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Foss for Android

Free and Open Source Software for Android
Android Alternatives
#F-Droid #FOSS

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Foss for Android

  1. 1. FOSS for Android I am Manimaran.K Free software activist and Mobile Application Developer.
  2. 2. F-Droid ● F-Droid is a community-maintained software repository for Android, similar to the Google Play store. ● F-Droid contains only Free and Open source android applications. ● Alternative of Play Store Link :
  3. 3. Features of F-Droid ● Only Free and Open source android applications. ● Ad Free Apps. - That means No Ads in Any app. ● No proprietary apps. ● No need Account login. ● No need Google play services.
  4. 4. How Do I Belive F-Droid Apps ? F-Droid have the Verification-server mechanism to verify the apps before publish. That Verification server ensures, 1. Everything in the release APK come from the source code and nothing was inserted or included during the build process. 2. Also verifying that the build is not including proprietary libraries. 3. Continuously check the new updates also. More details :Verification Server
  5. 5. App Information in F-Droid Following details we can see in app information screen. 1. Licence of the app 2. Source code link 3. What are the defects/issues pending in this app. 4. Change log for every releases 5. Website link 6. What are the permissions needed for this app. 7. Every versions of apk file. 8. App description and screenshots
  6. 6. Useful Apps - Screen cam - Screen stream - Free Tamil E-Books - Super Tax Kart - Simple Gallery Pro - Signal - AnExplorer Pro - Stringlate - PDF converter - Etar - Gadgetbridge - Loop habit tracker
  7. 7. More Links ● ● Submitting to F-Droid Quick Start Guide ● Verification Server ● ●
  8. 8. Thanks To All Manimaran.K Blog -> Mail -> Mobile -> 9600789681 Mastodon -> Riot ->