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Famous user-generated content marketing campaign - JustKapture Innovations


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Apple, GoPro, Coca-cola, etc. All are using UGC Marketing and getting great results.

Benefits of UGC Marketing-
1) It's the most effective marketing. It's like word-of-mouth publicity.
2) It's Cheap
3) It's Organic

Real People, Real Content and Real Conversion!
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Famous user-generated content marketing campaign - JustKapture Innovations

  1. 1. Famous UGC Marketing Campaigns
  2. 2. Retail Industry
  3. 3. ● GoPro is a manufacturer of action cameras that are mostly used in adventure sports. ● It has become an enjoyment platform for people to showcase their videography and photography and get the best user generated content. ● Result : According to the Content Marketing Institute, at least 6,000 GoPro tagged videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. They have over 4 million subscribers.
  4. 4. Takeaway ● Give your users chance to showcase their hidden side with your product and they will become your brand- ambassadors. ● Find out what your customers want and will ready to do, leverage that knowledge to increase user engagement.
  5. 5. E-commerce
  6. 6. ● The active wear line Outdoor Voices knows how to encourage UGC that feels authentic. Instead of exclusively focusing on their products, the brand asks users to capture moments when they are #doingthings that are active and fun. ● The UGC in this campaign feels sincere because it highlights the individual, not just the business. ● OV uses this strategy to advance its brand of daily, fun recreation — building both emotional connection and a wider social conversation. ● Result: Thousands of photos turnout and acted as word of mouth for OV.
  7. 7. Takeaway ● Highlight how your product is used in everyday lives. Showing users your product in action will make it easy for them to imagine themselves using your products.
  8. 8. Hospitality Industry
  9. 9. ● Loews Hotels started a campagin called- “Nobody tells our story better than you”. It encouraged its guests to share their experiences at Loews Hotels using the hashtag #TravelForReal ● ‘Travel for Real’ is the real deal, through the eyes, and lenses, of their guests who loved the time they had at Loews. ● Result: The campaign was wildly successful, having received over 35,000 images.
  10. 10. Takeaway ● It’s important to see your brand from customers perspective, it gives you many ideas and feedback about your services and offerings and also reduces cost of marketing and give you more credible content. ● Think outside the box and make basic activities like feedback interesting, so that your customers participate happily and engage more with your brand.
  11. 11. B2B Industry
  12. 12. ● The UPS Store uses its Instagram to showcase small business owners. ● Small business owners on Instagram post content using the hashtag #TheUPSStoreCustomer, which The UPS Store then shares to its own account ● This is a clever UGC campaign if the products and services themselves aren't especially sexy. ● Instagram posts featuring packing tape, shipping peanuts, and cardboard boxes might not be visually interesting, but behind-the- scenes stories of real people and brands are.
  13. 13. Takeaway ● Use UGC to showcase an unexpected or unique aspect of your brand. ● Whether it's content from your customers, your users, or members of your community, ask other Instagrammers to submit content that shows "the other side" of what your brand is all about.
  14. 14. Automotive Industry
  15. 15. ● Car company BMW uses #BMWRepost to share Instagram posts of proud BMW owners and their wheels ● BMW sells luxury cars to owners who are undoubtedly proud of their achievement, and this campaign gives owners the opportunity to show off -- and lets BMW show off its proud and loyal base of customers ● Result- 15 Lac Repost
  16. 16. Takeaway ● Give customers and users a platform from which they can brag about their purchase. You don't need to sell luxury items -- there are plenty of everyday brands with cult followings who love to get engaged on social media about why they love shopping and buying from certain brands. ● Create a hashtag that lets customers share why they love you, and they'll love you back.
  17. 17. Education Industry
  18. 18. ● University of Chicago indulges in UGC Marketing with unique local insights, offbeat political pieces, entertaining faculty videos and host other creative initiatives regularly. ● It published everything on its news site, UChicago News, the institution educates, inspires and offers continual value. In turn, this has helped to boost brand awareness and showcase the University of Chicago’s forward-thinking outlook on education. ● Result : It earned mentions in high-profile academic sites such as Scientific American, it’s clear to see the value UChicago News offers regarding news, information and unique insights.
  19. 19. Takeaway ● To drive more traffic to an institution's website and remain relevant and valuable to potential students, it’s key to consider focusing time and investment on producing a microsite dedicated to interesting, niche content on a regular basis.