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Manhattan Neighborhood Network: Annual Report 2013


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Manhattan Neighborhood Network is the nation's largest community media center. Founded in 1992, Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) is Manhattan’s free, public access cable network. We operate two media production and education facilities in Manhattan and run four cablecast channels (Community, Lifestyle, Spirit, and Culture), reaching 620,000 cable subscribers in the borough.

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Manhattan Neighborhood Network: Annual Report 2013

  1. 1. Mcnhcmon Neighborhood Network MANHATTAN’S COMMUNITY MEDIA ANNUAL REPORT 2013
  2. 2. MNN Midtown 537 West 59th Street New York, NY 10019 (Between 10th and 11th Avenues) Phone: 212.757.2670 Fax: 212.757.1603 Email: comments@mnn. org MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center 175 East 104th Street New York, NY 10029 (Between Lexington and 3rd Avenues) Phone: 212.757.2670 X200 Fax: 212.757.1603 Email: firehouse@mnn. org facebook. com/ mnn537 ® In 2 2 H ‘C 3 ‘< f' twitter. com/ MNNS9 vimeo. com/ mnn You Tube youtube. com/ user/ MNN537 Departments Programming Ext: 305, 307, 334 program@mnn. org Training 8: Facilitation Ext: 309, 312, 317 workshops@mnn. org General Administration Ext: 301 info@mnn. org Community Media Ext: 319 community@mnn. org Broadcast Operations Ext: 302, 357 program@mnn. org Youth Channel Ext: 200 youthchanneI@mnn. org
  3. 3. A MESSAGE FROM MANHATTAN NEIGHBORHOOD NETWORK'S CHAIR, PETER FRANK Greetings, and thank you for being part of Manhattan Neighborhood Networld lam privileged to serve asthe Chairof MNN's Board of Directors, and am proud that in 2013, MNN remained true to our core mission of providing multiple platforms on which Manhattan residents can exercise their right to free speech. Every day at MNN, we witness the impact and power of providing free access to the most cuttingedge media equipment, studio space, and education. The work done at MNN ensures that any person who wants to can have a voice in our changing and expanding media landscape. The result of this is a rich tapestry of communityproduced programming that airs on ourfour channels and steams live online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week One of the most inspiring and exciting aspects of being involved with MNN is seeing howweareableto pool the talent, creativity and resources of so many stakeho| ders—our community producers our local elected officials, other non-profit organizations, as well our media partners at Time Wamer Cable, Verizon FiOS, and RCN. We are truly grateful for this cross-section of involvement and support, which helped make 2013 a transformational year at MNN. We concluded a comprehensive, onceirradecade upgrade of our equipment, technology and studios, ran a full year of events and education atthe new MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center, and produced hyper-local election coverage to help Manhattan residents stay informed about the candidates and keep them engaged with the issues facing our city. What's even more exciting to me is that the very same people and organizations that helped make 2013 so successful will playa pivotal role in the future growth of MNN. The bedrock of community media has always been a diversity of perspectives and voices; the future of community media will depend on collaboration between these voices and perspectives As the country's largest community media center, MNN is uniquely poised to chart a course for the hundreds of other centers that are working to re-imagine what community media can do in 2014 and beyond. With a particular thank you to our outgoing Chair, Norris Chumley, I would like to also thank MNN's dedicated Board of Directors, our visionary management, our staff, our talented community producers and our engaged viewers. Your hard work and belief in our mission helped us thrive in 2013 and will be essential to our success in the future. Q/ Q’/ z, %z, c¢/14// B Peter Frank Chair of the Board
  4. 4. A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT AND CEO, DAN COUGHLIN Community media has never been more vital to our society than it is today. While ever-grovving media conglomerates seem determined to silence local voices, Manhattan Neighborhood Network is dedicated to engaging and empowering Manhattan residents to become media makers who can tell their own stories and those of their communities. MNN represents the essence of localism and we remain energized by and committed to our mission. We also recognize that in orderto stay relevant in a changing media landscape, we must constantly evolve and upgrade our facilities, technologies and financial capabilities. Our achievements in 2013 and our plans for the future ensure that community media will thrive for generations to come. They are also an acknowledgement that as the nation's largest community media center, we have a responsibility to blaze a trail for other centers that grapple with how to bolster the strength, reach and impact of community media. In 2013, we completed a total technological renovation of our 59th Street studios, ushering them into the digital age. Our seven studios are now fully equipped with HD capabilities and we have an open source media management system that we have developed in collaboration with community media centers across the country. The MNN El Banio Firehouse Community Media Center wrapped up its first full year of operations and it was a truly exciting year in East Harlem. The El Barrio firehouse hosted community events, certified youth producers, ran a full schedule of studio and production training, and produced award-winning original programming as part of Firehouse TV and the MNN Youth Channel. This year we were able to provide our unique voice to the New York City elections. With Race2Represent, we covered every candidate, from every party, in every local race. We produced district overviews, candidate statements, debates, and special in-depth panels to provide Manhattan residents with the information they needed to participate fully in the democratic process. These accomplishments would not have been possible without your support I would like to join our chair in thanking everyone who continues to play a role in MNN's growth and development. I am sincerely grateful for the hard work and dedication of the MNN staff, community producers, community partners, locally elected leaders and Gty officials, who were pivotal to a successful 2013 and who will be partners with us as we build for the future. I envision a future for MNN and for public media that embraces new digital technologies and I look forward to expanding the universe of nonprofit and non-cornmercial media in Manhattan and nationwide. President and CEO
  5. 5. A Message from Our Chair A Message from Our President and CEO MNN: An Overview 2013 Priorities Year in Review MNN El Barrio Firehouse El Barrio Firehouse Film Club: Up Close Overview of Class Attendance MNN's Youth Channel Wins National Award Internationally Recognized MNN Producer Celebrates 21 Years at the Network Communications MNN Communication Initiatives Programming Engineering and Technology Training and Facilitation Finance and Administration 2014 Goals and Priorities 10 12 13 14 15 16 18 18 19 20 U) I- 2 Lu I- z 0 U
  6. 6. Manhattan Neighborhood Network: Manhattan's Community Media Our Story Founded in 1992, Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) is Manhattan's free, public access cable network. We operate two media production and education facilities in Manhattan and run four cablecast channels (Community, Lifestyle, Spirit, and Culture). MNN offers free training in video production, editing, and broadcasting to Manhattan residents who wish to ‘ ’ *3‘ become Certified Producers with MNN. We actively strive to empower Manhattan residents to exercise their First Amendment rights in an open, uncensored, and equitable forum. MNN is the largest community media center in the country, with two state-of-the-art media facilities and seven HD television production studios. MNN reaches some 620,000 cable subscribers in Manhattan and a global audience through video streaming of all four of our cablecast channels.
  7. 7. r t o’ ‘, _" r’ ‘ ‘ 3 Mi'i'. is one of the largest media education _€~i. :'; ,:, «,L-_? ,‘~; ;r-- N institutions in the City of New York, with an ‘j’ . "i average of 1,600 class enrollments each year. :, ig~? .p~§“‘ —il‘. '; Through our education and using our facilities ‘M52; . ' , 5' and equipment, MNN Community Producers "”/ C A , ‘ ‘V-f create more than 13,000 hours of original content av’ »; ;--; V,’ I jg . annually and record 70 x- _, ‘~_; ,:_‘: ;.. -a live programs each % :1 _‘‘. ; *3 '= quarter. / Ir‘ ‘«“~’- em‘. ,'''-'-l / /‘ 7“: - N _ V .4 5 ‘i 1 ’/ ‘r ‘~. ’ . ; . ‘_ §» I ‘ x __~. "‘_ é» / ‘ C ‘ n . " j ‘I ‘“‘= ~ ~‘ , .. *: .': 'I «M . ‘‘*‘’V . - ‘i I 1 . ~_ /1 ‘VJL I I —»-‘, /I" . ‘ . . . :_‘iL. .‘l _. _,s 6:‘ in ' l I ’ ’¥r7:/ “ V: V / ‘.13 . ) ~ . ‘‘ / _, I. I 5
  8. 8. MNN Priorities Community media organizations have been severely disrupted by dramatic changes in the cable industry, the emergence ofdigital media models and the continuing economic crisis. MNN recognizes that in order to stay relevant in a changing media landscape, we must constantly evolve and upgrade our facilities, technologies and financial capacities, and we have dedicated ourselves to doing so. In 2013, MNN examined the place and purpose of community media in the digital age, which required a critical exploration of every part of our business model. We also made it a priority to set goals that secured our place in the media arena of not only Manhattan but also community media nationally. 2013 Goals In 2013, MNN made it a priority to ensure that our facilities and equipment aligned with industry standards. An accompanying priority was to train and re—certify the community producers who use our facilities and equipment to create their programs. We updated our education curricula to best serve our community producers’ needs and to incorporate our updated equipment. At the same time, we undertook a comprehensive upgrade of our open source digital media database as well as our other digital platforms, including our 24/7 streams. Another key priority for MNN was to increase the profile of the MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center in the neighborhood of East Harlem.
  9. 9. Year in Review MNN’s 2013 focus was on preparing our organization for the new age of community media. MNN is dedicated to continuing to engage and empower Manhattan residents to become certified media producers who can tell both their own stories and the stories of their communities. MNN represents the essence of localism and our 2013 growth and achievements showcase MNN’s strong commitment to this core element of our mission. if ‘ Summary of Key 2013 ‘C " Achievements In 2013, MNN rolled out seven new HD studios, significantly upgrading all ofour equipment and the 59th Street facilities. After developing new digital media curricula for editing, camera, and studio, we retrained our staff as well as 176 community producers. We completed the first full year of operations at the MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center, posting strong community service, diverse events, and relevant media training for the East Harlem Community.
  10. 10. MNN El Barrio Firehouse Since it opened in 2012, the MNN El Barrio Firehouse has become an active part of the East Harlem and uptown community, offering relevant cultural and community events as well as cutting-edge digital media classes. This year, the MNN El Barrio Firehouse produced groundbreaking media, including 10 hours of youth programming each week; facilitated community dialogues on critical issues; and hosted music, dance and other arts events. A Record of Service The MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center hosted 27 community events and welcomed 845 people to the facilities. In addition to producing 10 hours of youth—driven content each week, the Youth Media Center was recognized with two Hometown Media Awards and partnered with 20 community organizations to create 30 Youth Channel segments. The Firehouse ran six Express Studio classes and certified 76 producers while graduating 39 youth in field and studio production. The Firehouse also adjusted their schedule to better accommodate the East Harlem community and is now open on a Tuesday through Saturday schedule. El Barrio Firehouse Film Club: Up Close "Any time you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world and you don't, then you are wasting your time on Earth. " Those inspiring words belong to Roberto Clemente, the Puerto Rico—born pro baseball player who, throughout his 18-season career in the U. S. Major Leagues, became the subject of both the professional accolades and widespread racial discrimination—a paradox that came to serve as a platform for his activism and humanitarian efforts. Now a hero among Latinos in the U. S. and around the world, Clemente was the subject of an award-winning documentary screened at the MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center's November Film Club.
  11. 11. "Any time you have an opportunity El Barrio l-"irehouse's monthly Film Club . . . always draw a crowd, but the year's to make a difference in this world most popular gamedng was the and you don't, then you are wasting Screening 0‘ "R°bert° Clemente-" The documentary gave the audience an YOU? time on Earth: ' in-depth look at the life of Clemente, into the Baseball Hall of Fame, led the Pittsburgh Pirates to two World Series wins, received dozens of awards and honors. and served sewing as a Reservist in the US. Marine Corps But even as he was celebrated for his career achievements, Clemente faced troubling bigotry as a black Latino immigrant. An activist at heart, Clemente became a vocal advocate for equality and a dedicated philanthropist through several charities He died in a plane crash while accompanying emergency earthquake relief to Nicaragua in the hopes of keeping the aid out of the hands of corrupt govemment officials. The Firehouse brought this big-screen presentation of "Roberto Clemente"to the Harlem community free of charge with permission from the film's creator, independent filmmaker Bernardo Ruiz. The screening was followed by a live Q&A with Modesto Lacen, an award-winning Puerto Rico-born actor of the screen and stage who portrayed Clemente in off-Broadway's "DC-7: The life of Roberto C| emente, ”a role for which Lacen received an ACE Award for Best Actor. Enthusiastic attendees—inc| uding the coach and 12 members of the Manhattan Center for Science and Math high-school baseball team, students from Boricua College, firehouse producers and students, Film Club regulars and neighborhood residents—asked Lacen questions about what it was like to research and portray Clemente. Why Clemente? "This humanitarian serves as both , ,_0m, 0 (. ,_, "_: ;;‘_: ‘., ’; inspiration and personification of El Barrio Firehouse’s mission to shed light on issues of racism and civil rights, " says Iris Morales, Director of the facility. "We are proud to recognize and take part in the contributions of the Puerto Rican community. " Held on the first Friday of the month, the MNN El I0! I '1l]l. 'l Barrio Film Club celebrates films about the African nmummwmu “mm”! and Latin diaspora experience in the United States Iahnutzhnun and the global struggle for human rights, the ____“_, ‘__': T_______ gatherings offer free screenings of often hard-to-find -‘=1-'. "-'-'9-'. ".= movies, followed by open dialogues on issues ranging from history, politics and education to community, spirituality and more. The facility's events layer presentations and screenings with expert Q&As and open forums—a format that provides multiple entry points for a dynamic intergenerational dialogue among local residents, organizations, artists and activists
  12. 12. MNN’s Impact on Manhattan: 2009-2013 Manhattan Neighborhood Network offers free training in video production, editing, and broadcasting to Manhattan residents who wish to become Certified Producers with MNN. Currently, more than 500 Manhattan producers actively use our CHELSEA studios and equipment and more than 1,000 producers submit E programming. ¢-‘5=‘-"~“; ~I-I . , 56 [ LOWER ; .;: .:'. ::. : EIIEI EIIIE 435 489 CENTRAL INwooD& uppER CHELSEA EAST HARLEM ? .'. ':i'£'= 'i'. ‘}"-. '£ IIIESISIIIE scunrnn IIAIILEM
  13. 13. From 2009-2013, most of the people who attended our classes came from Central Harlem and Washington Heights. These two areas are by far the most INWOOD 8. CENTRAL fl'E". ".é“. :': "£ HAIIIEM 1 2 2 3 underserved parts of New York City, in terms of media services and broadband accessibility, and we have EAST made it a priority to ensure that these communities benefit from our mission to empower Manhattan residents to exercise their right to free speech. We have an annual average of 1,600 enrollments in our classes, making MNN one of the largest media education centers in New York City. GRAMERCY GREENWICH PARK AND VILLAGE EIISI SIIIE Illllllllllillllll EH51 EIIIE Ii snnn IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 9 °/ o 8 °/ o 6°/ o 4°/ o 1 °/ o
  14. 14. " ; ‘i —. .-. _A ; ,’* : - i 3 l r J! '17 , _.l .7 , l ""‘» , ‘_e»-? ;*3a, ~,- _, _. fl '1 ~- 'v. _ ‘,7:-/ ‘ “ x 7" ' VA -‘ 3‘. < . '7’ i, _ i 1 . ,. ->n. . I" .1. _ 2‘ ’__ I " 1s‘[p* -'. -.v; i:i: r-. i -7.1: riiaiei: i.i’-Jiii-i-i-um I, ‘ ll! il'i"S Youth Channel Wins i'a'tiona| Aware‘! for Comm unity iviec! ia: In 2013, MNN received exciting recognition from the Alliance for Community Media (ACM), a national nonprofit that supports free speech and civic engagement through local media. ACM’s Hometown Media Awards—the largest and most prestigious competition for public-access television-—-honored MNN programming in four categories: live format, government activities, community events and documentary. The awards honor shows that address community needs, foster involvement and offer viewers a TV experience that breaks from the conventional commercial format. Perhaps the most exciting win was for MNN’s Youth Channel (YC), a program housed at the MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community "Does freedom even exist anymore, in a society of mass incarceration of people of color? ” Stop & Frisk Fath ers Day March Media Game’ ‘hit provides free media training to young people in Manhattan and produces innovative, thought-provoking programming made for youth, by youth. YC snagged a Hometown Media Award for "Stop & Frisk Father's Day March'1a program that featured interviews with participants in a 2012 march organized by the New York Civil Liberties Union in protest of the NYPD's controversial stop-and-frisk policy. MNN’s Youth Channel offers low-income young people, generally aged 24 and under, an opportunity to express their views, develop crucial professional skills and become a positive voice in the community. Encouraging participants to think constructively about issues affecting their lives, YC offers internships, classes and summer programs that foster dialogue and social action through media education and TV production training. "Does freedom even exist anymore, in a society of mass incarceration of people of color? ” asks the opening voiceover for "Stop & Frisk Father's Day March. ""I hope all of you individuals watching right now realize that it's important to fight for your rights. Equality isn't a privilege; it's a right that all human beings are entitled to. " ‘I2
  15. 15. internationally Recognized MNN Producer Celebrates 21 Years at the Network in 2013, at the age of 94, Florence Rice, producer and host of "30 Minutes With Florence Rice, " rang in 21 years with MNN. The internationally recognized activist, whose show features a range of topics, from consumer advocacy to civil rights history to local singers to African American history to politics, turned the injustices shes faced as a black woman in New York City into motivation to speak out and educate others on their rights. Florence's mother was pregnant with her when she immigrated to the U. S. from the West indies. From ages two to 16, Florence lived in Manhattan's Colored Orphan Asylum, the first orphanage in the country dedicated to caring for African American children. She left school after the 8th grade because ”i found out thotin high school, blacks were given home economics while whites were given typing. ” From there, Florence worked in the garment business, where she chaired the workers union until being thrown out of her job for testifying in Congressman Adam Clayton Powell's 1962 hearing on the dressmaking industry practices. Florence later worked in the telephone and credit worlds, where she developed a deep understanding of the ways in which the business world discriminates against the poor. Florence got to work educating her neighbors in Harlem on their rights as consumers, founding the Harlem Consumer Education Council and, later, a computer center for the underserved population in Harlem. Florence was appointed as Special Consultant to the Consumer Advisory Council of the Federal Reserve Board in the 19705, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Consumer Federation of America. This "one-woman consumer dynamo, ” as the New York Times once called her, has traveled allover the world to teach, lecture, run seminars and accept honors for her outstanding work, and in 2013, Florence was honored for her community advocacy by Pa’Lante (People Against Landlord Abuse and Tenant Exploitation), an organization in Harlem. in 2013, Florence contributed to the MNN Diaries Series, where she reminisced about her path to MNN and shared the advice she gives to young people: “if you tell the truth, you don't have to worry. ” When asked to share, in three words or less, why she loves the work she does at MNN, Florence's answer was simple: “Keeping your word. ” The thousands of people Florence has impacted with her tireless advocacy know, first-hand, how powerful Florence's words can be. 13
  16. 16. Communications In recognition of the changing nature of community media, MNN focused on communications and marketing this year and has hired a full-time Director of Communications and Marketing. The goal of the position is to help establish a cohesive brand identity for MNN and to increase awareness of MNN’s role in both community media and media education. Other 2013 Communications achievements In 2013, MNN launched a monthly e—newsletter designed to engage current friends of the organization and attract new interest in MNN. In addition to a re-designed program guide, another key achievements were a 20°/ o increase in MNN online news posts, a 22% increase in web and live stream traffic, and a 27% increase in social media reach. We also communicated the Time Warner Cable Channel 57 migration to all community producers and provided them with resources to inform their viewers of the change. 14
  17. 17. MNN Communication Initiatives Re-designed Program Guide Sample E —Newsletter Ylmc Warner Cubic Custornt-71' Muauuoyo-atunnocI2llfi7 novuocricujvl-n-an-afic-nj nflamfialnr-and jl| m—Dl2 T11 jjcuinunn noun --noun-p-sac-«u-4-anal! ‘ Channel 57 Migration Producer Postcard wo»<. "vVn . r,r-. ~,~Ius~-. A): M . ~* ~. - vvnsbsno-D . w so-; .sov-. :r¢ «nu-. .-vxs uznaumucoamoovm-an In This Issue. .. MNN Producer to Cover Sundanoe Film Festival Orv-spa-nnulv-o-‘lm-nmn! I1txnIl£,8n5.2£nux-r. npru¢. :uar-4 hovknfia-cA: u-own .1-u. nuvrIresa~| o<srvu-w-: d‘. ra1scx-J on-cc 1:00: i Gnu: -«a: AAa2': VC-. unI«da. «-. as1n: tnq vatda-. who-~vr«: o9v-US fio~v~¢am. «nn nan. -nos-or--u-a-yuan no-m. .nr. .n-uln-3 Ni-wd-rfluInUalaIwdI'1Oo| U'lil1vnL7um¢ Ina-n DJ-In-‘P1-turn-pa<'IIfy: aslmn : a-o. .4-01;. ‘-Ex-m. »:'32'. ‘ Ma-ca. --a nf4l I &. I I-4} ~sa—uar-—. cv9-av-an-caascanmt Snumr Nicvocwrmtviflh-4 Wsrv-9:-a : .u-nucanmgaugr--at-uh: --Suva--vs? -.7» o-um -umc. -nmcrofika. no~u-t-unn-caib‘-u-nrwswz-nuannmp<bh-o menu: -aqua. -mv-g-‘ya -u--u-ur-Ih. Va: :1‘u‘bSm-p-an'u—du-A-as ~s-mam -rtruachasmbvvvtvxduxxuvsrmnmuvvnua Qaolmnn rvwnlw 1e7a. a-u9aI'u. a-soon YnI¢a1'a-at-was-ocnaw rvcomator-rh- Dilxicrxauu 15
  18. 18. r V . . I is In 2013, MNN launched Race2Represent, an initiative designed to provide hyper-local election coverage to supplement mainstream media coverage. We built a dedicated, interactive website that offered multimedia coverage of City Council races. In addition, we invited candidates from all parties to record statements and participate in debates or discussions facilitated , .- ~ by the New York City Chapter of the League of be 'f, _ Women Voters. As our channel capabilities L, increase, we envision forming partnerships with ' key organizations to provide and produce 3‘. programming that covers a wide spectrum of “‘ topics that are relevant to Manhattan residents. ’ Race2Riepa'esen't Overview : E4 Hosted and produced: ~. ': 33 candidate profiles 10 district profiles and 1 city-wide profile , H _ ~. ‘: 1 1 primary candidate y * . 1 1 _ K" - debates with 56 A : , y 3 P 47/ candidates ~ ~ . ‘ . " -. : 10 general election debates with 22 candidates 1': Partnered with DecideNYC and area political media personalities to produce election specials ~. ‘: Launched a 24—hour Racezrepresent pop-up channel on Verizon HOS in the 2 weeks leading up to Election Day. , _ - -. ,_ _-_. .—. - , , «. _._. ._ 16
  19. 19. ”I‘-‘unto c! e Vista” Hosts 2013 Mayoral IC: -:. nc-. ic—. ate ,4 , A w — I Ci1I'lS'i. 'li‘le Quinn , ‘, ~_ .4 MNN has never been a stranger to local F ' -/ ‘I politicians. Just as the general public turns to ‘A _ . ''«‘‘~gs'~f ll Manhattan's cab| e—access network to express . , V2‘ ’: I ,1 - their opinions and share them with the world, . . elected officials and candidates for office make -. use of MNN as a free, uncensored platform to - V - reach hundreds of thousands of current or ,3’ prospective constituents. In 2013, former City Council speaker and mayoral candidate Christine Quinn's appeared on MNN's "Punto de lfista” last September at the height of her bid to become New York City's next mayor. ‘. --'. .'»'- ‘ A live weekly call-in show produced by MNN Director of External Affairs Zenaida Mendez, "Punto de lfista” caters to New '’I really believe this will be the election that, when we look back, the Latino community _; _ ‘ York's influential Spanish-speaking _ r _ . _ y audience, %group who makes and La'E| l1O tamilies Will have up moret anaquartero New - ! u " York City's electorate. Host been ‘he key declaers" ' Carlos Cabrera talked to Christine Quinn, Mayoral Candidate Quinn in English while a / translator provided Spanish voiceover in real time—a first for MNN and an i '91. _ I . unprecedented opportunity for Quinn to reach New York's Latino voters. . ... _-~ . ,4 -7' Z "The majority of our audience is of the Latino community, and they are anxious to hearfrom you about the issues, ”Carbrera said in welcoming Quinn. "This isn't ; a debate and it's not an interview. I want to have a conversation about the ‘ ' ‘ issues that are important to our community: education, housing, jobs and ” many other things. " In this unmatched forum, Quinn tackled issues such as taking control of rising rents, addressing homelessness in the city and what it would feel like to become the first female mayor of New York. Callers asked her what she would do about the high-school f dropout rate and how she would tackle the growing problem of bullying among the city's youth. Quinn's appearance on "Punto de Wsta” is another strong example of how Cabrera uses his show to foster an open dialogue on important topics, which in 2103 included women's rights, civic participation among immigrants and Hurricane Sandy. Quinn's parting words on "Punto de lfista” were a nod to New York City's changing electorate: “I really believe this will be the election that, when we look back, the Latino community and Latino families will have been the key deciders. " l7
  20. 20. Engineering & Technology In 2013, MNN completed a total technological renovation of our main studio facilities at 537 West 59th Street, a makeover that has ushered our studios into the digital age. This comprehensive technical re-build has enabled MNN to become a 21st century state-of-the-art, digital platform and raises the bar for public access and independent media across the country. The re—bui| d and rollout includes seven fully equipped HD studios and an open source media management system developed in collaboration with other community media centers nationally. Training & Facilitation As our equipment and facilities were upgraded, we recognized that our obligation was to ensure that our community producers became fluent in these new technologies. To that end, much of our training and facilitation work this year focused on re-certification and supporting our producers through our studio upgrade. Using re-shaped curricula, we trained and re—certified 170 community producers on new equipment and software including Expression, Ross, Evertz, and others. 18
  21. 21. FINANCE & ADMINISTRATION Over the past five years, teamwork and prudent fiscal management has enabled MNN to stabilize and maximize our resources in the midst of a difficult economic climate, compounded by delays in forging new agreements with local cable operators. By carefully marshaling our resources, MNN is today in a stronger position to manage future growth and respond to accelerating technological and market changes. Dec 31,2012 30,000,000 & Revenue 25,000,000 I Expenses 20,000,000 I Assets 15,000,000 I Liabilities 10,000,000 I Net Assets 5,000,000 Dec 31,2013 Unaudited 19
  22. 22. 2014 Goals & Priorities With brand-new studios and cutting-edge technical infrastructure, MNN will, in the months and years ahead, expand our education programs and improve the quality of our on-air programming. In addition, we are planning a major re—bui| d of our Master Control for 2014. MNN envisions a future for public media that embraces new digital technologies, rolls out new and compelling programming, establishes a sustainability model and accepts the challenge to expand the universe of nonprofit and non-commercial media. Looking ahead to 2014 In 2014, MNN will continue to upgrade our facilities and equipment, including building out a new Master Control. We will also develop a facilities plan for MNN that takes into account both our growth and anticipated future needs. We plan to expand our producer education and training and introduce peer-to-peer staff training so that both our community producers and our staff are continually able to develop relevant skills. Recognizing the increasingly vital role of digital platforms, we will update our website and grow our social media presence. In addition, we plan to increase our communications and marketing initiatives, including providing community producers with resources to more effectively market their programs. In order to provide locally focused, relevant content to our constituents, MNN plans to develop and launch a new, curated channel. Organizational sustainability is also a key priority for 2014, which we will achieve by remaining financially stable and exploring relevant, long-term partnerships with mission-aligned organizations. 20
  23. 23. Staff Andrew Leon Andrew Taylor Anthony McPherson Antonio Molina Betsy Salas Cory Brice Craig Sinclair Dan Coughlin Devorah Hill Eny Hanson German Gonzalez Greg Sutton Hector Pena Iris Morales Jaime Caban Jay Silverman Jeannette Santiago Jordan West Karina I-lurtado~Ocampo Katherine Cheairs Keith Bethea Lana Milis Linda Romano Malik Parker Martha Acea Mary Dolan Melanie Morgan Micah Stathis Mindy Huertas Monica Tanksley Nejheri Sherwood Rahum Brown Richard Recchia Richard Speziale Richard Swanson Roberto Espinell Ruth Herrera Ryan Carmichael Saemus Rodriguez Tiffany Blount Tiffany Hill Rock Toni Lewis William Ramirez Zenaida Mendez Youth Production Coordinator Production Coordinator Facilities Coordinator 59th St. Receptionist (Evening) Executive Assistant Manager of Training and Facilitation Digital Media Manager President and CEO Non-Linear Lab Ins tructor Field Coordinator Assistant Engineer Managing Director for Access Services Manager of Broadcast Operations Director, MNN El Barrio Firehouse Firehouse Receptionist (Day) Acquisitions Coordinator Program Director Master Control Operator Manager of Youth Programs & Outreach Manager of Youth Education Master Control Operator Business Manager Director of Communications & Marketing Production Services Assistant Master Control Operator 5 9th St. Receptionist (Day) Production Coordinator Production Facilitator Manager of HR and Administration Tape Librarian Administrative Assistant Promotions Coordinator Production Coordinator Studio Coordinator Production Coordinator Production Coordinator Tape Librarian Production Facilitator IT Manager Manager of Media Education Production Facilitator Director of Finance & Administration Engineer Director of External Affairs Board of Directors Norris Chumley, Ph. D. Marva Allen Vanessa Cordova-Corwin George Stoney Christopher Gordon Rachel Watanabe-Batton Dan Coughlin Peter Frank Eileen Newman Bill Chase Gale Brewer Emeritus, 1916-2012 Vice-Chair Treasurer President & CEO, Ex Officio Chair Secretary Manhattan Borough President, Ex Officio Photos by Gus Cantavc/0 Jr. . and Dl(lIl(7 Liao
  24. 24. Mahanai Neiavbovhood Nelwook Vl$I'l US A1 MIIDLORG