growth. skin. Thirdly its helps in improving cardiovascular Taxas Anderson Cancer Center have reported that health by reducing arterial wall thickening, a04
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  6. 6. Article times death in men or animals. other types of bacteria, why? These produced both acute and chronic toxicities Salmonella and E-coli bacteria can cause typhoid, Comparison of Nutrients in 100g liquid eggs of HOAVA Omega-3, Dr. Kansals Herbal Odourless, with Regular Egg & Cow Milk HOAVA Dr. Kansals Regular Egg Cow Milk Nutrients Units Herbal Odorless Omega 3 Eggs Eggs/Herbal Eggs Vita-A IU 1272.16 785.60 472.60 117.00 Vita-D3 IU 380.40 120.00 49.08 0.30taking vitamin E regularly substantially reduces Vita-E mg 15.78 5.30 1.60 0.30the incidence of lung cancer. Their studies further B12 µg 4.62 3.00 0.87 0.19showed that people consuming the high amount ofvitamin E had the greatest benefit. A comparison of Biotin µg 51.60 46.92 20.00 ….the persons taking the most vitamin E with those Folic Acid mg 5.05 3.11 0.03 0.45taking the least resulted in 61% reduction in lung Thiamine mg 0.56 0.34 0.05 0.04cancer risk. Riboflavin mg 0.80 0.53 0.33 0.16Two landmark studies published in the NewEngland Journal of Medicine revealed that those Pyridoxine mg 0.006 0.003 0.06 ….who took at least 100 IU of vitamin E daily reduced Calcium mg 50.00 50.00 50.00 113.00their risk of heart disease by 59 to 66%. Researchers Phosphorus mg 240.00 240.00 200.00 90.00at Cambridge University in England reported thatpatients diagnosed to be suffering from coronary Iron mg 2.00 2.00 1.96 0.057arteriosclerosis could lower their risk of having a Sulphur mg 75.00 75.00 75.00 30.00heart attack by 77% by supplementing with 400 IUto 800 IU per day of the natural (d-Alpha Zinc mg 2.11 2.11 1.30 0.28tocopherol) form of vitamin E. Cholesterol mg 306.00 234.00 420.00 380.00Enrichment with vitamins Protein g 13.00 13.00 12.80 3.30This eggs is not only enriched with vitamin-E , but Biological Values % 96.00 96.00 96.00 84.00is also very much enriched with other fats solublevitamin-A (for eye sight and other exo(skin) andinternal lining (endo thelial linings) of digestive, ranging from deleterious effects upon the central paratyphoid, diarrhea like conditions in humanrespiratory, urinary and reproductive system, nervous, cardiovascular, pulmonary system and beings. It is an International problem to reducevitamin D3 (for calcium phosphors metabolism, digestive tract, some time leading to death. incidence of salmonella. This bacteria isdevelopment of skeletal system, embryonic Aflatoxin is associated with both toxicity and transmuted to the young chicks through hatchingdevelopment, abnormalities of joints and bone carcinogenicity in human, animal and poultry eggs contaminated with this disease.growths) and water soluble vitamins like B12 , populations. Acute aflatoxicosis results in death, HOAVA Omega-3 Egg drinksBiotin, Folic acid, Thiamine, Riboflavin, chronic aflatoxicosis in cancer, immune People should consume more eggs in summer asPyridoxine. These vitamins can be same in the suppression and other “slow” pathological the diet is deficient in proteins in this season. Thetable given below. Water soluble vitamins help for conditions. This is the reason why the eggs should eggs are not any heating effect in summer, whenthe blood formation, beri beri disease, migraine, be free from residues of aflatoxins. these eggs are consumed without addition of oil inliver functions, anti-carcinogenic, factors, The eggs should be free from Pesticides residues, different recipes. Oil (ghee) is the main culprit forcarbohydrate and protein metabolism and why? high energy and heating effect. One can preparereproductive problems (in ladies). Pesticides via food are the source of several egg drink from these eggs. These eggs areThe Biological value of egg vitamins is much mysterious diseases like cancer, epilepsy, liver and Odourless and very good in taste. The egg drinkhigher, than the vitamins consumed in the form of kidney dysfunction, depression, neuritis etc.. can be prepared in the following mannercapsules prescribed by medical practitioners. Besides causing acute and chronic toxicities, these Procedure:This egg is rich in various nutritional contents as pesticides residues are affecting in general the 1. Break 4-6 eggs in one pot.compared to other brands of eggs and Cow milk., immune system and other sensitive system leading to Immuno suppression and various metabolic and 2. Mix well the white & yolks with egg beater.Cholesterol level genetic disorders in human populations. 3. Mix sugar/ sharbat concentrate as per needThe cholesterol level in 100g of egg liquid is for 1 liter of drink. The food and Drugs act and the Food and Drug306.00mg as compared to Regular egg 420.00mg Regulations of Canada have set a zero tolerance 4. Put half liter warm water and mix thewhich is almost more than 25% low in cholesterol level for pesticides residues in eggs. contents very well.content. This low level of cholesterol also good forreducing heart problems. The eggs should be free from Antibiotics and 5. Mix ¼ liter of cold water later on. Veterinary Drug residues, why? 6. Strain the mixed contents in to another potAllergen contents The antibiotics, sulfa drugs, Nirtofuran with tea strainer. This egg is almost free from allergens. The egg has Metabolites, Nitroimidazoles drug residues inbeen given more than 20 children and adult 7. Mix 5-6 spoons of any flavored concentrate. eggs can produce resistance in the human beings.persons who were suffering from allergy due to 8. Put Ice cubes or keep in refrigerator; the drink Developed countries have banned the use ofeggs. When these eggs were served there was no antibiotics in the feed or in the drinking water to the will be ready for servicesymptoms of allergy in these persons. birds. It becomes difficult for Doctors to treat such References are available on request.The Eggs should be free from Aflatoxins patients. There is a need for sensitive test for For inquiries please Contact:residues. Why? suitable antibiotics for the treatments. The new Kansal & Kansal Agro FarmsAflatoxins are fungal metabolites (toxin) which antibiotics are much more costlier and heavy Kohand, Distt Karnal, Haryana(India)occur in a wide variety of foods and feeds and expenses needs to be done for proper treatment ofwhen ingested, inhaled or observed through skin patients. Call at: +91-98125-33722, 98120-33722causes lowered performance, sickness or some The eggs are free from Salmonella, E-coli or any Mail us at : kansalagro@gmail.com06
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  8. 8. ArticleZinc complexes improve feed conversionDietary zinc stimulates immunity and supports skeletal development, feathering and skinstrength, etc. In addition, feeding highly bioavailable sources of zinc, such as zinc complexes, tobroilers also shows improvements in gain and feed conversion.By Wiebe van der Sluis, Rooster45, Doetinchem, The Netherlands acetate 19%. It is also true that the relative biological value of zinc sources varies (see Table 1). Growth promotion effects Because of the low zinc content in some feed ingredients with varying levels of bioavailabily, it is necessary to add zinc to poultry diets. In the European Union, zinc diet contents are allowed up to 150 mg/kg feed. These levels cover largely the recommended requirements for most animals, especially when highly bioavailable zinc complexes are supplemented. When feeding zinc complexes within these legal limits, it helps decrease the severity of footpad and skin lesions, as well as improve feathering conditionZinc is an essential trace element in all living and skeletal development. Since zincsystems from bacteria, plants and animals to also stimulates the development of thehumans. Its biological function was not immune system, providing sufficientunderstood until 1934. It took another 20 years bioavailable zinc results in healthierbefore naturally occurring zinc deficiency was birds. Trials conducted in various partsrecognized as the cause of parakeratotic of the world clearly indicate that zinc(hardening and cracking) lesions of the skin of complexes have a positive effect onpigs, and slow growth, poor feathering and body weight and feed conversion inabnormal skeletal development in poultry. broilers, as well as egg production andRecent poultry literature suggests zinc shell quality in laying hens. Thesedeficiency in poultry is associated with footpad effects are more notable during heatlesions and poor carcass quality due to scratches stress.and skin damage. This made poultry producers Improved performanceand nutritionists realise that adequate dietaryzinc supplementation is critical in poultry Recently, researchers at Auburnproduction. University, Alabama, USA, investigated the influence of zincBioavailability of zinc complexes on live performance andZinc is primarily absorbed in the small intestine. carcass grade of broilers. They reportedHowever, it is known that binding form and that feed conversion was improved forother dietary ingredients can influence the female broilers fed Zn complexes at 25bioavailability of zinc. In monogastric animals, and 42 d of age and male broilers at 21 dphytate, for example, decreases zinc absorption. of age. In a follow up study, the sameDietary calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, group showed (in a trial with 1440 malenickel, copper and iron also affect zincbioavailability. Ross broilers over 49 days) a feed:gain of 1.701 versus 1.736 for broilers fed zincThere are differences in bioavailability between complexes and ordinary sulphate,various zinc sources. Most of them are quite low, respectively (Figure 1). A summary offor example: the absolute bioavailability for zinc 22 trials from Zinpro Corporationoxide is 22%, for zinc sulphate 23% and for zinc showed that feeding broilers zinc complexes improved the feed efficiencySome zinc facts3 by 3.9 points (0.039 or a 2%• Zinc is needed for immunity, cell division, improvement) when weights were cell growth, wound healing, and equalized to those of the sulphate carbohydrate metabolism. control (Figure 2). This feed efficiency• Zinc is also needed for the senses of smell advantage continued to persists even and taste. when broilers were reared to heavier• Zinc from plant sources is not as available weights (>3.4 kg). These results show for use by the body as the zinc from animal that providing sufficient zinc sources. Therefore, low-protein and complexes helps improves bird vegetarian diets tend to be low in zinc. performance.08
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  10. 10. Press Release“Quality Brands India 2012-14” Award to “Rashtriya Udyog Ratna Award” to SushilIndian Herbs, Saharanpur. Agrawala, Chairman Of Indian HerbsThe National Education & Human Resource Development Organization Rashtriya Udyog Ratna Award has been conferred by the Nationalhas conferred the “Quality Brands India 2012-14 Award” to Indian Herbs Education & Human Resource Development Organization on Shri SushilResearch & Supply Co.Ltd., Saharanpur in Mumbai recently. Indian Agrawala, Chairman of Indian Herbs Group of companies in MumbaiHerbs, established in 1951, has received this award for the excellence in recently. Shri Sushil Agrawala has been honoured for his verythe field of Ayurvedic Veterinary Medicine. Indian Herbs, under the distinguished and exceptional services during the last 40 years forguidance of its Chairman, Shri Sushil Agrawala, is the pioneer & founder developing Veterinary Ayurveda (herbal veterinary medicine) as aof the concept of herbal animal health products and herbal feed science of animal health care. This innovative work has now become aningredients and market leader since then.As per ORG veterinary market internationally recognized science and also has evolved as an industrysurvey report, Indian Herbs not only in India, but inachieved 4th ranking in 1994 around 40 other countriesovertaking leading Indian also.and multinationalVeterinary Pharma Starting from 1968 Sushilcompanies such as Pfizer, Agrawala visualized andSKF, Rhone Poulenc, gave practical shape to theCynamide, ICI, Roche, as concept of development ofwell as leading Indian herbal veterinary productscompanies like Alembic, as Veterinary Ayurveda, onWockhardt, Cadila, modern scientific linesRanbaxy etc. Since then, it including pharmacologicalcontinues to be one of the top and toxicological studies4 veterinary pharma and controlled clinical trials,companies in India the parameters which applysuccessfully competing with for scientific development ofVeterinary Pharma MNCs. any modern syntheticOut of the total AHP in India, the Shri Agrawala has receivedproducts of INDIAN HERBS many National Awards viz.represent 18 sub-therapeutic groups and rank in first three products with For Outstanding Entrepreneurship (2007), Outstanding R & Dhighest market share in their respective sub-therapeutic groups. Achievements (2008) and Outstanding Quality Products (2010) fromHimalayan Batisa has now become the flagship product of the company Govt. of India; many U.P. State Excellent Export Performance Awardsand a house hold name among the farmers and veterinarians all over (1995-96, 2004-05 & 2008-09); AIMA - Dr. J.S. Juneja Award (2007) forIndia. The statistical analysis shows that if Himalayan Batisa packs sold Creativity and Innovation from All India Management Association,in one year are stacked one over the other it would be equivalent to Delhi; “Award of Honour” (2007) from Indian Society for Veterinaryscaling Mount Everest many times every year. Medicine; Ambassador of Goodwill Award from Lions InternationalBesides Veterinary Medicines, Indian Herbs has also successfully (1991-92) etc.developed better and economical alternatives to synthetic vitamins,amino-acids and other nutrients through natural herbs, e.g. HerbalVitamin C, E, Choline as well as natural Methionine, Lysine etc. and now Sushil Agrawala has widely travelled to around 50 countries of the worldpoultry and livestock farms in India and other countries are using them for making scientific presentations on Veterinary Ayurveda and has sowith very encouraging results and satisfaction with significant savings in far personally authored 53 research papers which have been published incost as well. various national and international journals and magazines. He has givenIndian Herbs is now marketing around 200 herbal veterinary medicines Guest Lectures on invitation of many Agriculture, Veterinary and otherand feed supplements for use in animals and 30 products for use in Universities all over the country.human beings. Appreciating the concept of Veterinary Ayurveda, the achievements ofIndian Herbs has received many awards from Government of India and Sushil Agrawala have been covered on various national andState Government for manufacturing excellent quality products and for international TV channels including `Country Watch and `Country Fileoutstanding R & D achievements. programmes of BBC, UK; Doordarshan, Astha TV and PRAGYA TV etc.Indian Herbs has regularly earned very valuable foreign exchange during 1994 to 2011. The Print Media has also published about him andduring last two decades from the export of its Veterinary Ayurveda his articles in leading news-papers and magazines e.g. STRAIT TIMES,products to around 40 countries, besides establishing the concept of Malaysia (1986); Feed Mix, The Netherlands (2005); The Arab World AgriVeterinary Ayurveda all over the world, which in itself is a great image Business, Bahrain (2005); The Hindustan (Hindi) (2009 and 2010); and thebuilder for India. Hindustan Times (English), in June, 2011.10
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  12. 12. Press ReleaseGood Breeding & Good Manners Focus Seminar Low Protein Diets for Layers byat Arbor Acres Seminar Evonik DegussaNETHERLANDS - Customers from Russia and Kazakhstan had a vital Evonik Degussa India organized a seminar on low protein diets for layersinput into the agenda of their annual Arbor Acres meeting in the at Berhampore, Odisha, India. Berhampore is primarily a layer belt withNetherlands. Following a number of requests breeding was top of the a population of approximately 1.4 million layer birds. The seminar wasagenda with male management being a key talking point.In addition to presentations on managing males and females fromtransfer to peak, representatives of the five Russian and Kazakhcompanies present also discussed improving the quality of HatchingEggs and Day Old Chicks from young Parent Stock (PS) flocks as well astouching on nutrition issues during rearing and production of the flockand of course useful information on vaccinations. well attended by around 31 delegates who included almost everyone of the local layer farming community. Mr. Utpal Adhikari, sales manager for Eastern India, welcomed the guests in local language in his openingThe group was also given unprecedented access to two Dutch broilerfarms to look at different techniques used in the Netherlands. The address. Dr. Karthik Masagounder, technical sales manager for Asiafarmers answered questions and shared their experiences with the South, mentioned the importance of feeding the layer birds with lowRussian visitors. protein diets supplemented with amino acids to get the same kind ofStanley Millar, Sales Manager, Aviagen said: “Were very grateful to our performances, particularly, in a time, when raw material prices are reallypartner VIPP Agri Services B.V. for helping make this fourth technical volatile. In his second speech, Dr. Karthik compared the effects of herbalseminar the best one yet. The event was part of our on-going technical methionine sources with DL-Methionine in poultry diets, as layersupport program which we provide to all our customers. The objectives farmers sometimes get attracted to herbal methionine due to its cheaperwere to give new ideas and practices to our customers, to let them talk to prices. We also took this opportunity to introduce our new probiotic,each other to share experiences, to ask questions and get required Gallipro, to the customers in this area. Dr. Saikat Saha, businessinformation from AA technical specialists. development manager of Evonik Degussa India gave the vote of thanks“To that end we have really succeeded. The Arbor Acres bird has to the customers.performed exceptionally well in the Russian and Kazakhstanmarketplace and breeders have really engaged with the technical teamsto get the best performance from the birds.” Ukraine Bans Chinese Poultry ImportsPresentations were made by Stanley Millar, Technical Manager Dejan UKRAINE - Ukraine has banned poultry imports from sevenBosanac, Veterinarian Akos Klausz, Incubationist Timea Torma, and administrative territories of China because of outbreaks of highlyNutritionist Eija Helander. In addition to the theory and practical pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) on their territory.examples, delegates also enjoyed the poultry museum at Barneveld and Information about the ban was sent out in a telegram by Statethe flower garden at Keukenhof. Veterinary Inspector Volodymyr Horzheyev, the press service of theMarina Cherekaeva, Sales Director, VIPP Agri Services B.V.,added: “I am State Veterinary and Biosecurity Service of Ukraine reported.very pleased with the programme we put together for our customers this According to KyivPost, in particular, the ban is in effect for theyear. We did our best to meet their requirements and give them as much provinces of Gansu, Liaoning, Yunnan, the Tibet Autonomousinformation as possible. Such meetings are always very useful, they Region, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, the Xinjiang Uygurstimulate the dialogue between the Arbor Acres team and our customers Autonomous Region, and the Island of Taiwan.and that helps us in establishing long-term cooperation.” IAI Expo 2012 News 13-15 December Leading Exhibition on Poultry & Livestock Industry IARI Ground, PUSA Road, New Delhi 923, Sector-9, Urban Estate, Karnal (Hry.) +91 9991705005, +91 9812082121,
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  14. 14. ArticleGroundbreaking roofing solutions for heat insulationand water proofing Atul Khanna Ajay MohtaSupreme Industries has been on the fore front of In line with this, Supreme offers INSUreflector- a bathrooms & terrace gardens. DURAmembraneintroducing path-breaking plastics for myriad radiant heat reflective insulation material made can not only be used in new constructions but alsoapplications in diverse industries. The company, of polyethylene air bubble film (ABF) laminated at the time of repair of a structure,” points outestablished in 1942, offers unique roofing with aluminum foil on one or both sides. The Ajay, already popular in the industry. bright surface of the aluminium foil reflects 96 per It does not absorb water at all. Its K value doesSupremes protective packaging division plays cent to 99 per cent infra-red radiation received by not deteriorate. “Talking about evaluationthe role of a solution provider to clients in diverse the surface of a heated slate roof. It protects the against bitumen based products we all know thatindustries, specifically in the application areas of building from undesirable heat gain. The thin bitumen disintegrates after contact with water.Packaging & Cushioning, Insulation and reflective foil having low emissivity and high Further, over a period it catches fungi and alsoConstruction. The division is a part of Supreme reflectivity when installed with an air space starts melting during summer, thus lowering itsgroup, who is an acknowledged leader of Indias restricts the transfer of far-infrared radiation puncture resistant strength. The striking featureplastic industry, handling over 2,30,000 tonnes of making it an ideal material to be used for of DURAmembrane is that it has a very goodpolymers annually and having the group underdeck application. puncture resistance of 199 N (Test method -turnover in excess of Rs. 4,500 crore. INSUshield is a non-fibrous, fire retardant ASTM E154: 1999) and being polymer based, itSupreme offers INSU and DURA range of (Class O in fire propagation and class 1 in wont deteriorate also over a long period,” addsproducts for roofing and thermal insulation surface spread of flame), closed cell, tri Mohta.applications. dimensional chemically cross-linked Quality at its best: A methodical, systematic andInnovative INSUlations polyethylene foam. An ideal environment stringent approach to quality ensures durability friendly insulation material, with a perfectEnergy is the single largest operating expense and to all their products. The company adheres to solution for all your insulation needs for ducts,accounts for over $100 billion in expenses for roofs, pipes, vessels, etc. The divergentcommercial buildings each year. With a view to advantages of INSUshield are ease ofimprove efficiency and enable conservation of installation, low thermal conductivity and goodenergy, the Thermal Insulation Division of moisture and vapour resistance preventingSupreme provides top-of-the-line insulation microbial growth and optimum condensationsolutions with its INSU range of products. Each protection.of the products that Supreme offers i.e.INSUshield FR, closed cell chemically We strongly recommend that all buildings wherecrosslinked polyethylene, INSUboard - Extruded human effort is involved or where the process sopolystyrene and INSUreflector - Radiant barrier requires, be insulated for a better workingare for the purpose of saving energy in different environment & productivity.segments of the industry and for different DURAroofil (Formerly SIL ROOFIL) are customised, light weight, resilient, soft, polymer international quality standards whileapplications. based closed cell profiles for PEB structures. manufacturing products. ISO 9001:2000 and ISOSupremes Thermal Insulation Division offers 14001 certifications and NABL accreditation forsolutions in the following areas: DURAmembrane keep dampness at bay various plants is a testimony to their serious- Underdeck insulation in PEBs, textile units, DURAmembrane is a new offering in the approach to quality.malls, airports etc. portfolio of competent and DURAble products of It is strongly recommend that all buildings where- Ducting Insulation in hospitals, shopping the Construction Accessories Division. human effort is involved or where the process somalls, airports, PEBs, IT/ BPO etc. DURAmembrane is a new generation, cost requires, be insulated for a better working effective solution for waterproofing of basements- Pipe insulation for split AC tubings, chiller environment & productivity. and roofs. It is a versatile material, capable ofpiping, drain pipes, chilled water lines etc. retaining the dryness of concrete, masonry, metal Contact details further enquiries:- Floor insulation in server rooms, data and wood structures and is resistant to salts, Underdeck Insulation mail us atcentres, medical & diagnostic centres, and control alkalis, and most acids. “Supreme is the only or call on +91-rooms for petrochemicals manufacturer of this type of water proofing 98190529116- Overdeck and wall insulation in membrane in India. It can be used for applications Waterproofing please mail us atcommercial buildings, residential buildings, cold like - concrete roof waterproofing, basement or call on 91-9831020808 /storages etc. waterproofing and also water proofing of 981049555014
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  16. 16. Cover Story Big Dutchman No. 1 Worldwide Big Dutchman today is a formidable force in the Pig and Poultry Equipment Industry World Wide. The story started in 1938 when two brothers, Jack and Dick DeWitt invented the worlds first automatic poultry feeding system (chain Feeder). This they sold around the agricultural shows in the mid west of the United States under the name of Automatic Poultry Feeder Company. The story goes that to encourage potential customers to their stand they dressed a “large” man in traditional Dutch clothing and he walked the show directing potential customers to the stand. This caused the people to say “let us go to the Big Dutchman”, hence the name of the company which we all know today Big Dutchman was founded. The Meerpohl Family became involved in Big Dutchman in 1958 when Joseph Meerpohl acquired the agency to market Big Dutchman equipment in Germany. From that early start success came and his agency flourished under his steady guiding hand. Over the years there have been a few twists and turns but eventually in 1985 Joseph Meerpohl structured a management buy-out of Big Dutchman from Hanson Trust and he secured the rights for worldwide sales except for North and South America. At this time as it still is today, Calveslage, the seat of the family home become the International Head Quarters for Big Dutchman and the start of the phenomenal growth begins. The growth was and still is in the main due to the companys old strengths and values which are still the basic values of the company today. These are: to be fair, never leave a problem as we should always try our very best to satisfy our customers and if we get it wrong put it right as we should never knowingly lose a customer through dissatisfaction. The company now employs approx. 2000 people worldwide and has a turnover for 2010/11 of nearly $1.00 billion. Both the number of people and the turnover continues to grow as the demand for pig and poultry equipment continues unabated. In Calveslage, the companys head office and the family home, there are16
  17. 17. Cover Storyapproximately 900 people employed; the peopleare involved in sales, marketing, productdevelopment, logistics, IT, accounts and H & R.We do not manufacture at our head office butsimply consolidate and distribute systems fordispatch throughout the world.At Calveslage there are over 200 engineers whodesign, develop and trial new innovations.These engineers work in conjunction with ourengineers throughout the world to developproducts suitable for the markets we serve. Thislevel of engineering development is essential asthe pig and poultry market is an ever changingmarket and we have to cater for our customersneeds all over the world. Weekly there are newchallenges to stimulate the activity within ourtechnical departments and this ensures we stayin tune with the markets we serve. The role ofthe engineer is to look at the most cost effectivemethods of achieving the market requirementsand they have to be alert to new manufacturingmethods and new material which can be used. Itis essential that the products we supply to ourcustomers achieve the performance levels andlength of life which our customers have come toexpect from Big Dutchman.Computerization has become a significant partof any livestock production operation and avalued management tool. Today we usecomputers for ventilation, feeding both wet (forpigs) and dry, lighting, egg flow, bird weighing,feed weighing, water monitoring, recording ofdata etc. The technology and innovation is never market leader, there are Big Dutchman regional company was founded on a single product, theending as the demands of our customers leads head offices / logistic centers in Germany, USA, chain feeder, and today we cover feeding,us forward coupled with our own views and Brazil, Russia, Malaysia, China, and South drinking, egg production systems, eggvisions for the future the new products are Africa. In addition to this the company has over collection, ventilation, air cleaning, manuredeveloped. This is evident from the awards we 200 representative offices and agents in over 80 handling etc and the range continues to grow Ihave achieved in the field of electronics. The first countries worldwide. do not feel we will be short of work!major award was a very prestigious World The future of Big Dutchman is in safe hands with The success of Big Dutchman is that it is a familyPoultry Award for its revolutionary Amacs Egg the current generation of Meerpohls and they business with the true virtues of a familyFlow System, this controls the flow of eggs to the continue to heavily invest in product business, Mr. Joseph Meerpohl (80) still has anpacking station supplying the correct number of development. As stated earlier we sell Pig and office and works from the companys headeggs to the grading or packing machine to Poultry equipment but we also have BD quarters in Calveslage near Vectha in Northernoptimize throughput. This is done by knowing AgroRenewables GmbH & Co.KG (Biogas), BD Germany. His son Bernd runs Big Dutchmanthe exact number of eggs per meter of egg belt. Wolking (feed mills), BD Fish (modern indoor with his second son Dirk being involved in theOur second award came a year later in 2008 fish farming). families other activities. Josephs daughters alsowhen Big Dutchman also achieved 70 years of India offers Big Dutchman another great play import roles within the day to day activitiesexistence. In that year the company was opportunity to supply the companys vast range of this ever growing enterprise.awarded another Gold Medal but this time by of well tried and tested products which have This family contact which has been seen bythe DLG for its EggCam. The EggCam provides been successful throughout the world however many of our Indian customers reinforces thethe information for counting and evaluating the they will be tailored to the Indian markets customers trust in a brand which has not lookedeggs as they pass underneath this ingenious specific needs. India wants to increase food back since Joseph and now his son Bernd tookdevise. production for both its home market plus due to over the helm.Big Dutchman is a family orientated business lower production costs India has theand family orientation allows for quick opportunity to export and India will grasp thisdecisions and direct customer contact. opportunity. If we look at the current Indian For any query please contact :Listening to our customers is why Joseph market production and the current and future Mr. Philip DyeMeerpohl has always told his team to “drink tea potential there is at least a decade of work in thiswith your customers”. This ensures as a exciting market simply helping it reduce its Ph: +91-40-23551192company we listen to our customers and we production costs and labour requirements. This Email: bigd@bigdutchmanusa.comshould then understand their needs and wants coupled with the never ending changes inand dont simply think we know what is legislation which cover welfare, omissions, food Fax: +91-40-23551183required. safety, minimum wages and health and safety and many others the industry throughout theBeing able to react quickly to change is essential world will continuously be facing change. Dontas all over the world we have change in forget, change is opportunity and opportunity islegislation, market demand and retailer profit.requirements. Change offers many opportunities for the yearsFrom its humble beginnings 74 years ago Big to come and when you consider that theDutchman today is truly the International17
  18. 18. Press ReleaseJab Performance Bolti hai To Duniya Sunti Hai feet per Birds in Boiler farming. Near about 40 farmers was present in the meeting. Dr. Manoj Dhama advised farmers to give proper space (1.5 sq. feet per Birds in Broiler farming) to the Birds. So that farmers can get good profits. Dr. Dhama also advised farmers about the litter condition in rainy season Dr. Manoj Dhama suggested farmers rice fogger at starting in Brooding at least minimum for 10 days and advised for proper feeders & drinkers.A Symbol of quality and trust. Unnat Feeds Pvt. Dr. Dhama advised farmers to use all in and allLtd. Organized a Technical Poultry Seminar at out system in Broiler farmers.Naini, Allahabad on 13 July 2012 at 11 AM in his Mr Bunty, Mr. Sultan, Mr. Ahshan, Mr. NavedFeed Mill. and many farmers was present in the meeting.This meeting was specially organized to discuss All Staff of Unnat Feeds Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Ratanthe problems of rainy season in Poultry Farms. Thakur (A/c. Manager), Mr. Sukhdev SharmaDr. Manoj Dhama Corporate GM of Unnat (A/c. Officer), Mr. Amit Chahal (Senior PlantFeeds Pvt. Ltd. Some farms near Allahabad and Operator) was present in the meeting.specially near Karchhana, Dist.-Allahabad. At last Dr. Manoj Dhama gave a lot of thanks toFarmers are not giving proper space to the Birds presenting farmers & staff and invited forin Broiler farming. They are giving 0.3 to 0.5 sq. breakfast.Skylark Hatcheries Conducted Toshniwal PowderSeminar in Yamunanagar Transfer System The Powder Transfer System is unique dry material transfer system for dust free and avoid to human touch.Skylark hatcheries Pvt of the reputed broiler and layer farmers of the Yamunanagar The Principle of Vacuum Transfer has beenname in Indian poultry industry ,after and Saharanpur. proven to be better way to move many types ofsuccessful technical seminar in Dr.vikas,veterinary officer Barwala,give the materials. The technology exists for movingPanipat,Panchkula and Sangrur next session vote of thanks and invite all the guest for virtually and material that can be pulledwas conducted in Yamunanagar on 23rd june at cocktail and dinner. through a hose or tube. The System consists ofhotel Madhu. Vacuum Pump, receiver with filter and HoseAfter welcome address by Dr.Uday,veterinary Pipe, etc.officer Barwala,technical session started by the The Vacuum Conveying System designedDr.Brajesh Tikarya, Area technical Manager specifically for the direct charge loading ofHariyana,Dr.brajesh delivered speech on mixers, sifter, milling reactor vessels andBrooding and growing management .he packing machine etc.emphasized the role of body weight and The Vacuum Transfer System is used in Feeduniformity and its effect on the laying period ,he industries for transferring of Minerals,is also explained how the Bovan white layers vitamins, powder additives for manufacturinggive the benefit to the farmer. feed premix / supplements etc.Dr.S.K Bhardwaj,Quality control manager For Further details please contactSkylark feeds, highlighted the quality of feeds Toshniwal Systems & Instruments Pvt Ltdand selection of the good ingredient 267 Kilpauk Garden Road, Chennai - 600 010ingredient.Dr.Bhardwaj explain the how tocompany maintain the good qualiy standard Tel: 044-26448983 / 26448558/ 28445626and how to producing world class quality Email : / Web :feed.he is also discussing the nutritive value of www.toshniwal.netdifferent feed ingredients.The seminar was attended by the more then 10018
  19. 19. New Appointments Cobb Global Animal Aviagens Claeys Appointed President of European Distribution Welfare Appointment EU - Aviagen announces that Patrick Claeys has been appointed as President GLOBAL - Dr Kate of European Distribution for the Aviagen Group, replacing Brian Whittle. Barger has been Patrick has a long and successful history with Aviagen, as a distributor and appointed director of since 2003 as General Manager of Aviagen EPI. world animal welfare Randall Ennis, CEO of Aviagen, commented that, “Patrick has an excellent for Cobb. knowledge and understanding of the poultry industry throughout Europe Dr Barger received a and will bring this expertise to the Executive Management Board. Patrick will veterinary medicine announce a new General Manager for the Aviagen EPI operations in the near degree from North future allowing him to focus on his broader European responsibilities.” Dr Kate Barger Patrick Claeys Carolina State University in 2002 and completed a one-year avian medicine specialty programme at the National Autonomous University of NFU Appoints New Director General Mexico (UNAM) as a Rotary International UK - The National Farmers Union has appointed Andy Robertson as its new Scholar. Director General. She began her career with Cobb as export manager in 2003 and two years later became Mr Robertson, who will take up the role in the autumn, has a strong manager of sales and technical service for the background in farming and agriculture having previously served as Chief Mexico, Central America and Caribbean region. Executive of NFU Scotland and in government as Scotlands Chief In 2009, she moved to the UK to support Cobb Agricultural Officer. Europe as the company veterinarian and quality assurance manager, responsible for managing NFU President Peter Kendall said: “ programs involving biosecurity, animal welfare “I would also like to express my gratitude to Kevin Roberts for his work and and avian health. support over the past two and a half years as Director General. Kevin has invested in developing She will be working with external researchers the leadership capability within the NFU and has developed structures which place the NFU in a and allied industries to improve the very strong position for the future.” understanding of the combined effect of genetics, environment and management on the Andy Robertson, who is currently working as Assistant Director for Transport and Environment birds well-being. She will also support at East Sussex County Council, said: “I am delighted with this opportunity to lead the NFU and to customer needs in aspects of animal welfare and work back in an organisation I passionately believe in and care about. I look forward to working will work closely with company leaders to with the members and staff to promote and support British farmers and farming.” develop animal welfare guidelines and resource materials. Protesters Cause Death of 700,000 Birds Egg Committee Seeks INDIA - 700,000 birds died when a mob cut allowed to set up such a unit so close to the Wheat for Poultry Feed off the power supply to a poultry farm in villages and what kind of chemicals were Vizianagaram district, which cut the air being used in the plant. INDIA - The National Egg Coordination conditioning and caused asphyxiation. A settlement appeared possible as the Committee (NECC) has asked the Union A mob barged in to the Radha Sakku Agrio Government to allocate 1 million tonnes of wheat Chipurupally police station sub inspector Bio Pharma and switched off the power for poultry industry. Adbul Maroof and revenue divisional officer supply. When the staff tried to start the M Shankar Rao assured the people that a The Committee felt that this was necessary to help generator they were attacked and beaten up general village meeting would be called on the poultry farmers to meet the feed leading to the massive death of the birds. The July 22 to solve the matter and company requirements, following sharp increase in prices company officials have said that it caused a of maize and soya meal the essential feed officials would give an explanation. The loss of Rs210 million. ingredients. company officials also assured that they will The long drawn protest by the local people take necessary action to stop the smell coming “The price of maize has gone up to Rs 1,400 fromNews against the pollution and the stink emitting from their premises. Rs 950-1,000 a quintal last year. The price of soya from the poultry farm in Karlam village meal has increased to Rs 3,750 from Rs 1,800 a But the situation suddenly got out of hand as quintal. The prices of other coarse grains such as under Chirupally mandal of Vizianagaram district took an ugly turnon Wednesday another group of villagers attacked the jowar and bajra too have gone up significantly,” when hundreds of people from surrounding company and ransacked it, switching off the the Committee said in a press release. villages staged a sit in protest in Karlam power supply. Though the police later used It alleged that forward trading, speculation and demanding the closure of the unit, claiming force to disperse the mob the restoration of hoarding were the reasons for the sharp increase that the stink and the pollution was adversely power supply took a very long time. Deputy in prices of these feed ingredients. As a result, the affecting their health. general manager of the company Sitrama break-even level for egg production has gone up The poultry farm belongs to the Radha Sakku Raju was also injured in the attack. to Rs 3 from Rs 2.25 a year ago. Agro Bio Pharma company which also runs Officials said that the birds were kept in air The break-even price level for broiler production other businesses from the same premises. conditioned halls as the region is still in the has increased to Rs 61 from Rs 53 a year ago. “In grip of a heat wave. the absence of corresponding increase in farm- The local police and revenue department Tension has gripped the area and additional gate prices to offset the increase in input costs, officials tried to sort out the issue by talking police forces have been deployed in Karlam millions of farmers are making losses,” it said. to the local leaders and the company officials. and surrounding villages. It appealed to the Union Ministry of Consumer The protestors led by the primary The total loss to the company has not yet been Affairs, Food and Public Distribution to intervene agricultural committee S Srinivasulu fully estimated. and ensure allocation of wheat for the poultry demanded to know how the farm had been industry. 19
  20. 20. News Lighting for Poultry, Beware the BuyerGLOBAL - Over the next few weeks you will has been asked to visit several farms that havebecome more and more aware that the 60w and had lighting solutions installed using LEDs as40w incandescent light bulbs are disappearing an alternative to Fluorescent Tubes and CFLs,from supermarket shelves and more and more one even used the basis of a design it had putconcern is being shown over the issues of the together for the customer but then they wereMercury contained in CFLs being used in the offered a cheap production chain, its simply very toxic. The following picture shows the poor results:Over the past 5 years Agrilamp, has been An Led Tube simply does not provide andworking to ensure that you have a product that output of light that will work in a standardwas developed expressly for use in the Poultry fluorescent tube housing in a poultry house (itEnvironment, be it for Layers or Broilers in a might be OK for an office). They might fit andbarn with queen posts or open span, multi tier or they will give off a lot of light, but the housingslats and so on. Studying the research and the lens optics are not designed for this typeperformed by countless Poultry Scientist over of light source. Apart from the black and whitethe past twenty years or more and presently patches seen here on the floor, the areas that arefurther advancing the research in conjunction lit have wavy lines where the lens of the housingwith a number of universities around the world, Agrilamp is tested on a twenty-four hour separates the rows of LEDs in the tube.we have achieved our initial goal. To provide a average usage, because thats what you do with Prototypes of LED tubes for poultry use were them and Glo Lighting offers a properrange of Poultry Lighting products that for the built some years ago and it found that a simplefirst time were built for purpose. guarantee to support that. retrofit solution was not a simple task and atTo compliment this, Glo Lighting has used the While these farmers may have in the short term present Glo Lighting does not sell an LED tubelatest technological software applications to saved a few pounds they ultimately will have to for poultry production use. They simply dontidentify the very best installation layouts to pay for the labour to pick up the floor eggs. Of work as well. The company just knows youdeliver an even and controllable intensity of course the company will do everything we can would not be happy with the results.light to meet the highest standards of energy to help them to solve the problem quickly. In another building a cheap domestic LED hadefficiency, bird performance and welfare Agrilamp distributors around the world are been installed which put a bright spot of light onanywhere in the world today. supported by the provision of training and the floor not what the farmer expected when heOf course there would be a time when some software to avoid these problems and use only was told its just the same as Agrilamp. Glocompetition would be seen in the market and the highest standards of measurement that are Lighting installed several Agrilamp next to itthis would be a healthy thing for any new tested independently to ensure the very best and achieved an even distribution of light, justtechnology as this shows that the market is solutions for you. what the doctor ordered.growing and that the solutions are being taken If in doubt email Glo Lighting and they will Please remember that the vast majority of Lightseriously. provide you with free advice so that you can bulbs of any kind are tested on the basis thatHowever buyer beware! Recently Glo Lighting choose wisely. their average use will be 3.5 hours per day.Breeding Adaptability as aGenetic TraitINDIA - The poultry breeding in India is successful. The advantages arebeing able to adapt to the climate fluctuations, accepting average feedand bouncing back into production after problems of a lower qualityfeed, high temperatures and disease challenges to fine a profitable end tothe cycle, according to a research paper by Dr T. Kotaiah from IndbroResearch & Breeding Farms.The study concludes that poultry breeding for efficiency alone may notcontinue.The investment on poultry housing and infrastructure is going up andfeed ingredients of good quality are getting expensive and may not beavailable.A change in environmental requirements will mean birds could becomeexposed to low level of common infections without treatment and thebirds will simply have to cope with this.The study says that the birds should perform well in low investmenthouses, with lower quality feed and withstand some amount ofinfections without using high order medicines.However, the more practical way is to breed the birds under similarconditions.The initial data shows that the "Adaptability" can be built up in the flockas a genetic trait.The birds breed under suboptimal conditions perform even better, whenbetter environment is given.Inputs such as manpower and investments also make it favourable to dothis and the growing markets will accept these birds more favourably.20
  21. 21. 21
  22. 22. NewsPoultry CRC wins CRCA Floods Destroy Poultry Farms andCollaboration and Innovation Award Leave Thousands Food InsecureThe Poultry Cooperative Research Centre (Poultry CRC) has been BANGLADESH - Thousands of people have been left food insecure afterrecognised for its collaborative efforts with industry and research extensive flooding, landslides and flash floods in eastern Bangladesh atpartners in the development of a vaccine against fowl cholera, Vaxsafe® the end of June. Crops and seed stocks have been badly damaged and itPM. will be three to four months before farmers are able to replant.The award, for significant innovation in Agriculture and Food, was made "We need to support the villagers now or we will face serious foodat the Cooperative Research Centres Association (CRCA) Conference on shortages in the region soon,” Matiur Rahman, director of theMay 16. As CEO of the CRCA, Professor Tony Peacock, explains "the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, (BDRCS) told IRIN. “Until the nextAustralian Collaborative Innovation awards are an exciting harvest we need to support the communities with cash and seedlings.” development, as they celebrate research that Fazlul Haque, Joint Secretary of the Disaster Management and Relief makes an impact and is Division (DMRD), said the loss of rice paddies and livestock in the floods out there actually had badly shaken the livelihoods of millions who depend on agriculture. transforming the lives The government estimates that more than 1,000 hectares of seasonal of Australians". crops were destroyed in eastern Bangladesh, while scores of poultry Vaxsafe® PM is a live farms and fish hatcheries were swept away. Poultry CRC CEO, Professor Mingan Choct attenuated vaccine “The Ministry of Agriculture is closely monitoring the situation in order providing broad to allocate aid to the farmers,” Haque said. “But rescue operations areprotection against different strains of Pasteurella multocida, the now over and we are concentrating on relief aid, providing tarpaulins,causative agent of fowl cholera. It has been developed over an eight year plastic sheeting, medicine, dry food and water purification tablets toperiod in a collaborative effort between The University of Melbourne, affected districts.”Bioproperties Pty Ltd and the Poultry CRC. An estimated five million people were affected by days of exceptionallyPoultry CRC CEO, Professor Mingan Choct, said at the time, "thedevelopment of this innovative product is the direct outcome of an heavy rain, and the government says some 58,000 were displaced, butextraordinary collaborative effort. Without the specific expertise each humanitarian partners on the ground say the real number wascollaborator was able to provide, this would not have been possible to significantly higher.achieve". At least 131 people in four districts lost their lives when houses collapsedWith conservative estimates of $13M savings annually for the Australian and roads were flooded, the DMRD reported. Among the eight districtspoultry industry, which accounts for less than 1% of the global poultry impacted, Sylhet District in the northeast, and Chittagong, Coxs Bazar,industry, the development of Vaxsafe® PM represents the type of real- and Bandarban districts in the southeast were the worst output that can be achieved under a collaborative model like the At the beginning of July, the World Food Programme (WFP) inCRC Program. "The poultry industry is a major contributor to Australias Bangladesh conducted a rapid needs assessment in the three mostfood basket. Without continued innovation and successful collaboration affected districts in the southeast, where more than 100,000 people lostin this sector we will fail to meet the challenges of feeding a growing their homes and are in need of immediate assistance.population", said Professor Choct. Most of the displaced had returned to their homes by 11 July, WFPPoultry CRC would like to take this opportunity to thank our reported. “There will of course be an impact on food security becauseparticipants and researchers, in particular, Dr Peter Scott, Dr Rima Youil,Dr David Tinworth and many other staff members from The University seedbeds have been affected, but it is difficult to quantify this currently,”of Melbourne and Bioproperties who made this success possible. said Michael Dunford, WFP deputy country director. “The next harvestProfessor Kevin Whithear of The University of Melbourne was our season is not until October. WFP and others will continue to monitor theprogram manager to whom we owe our sincere thanks. situation.”Poultry Sector in Andhra Seeks Subsidy in Rice, WheatINDIA - Andhra Pradesh Poultry Federation trading in the commodity. “The requirement of(APPF) joint secretary N. Nageswara Rao has the domestic consumption should beasked the Ministry for Consumer Affairs and considered before allowing further exports,” hePublic Distribution to allot at least 2 million added.tonnes of wheat and rice at subsidised rates to He said that the AP produced seven crore eggsthe poultry farmers who were facing hardships per day, which is one third of countrys eggowing to higher feed price which comprises of production and three crore broilers per monthmaize and soya. accounting for one tenth of the countrys broiler, Mr Rao said that poultry industry was facing a production. “The poultry industry is providingsevere crisis owing to abnormal increase in the employment to more than six lakh peopleprices of maize and soyameal which were mostly in rural areas,” he added.principal feed ingredients. “The price of maize At the national-level the poultry industrywhich was Rs.840 per quintal two years ago has contributed Rs.60,000 billion to the GNP andgone up to Rs.1,350 per quintal and that of soya provided employment to over six millionhas gone up to Rs.4,300 per quintal from people. Mr Rao said. “In addition, two lakhRs.1,700 per quintal. maize and four lakh soyabean farmers areThe yield of maize was 19 million tonnes last of broilers to Rs.90 per kg,” he pointed out. directly dependent on this sector because 80 peryear and that of soya 11.50 million tonnes in the Mr Rao said that the Government should cent of the maize and a substantial share ofcountry. This has resulted in the increase in the channelize soyameal exports to Iran through soyameal produced in the country are utilisedcost of production of an egg to Rs.3.25 and that Government agencies and also ban forward by the poultry industry,”22